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What If...Your Dream Could Become Reality?

2.19 total carat weight | 14k white gold | $1245

For this cutting-edge couple, we turned to examples of contemporary art and architecture for ideas. Smooth lines and symmetrical angles give this engagement ring a distinctively modern lift. | 1.877.202.9044

The Nexus Design Studio Custom Design... the possibilities are infinite

Whether it’s mixing up a paint color for your home, or ordering the double mocha caramel latte hold the whipped cream, you customize your world daily. Why not customize your jewelry? It certainly has a longer shelf life than that double latte.

Think of the possibilities.Your favorite celebrity’s engagement ring… A duplicate of a family heirloom… A one of a kind anniversary gift… From simple elegance to over the top glamour… your imagination is the only boundary.

Welcome to the provocative world of The Nexus Design Studio where you can create a soul stirring piece of jewelry that perfectly captures your emotion and personality and acquaints the world with your personal sense of style.

As one of the largest and most capable jewelry design and fabrication operations in America, The Nexus Design Studio combines state of the art technology, world-class designers, and old school jewelry artisans to design and hand craft your jewelry piece. Our customer experience is open and relaxed. There is no pressure and no end to the questions you can ask.

Once upon a time, custom design was a privilege available to only a select few. Well, that didn’t sit right with us. We want true design to live in the hearts of all who desire it. We create gorgeous and affordable custom pieces all set in precious metals for a fraction of the cost you would expect. Please take a look at the solitaire ring example below.

We hope you enjoy browsing some examples of our work.You can find more information about our process in the back of this booklet or you can contact a jewelry design consultant as follows: The Nexus Design Studio 1.877.202.9044 |

Solitaire ring from, 18K white gold, 1.03 carats, D color, IF clarity $20,336

Solitaire ring (custom), Diamond Nexus stone, 18K white gold, 1.03 carats, D color, IF clarity $740

This fantasy-inspired engagement ring features leaf-like elements in the band for a fairytale quality, while the low profile keeps it functional for modern life: the perfect ring for a perfect storybook wedding! 14K gold | 2.71 tcw | $1,808

14K gold | 3.84 tcw | $1,868

18K gold | 2.35 tcw | $1,794 (mined diamond price approx. $13,000) | 1.877.202.9044

TOP LEFT - 18K gold | 8.26 tcw | $3,638 BOTTOM RIGHT - 14K gold | 5.23 tcw | $1,250

Inspired by the golden age of Hollywood, this ornate necklace was designed to evoke the elegance and grace of some of the 20th century’s most captivating leading ladies. When she put it on, our client told us it made her feel “like Audrey Hepburn.”

18K gold | 44.6 tcw | $38,950 (mined diamond price is over $300,000) | 1.877.202.9044

1.278 tcw - $848

TOP LEFT - 14K gold | 4.875 tcw | $966 BOTTOM RIGHT - 14K gold | 1.278 tcw | $848

The Crowns: How much more custom could it get?

As custom pieces go, none have been as challenging or as rewarding as our most recent additions: the crowns for Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA. These gorgeous pieces now grace three of the world’s most beautiful women. The thrill for us is in the faith that the Miss Universe Organization has put in our design capability and the opportunity to showcase our design talent on a international level. We congratulate them for going green! The stones in the 2009 - 2010 crowns are all eco-friendly lab created Diamond Nexus. As you can see, they rival the finest mined diamonds in their radiance and beauty. “ We are very excited to have partnered with earth conscious Diamond Nexus Labs to create this year’s crowns. Their initiative coincides with the pageants core values of being savvy, aware and socially mindful. The title holder crowns are some of the most revered pieces of jewelry in the world.” - Paula M. Shugart President, Miss Universe Organization

