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20 ambitious p eople who are deadly serious about establis hing a thriving logistics busin ess

2 a lre a d y p re - s o ld fo r 2 0 14 ro ll o ut

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Are you our kind of Franchisee? I’d like to tell you our story. In 1992, as a keen and ambitious young lady I was working at a courier company when I thought, ‘Bugger this. I can do this better’. And, by crikey, I did. Working initially with big blue chip companies like Oracle in Bracknell, I provided a 24 hour, 7 day a week service and soon earned a place in the National Courier Association (NCA). By 1998 I was a committee member in the NCA and Chairman of the Despatch Association. And word about Diamond’s success spread. By 1999 I was being asked to help when companies were in trouble or needed help starting up. So I learnt, through many different logistics oriented businesses, the trials and tribulations of different operating practices. A good few years passed with me earning lucrative consultancy fees in addition to Diamond continuing to thrive. Diamond was in its ‘boutique’ form then and not that scalable. By 2011 I had seen enough to know what not to do and what to do and it was time for me to focus solely on Diamond.

Diamond, to grow, had to service diversify and extend its geographical reach. At the same time a chap called Daniel Allin had some ideas on how courier companies could service diversify. Which was handy! He’d spent many years either running his own company or working hard in someone else’s and again had lots of industry experience. So when we met we had a lot of synergy in where we had been and where we thought the industry could go. We formed a plan. We wanted all the ingredients that made Diamond really successful to be retained. We care passionately about our service levels, because we are only as good as our last successful delivery. We wanted to retain local, relationship led client management because that’s what kept our clients using us time and time again. We wanted to have the best of both worlds and enjoy some of the bits that make big business successful – like the buying power to cost effectively utilise the big national carriers thus offering all the possible services our clients may need. And we wanted to retain our unique marketing and personality. To set ourselves above the competition. You see, once upon a time, people used to think all couriers were the same...

Not now. Not A.D. (After Diamond that is!) Diamond has grown and we have big plans to expand our brand. We have the very best in local service standards backed by national and international delivery infrastructures, which makes us small enough to care but big enough to cope. Our clients and depots get the best of both worlds. Diamond’s motto is ‘Shared Success’ - working in partnership with clients, suppliers, team members and its franchises. It’s a different way of collaborative working and it reaps great results, because everyone is pulling together to share the vision of mutual benefit and success. In 2014 we are limiting numbers to 20. Why? Because simply ‘flogging a franchise’ is not what we are about. We want to build stable, sustainable and profitable franchises to launch the UK’s best national courier network. We choose carefully, we only choose the best and we devote A LOT of management time to make sure our franchises have the very best support available to help their business to grow. So only 20 opportunities left as we go to print, and then that’s it until 2015. 18 Find out more about what makes Diamond special at I hope we have you on board soon!


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What is Diamond all about? Well it’s NOT just another courier company! Our core clients are ambitious businesses who want to leave their important distribution to industry professionals so they can focus on their businesses and making essential PROFIT.

Winning Clients Soaring Pro fits

A one stop logistics solution.

From post to pallets. Whether it’s urgent, same day or overnight.

Local, national or global. By motorcycle, van, carrier network or international agent.

So we deliver. Anything, anywhere, anytime. 4

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Big or small we deliver it all The Diamond Difference Diamond gives you the best of both worlds – with locally owned depots backed by a national and international service infrastructure. Local ownership of depots who TRULY CARE about their local clients, building their sustainable business by establishing long term partnerships with their clients. Our CONTRACT FREE requirement means they are under no obligation to use us. They just do because we make sure we deliver a great service. It’s the main reason our clients keep buying time and time again. For years. And the strength in grouping together under Diamond Logistics HQ and all its resources means the local depots have all the resources that a big name national or international courier might have. Letters to London. Boxes to Belarus. Pallets to Paris. We’ve got it covered.

Our franchises are small enough to really care, but big enough to cope. This is unique. •

No call centres. No 0845 numbers – we provide direct dial number for all our depots.

No account numbers! We know our clients by name and understand they are real people who want to speak to a real person locally, who knows their business and understands the importance of their deliveries.

No brushing you o – A Diamond depot will have won their clients PERSONALLY and their income will depend on making sure you are 100% satis ed.

So you know they really care about customer service.

