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Diamond Leadership Academy in brief The Diamond Leadership Academy consists of a multi-cultural and international group of trainers and facilitators. Our vision is to bring worldclass leadership development tools to Southern Africa through open trainings, in-house tailor made programs and by building capacity for local leaders and trainers to deliver the programs. Those who participate in our programs get practical skills on how to: o Structure and support development of leadership potential o Turn under-performing teams into high-performing teams o Contribute to clarity of goals and improved results o Create positive impact to advance organizations and transform their community o Make tough decision that promote strategic change and a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship o Confront problem employees, recognize, address and resolve conflict with sensitivity and compassion Participants get a certificate of participation from our partner Edwardo Mondlane University’s centre for extended education. Background The Diamond Leadership Academy was born out of a series of conversations with people who believe that we need to go beyond responding to current needs in the market when we are creating change programs, entrepreneurial activities and developing people. In other words, we need to be more purposeful in the design of our trainings and developmental programs. There is a need to listen into what is emerging within the system that we would like to influence or; what, in the worlds, needs to happen now to improve the lives of those we serve. If we consider the country of Mozambique as the system that we would like to influence, what is it that needs to happen in Mozambique today if we want to

make our lives and the lives of those we serve better? To answer this question we should look at where Mozambique is in its development. Mozambique is one of the fastest developing economies in Africa, an economy that will continue to grow, if investments in the tourism, construction and real estate sectors are made. This will make an even bigger jump when investments in the oil and gas sector become a driver for the economy. Every day we witness Mozambicans who are doing amazing things. One question that we hear often is how to increase human capacity to take advantage of these developments. Or in other words, how do we increase the skills of Mozambicans so that they can take advantage of and benefit from this development? There is a risk that foreigners will be brought in because the skills needed are not available in Mozambique. And those Mozambicans who posses these skills, it seems, have challenges with their motivation and ability to deliver a world-class service. Those in leadership positions, whether Mozambican or foreign, have a tendency to resort to command-and-control strategies to try and get the workforce to perform, leading to frustrating results. Inspired by the author of ‘Leading without Command’, Joe Mutizwa, we would like to propose that people in organizations need to develop a high level of self-awareness and the ability to create trusting and empowering relationships - particularly when operating in very complex and uncertain times. When selfawareness is high, the members of organizations are likely to be selfmotivated, self-directed, and self-organizing. The Leadership BootCamp is a program developed by Diamond Leadership Academy to make leadership development easily accessible and transferable in Mozambique.



The Leadership BootCamp What? The Leadership BootCamp is an engaging experiential training program consisting of two modules organized around the four themes of leadership development (see figure 1). In module 1, we address the first two themes; Developing Self and Developing Others. And in module 2, we address the themes of Leading Self and Leading Others. The program includes a mix of presentations on the theoretical background, practise in small groups, plenary discussions and outdoor activities/exercises. Why? We believe that leadership development is needed in organisations everywhere, as a lever that can and will change the way we work and live. The way organizations are being managed today seems increasingly out of date; many employees are not engaged and feel uninspired at work.

As the leaders of these organizations play a critical role in creating and maintaining the system responsible for the way these employees feel, it is of great importance that we develop and upgrade these leaders to new, more satisfying ways of working. People who develop self-awareness and the capacity to create trusting and empowering relationships, can make entities much more productive, fulfilling and purposeful. We know that people who become more self-aware and feel more empowered naturally desire to contribute to a bigger purpose investing their potential, creativity and energy. How? By helping individuals to understand and develop themselves we believe that they will be able to actively choose more fulfilling and purposeful lives. By training individuals to understand and develop others, we believe that they will be able to create trust and empowering relationships. By giving individuals the tools to lead themselves and others, they will be able to motivate, inspire and empower the people in their environment. These individuals are the ones who can create radically more inspiring and purposeful businesses, who will advance organizations and transform communities.

