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The best moment s of this games.

The medals and the best athletes [TO REMEMBER THIS AMAIZING MOMENTS] [Escriba aquí una descripción breve del documento. Una descripción breve es un resumen corto del contenido del documento. Escriba aquí una descripción breve del documento. Una descripción breve es un resumen corto del contenido del documento.]



Mexico in the London Olympic Games 2012, participated with a total of 102 athletes in 23 sports distributed, the country ensured their participation in the appointment for the Continental Championship of shot in November of 2010. Mexico won a gold medal, three silver medals and three bronze which placed him in the position 39 of the final medal table tied with Georgia.

Participation in London was historic for Mexico in several senses, for the first time the country won medals in archery and soccer; Paola Espinosa and Maria del Rosario Espinoza became the first Mexican women who managed a podium in two different editions; Laura SĂĄnchez was the first woman clavadista to medal in an individual test and got the best historical results in weightlifting, and male fitness

Moderern Pentathlon mexican athlete Tamara Vega ended in the last place of the modern pentathlon prob- ably of the London Olympic Games 2012, in the site 36, after adding 2380 units. Vega fell from his horse during the riding test what the lag to the last place in addition to not finish the tour. Finally the mexican could not participate in the last phase of the competition by the coup d'ĂŠtat that suffered because of its fall, and culminated in the last place of the modern pentathlon.

London 2012

No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23


Hombres Athletics 14 Badminton 0 Boxing 2 cycling 1 path in artistic 1 Soccer 18 gymnastics Fencing 1 Weightlifting 1 HĂ­pica 4 Judo 1 Lucha 2 synchronized 5 Swimming 2 synchronized swimming 0 pentathlon 1 Kayaking 1 Remo 1 Taekwondo 2 Table tenis 0 Shot 1 Shot Archery 3 Triathlon 1 Sailing 2 TOTAL 64

Mujeres 5 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 5 7 2 1 0 1 2 1 3 3 1 1 38

TOTAL 19 1 2 2 2 18 2 2 4 2 2 10 9 2 2 1 2 4 1 4 6 2 3 102

The best phone ever created, now in london 2012

Some biographies of the most outstanding athletes in London 2012 USAIM BOLT He is an athlete in August 21 1986, he has participated in many Olympic games and Word cups getting some records like for example he got the record in the 100m flat having 9, 2 seconds winning obviously, he also got two more records winning in the 200m and another finishing with the team race in 4x100m, winning three races named him the first athlete in finning tree Olympic proves since Carl Lewis.

MICHAEL PHELPS. He is a swimming athlete born in June 30 1985, he has participated in many Olympic games, but not only participated he has win many medals more than another athlete getting 22 medals beating Larissa´s Latynina´s medal record in all the history beating 37 world records, considered the best swimmer ever.

ALIYA MUSTAFINA She was born in September 30 1994 taking part in the national Russian team beating to the one who was the favorite, the Chinese girl called Kexin He (winner in Beijing 2008) winning the gold medal in the individual prove having 16,133 points and also in the all-around in Europe, getting the gold medal in the uneven bars and having the bronze medal in floor.

PAOLA ESPINOSA Of course this lady could not miss, Paola Espinosa is a Mexican girl born in Baja California in July 31 1986, an athlete specialized in the nailed zone participated in three Olympic Games, Atenas, Beijing and London, in Beijing she got the bronze medal and in London 2012 she got the silver medal join her classmate Alejandra Orozco, this lady is a Mexican pride.

MARIA DEL ROSARIO She was born in Sinaloa in November 29 1987, she has participated in many important matches like in the Panamericano´s of Rio de Janeiro in the Olympic Games of Beijing and London, and in Beijing she won the gold medal! And in London she also won the bronze medal, she is also a Mexican pride!

IVAN GARCÍA. He´s another Mexican who is worthy to talk about this guy was born in October 25 1993 specialized in the nailed zone, making very good presentations in many important matches like the Pan-American games, getting two gold medals, in the Olympics Games together with his classmate German Sanchez getting the second place and obviously de silver medal, he´s from the youngest athletes but it doesn´t matter for him.

GERMÁN SÁNCHEZ. He is a Mexican guy born in June 24 1992, he is also specialized in the nailed zone getting the silver medal in London 2012 in the in 10-meter platform synchronized his classmate Ivan Garcia, he also has participated in American games, where he got the gold medal also with Ivan Garcia, in the Pan-American games where he got the gold medal.

