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My original purpose for becoming a Director and pursuing the dream of NSD is because I gain such joy in seeing others excel! Hear my heart! There is no change in that purpose! My legacy with Mary Kay is my unyielding belief in You, in Mary Kay Dream, my passion for this company, opportunity and the position of National Sales Director. I love what I do so very much! I am constantly fired up with enthusiasm, willing to stretch beyond my current limits, hopeful and happy! I maintain enthusiasm through tough times. You would never see me stressed out even the my busiest and toughest times. Your journey is all about YOU! I want you also to enjoy the life that this company has provided me and my family! I want you to Dream Big—bigger than you would ever imagine possible for you. That’s what I did and look at what it brought into my life—a very comfortable and balance life. We are building a National Area—that is what you will repeatedly hear from me. I am working feverishly and fearlessly to become your National Sales Director! You may ask me if I am not afraid of what I am doing? Sometimes when I think of the huge work that I need to do to become a National Sales Director, it overwhelms me but I don’t want my fears to overcome and hinder me to achieve my goal and so, I let go of those fears and let my Courage takes in. I am willing to do whatever it takes to achieve my goal. There is no position in the world better than a Mary Kay Sales Director! My entire emphasis in my 10 years is to develop people into this amazing position! Do I want to be a National?? Oh yeah you betcha! But if you want to join this journey with us to change the complexion of your life, then do it to rock your world and give your family options that you cannot even imagine right now! Oh how I want you to experience the phenomenal life of a Mary Kay Sales Director! Don't be afraid to step out and take a chance for fear that you are not capable of becoming a great Leader! Believe in yourself. Step out of your comfort zone. Test your limits. Make a quantum leap because only then you will be able to gauge your true strength! So tell me what you Dream of Becoming in your Mary Kay business and from there, We will make a Game plan. For as long as your will ‘play ball’ with me, I am going to guarantee you my support and guidance in making your Dreams into reality! You deserve a good life—a life that Mary Kay can give you. Think about it and Decide. Our area need Leaders. Let’s rally together to attain our goal as one. Don’t let your limitation put a stop to what you want in your heart. You can be a Future Sales Director this month even if you are new and even become a Sales Director before our Leadership Conference on February in Vietnam! But Decide you must. Once you make your Decision, Heaven is going to conspire with you to make it happen! What are you waiting for? I am just a text or call away. I will be more than happy to work with you to achieve your goals. You can do it!

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