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==== ==== Are you in pain? There is hope. Relationships can be salvaged... ==== ====

The "I want my ex back" situation is a complicated one. This list of dos and don'ts will guide you on how to get back together with your ex. These ideas are just a few of the things that can either improve your chances of getting back or drive your ex further away. Of course every breakup is different but these are general dos and don'ts and they have been proven to work in many break ups. Don'ts: Don't stalk your ex. Don't call, email, or text to tell your ex that you've changed and how everything will be different. And don't "accidentally" appear at the same place your ex is at. Stalking your ex isn't cool. It's depressing and will only decrease your chance at getting back together with your ex. Don't make your ex feel bad for you by acting all devastated. Your ex will never get back with you because they pity you. If they do, sooner or later, it will backfire and you will end up losing your ex forever. Don't manipulate your ex. You can't tell your ex what to do, who to see or where to go. Don't use money, kids or any other tricks to get your ex back. Manipulating your ex will only make the situation worse. Dos: Do work out and try to look good. Exercise releases endorphins which are feel-good chemicals. This will make you look good and feel good. Do go out on dates. Getting back out on the field will help you regain confidence and prepare you for things to come. Who knows you might meet someone that can make you forget all about your ex. Do take your time. Getting back with an ex sometimes takes a long time. If you're really serious about it, be patient and plan your moves. You'll have a better shot at getting your ex back if you don't rush things. Some time apart might be the one thing your ex needs to realize it was a mistake to end your relationship. Do think about yourself. By focusing on how you can improve yourself, you will not look desperate to your ex. Show them that you have moved on and you're ok on your own. Do something new. Learn a new sport or hobby. This will not only get your mind off your ex but this will allow you to meets dozens of marvelous people. If you really want to get back with your ex, don't let anyone stop you. Follow your heart. After all, he or she did shower you with love and made you the happiest person in the world once. There's nothing wrong with wanting all that back. Just go back to when you first fell for each other. With the proper mind set, using these "I want my ex back" do and don'ts will help you figure out what you're not doing right. Following these points will get you started in the right direction and

increase your chances of getting back together with your ex.

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==== ==== Are you in pain? There is hope. Relationships can be salvaged... ==== ====

Dos and Don'ts of Getting Your Ex Back  

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