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CCatalogue atalogue for eaders for Read A book for each reader

Classic Children’s Stories Popular children’s stories of yesterday and today are presented in English and Spanish. The readers’ prior knowledge of these stories favors the readers’ comprehension of the story in a second language. The illustrations create an excellent complement for each story.

The Little Red Hen / La gallinita roja 28 pages

The Boy Who Cried Wolf / El pastorcito mentiroso 28 pages

The Tortoise and The Hare / La tortuga y la liebre 28 pages

The Lion and The Mouse / El león y el ratón 28 pages

Jack and the Beanstalk / Juanito y los frijoles mágicos 28 pages

The Three Little Pigs / Los tres cerditos 28 pages

Little Red Riding Hood / Caperucita Roja 28 pages

Goldiloks and the Three Bears / Ricitos de oro y los tres osos 28 pages

Children’s Stories Fun children’s stories presented in Spanish and English to familiarize and reinforce the reciprocation of the two languages. Each story is accompanied by beautiful illustrations.

To the Sea /Al mar April Evans 32 pages

My Grandmother Speaks Spanish / Mi abuela habla español Adela Basch 48 pages

Ruben´s Rainbow / El arco iris de Rubén Carlos Harrison y Gizelle Paz 44 pages

In mama´s arms / En brazos de mamá April Evans 32 pages

The Cats on the Moon / Los gatos en la luna Jeanette Castelli 52 pages

The Happiness Maker / El obrero de la alegría Jairo Aníbal Niño 48 pages

Jumble / Salpicón Nora Puccini 48 pages

The Wonderful Jungle / La selva maravillosa Nora Aristizábal 48 pages

Three Sad Tigers / Tres tristes tigres Triunfo Arciniegas 48 pages

A Piece of Bread / Un trozo de pan Aída E. Marcuse 48 pages

Universal Classics This illustrated collection allows us to read the great works of universal literature in English and Spanish. Each book allows readers to discover a famous author of literary tradition.

Alice in the Wonderland / Alicia en el País de las Maravillas Lewis Carrol 64 pages

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer / Las aventuras de Tom Sawyer Mark Twain 64 pages

The Jungle Book / El libro de la selva Rudyard Kipling 64 pages

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn / Las aventuras de Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain 64 pages

Moby Dick / Moby Dick Herman Melville 64 pages

The Count of Monte Cristo / El conde de Monecristo Alejandro Dumas 64 pages

The Little Women / Mujercitas Louise May Alcott 64 pages

Around the World in Eighty Days / La vuelta al mundo en ochenta días Julio Verne 64 pages

Treasure Island / La isla del tesoro Robert Louis Stevenson 64 pages

Frankenstein / Frankenstein Mary Shelley 64 pages

Gulliver´s Travels / Los viajes de Gulliver Jonathan Swift 64 pages

The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde / El extraño caso de Dr. Jeckyll y Mr. Hyde Robert Louis Stevenson 64 pages

Literature Exclusively in English This collection offers the opportunity to discover novels and stories of known authors exclusively in English, without an accompanying Spanish translation. Ideal for readers that are consolidating their knowledge of this second language.

Quatermain′s Stories H. Rider Haggard 124 pages

Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad 172 pages

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Lewis Carrol 160 pages

The Black Cat and Other Thales Edgar Allan Poe 176 pages

The Canterville Ghost Oscar Wilde 68 pages

The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde Robert Louis Stevenson 132 pages

Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle 116 pages

The Suicide Club Robert Louis Stevenson 140 pages

Snow White and the Queen of Mayhem Melissa Lemon 288 pages

Bartleby, the Scrivener Herman Melville 80 pages

Anthologies of Folk Tales Each anthology contains six classic stories that children can read through the images, in English and Spanish. Additionally, there is a question section for children to have fun answering and a thematic index.

The Lion and The Mosquito and Other Stories / El león y el mosquito y otras historias Boots Agbayani-Pastor 108 pages

The Thristy Crow and Other Stories / El cuervo sediento y otras historias Boots Agbayani-Pastor 108 pages

The Little Red Hen and Other Stories / La gallinita roja y otras historias Boots Agbayani-Pastor 108 pages

The Lost Axe and Other Stories / El hacha perdida y otras historias Boots Agbayani-Pastor 108 pages

MATERIAL FOR THE TEACHER Material for the Teacher that serves the purpose of accompanying the use of the readers in the classroom. We provide support material with some methodological suggestions for direct application. Includes activities for reading comprehension.

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