The Miss Universe Crown - selected by the votes of thousands of people across the globe, the Miss Universe Crown glimmers with over a thousand pristine lab created jewels. Set in gold and platinum, the gentle arches and delicate bezel set accents of this design create a smooth, elegant look with a subtly refined grace. Each shimmering oval, filled with a repeating array of Round Brilliant and Marquise cut gemstones, features a deep, dazzling cultured ruby at its heart to represent Miss Universe’s tireless campaign to promote HIV/AIDS awareness and education. The Miss USA Crown - The Miss USA crown blossoms with over 1,900 flawless Diamond Nexus gemstones for a stunning total weight of 166.82 carats, set in gold and platinum. Inspired by the image of a radiant flower in bloom, symbolic of hope and triumph following hard work and determination, the organic splendor of the crown’s flowing curves and vibrant emerald accents also remind us of the beauty of a “green” life, lived in harmony with nature and each other. The Miss Teen USA Crown - This beautiful crown is a luminous symbol of Miss Teen USA’s glowing confidence. Over 900 jewels scintillate in this sparkling showcase of white and rose colored Diamond Nexus, arrayed in smooth, interlocking circles representative of true friendship. Delicate arches connect all elements of the design, reaching across the distance with grace and strength.

LEFT - Miss USA Crown concept sketch

Kristen Dalton - Miss USA 2009

Stormi Bree Henley - Miss Teen USA 2009

Stefania Fernandez - Miss Universe 2009

Miss Teen USA Crown

Miss USA Crown

Miss Universe Crown

Wedding Story: Brian & Andrea Brian and I met the summer of 2005. We interacted several times over the next two years with nothing more than a few words, until a mutual friend and I took up a new hobby of decorating homes. Brian recently purchased a place and she asked if we could help him make his house a home. Next thing you know, all three of us were choosing color schemes and painting his living room. As we began to interact more, conversations became frequent and rather effortless. Eventually, we were spending hours at a time on the phone. Finally, he couldn’t resist the temptation any longer and asked me out for a first date. I’m not exactly sure when the “fall” occurred. I fell in love somewhere between Brian answering all of my bizarre, random questions and him flying to the east coast to meet my parents. Brian and I were very open about the idea of

marriage from the beginning: our fears, our expectations, and our concerns. We were using this time to find out if we were created for one another. Inevitably, we were. As we began to prepare for marriage, we went on a grand ring search. After many dead ends, I almost gave up trying to find something unique and was thinking of settling. Fortunately, we came across The Nexus Design Studio and within days, we were looking through their catalog. We found a new burst of excitement. They even had a design department that would create a one-of-a-kind ring for us! We saw a ring that gave us inspiration and quickly started creating a masterpiece. Working with Jeremy made the design process easy! After a few ideas were bounced around, Nexus created renderings of the ring to show our progress.

“As we began to prepare for marriage, we went on a grand ring search... Fortunately, we came across The Nexus Design Studio.” Wedding Photography by Lisa Arnold Lisa Arnold

Late one Saturday night at my parents’ house, Brian proposed while surrounded by family. As he was on one knee, expressing his feelings with a trembling voice and a deep intensity in his eyes, he presented the ring we’d designed through The Nexus Design Studio. This was the first time I had seen the ring beyond renderings. Beautiful is an understatement! My hands shaking and my sister snapping pictures left and right, I only remember saying “Yes.” With that one word, we were engaged. We planned a marvelous wedding, where family and friends traveled from all over to join the festivities on September 6, 2008. I can truly say, the bliss has just begun...

LEFT - 14K gold | 3.44 tcw | $2,910 RIGHT - 14K gold | 1.10 tcw | $1,913

A vibrant, one-of-a-kind fiancĂŠe calls for a vibrant, one-of-a-kind ring. A shot of bold blue in a vintage-style setting made this an unforgettable engagement.

18K gold | 2.415 tcw | $1,627

14K gold | 3.50 tcw | $2,739 (mined diamond price approx. $79,000)

14K gold | 5.80 tcw | $3,285 | 1.877.202.9044

5.76 tcw - $3,478

THIS PAGE - 18K gold | 5.76 tcw | $3,478 (mined diamond price, approx. $48,000)

We took inspiration from the look of an old-fashioned family crest to make these earrings “as formal as it gets.� The striking contrast between large, luxurious canary gemstones and tiny, scintillating white accents creates a dynamically opulent look.

