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Diamond Dream Signature Collection Rose cut diamond earrings, $9,875 Diamond earrings, $12,500 Set in 18K gold.

Fabiana Filippi dress, $1,485 Dieppa Restrepo boots, $420

Custom designed diamond rings.

Store credit or exchanges only within 14 days of purchase date. No returns or credits if merchandise is altered or specially ordered. No credits or exchanges unless merchandise is returned in original condition and packaging accompanied by sales receipt. Not responsible for typographical errors

MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE We know we're lucky. For over 30 years, we've been building cherished relationships with wonderful clients who allow us to design one-of-a-kind treasures, help select gifts for their loved ones, and restore cherished heirlooms. Nowadays, everyone has busy schedules and family obligations, which is why we are proud to offer a luxury shopping experience close to home. Whether it's a quick repair drop-off before soccer practice or an all-afternoon shopping spree, we'll make sure you feel like a VIP whenever you shop with us. This year, our business celebrated the two year anniversary of our second-floor boutique! We are constantly update our selection of jewelry, watches, apparel and accessories by bringing the latest trends to Bernardsville. On a personal note, we recently celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary by taking a trip to Iceland with our daughters, Sasha and Tess. We thoroughly enjoyed a family vacation—something that is becoming more rare as our daughters foster busy lives of their own. Even though we were on vacation, we couldn't escape being surrounded by diamonds—this time in the form of gorgeous, glistening glacier pieces while exploring Iceland's famous Diamond Beach! Diamond Beach, Iceland

We hope you are creating your own lasting memories with your family and we hope to see you soon.

Warm Wishes, – Edward & Faina Shapiro

12 Mine Brook Road Bernardsville 908-766-4700 www.mydiamonddream.com

Sabia Collection Ring with brown diamonds, $3,050 Ring with white diamonds, $5,950 Ring with black diamonds, $2,800 Pendant with brown diamonds, $2,450 Pendant with white diamonds, $5,400 Pendant with black diamonds, $2,300 Chain, $1,150 All in 18K gold.


Pomellato Sabia and Tanga Ring, $9,300 Earrings, $14,100 Necklace, $32,350 Diamond bangle, $3,300 Brown diamond bangle, $3,300 All in 18K gold.


Eva Nueva Olive quartz and multi-color tourmaline necklace, $2450.

Fabiana Filippi navy pebbled leather bag, $1345. Franco Ferrari scarf, $295.


Fabiana Filippi Cashmere cardigan with fox trim, $1,895 Lauren Manoogian rib dress, $290


Temple St. Clair Chains starting at $950. Amulet collection starting at $800.


Fabiana Filippi coat with feather pockets, $1865. Fabiana Filippi leather and feather necklace, $330. Lauren Manoogian alpaca wool jumpsuit, $390.

Fabiana Filippi feather sleeve cardigan, $1215. Peserico long sleeve blouse, $405. Via Masini 80 eco leather pants, $450. 7


On model: Eternity band "Nuova Ghirlanda," $37,500. This Page Limited production earrings, $36,000. One-of-a-kind sapphire ring, $37,500. One-of-a-kind emerald ring, $56,000. All in 18K Gold by Buccellati

Pomellato nudo earrings in 18K rose gold starting from $3,800

Assorted Rings18K gold starting from $1,100

Pomellato m'ama non m'ama, in 18K rose gold starting from $1,350

Assorted gemstone earrings in 18K gold starting from $950


Pomellato nudo rings in 18K gold starting from $1,750

Marco Bicego rings in 18K gold starting from $1,090

Edward Achor Black top, bell sleeves with a bow $375. White beed necklace $105. Black eco leather pants $450.


Diamond Dream Signature Collection Above: Diamond link bracelet, $42,500. On the model: Diamond flower necklace, $59,000. Diamond flower earrings, $17,950. All in 18K gold.



Emerald necklace $2,395 Diamond necklace $4,325 Sapphire necklace $2,395 All set in 18K gold

Burgundy sapphire and diamond earrings $13,500 Sapphire and diamond ring, $4550 Sapphire earrings $12,500 Ruby ring and diamond ring, $5200 All set in 18K gold

Emerald bracelet $7,195 Diamond bracelet $7,100 Sapphire bracelet $6,995 All set in 18K gold


Tonet reversible vest, $1200 Fabiana Filippi dress, $1,155 Dieppa Restrepo shoes, $380


Issey Miyake Cauliflower black fringe-a-poc dress, $395. Pleated turtleneck, $250. Dieppa Restrepo Troy Ankle Boots, $420. Bags from $350.


