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Institución Educativa Colombia Creado Por:

Michell Pulgarín Arroyo Diana González Madrid




SPORT In the sports aspect we had the opportunity to speak with a group of Young people, who want to be professional players, come from a place where they do not have the possibility of providing support to fulfill this dream, their greatest desire is to become professional soccer players to give a better life to their families by changing the economic situation of now and encouraging football as a way of life or hobby. as many of us believe that soccer is easy, they show us the opposite, since being in this academy there are negative aspects such as the demand in food, humiliations between classmates, as well as positive aspects such as companionship in certain occasions. For them it is not easy to carry out the performance in the academy as in the school since the training does not allow it.


This school It is a help for us students because in the school we attend has very little space compared to the megacolegio where we have much more space and we can walk without crashing, although the new school is far away for many maybe some people do not have the possibility of attending the mega school, but for that they will give help, we have a restaurant because many people leave without breakfast and without money to go to school. This mega-school has even more opportunities either space or comfort to the students. the mayor of girardota has created these megacolegios to improve the welfare of students, with many more opportunities. with great enthusiasm and determination the construction of this and another megacolegio is made

POLITICS In the political aspect we find Sergio Areiza as the personero of the institution, a young man with dedication and love for what he does and as a controller we find Maria Alejandra Sutta, a dedicated and responsible young woman. In the institution the commitment and love for what is done is highlighted, as the importance to its students with the restaurant theme, they help us in every aspect of our lives, encouraging us more and more for the love of the institution and the study. In the political aspect we also see the theme of the new school, directed by the rector DoĂąa Nelly, projecting a better future for the students seeing it as an academic opportunity

CULTURE In the cultural aspect we find the different acts in homage to the important dates at international and world level such as the day of the child, the day of the race and other acts. Within the institution, it is essential to celebrate each of the important dates, since memory and tribute to each of these is made as an important date. It is also important that these dates be remembered with a celebration since each one represents something special. within the institution each date is remembered but without leaving aside the academic aspect because although it is essential can not be left aside.