14K gold | 10.84 tcw | $6,582

18K gold | 6.75 tcw | $2,564 | 1.877.202.9044

THIS PAGE - 14K gold | 13.71 tcw | $8,455 (mined diamond price, approx. $21,000)

14K gold | 16.44 tcw | $5,450

Natural influences brought out the softer side of haute-couture for this fashion forward client. Feathery twists and turns give this cuff a look that’s both organic and sophisticated. | 1.877.202.9044

Our Process: How to make your dreams a reality...

How do I get started in custom? You have two options to begin working with your custom team: a full custom experience or a Dream Book Semi-Custom experience. Whatever option you choose, we promise that your experience will be both relaxing and fun. You will start by chatting with our designers, either over the phone or via email to get a clear concept of your vision. From there, you will be better informed to choose an option: Option One: Full Custom This is the best course when you are trying to replicate an existing concept or when you have a design that exists solely in your imagination. Maybe you have a sketch or a photo we can work from. If you do, great! If not, no worries: our design team will help you figure it out based on your personal preferences and artistic style. Your vision will first be translated to paper, and then to finished reality. You will review the evolution of your jewelry piece through detailed CAD (Computer Aided Design) renderings, and completely realistic three-dimensional images. Once you are utterly satisfied with the design, we will move forward to create wax molds, cast your piece, and then move on to stone setting, polishing, and other detailing to bring your design to life. Option Two: Dream Book Semi-Custom This is the place to start if you know you want something different and unique, but you may not yet have a vision for your jewelry. The Dream Book catalog is an ideal way to get the creative juices flowing. A jewelry lover’s paradise, it has a collection of over 10,000 ring and pendant designs, all of which are available in a variety of precious metals, and most of which can be customized with any size or shape center gemstone you

choose. Furthermore, selecting a piece from the Dream Book offers significant savings over full custom, as the mold for each piece is already made. How much does it cost? On average, most full custom rings fall in a price range between $1500 and $3000. Custom earrings,necklaces,and other jewelry pieces have no average cost as the design for these pieces can range from very simple to extremely elaborate. Our pieces are all created with substantial, high quality precious metal settings containing stones comparable to a D color, flawless diamond. When pricing your custom creation, there are three factors we consider: design fee, cost of materials, and labor costs. Design Fee Unlike most custom jewelry studios, we do not charge exorbitant design fees. Your initial consultation with our designers costs nothing; we simply charge for the optional Computer Aided Design (C.A.D.) image rendering, which is $150. Cost of Materials Gemstones – With the exception of our Pure Carbon synthetics, all Diamond Nexus gemstones are priced at a standard $149 per carat. Metal – The cost of precious metals varies from day to day with the global market. The amount of metal required for your design and the type of metal you select for your piece will determine its cost. Cost of Labor - Our experienced, accomplished jewelers will always devote as much attention to your jewelry as each piece demands. The more complicated your design is, the more intensive the craftsmanship will need to be. Pieces with lots of

delicate scrollwork or filigree embellishments will naturally be more time consuming for a jeweler to create than a smooth, simple setting. Likewise, pieces with lots of tiny stones to set are more labor intensive than a piece with just a few large stones, and will therefore cost more. How long does it take? Your jewelry piece will be an extraordinarily crafted, one-of-a-kind piece of art, and the intricate work involved takes time. Once production on your jewelry piece begins, it will take two to three weeks to complete and be shipped to you. We want every detail of your jewelry precisely as you want it, thus we encourage you to spend as much time consulting with our artisans and designers as you need. Is there a guarantee? We are pretty sure your solid involvement throughout the process will leave you delighted when you see that final piece. But, we stand behind our work 100%. If you are not completely thrilled with the final product for any reason, all custom creations are covered by our 30 day return policy with nothing but a 15% design fee and the original CAD fee (when applicable).

With over 10,000 designs,our DreamBook® is sure to inspire you with great ideas.

I’m interested, how do I learn more? Call us at 877-202-9044 with your idea. You can also email us at Your vision is just a phone call away from becoming reality.

CAD renderings of a completed custom design.Our designers can turn your dreams into reality

NexusDesignStudio® Customs Catalog  
NexusDesignStudio® Customs Catalog  

The Nexus Design Studio is the full custom jewelry design department at Diamond Nexus Labs. Making your imagination become a reality, the po...