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villa beleza

Unlock a timeless and romantic history through the beautiful doors of Villa Beleza. The intricately engraved medallions are replications reminiscent of beautiful antique European architectural hardware from the archives of the 1800’s. This hand finished artisanal collection combines a look of the past with today’s modern functionality. Set your table with a piece of European history. Villa Beleza combines beautifully with Historia and Isabella dinnerware collections. Available in Alabaster and Slate. Oven, Freezer, Microwave and Dishwasher safe.

8100 Charger Plate 13.25"

8104 Mug 4.75" x 3.5"

8108 Large Round Platter 15"

8101 Dinner Plate 11.25"

8106 Rim Soup/Pasta Bowl 9.5"

8109 Oval Platter 12.25" x 9.5" x 1.5"

8102 Salad Plate 9.5"

8107 Bread/Candle Plate 7"

8105 Serving Bowl 13" x 9.5" x 3"

8103 Cereal Bowl 7.75" x 2.75"

8121 Ramekin 4.5" x 2.6"

8110 Wine Coaster 5.5" x 2.75"

8120 Covered Casserole 14.25" x 11.5" x 5"

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A legacy of elegance and sophistication is found in this heirloom quality design. The hand engraved monogram on the salad, mug and serving platter will make any occasion a special celebration. We love combining beautiful shapes with a soft color palette to create an understated yet simply magical table. Legado layers beautifully with the Historia and Isabella collections. Begin a legacy to be enjoyed by your family for years to come. Legado is made of a fine, thin stoneware body, and is durable enough to be passed from one generation to the next. Oven, Freezer, Microwave and Dishwasher safe.

9000 Charger Plate 13.5"

9005 Rimmed Soup/Pasta 10" x 2"

9011 Small Oval Platter 11.25" x 7.5"

9001 Dinner Plate 11.5"

9003 Cereal Bowl 6" x 3.5"

9006 Salad Plate/Engraved 9.5" 9002 Salad Plate/Plain 9.5"

9014 Ramekin 2.5" x 4.25" 1 cup

9010 Oval Platter/Engraved 15.5" x 11.75" 9008 Oval Platter 15.5" x 11.75"

9007 Mug/Engraved 5.5" x 3.6" 9004 Mug/Plain 5.5" x 3.6"

9012 Covered Sugar 5.25" x 4" 9013 Creamer 4.25" x 3.5"

9009 Serving Bowl 18" x 15.5" 6 cups

Letter options for engraved monograms

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This beautifully embossed pattern is simply…..irresistible. Classified as casual dinnerware, but elegant enough for the most formal setting, this is what makes Isabella a favorite among our brides. Available in your choice of an octagonal or round shaped dinner, allowing you to create your own stunning table setting by layering shapes and color. Isabella’s accessories and bakeware are just as irresistible as Isabella dinnerware and the perfect complement for your table. The polished nickel holders will add a touch of elegance to your bakeware. Isabella is made of extremely durable stoneware which will withstand the test of time for years to come. Available in colors shown at left. Oven, Freezer, Microwave and Dishwasher safe.

Ice Blue

Yellow Crème



Venetian Red


Incredibly beautiful polished nickel holders elegantly enhance your Isabella Bakeware.

1304 Charger Plate 13.25"

1305 Dinner Plate 11.25"

1325 Round Dinner Plate 11"

1307 Soup/Cereal Bowl 7.9" x 2.8" 2.5 cups

1302 Individual Pasta Bowl 9.8" x 1.8"

1314 Berry Bowl 6" x 2.5"

1315 Bread/Side Plate 7.25"

1308 Mug 5" x 3.8" 16 oz

1313 Cup & Saucer 6" x 4.75" 6 oz

1312 Covered Sugar 4.5" x 4.75" 1 cup 1311 Creamer 3.75" x 4.16" 6 oz

1321 Ramekin 4.4" 2.5" .75 cups

1318 Large Rectangular Baker 14.30" x 9.6" x 3" 13 cups

1317 Medium Rectangular Baker 12.25" x 8.25" x3" 9 cups

1320 Round Baker 11" x 2.5" 7 cups

1309 Rectangular Tray 18.5" x 13"

1316 Small Rectangular Baker 8" x 11.25" x 2.75" 5.25 cups

1310 Oval Platter 11.5" x 14.5"

1303 Salad Plate 9.5"

1319 Square Baker 10.5" x 2.75" 8.5 cups

1306 Serving Bowl 12.2" x 4.1" 9.5 cups

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Paper White

European history is repeated in this elegant dinnerware line. Each salad plate represents architecturally inspired iron works found in some of Europe’s most enticing cities; Versailles, Milan, Vienna and Lisboa. The name of the represented city is on the back of each salad plate. Add to the elegance of your table with beautiful Historia accessories. Delight your guests by serving your favorite dish in one of the exquisite bakers enhanced with a graceful nickel holder. Showcase your favorite dessert with a Historia cake pedestal or use it as a gorgeous accent piece for your table or buffet. The bowls and platters are wonderful for your entertaining needs. Historia’s four delicate colors are beautiful on their own or paired with Isabella or Legado. Available in colors shown at left. Oven, Freezer, Microwave and Dishwasher safe.