Issey Miyake Pleats Please Collection Pleated turtleneck, $390. Poyon-Poyon style skirt, $475. No.6 Statler Ankle Boots in Green, $410. Long sleeve dress in green, $510 FreyWille boarded bangel, $1,180 Bias cut dress in mustard, $690. No.6 Nico Sandal With Ankle Strap, $370.


Masai Collection in 18K white gold. Necklace, $12,890. Ring, $5,970. Bracelet, $8,290.


Marco Bicego Lunaria collection, 18K yellow gold and black mother of pearl with diamonds. Necklace, $8550. Bracelet, $1860. Earrings, $4200.


Eleventy bomber jacket, $470 Franco Ferrari scarf, $295 3x1 jeans, $245 Fabiana Filippi hat, $313 No.6 statler ankle boots in green, $410

Edward Achour blazer, $795 Edward Achour pants, $650 Antonelli white blouse, $395 Edward Achour multi-strand necklace, $185 Fabiana Filippi handbag, $1,395 Dieppa Restrepo shoes, $310

Ma'ry'ya cardigan, $815 Peserico shirt, $370 Peserico pants, $475 Fabiana Filippi belt, $270 Dieppa Restrepo shoes, $310 Fabiana Filippi bag, $1,110 20


BRIGHT COLORS This Spring is going to be bold! The Pantone Color Institute (a trend forecasting and color consultancy) predicts two of the most prominent colors will be a bright yellow and an orangey red (below), which they have included in their Spring 2018 NYFW color palette

Issey Miyake Pleats Please stripe dress, $485.

We are proud to carry Miyake's artful designs at Diamond Dream! Here are our favorite yellow and orange pieces from Japanese designer Issey Miyake for Spring 2018:

FLORALS Floral prints are a staple every Spring, so it's no surprise that bohemian chic patterns are making a comeback. One of our favorite New York-based designers, Ulla Johnson, immediately comes to mind. Here is our favorite piece from Ulla Johnson's Spring/Summer 2018 collection that will be available at Diamond Dream.

Ulla Johnson dress, $690.

PUNK-INSPIRED LOOKS As the 90s grunge revival fades, 80s punk looks are creeping their way back onto the catwalk.We’re currently obsessed with this leather jacket from Nour Hammour.The fitted, feminine design has just the right amount of edginess to make you look chic but feel like a rebel. Visit our online apparel shop at www.mydiamonddream.com to view more pieces from designers Issey Miyake, Ulla Johnson, and Nour Hammour. Nour Hammour leather biker jacket, $1760. 21

Edward Achour blazer, $995. 3x1 jeans, $245. Antonelli white blouse, $395.


FreyWille Hommage Ă Venise. Half-moon pendant, $670. Snake chain, $150. Cabochon earrings, $705. Mini-creoles earrings, $1,110. Clasp bangle Ballerina, $1,305. Clasp bangle Royal, $1,475. Miss ring, $470.


Platinum sapphire and diamond ring, $23,950 Platinum eternity band, starting from $2,950

Meticulously hand-crafted designs by Diamond Dream. Price upon request.

Handcrafted eternity bands. Price upon request.


Signature custom creation necklaces, engagement rings and wedding bands. Price upon request.



Diamond Dream Signature Collection On the model: Earrings, $8500. Necklace, $6500. Ring, $3975. All in 18K gold with diamonds. Rose gold Necklace, $32,900. White gold Necklace, $22,500. Bangle bracelets $6500 each. All in 18K gold with diamonds.


Fabiana Filippi suede parka, $1,885 Top, $680 Bag, $1,170 Via Missini pants, $295




Diamond Dream Signature Collection A) Earrings $3,950 B) Ring $11,750 C) Loop earrings $5,900 D) Multi circle earrings $11,250



Fabiana Filippi White cotton jersey with poplin sleeve, $555. White fringe skirt, $680. Clutch with strap, $885.


Todd Reed is an American artisanal luxury jewelry company renowned for creating works of art using recycled metals and sustainably-sourced raw and fancy-cut diamonds.Todd Reed creations are all one-of-a-kind, hand-forged and finished by master jewelers in the Boulder, CO, studio.Todd Reed creates an alchemy of precious metals and stones that merge rugged natural beauty with refined sculptural elegance - Raw Elegance. It is a vision that fuses the iconoclastic spirit of an artist, the unwavering, hand-made ethos of an artisan, and the sustainable methods of a modern-day steward.

