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As every Monday, I went to the Genetics Laboratory. In the beginning, we took our quiz for the previous lab. I am sure I got a good grade because I studied until I learned everything. For the new lab, we were going to take some samples of DNA by gathering some cells from the inside of our cheeks. Then we did a mix so that the DNA would separate from the rest of the cell. The instructor showed us what we needed to do in the next labs in order to finish what we started. I was amazed. I have never seen that process in real life, only in CSI: Miami, my favorite TV series. But, where I want to get with this? In the lab everyone seemed bored, like if there was nothing new about those things she had teach us. I asked my partner lab that if she had done that process before and she told me that in CIBI, the basic biological sciences of the Colegio, it was a basic process everyone needed to know. I am able to take Genetics because I already took the Botanic class and the veterinary Zoology I and II. Unfortunately, in those labs we did nothing even close to what is needed to be prepared for Genetics class. I believe that these classes shouldn’t be considered as a preparation for the Genetic class and that everyone should take CIBI or the general biology as the pre-requisite for the Genetic class.

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