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Stop the abuse! Main goal  Decrease and then stop the abuse of alcohol in teenagers by replacing it with other activities like sports, dancing, etc. For making this possible, the government will work very hard for about a year. Sub goals  Make alcohol illegal for people under 18 years old.  Replace the abuse of alcohol with another activity like practicing an sport, going to dance or other activity that distract them from the abuse of alcohol.  Making the parents give the example to the teenagers by conferences or meetings. Introduction Stopping the abuse of alcohol will be very difficult. Why? Because the percentage of teens that use alcohol is increasing more and more and actually it is reaching almost the 80%. Most of the people that use alcohol started when they were teenagers and we need to stop this. Because of this, we need to decrease this problem step by step until we reach our objective. I think that if the government, including me, work very hard, we are

going to be able to finish with this big problem that is the abuse of alcohol. Development First of all, if we do alcohol illegal for teenagers, it will be more difficult for them to get it. Then, we can create in parks, malls and in the street places for them to do exercise; I think that they will be able to leave their abuse for a while. Also we can make centers where people can go to stop their abuse of alcohol. If we put many places where teenagers may go, we will be able to distract them from using alcohol. Time for doing your actions If all the government cooperates we can finish this project in about 12 months. Why so much time? Because we are needed to take them out from the abuse until they do not want it more. People you need for getting your goals Like I said, we need to distract them, so I think we need to talk with celebrities for them to encourage all the teenagers and animate them to change of activity and stop consuming alcohol. I also think we have to make many meetings in schools for talking with the teenagers and with their parents to talk about this problem and make them talk with their children. They will need to put the example to their sons and daughters if we want this problem to get over. Conclusion

I know that this project sound impossible, but we can do it if all the government and also the families cooperate. I hope that this project will be finished like I said in 12 months and I also hope that it stop with the abuse of alcohol and if not, at least decrease it. Thank you for your attention.

Stop the abuse!  

Description on how an authority may finish with the problem of the abuse of alcohol

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