Developing Others

Leading Others

Developing Self

Leading Self

Create trusting & empowering relationships

Self awareness

Figure 1: Modules



Module 1 - Developing Self & Others In a supportive and yet challenging environment participants will discover what drives them, what strengths and talents they possess and what creates tension for them. They will also learn the skills of powerful questioning and deep listening, to help them find out what motivates and drives others. Being able to acknowledge others in their development, they will lay the foundation for empowering relationships that will change the way they work with people forever. Module 2 - Leading Self & Others This module is about creating the future for the participants and the community they live and work in. What is their greatest ambition? Are they ready to commit to goals that matter to them? How are they distributing their energy? They will learn to use a model for making the most of their time and for creating productive meetings where people leave motivated and take responsibility for their actions. Featured Tools Module 1 Appreciative Inquiry – Talent Game Discovering what impressive skills, competencies and amazing talents your colleagues possess Powerful Questions To have questions readily available is critical to any member of a highperforming team. They need to ask questions as much as they defend their own views; they need to be equipped to cast their attention outward as much as inward Listening Skills Listening is a skill (more than a tool) that needs awareness, presence and training to be successful. The “goal� is to have the other person feel really seen and heard and to do his best possible thinking when interacting with you.

Feedback and Acknowledgement Feedback and acknowledgement are like gifts we give to others; they create trust and good working relationships

Module 2 Core Qualities / Pitfalls / Allergies Four quadrants to discover what you need to learn from the people that irritate you the most Non-violent Communication This famous tool developed by Marshall Rosenberg helps to steer away from conflict and in the direction of connection Organizing meetings that matter The relationship – vision – action pyramid. How to use tools like check-ins, story-telling and effective decision making tools to get commitment Time Management Famous tool from Stephen Covey about how to do the right thing instead of only doing things right The$Leadership$BootCamp$


For whom The Leadership BootCamp is targeted at those individuals and organisations wanting to embark on a transformational self-development journey to increase their leadership abilities. It is for people who want to learn new practises to create and lead extraordinary productive and purposeful teams and organisations.

Where? Participants are invited to a beach lodge in Bilene 2,5 hours north of Maputo. We spend three days (plus another three days two months later) in an environment that inspires creativity and safety. It is also fun and playful, and at the same time productive. Participants leave this place feeling transformed and ready to take action. We support them in between the two modules with individual and group coaching. Short summery of BootCamp 1, Module 1 15 participants took part in the first Module of the first Leadership BootCamp from 4-6 November 2015 in the beautiful Nghunghwa Lodge, Bilene. After a joyful bus ride from Maputo to Bilene, where all the participants got a chance to introduce themselves to each other, a small boat took us across the turquoise lagoon to the lodge. On the first day, the participants were asked to take stock of their lives and assess the areas that they were happy with as well as areas that could do with some improvement. As all the exercises are discussed in pairs or in small

groups it is helpful to know what questions to ask. Therefore, we practised ‘powerful questions’. After an informal dinner the participants were asked to retreat to the open-air lounge for ‘Story Time’. This ancient way of sharing experiences has gotten lost in our busy lives where TV and internet occupy our evenings. The second day started with a warm-up exercise devised by the participants themselves. The morning was dedicated to an exercise where participants are taught to look for special talents, competencies and skills in each other. In the afternoon we trained with specific listening skills. On day three, participants were trained to not only recognise special strengths in each other but also to put words to them and acknowledge each other. In this appreciative climate, participants were asked to set themselves some targets for changes for the coming months and to partner with somebody to hold each other accountable for these. After a closing ceremony, designed by the participants, everyone parted feeling connected, appreciated and energised to take responsibility for themselves in their private life as well as leaders in their professional lives. Testimonials “For me this was a valuable experience. I felt fortunate to be in that Leadership BootCamp and the three days I spent there with some interesting people who, like myself, wanted to learn about leadership, were simply amazing. I really feel I have gone through an intense journey of discovering myself. I have learned much more than I thought I would. I’m now much more aware of my capacities as a leader and how my behavior affects others. I strongly recommend the Leadership BootCamp to any leader that wants to be more effective in what they do.” Carlos, SGS/MCNet “I feel I have embarked on a self-awareness journey, with immediate impact in my personal and professional life. I left this experience feeling inspired to be a The$Leadership$BootCamp$