Barely Blue

Tea Green



1350 Charger Plate 13.25"

1355 Cereal Bowl 6.75" x 3.75" 3 cups

1351 Dinner Plate 11"

1353 Pasta/Soup Bowl 10" x 1.5" 2 cups

1356 Berry Bowl 6" x 2.75 1.25 cups

1354 Mug 5" 14 oz.

1352 Salad/Dessert Plate Assortment of 4 8.75"


1357 Covered Ramekin 4" x 4" 1 cup


1359 Serving Bowl 12" x 8" 11 cups

1360 Large Oval Platter - Milan 16" x 12.25" x 1.25"

1358 Small Oval Platter 11.5" x 8"

1363 Creamer 3.5" x 4.5" 1362 Sugar Bowl 4" x 4"


1370 Large Rectangular Baker* 17" x 10.75" x 3" 12 cups

1361 Cake Stand 13.25" x 16.75"

1371 Medium Rectangular Baker* 15" x 9" x 3" 8 cups

*Historia Large and Medium Bakers may be used with the nickel holders.

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Poppy Red

3536 Large Rectangular Baker* 13.8" x 10" x 3" 14 cups

Cantaria, which means stonework in Portuguese, aptly describes this masterfully created dinnerware line. The organic shape and hammered texturing gives Cantaria a classic look that will enhance the modern or traditional table. A hand applied unique pantine on the edge means that no two pieces are exactly alike. This lightweight stoneware body is durable enough to withstand the busy family lives of today. Cantaria’s accessory pieces bring a world of color and style to the table. These pieces are too beautiful to be stored behind cabinet doors. . Cantaria will add just the right touch of today’s colors and understated elegance to your kitchen and dining room. The 8 stunning color ways complement each other when mixed and the warm inviting colors will bring a sense of comfort to your table. Available in colors shown at left. Oven, Freezer, Microwave and Dishwasher safe.


3535 Medium Rectangular Baker* 12" x 9.1" x 2.8" 8 cups

Golden Honey

3539 Square Covered Casserole 7.5" x 7.5" 16 cups New Color Persimmon


3540 Round Covered Casserole 11.25" x 6.5" 8 cups

Almost Yellow

3538 Ramekin 4" x 2.125" 1 cup Sage

3520 Charger Plate 13"

3524 Mug 3.5" x 4.75" 12.5 oz.

3527 Small Platter 12" x 8"

3544 Chip and Dip 17" x 9" x 2.75"

3521 Dinner Plate 11"

3523 Rim Soup 9.8" x 1.5" 1 cup

3522 Salad Plate 8.5"

3541 Berry Bowl 6" x 2.5" 2 cups

3525 Cereal Bowl 6.5" x 3" 2.33 cups

3542 Bread/Side Plate 7.5"

3528 Large Oval Platter 15.35" x 12.75"

3526 Serving Bowl 10.75" x 9" x 3.5" 6 cups

3529 Centerpiece Bowl 14.4" x 4.25"

3532 Rectangular Tray 15" x 5.25"

3533 Spoon Rest 11.5" x 4.8"

3534 Utensil Crock 7.5" x 6" *Medium and Large Rectangular Bakers may be used with iron or nickel holders.

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berry christmas

This hand painted collection will add to the flavor of the most festive time of the year. Berry Christmas is the perfect holiday complement to many of our dinnerware collections or a simply merry celebration on its own. Microwave and Dishwasher safe.

1638 Dinner Plate 11.5"

1635 Dip Bowl 4" x 2.5"

1633 Salad/ Dessert Plate 8.5"

1634 Soup/Chili/ Ice Cream Bowl 6" x 3.1"

1637 Medium Oval Platter 16" x 8"

1632 Mug 4" x 3.8"

1636 Large Oval Platter 19" x 9.7"

snow days

This adorable snowman will make you wish that every day was a snow day. The 3 piece collection is a delightful luncheon or desert set. Layer it with Berry Christmas for your special holiday table or mix it with the solid colors of Cantaria for a more casual look. Snow days is made of a porcelain body.

5218 Mug 4.3" x 3.74"

Oven, Freezer, Microwave and Dishwasher safe. 5216 Salad / Dessert Plate 8.7" 5217 Cereal Bowl 6"

winter angel

Treat family and guests to this beautifully detailed Christmas dinnerware with its combination of cherubic angels and fanciful ornaments. It is sure to delight the senses and enrich the spirit of the holiday season. Microwave and Dishwasher safe.

