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DIANA ARCE •portfolio•

VIBEKE SCOTT S/S 19 La•fleuriste

The Collection House specialized in velvet. Burnished in colour, it brings a gorgeous miultitone glow. Prints compliment the silk velvets.

Materials & Textures The velvet gazes into the past and future. A forward-looking texture, it’s inspired by the soft surface of petals and leaves, heavy and smooth folds, and is on the lookout for the metal undertones.

Silhouettes & Fits A simple design is a strong design. Here, a simple robe made in luxury velvet. Dellicate piping finishes made to match. Texture and bring a strong opulent edge as they rip through the clean scandinavian style. A simple velt to add interest.


Materials Leather and pleats are explored and used for delicate effects. It’s more intrincate, more meticulous, and is mixed to give femenine shape. Color, keep to nudes and blacks for hyper femenine effect.

Style & Detail The unexpected material ruffles the standout detailof the collection. Design also experimentswith new combinations, using nudemesh to create a floating lace effect.

Silhouttes & Fits This theme has an exclusive air of hyperfemininity. Fierce and fashionable, lace pieces are superposed and combined with transparencies and lingerie, black luxury and sleek pinks.

Diana Arce Preview  
Diana Arce Preview