It’s very special. It’s VERY RARE. And our clients love it. Which is why they use us repeatedly for years. Once a client comes on board they get to rely on Diamond service and stay with us for years and years and years! In fact our rst ever client, 21 years ago, is still trading with us to this day! It’s good for our clients because our long term knowledge of their requirements means using Diamond is e cient and easy, letting them focus their core business and make better pro ts. It’s good for our depots because they get to know their clients, enjoy a long and rewarding relationship and continue to earn a regular income. We call them CLIENTS not customers for a reason. A customer uses you once. A client uses your services repeatedly.


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Diamonds motto is shared success It’s all about partnerships. Between Diamond HQ, its Clients, its Franchises, its Carriers and its Couriers.

Let’s introduce the carriers We use CARRIERS for their UK and international networks. Diamond works in partnership with many household names like TNT, UPS, Parcelforce, Citylink and many more. We choose them very carefully and analyse their performance every month to make sure we keep using the best performing of them all. If they don’t continually match our standards, then we don’t use them. We hold big corporate accounts so the customer service we get from them is superior and our clients get to bene t from our buying rates.




3 2

The couriers A Diamond courier is a very special person. Very di erent from your run of the mill man and a van. We have lots of second career people - ladies and gents, often over 50, from a broad range of sectors (including ex-company directors, reman, military and more) – that share the same common ground; lots of common sense, very good discipline and that all-important initiative that is paramount. They are a cut above your average courier so you know your VIP’s (Very Important Parcels) are being taken good care of. And again, our couriers work with Diamond for years. So they know the clients and how best to help them.

Say hi to Dave. h t i w g in k r o w en e b s a Dave h . s r a e y 19 r fo d n o m Dia 6

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The system One booking system, multiple carriers clever IT to make your life easier. Multi Carrier Solutions is our state of the art online booking and tracking system. It is easy to use, saving you time and money. It can stream line your admin, gives you online tracking and provides you with all the management and accounting info you might need. Oh, and it’s free to Diamond clients.

Our clients Diamond clients tend to be very successful. Smart businesses understand that their core business is not actually logistics, but do understand that great distribution is critical. From solicitors with important court documents, building suppliers with urgent goods to get on site or manufacturers delivering their goods to their customers, our clients demand the very best. By relying on their partnership with Diamond they can con dently focus on the most important part of their business. Generating sales and incomes and converting that into PROFIT. Some of our clients •


John Lewis

Rolls Royce



This is Ric hard at Dia mond HQ.


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Franchise opportunities • Do you like the transport industry? • Want to be your own boss? • Want to learn from experts with over 20 years’ experience? Does this sound like you? Here’s what are we looking for: To be an ideal Diamond franchisee you’ll be motivated, enthusiastic and determined. You’ll be organised and able to adapt to our innovative methodology. You’ll need to be friendly and personable, agreeing to our ethics and willing to represent what the Diamond brand stands for. You’ll need a bit of entrepreneurial air to spot opportunities and maximise your business growth in your local area. Previous experience in the transport industry is a bonus but not essential as we do provide all the training and on-going support you’ll need. Previous experience in sales is a de nite advantage. This is a sales led company. An understanding of the courier and carrier market is essential. And attitude. You have got to be a Diamond kind of person. We are VERY careful about who we work with so your initial interview is very important, as is the continued determination to bring quality delivery services to your local community.

Things you won’t need: Technical skills – as long as you can use the internet and send email you’ll be ne.

You do need to know this: •

You’ll only get out of it what you put in.

We only want those willing to learn how to be the best.

If either of these facts scare you then let’s not waste yours or our time. A Diamond franchise is a once in a life time opportunity for those super serious about establishing a great business. We’ll give you all the tools to be successful but you will need the e ort to apply them. So unless you are 100% committed to building a great business don’t apply now.


