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AIESEC in Ternopil

AIESEC in Ternopil was started in 1994. During these 19 years it developed more than 1000 young local people, gave the opportunity for more than 130 exchange participants. It’s one of the biggest international organization in Ternopil!

Welcome to our marvelous place Ternopil!  Ternopil is a city and administrative center of Ternopil`s region of Western Ukraine.  Ternopil city lies along the upper Seret River, 70 miles (about 115 km) east of Lviv city.  Ternopil is important highway and railway junction of Western Ukraine.  Ternopil city population: 230,000.  Ternopil city land area: 59 sq. km.  Ternopil city phone code: +8(0352).  Ternopil city postal codes: - 46000-46499.

Ternopil map 

Transportation: Trolleybus, Busses, Mini-busses, taxi

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Let’s travel!!! There are lots of places in Ternopil region, where one can spend free time in an interesting way. Drama Theatre and Philharmonic Society function in the city of Ternopil. The Museum of Regional Geography can help you in getting acquainted with the history, culture and traditions of the region. In the Museum of Arts old and modern paintings of the prominent European and regional artists are kept. Interesting paintings and drawings can be observed there. At the same time one can buy some paintings in the Art Gallery that is located in the city centre.

One of obvious things to visit in Ternopil

There are favourable conditions for the development of tourism and sanatorium health-resorts in Ternopil region. Those include considerable amount of natural monuments, state reserves, historical and cultural memorials, mineral waters, medical dirt, forests, etc. The most attractive places for visitors are the following: the Kremenets Mountains, the Medobory, the Gypsum Caves, small canyons of the Dnister, the Kasperiv Landscape Reserve, age-old castles in Skala-Podilsk, Koropets, and Galileo's Country-House Forest Reserve, Horostkiv, Germaniv, and Bilokrynytsia arboretum parks. Ternopil, Berezhany, Terebovlia, Kremenets, Pochaiv, Gusiatyn, and Buchach are extraordinarily rich in architectural monuments. There are very interesting archaeological monuments of old settlements in Kasperivtsi village, Zalishchyky district, and BilcheZolote village, Borshchiv district.

Weekend trips may be organized to Pochayiv the town of five centuries that is 60 km from Ternopil, or Borshchiv (is 100 km from Ternopil City). The world-known Pochayiv Lavra (the architectural monument of the 18th - 19th centuries) and Pochayiv Monastery (a complex, which numbers 16 churches, bishop houses and a chapel) are situated in Pochayiv. The largest karst caves in the world are locatedin the suburbs of Borshchiv. The cave named Optymistychna (Optimistic) is 182 km, and takes the first place in the world for the length among gypsum caves, and the second place among limestone caves. The cave named Ozerna is the sixth in the world for the length among the gypsum caves (107 km). The cave named Kryshtaleva (Crystal) (22 km) is equipped in such way that many tourists can visit it. A wonderful place for taking a rest is Ternopil Lake. It is 400 hectares large and is located in the city centre. One can go fishing or participate in other recreational sports there.

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Ternopil Booklet  
Ternopil Booklet  

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