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The Story of Luisito By Diana.H.R


Once upon a time there was a little robot boy

called Luisito, he lived in a normal world despite him being a little robot; he was a mystery to everybody so this lead him to stand out from the world. He was always upset because he was rejected by the other kids and grown-ups, just because he was different. His parents were worried about this so they were very strict of him going out just in case he gets harmed; they loved him though! They told him he was special and that he shouldn’t care about the other kids. But he like any other child, the only thing he wanted was to play and be free.



Seeing that he was rejected by everybody he

felt very upset and run away from home, from everything! He wandered off in the Abandoned Forest, it’s called like this because all the people from the town pass by it and never go in, they ignore it. The only things you can find in there are some old trees, overgrown grass and lots of rubbish. Luisito felt like he had no place to go so he decided to go to this forest; he is walking, lost in his thoughts that he doesn’t realise he enters a magical forest.



The problem now was that he doesn’t remember

how he entered so he gets lost. At first he is amazed by all the colourful and giant flowers in this place, some even looked like if they could talk! It was all great as it made Luisito forget why he was upset, but then he came across some very weird creatures and he got very scared.



At this point he regretted leaving home, he

spend that night hidden somewhere in the forest, he thought they would harmed him. But having that horrible night it made him realise that he shouldn’t be scared of them just because they look weird, he remember how people treated him and thought that they might be nice creatures and that he should give them a chance. Anyways he needed help to leave the forest and they were his only option!



Luisito had to confront his fears and he went to talk to them and guess what!? Everything turned out great! They weren’t who he expected them to be, in fact he made new best friends and finally Luisito enjoyed playing with somebody; without judgements and awkward looks, since they were all different!

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This experience made Luisito stronger; he now

still has difficulties in the normal society but it makes him stronger knowing that his parents were right, ‘he is special’. He is the only one who had the heart, time and mind to find this magical forest. He now has the best playground and best (awkward) but lovely new friends! And new adventures await‌

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Luisito mini story  
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