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Meet our franchisees Back from the brink with the help of Diamond

Hi, My name‘s Russell Skinner and I run a successful franchise with Diamond Logistics, from Bognor, near Chichester. Actually my story with Diamond started about 5 years ago when I ran in to trouble. I’d been in the courier business over 20 years but the recession had cost me dearly and the bills were becoming impossible to pay. And to be honest the 24 hours a day and seven days a week without adequate reward was tough on me and my family. I knew Kate had a record of turning around businesses and approached her to take on my company RS Couriers and retain me and my sta , which she did. What she did with the business was nothing short of amazing and we glided through the recession. However I still had an itch. I’d learnt a lot from Kate about the best way to run a business and how to make the business work for you so I was sure that if I tried again I could make a success the second time round. But I wasn’t going to do it alone. So when she o ered me a franchise opportunity I jumped at the chance. Now it is hard work but hours wise it’s pretty much 0800 – to 1800 ve days a week. So I have weekends and evenings free to spend with my wife and kids. I have really grown the business, have staff who run it when I’m not there and have had a great 2013 – well up on last year! I would thoroughly recommend a franchise – it the very best of both worlds – you get all the operations, administrative and market support from Diamond but it is still my own and my own e orts are rewarded back to me with a good income. One really key issue was the nancing. In January a key client of mine up-traded by 300% - representing 90% of my turnover in a record month. Really busy! Operationally and nancially I simply would not have been able to cope with that. A bank wouldn't have nanced that kind of working capital and operationally without HQ there were times I wouldn’t have coped without their help. But as part of the Diamond, I knew Kate and her team would take care of it. And they did. I love running my own business and I love being rewarded for that. But in order to make sure I was a success and to help me grow I needed support and that’s just what Diamond gives. They want you to be super successful which is why they work so hard to make sure I am – in fact my biggest client was a lead from HQ! Their motto of ‘Shared Success’ says it all. If you’d like to have a chat why not give me a shout on 01243 829222 or email

up s b m u h t – e r e h t le d That’s me in the mid r a e G p o T o t s t e k ic t d– n o m m a H d r a h ic R y b of k r e p r e h t o n a t s u J ! e were a gift from Kat ! m a e T d n o m ia D e h t being part of 9

Meet our franchisees From a man in the van to £20k turnover a month in 7 months.

Hi, My name’s Nathan and I own Diamond Logistics Southampton. I’ll keep it brief as I am a busy man. I have a business to run! Diamond offered me a pilot franchise and I have just finished my first year. I started out doing both ops and sales but now have expanded the business sufficiently to concentrate wholly on Sales to expand my business even more. By the end of this year I fully expect to turnover over £50k per month. I worked in Overnight Courier for many years, and had just branched out into running my own man and a van service. But it relied on me doing multi drop runs for carriers, occasionally adding a subcontractor or two to the mix. Daniel o ered me the opportunity and I grabbed it. He’s worked with me full on in the last six months and his support and hand holding has been invaluable. I started literally on a shoe string which has meant it hasn’t always been easy so I’d recommend to any one starting that they think about having enough working capital to invest to ease the rst months. Despite me running the depot single handed for the best part of a year I have done really well – new bigger depot already, and sales in excess of £30k. Kate and Dan have worked intensively with me to help me focus on the key areas (like the most profitable clients) and it’s been a steep learning curve, and the more I focus on sales the more I watch my turnover rocket. Diamond has handed me work on a plate. I have the power to negotiate my prices with my clients and the huge service pro le means I can be a exible and adaptive solution to my clients – which makes sales easy. My clients love having the support of a big company – i.e. all the resources they need – but the thing that keeps my clients coming back every day is me, quite frankly. The deals Diamond have with the carriers are great, the support team at Diamond HQ are always there and yet I am left to my own devices enough so I still feel independent. It really is the best of both worlds. If you want to know more, give me a shout on 02380 988919 or send me an email at

e n O y a D e m is is h T fo my new franc hise!


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Why a Diamond franchise works so well Huge demand From the online internet revolution to local business fuelling our economic recovery, logistics is the lifeblood of UK business. Third biggest industry sector in the UK and growing.

Good work life balance The business model works on 10 hour days, Monday to Friday. You’ll need to divert your mobile out of hours because some of your clients may have 24hr requirements but the rest is achievable in a reasonable working day.

Very low admin The point of a Diamond franchise is that you get to do the fun bits – meet customers and organise their deliveries – the back o ce accounts and admin in processing their invoices is all done by Diamond HQ. Leaving you more time to be out there making sales!

Low start-up cost For a minimal investment you get a comprehensive Business In A Box and the training to launch your area, all included in the franchise fee.

No employees to start with You can start this yourself and until the company is su ciently sustaining to recruit drivers and o ce sta , you really can run this yourself.