5200 Charger Plate 12.5"

5203 Cereal Bowl 5.75" x 3.6"

5201 Dinner Plate 11"

5202 Salad/Dessert Plate 8.5"

5206 Large Oval Platter 21.25" x 11" x 2"

5204 Mug 4" x 3.25"

5205 Extra Large Oval Platter 26.25" x 13.25" x 2.5"

peasant mats Peasant mats are made of recycled, crinkled kraft paper for a marvelous texture, and rubbed with a special dry wax coating to repel water and stains. Peasant Mats can be used again and again by wiping them clean with a damp cloth. You never need to worry about laundering them. When the mats are dirty, simply dispose or deliver them to your favorite recycling center. Recyclable, Reusable, Reversible!

Peasant Runners are the newest addition to the Peasant Mat Collection and made of the same beautifully textured paper. Your family and friends will be delighted when you surprise them with the added touch of color a Peasant Runner will bring to your table. They are meant to be used over and over by simple wiping them with a damp cloth. Every meal will be a special occasion whether you use a seasonal color, holiday color or your favorite sports teams color. Create a party for your family and friends. Reroll and reuse. Recyclable, Reusable, Reversible!


Ash Violet




Lime Green


Sea Blue

Bistro Green


Brick Red

Hot Pink

Hunter Green




Red Red



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royale bath

A light hand finished patina applied to the most popular bath accessory colors sets Royale apart from other bath accessories. .Available in colors shown above 3220 Soap/Lotion Dispenser with metal pump 3221 Tumbler 3222 Soap Dish 3223 Tooth Brush Holder 3224 Cotton Box 3225 Tissue Holder 3226 Waste Basket 3227 Vanity Tray

crista bath

Timeless European elegance meets the very essence of sophistication with Crista. An ornate crest enhances the intricate details of the simple shapes. The tissue box and wastebasket will add elegance to your study or den while the soap pump is a great addition to your kitchen sink. The tumbler makes a perfect make-up brush caddy and the cachepot will add a touch of the outdoors to any room in your home. Combine all the shapes in your bathroom for a splendid display of this exquisite line you will love and treasure for years to come.

ana bath

This stunning collection will be a beautiful addition to any bathroom. The graceful shapes and relief scrolls make ANA a stunning collection for any decor style. Each piece is hand finished with a light patina. Available in colors shown at right. 3301 Soap / Lotion Pump 3302 Tumbler 3303 Tooth Brush Holder 3304 Tissue Box 3305 Waste Basket 3306 Cotton Box 3307 Soap Dish

Available in colors shown at right. 3400 Soap/Lotion Dispenser 3401 Tumbler 3402 Soap Dish 3403 Tissue Holder 3404 Wastebasket 3405 Cachepot White





floral lace collection

Simply Exquisite only begins to describe the delicately embossed details of our Floral Lace garden collection. Showcase your household garden plants in a gorgeous hand finished container.

4720 Extra Large Planter 8.75"

4721 Large Planter 7.5"

4722 Medium Planter 6.25"

4723 Small Planter 4.25"

Canary Yellow

planters collection

Add some pizzazz to your indoor plants and zesty color to your herbs with this colorful collection of foliage pots. The tops of these red clay containers are artistically cut by hand to produce a one of a kind vintage look. They are painted and rubbed with a patina finish to enhance the worn weathered appearance. May be used indoors or out but bring them inside when the weather dips below freezing.

Lime Green

Pumpkin Orange

Available in colors shown at left. 4700 Large Planter 9.25"

4701 Medium Planter 7.5"

4702 Small Planter 5.5"

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our story

Skyros Designs is delighted to offer you a simply exquisite collection of tabletop and decorative accessories from Portugal. Portugal is a country where the ceramic industry continues to strive to manufacture some of the finest ceramics in the world. The skilled artisans take extreme pride in their work. The warm friendly and gracious Portuguese are delighted to share their beautiful country, culture and rich heritage, lifestyle and traditions, all reflected through Skyros Designs products. Like the Portuguese we love gathering our families and friends for holidays and life’s simple celebrations. A hectic day is forgotten when the table is overflowing with candles, flowers and beautiful dinnerware. Even the lasagna brought home from the corner market tastes better when served from a gorgeous baker or on a stunning platter. Sharing your dinner table is a gift of love and for some families, the only precious time they may spend together during the day. Skyros delights in offering dinnerware that will have you looking forward to setting your beautiful table and creating looks from sophisticated and chic to colorful and casually elegant. The possibilities are endless. Our tabletop collections are made of a very strong thin body which is extremely chip resistant. Most of the dinnerware and accessories can go into a 500 degree oven as well as the freezer, microwave and dishwasher. Our dinnerware is made to endure and be enjoyed for years to come. Skyros Designs is owned by women who share a passion for life, laughter, love, family and hard work. Throughout the years, our goals and values remain the same. We are committed to design, quality and the best customer service in our industry. Our customers become part of our family and we strive to bring beautiful collections to their homes. Give us a call today and let us welcome you to the world of Skyros Designs 211 Cumberland Street, Memphis, TN 38112 Tel 901.762.0377 Fax 901.762.0378

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