GABRIELLE DOUGLAS She is an athlete specialized in gymnastics born in December 31 1995, she participated in the Olympics of London 2012 getting the gold medal with her country team, but also she got the gold medal in the individual prove, being the first person of color in getting a gold medal in gymnastics in the complete history of the Olympic Games, this girl is worth of respect because she showed to all of us that any person can be and do the same than all of the people.

AIDA ROMÁN She is an important Mexican athlete specialized in archery born in May 21 1998, she is the Centro American champion, where she has been identified as the athlete with more medals in this event with 8 medals, 7 golden medals and 1 silver medal, in the Olympic Games of London 2012 she got the silver medal losing against Korea only for two points in the final round, but it doesn´t matter she made a really good presentation.

From its beginnings in ancient Greece, the Olympics games have been a symbol of peaceful cooperation among nations, mutual respect between political enemies and, above all and the making a little spirit sports. But now a day’s games turned to be marked by violent events, political movements and surprising scandals. This is a recompilation of all this strangers events since their beginning.

Bomb attack in Olympic Park in Atlanta 1996

In the Olympic games of Atlanta all the policeman were caring more about the margin groups, but their didn’t imagine that terrorist people decided to put a bomb in the principal park of this important event, 111 people died in this attack.

Athlete got sleep in Rome 1960 Wym Essajas was the first athlete that was representating his country Suriname in the Olympic games of Rome unfortunately he couldn’t appear in the competition because he received his schedule incorrectly and when his competition was starting he was sleeping calm in the village.

The polish that killed in Stockholm 1912 Portugal's first participation in the Olympics was in 1912 in Stockholm, it was represented with a marathon runner Francisco Lazaro, who tragically became the first athlete to die in a competition. Lazaro was running when suddenly he collapsed, it was later discovered that Francis had covered the body with large amounts of polish to prevent sun burn, which meant It couldn’t sweat and eventually caused his death.

The killing in Munich, 1972 All the athlets were sleeping on the villaje when at 4:30 am 8 mans with uniforms enter to the rooms, they were Palestine and in that times they had conflicts with Israel and took prisoner this team. In the morning the men made a request to be released 234 prisoners from the Israeli government and two German Communists, 17 people were killed and the Olympic Games were canceled.

The “black power” in México There was a boycott that human rights was starring but the strongest reaction obtained OPHR was the greeting 'black power' held by the Americans winning gold and bronze at the 1968 games. They were using black sucks without tennis showing the poorness in America and dark gloves representing the power that were getting the people of different color.

London 2012

¡¡They confuse the flag!! The Games hadn’t started and the organizing committee was involved in a diplomatic controversy. It turns out that before the start of a match between North Korea and Colombia in women's soccer two days before the opening ceremony the organizers at the stadium in Glasgow put the South Korean flag next to the name and photo of a North Korean. As expected, the North Koreans were not

amused error, and the players refused to play until they received an official

China loses in badminton ... on purpose. Four couples badminton competition, including China's favorite, were expelled from the Games by losing on purpose in the round robin stage to achieve more favorable crossings in the next round.

Closing Ceremony

This majestic event began with the sound of the bells of Big Ben in London, before more than 80,000 spectators.

After 17 days of competition, London 2012 lowered the curtain with a party whose protagonists were the rock and pop genres that Britain has lavished the world great artists, some of whom were present at the closing ceremony.

London taxis covered with newspaper to the trails of the athletics stadium yesterday, on stage with the faded colors of the British flag designed by British artist Damien Hirst.

 With the baton, London also gave a challenge to Rio, only the second Latin American city to host the Olympic Games in history, after Mexico 1968.

 And that is to host the Games, the British capital exceeded the expectations of many, starting with themselves Londoners.

 The ceremony, which lasted about three hours, concluded with the symbolic Olympic flame off.

Rio de Janeiro was chosen to host Olympic in October 2009 and will celebrate the opening of the next game on August 5, 2016 at Maracana stadium, which is a thousand 452 days to open its doors for the next Olympics.

Featured performances by bands and artists like The Who, George Michael, Annie Lennox, Spice Girls, the ceremony marked the delivery of the flag of the five rings of the London Mayor Boris Johnson to International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge, who in turn placed it in the hands of Eduardo Paes, the head of government of Rio de Janeiro.


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