Repeat business Courier users book with Diamond again and again. We build partnerships and repeat users. Once you have made a sale and continue to exceed your clients expectations, you’ll maintain and grow your client base.

Prestige brand of 21 years The lead search phrase that takes people to our website is our name, so you know industry recognises our brand and that open doors for our franchises.

Quick growth You can grow this as quickly as you can get in new sales. We deal with the carriers accounts, the timing issues in payment – we basically take away all the hassle so you can work solely on growing your own business, and making great pro ts.

Franchisor invested in your success We invest your initial franchise fee in your training and set up. Our return comes in your commission, so it is important to us for you to be successful. We work hard to make sure you will be.


What’s included in your franchise fee? Lots! You will be equipped with everything you need to launch, develop and manage a successful, profitable business.

Included in your initial investment: • The Book of Diamond – the how to guide to run a successful logistics business • Exclusive 5 Carat Training Programme • The Big Box of Sales Equipment

• Business cards

• Letterheads

• Compliments slips

• Brochures

• Service profiles

• 2 x Launch flyers

• A5 Hand out

• Sweet boxes

• Vouchers

• Blank cheques

• Personal cards – birthday, anniversary, thank you

• Banners

• Vehicle magnets

• Promotional package - sales literature customisable online and on demand

• Stationery package - business cards, compliments slips, letterheads are all included • Bespoke software - incorporating CRM, Reporting, Manual, Invoicing, and Operational Software* • Privileged and exclusive Diamond Licensing Rights for your chosen postcode area

“ We just love the marketing

Chris and Amanda Bould - South Devon Franchise owners

*The Operational Software incurs on-going monthly charges invoiced at cost by third party supplier.


Tell me about the training We will work very hard with you in the first three months to get those crucial first few accounts in to secure your breakeven trading point and make sure you are stable and becoming profitable. As long as you work hard then so will we! After that, you will have continual growth targets so it is very important that you make sales part of your daily routine. First there’s the 3-day GROUND BREAKING 5 Carat Training Programme at Diamond HQ. You’ll learn about: • Our ‘Shared Success’ philosophy • Business development—marketing and sales • Our quality principles • How to distinguish yourself from the competition • Running the operations, admin and accounts

Nick from Newcast

le – our latest recr

d had all the corporate an es ni pa m co l na tio na it ul m I’ve previously worked for big ys of Dia mond training I da ree th e th , er ev w Ho . at th training th at comes with I’ve experienced g hin yt an to t ren ffe di ly ete pl m as co did with Kate and the team w e and bloody hard work, comprising company ensiv before. It was intensive, compreh marketing, and operations. I learnt more in and history and future direction, sa les other training progra m, and ca me out with a any those three days th an I have in mond is all about, how the logistics industry Dia thorough understanding of w hat within it. I ca me out of ely iqu un ed ion sit po is d on m ia works, and how D rt my franc hise. sta to g rin ra d an d are ep pr ly ful training feeling uit


Launching your depot When you have completed your training you’ll be busy establishing your depot launch. From finding sales leads to sorting your premises, to getting your phone lines sorted, there’s lots to do! But never fear our check list is here to keep you on track and on time. Then there’s our 2 day Launch Support – on site at your depot. You’ll Have an Operations Day to set your depot up ready for your very first booking, Then you’ll get a Sales Day – to craft the individual sale plan and launch strategy for your new depot. Then it’s up to you to get out there and sell the Diamond Service Range. You’ll have frequent visits to support you in your first few months to help your make your business grow and your own operational hotline to key Ops Team members there to help you with your enquiries. If you are new to business you are in the very best place to learn how to establish your business from scratch – sharing not only the Diamond philosophy of business, but how to market in a commoditised market to maximise your profit potential. If this is an addition to an existing business then rest assured Diamond’s philosophy of business is unique in the market so you will still be on a very steep learning curve. We will provide you with a Pre-Training Questionnaire to ascertain where you are at in terms of experience, business acumen etc and tailor make a training package to ensure all you needs are covered.


