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Diamond Pendants - Tremendous Collection of Zodiac Sign Pendant This contemporary and popular Zodiac Sign Diamond Pendant is the most ideal personal contact for yourself and you really like one. Magnificently made in shimming sterling silver and studded with a stunning icy whitecolored diamond. The wonderful mix of different steel complete refined and flat give a very elegant look to this horoscope diamond pendant !!! Available in all 12 Signs. Aries: March 21 to April 20 Taurus: April 21 to May 21 Gemini: May 22 to June 21 Cancer: June 22 to July 22 Leo: July 23 to August 21 Virgo: August 22 to September 23 Libra: September 24 to October 23 Scorpio: October 24 to November 22 Sagittarius: November 23 to December 22 Capricorn: December 23 to January 20 Aquarius: January 21 to February 19 Pisces: February 20 to March 20

Here are some of them ,

Zodiac Sign Libra Silver Diamond Pendant

Zodiac Sign Aries Silver Diamond Pendant Pendant

Zodiac Sign Virgo Silver Diamond Pendant 

Zodiac Sign Taurus Silver Diamond 

Diamond Pendants - Tremendous Collection of Zodiac Sign Pendant