better person. I believe everyone wants to be good, but often we lack the tools to do so, and many times aren’t even aware of the potentially bad/good impact of our actions on our fellow human beings. I believe in true connections and meaningful relationships. I felt connected to every participant, including the promoters and that has awakened me for the possibility to connect to everyone around me. And that is priceless and for me the whole reason for our existence.” Emilia F, Gapi

Jose, SGS/MCnet

Dulce, SGS/MCnet

What do we offer? We offer the following services and are available to discuss any intervention to suit your organization’s specific needs: o The Leadership BootCamp o Tailor made leadership programs o Executive- and board level leadership training o Team building o Leadership development for sustainability o Executive coaching o Coach Training o

Facilitation Training

How to contact us? Stanley Nyoni – Helder Martins – Philippine Linn –

More information:

Stanley Nyoni, MSc - co-founder of The Diamond Leadership Academy Is passionate about empowering others to find purpose and meaning in their lives. He has worked within infrastructure development, quality and environmental management systems. Over the past ten years, Stanley has developed his talent as (large) group facilitator and as an expert on vision and strategy development with a specific focus on sustainable development. Originally from Zimbabwe, Stanley has lived in various countries in Africa, in India and in Sweden working with multi-national companies, SMEs, NGOs, Universities and local governments. He holds a Masters in Environment and Sustainable Infrastructure. Philippine Linn, MA, PCC - co-founder of The Diamond Leadership Academy. As a business coach, trainer and facilitator for over 15 years. Philippine’s passion is to create humane work environments where people The$Leadership$BootCamp$ 11$

can contribute their talents, ideas and knowledge fully and be appreciated for it. She founded the global movement ‘Teal for Teal’ creating over 15 communities of practise with coaches, facilitators and entrepreneurs to facilitate next stage organisations. Originally from The Netherlands, Philippine has lived in various countries in Europe and has settled in Switzerland with her husband and three teenage children since 2008. She holds a Masters degree in Italian language and literature from Leiden University and is an ICF professional certified coach. Helder Martins, Msc – co-founder of The Diamond Leadership Academy. Helder is driven by the desire to build capacity in individuals and organization in Mozambique to a world-class standard of excellence. He brings a wealth of knowledge and management experience across a wide range of sectors including Agriculture, Health, Finance, SMEs and has an outstanding understanding of Mozambique’s current political, macro-economic and social context. He has conducted trainings and facilitated workshops and capacity building sessions for many Mozambican implementing partners including partners from the public sector. He holds a degree in Accounting from the University of Maryland, USA, and is fluent in Portuguese, English and several Mozambican languages. Ina Brackman, MCC – co-facilitator at The Diamond Leadership Academy. Ina is driven by her belief, passion and commitment to create better leaders, teams and wholehearted working environments. After working in corporate sales and marketing, Ina became a professional coach and trainer 15 years ago. As one of the few ICF Master Certified Coaches in Norway, Ina runs Leadership Programs all over Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. With her contagiously energetic and open nature Ina invites trust while always keeping her eyes on the ball - never letting business objectives out of sight. Ina lives with her tri-lingual (English, French and Norwegian) family in Bergen in Norway.

Partner Centre for Continuing Education - CEC - under the auspices of the UEM Foundation, aims to invest in knowledge, seeks to follow the evolution of the information society through research, development and application of new solutions to the needs of our University, economic sectors and society in general. The courses to be taught by the CEC and its partners will be shortterm with certificates of participation, professional certification, diplomas and other executive courses.

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