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What you’ll do as a franchisee The fundamentals of this opportunity are sales and operations. It will be your job to nd new clients and to collect from them on a daily basis and feed parcels into your local carrier depots. You’ll need to put in a lot of groundwork, visiting industrial estates and being organised in your sales programme. We’ll show you how to do this with our proven 7 Step programme to guide you to a steady stream of new business. Once you are up and running, naturally less time will be spent on sales and more on operations. But the nature of this business is that predominantly your clients work will need to be collected in the afternoon leaving your mornings free for business development and the minimal administration. Administration is low because we centralise all billing, invoicing and your payments. We even do most of the credit control. That’s what our management fee covers. So you are free to do the pro table activities – meeting new people and providing your regular clients with excellent service. You’ll be allocated a postcode area and shown how to find new business. With your Diamond Marketing and Sales Programme you’ll have sales coming in, in no time and we’ll guide you through it every step of the way. Before you know it you will be running a successful Diamond depot.

A typical day in your first few months 0800

Depot open

0800 - 0900

Exceptions and operational issues

0900 - 1200

New Sales and Client Care

1300 - 1700

Collections (interspersed with prospecting)

1700 - 1800

Carriers collect from depot


Depot closed

Six months in... 0800

Depot open

0800 - 1000

Exceptions, operational issues and admin

0900 - 1500

New Sales and Client Care

1300 - 1700

Drivers out on collections

1700 - 1800

Management of Drivers Return and Carriers Collections from Depot


Depot closed

13 15

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What else will I need? Operational Requirements: •

32 Bit Computer with Microsoft o ce and broadband *

Scanner *

Colour printer *

Phone line and mobile phone *

Long Wheel Based Transit Type Van *

Legal Requirements: •

You will need a business bank account

You will need to be VAT registered

You can either be a sole trader, partnership or a Ltd company

You will need vehicle, public liability and Goods In Transit insurance for £15,000 per consignment

Premises A minimum of 300sq ft shuttered unit ideally on an urban industrial estate with access for vehicles of 7.5T is required. We can help you nd the right one.

* Special Diamond deals We have negotiated special deals on all the above with the supplier we know and trust. So if you want to short cut your way to the best kit at cost e ective prices give us a shout and we’ll guide you to the right people.

14 16

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Let’s talk about the money Working capital We suggest approximately £30,000 - £40,000 to launch your depot successfully and to keep you going until you can draw down from your new business income from sales. If you spend your money and time wisely, the more focused your launch the quicker the return on your investment. You can’t make money without spending some – it is unavoidable. So if you are down to your last coppers this isn’t for you. Sorry.

And let’s be frank Don’t buy a franchise expecting sales to walk in through the door. You need to go out and get them. But once you do this our low cost model means you can earn yourself a very nice on-going income in a relatively short time frame.

The figures Your success will be based on establishing a pro table business. Pro tability is subject to three key factors in this arena. Firstly it’s the COST OF SALES or RATES that Diamond HQ secures from the carriers. We’ve already negotiated storming deals so your buying rates are amazingly competitive.

The next two are down to you Second, the GROSS MARGIN you make is subject to what price you sell your services at. So only o er discounts to clients that send volume. In the Manual we discuss in greater length margin versus mark up and why 30% is a minimum level to strive for. Third, is the OPERATING COSTS you may have. We’ve worked hard to get the best leasing deals, best printing deals etc. but you need to keep an eye on all the costs to do with running your depot – which we’ve outlined under Operating Costs on your Pro t and Loss forecast. In the initial stages you can cover collections and some courier work yourself – diverting phones to mobile whilst you’re out and about – which will make your margins even better. As you grow your business we will help you keep your costs low by showing you the most cost e ective ways to run your operations. We’ll work with you to make sure you maximise your pro tability. Your success equals our success so we have a vested interest in your continued pro tability. Operating a Diamond franchise is very easy and your income (directly based on the sales you generate) is very straightforward. You will be paid your rst income on or around (subject to weekends etc) the 12th of the month following your rst sales month. Example income breakdown; Sales generated: Diamond HQ admin fee @ 10%: Carrier Costs @ 40% margin: Balance to franchisor:

£30,000 £3,000 £18,000 £9,000

From the balance paid to you, you will need to cover all your running costs.

15 17

Franchise Project Plan The timing of the launch of your depot is important. We know the buying cycles of people needing our services and the best time to be selling your service profile is January to September. So a launch date is SUPER important. Next year we are setting up January to June and that’s it, folks, until 2015! January and February provides enormous opportunity to get new clients – same for the rest. You see, we really want our Franchises to be successful so this kind of detail is important. If we just wanted to flog you a franchise, we wouldn’t give a monkeys when you launch. But our aim is provide a good strong network so your success is essential to us, as much as it is to you. So launch dates matter.

Project Plan 2013-14




Re-marketing Franchise Sales

Franchise Show

Franchise Recruitment and Interviews/recruitment Phase One Franchise Training for 2014 Phase One

Franchise Launch 2014 Phase One

Franchise Training 2014 Phase Two

Franchise Launch 2014 Phase Two

Franchise Recruitment and Interviews/recruitment Phase Three Franchise Training for 2014 Phase Three Final Franchise Launch 2014 Phase Three Final

And that’s it for 2014!


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10 steps to your new business Step #1 Complete the full franchise application form Application forms need to be with us, along with accompanying documents in full before this process progresses.

Step #2 Interview with Kate or Dan Meet the key players that will be instrumental in launching your franchise.

Step #3 The checks The nal decision will be made within two weeks from your interview SUBJECT to you passing our due diligence. This will include CRB checks, evidence of working capital or accounts if an existing business etc.

Step #4 Do your groundwork Don’t take our word for it. Go out and speak to businesses and say what you will be doing and start sowing the seeds for your local depot. You MAY NOT use Diamonds name to promote at this point – this is not for use until your agreement is signed, sealed and delivered back to Diamond HQ.

Step #5 The legals You will be issued with our Agency Franchise Agreement which you should get checked over by a solicitor. Sign it, return it and we will start the Launch Plan. There are advisory times in the year to start a Diamond Agency Franchise to maximise the success potential so be sure you don’t miss your window.

Step #6 Do your homework On completion of the legals you will be sent your manual at least two weeks prior to training – read it from cover to cover and come to training fully prepared with your questions, knowing who your competitors are and who your Top 50 target list is.

Step #7 Training

You’ll be issued with your Starter Kit, your uniform and your Business in a Box. You will then undergo three days of our unique and intensive course on Diamond, it’s ethics, methodology and defining your goals and ambitions and putting that into a tangible plan for your depot launch. The first day covers business basics, the second, goals, psychology and sales, and on day three, operations, pricing and admin.

Step #8 Depot setup You’ll be expected to have premises, broadband and phone line in place. Dan will come out and personally set you up as a depot and start the sales process with you.

Step #9 Your first clients, collections and carriers Once you sign clients up they will start to use you very quickly. Before you know it you will establish a collection run, and then we will arrange for the carrier to collect from you at an agreed time in the afternoon. We are on hand to lead you through the whole process and it’s very straightforward. There’s a hugely comprehensive manual, online help and if the answer’s not there, we are always available to take your call.

Step #10 First income Happy days! Once your rst months sales are concluded, this is when you’ll receive your income statement from Diamond HQ. These reconciliations are made by the 10th and the payment made by the 12th (or the next working day following if it falls on a weekend).

1 19 7

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Indicative profit forecasts Year one, two and three


Bit e t i r u o v a F s ’ e Th i s i s Kat You need to work this out for yourself… although we’ve actually done quite a lot for you! Before you make any decision, it’s important to know your facts and figures, and to crunch your numbers. Diamond can provide you with Business Plan Templates and Profit and Loss Models for you to do your homework and thoroughly explore this opportunity. It’s another feature of our unique Franchise support. These are for guideline purposes only but this is an incredible resource so you know exactly what you will be doing. Planning is an essential part of any business start-up and this unique tool really allows you to get to grip with your numbers.

The Investment

A Diamond Franchise in 2014 starts from £14,997 +VAT



18 21


18 22

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Do you have what it takes to be a Diamond franchisee? Ask yourself these questions. • Are you ambitious and self-motivated? • Want to be rewarded for your hard work? • Need a low risk, low cost start up? • Be supported in a successful team? • And still want to be your own boss?

If all the above sounds like you, apply now. 01483 536888

Diamond Logistics Limited | 9 The Pines Business Park | Broad Street | Guildford | Surrey | GU3 3BH T 01483 536888 | F 01483 536887 | Email |

Franchise Brochure  
Franchise Brochure  

Our Franchise Brochure outlines everything you need to know about the Diamond Franchise model.