Todd Reed 18K YG button earrings, $3410 18K YG band, $4840 18K RG band, $4840 Palladium band, $8140 18K RG eternity band, $4125 Palladium eternity band, $3100 Palladium Rectangular Fancy Cut Diamond Ring, $6300 18K RG Oval Fancy Cut Diamond Ring, $8100 Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet, $6710 18K YG and Silver Cuff Bracelet, $7920


Lauren Manoogian Blanket skirt, $730. Blanket coat, $1200. Accordion turtleneck, $330. Lorena Antoniazzi loafers with rex fur, $650.


Temple St. Clair Coin pendants starting at $2950. Bracelets starting at $2500. All in 18K gold.


Fabiana Filippi cape, $1,435 Lauren Manoogian top, $610 Peserico pants, $460 Fabiana Filippi bag, $1,125

No. 6 coat, $990 Rachel Comey dress, $449 Fabiana Filippi necklace, $395

No. 6 blue coat, $825 Meli Melo blue handbag, $560


Fabiana Filippi Cardigan with fox collar, $3,830 Top, $495 Via Missini pants, $295 No. 6 t-strap shoes, $370


Lorena Antoniazzi vest with fox, $3,195 Eleventy sweater, $485 Via Missini pants, $295 No.6 statler ankle boots in green, $410

Lauren Manoogian cardigan, $490. Fabiana Filippi top, $495. Issey Miyake pants, $525



Inuikii Leather and shearling boots starting from $295. 36

Lorena Antoniazzi wool turtleneck sweater, $575. wool sweatpants, $710. Fabiana Filippi genuine shearling trim boots, $990. 37









A) Dieppa Restrepo Rod Boot (right): Say ‘hello’ to your new favorite black leather boots! These understated boots will compliment your everyday style. B) Dieppa Restrepo Gaston Loafers (left): These black leather slip-on loafers feature a decorative tassel and will subtly liven any outfit. C) Dieppa Restrepo Patent Leather Shoes With Bow (right): A modern take on the classic opera shoe, this loafer features a girly yet sophisicated flat, black bow.

G) Fabiana Filippi Penelope Beatles Shoes (left): This suede charcoal-colored boot has the playful look of a loafer with the added height of a platform shoe.

D) Dieppa Restrepo Cali Oxfords (left): These Italian leather oxford shoes have an androgynous look that pairs well with both pants and skirts.

H) No.6 Marianna T-Strap Shoes in Espresso (left): These glossy leather shoes feature chunky heels and the color (a cross between chocolate and maroon) is perfect for fall!

E) No.6 Statler Ankle Boots in Green (right):You’ll love finding unique ways to incorporate these leather boots into your wardrobe! F) No.6 Nico Sandal With Ankle Strap (right): These winter faux-crocodile leather sandals feature a chunky heel and a closed-toe style that easily transitions from winter to spring.


I) Dieppa Restrepo Black Velvet Dandy Loafers (right): This timeless loafer has a textured black velvet exterior that compliments any style and occasion. J) Dieppa Restrepo Troy Ankle Boots (left): These Italian leather boots are comfortable and stylish.You’ll never run out of reasons to wear them!

WE ARE FALLING IN LOVE WITH ALL OF OUR FASHIONABLE SHOE ARRIVALS! Whether your style is classic black leather or something more funky, we have just the boot or shoe for you! But since there are so many new styles, we designed a quiz to help you find the shoe of your dreams. Simply tally your answers while answering the following questions. One word to describe your personal style: A. Classic B. Unique C. Girly D. Colorful E. Simple The footwear you wear most are: A. Flats B. Tennis shoes C. Heels D. Wedges E. Boots Your style icon is: A. Audrey Hepburn B. Jane Birkin C. Marilyn Monroe D. Bianca Jagger E. Diane Keaton If you could live in any decade which would you choose? A. The 1950s B. The 1970s C. The 1920s D. The 1990s E. Present Day

Coming Soon!

One material thing you can not live without: A. Wine B. Books C. Lipstick D.Your camera E.Your car The most prominent colors in your current wardrobe are: A. Black and/or gray B. Navy and/or green C. Pink and/or red D. Too many colors to list! E. Beige and/or khaki Your favorite activity is… A. Shopping; you love to treat yourself B. Creating; you love to make things with your hands C. Cooking; you love to be in the kitchen D. Dancing; you love to be where the action is E. Working; you love your job If you could live anywhere, you would choose: A. Italy B. Denver C. Paris D. Los Angeles E. New York City Life is meant to be… A. a great indulgence! B. a great work of art! C. a great love affair! D. a great adventure! E. a great achievement!

RESULTS: NOW COUNT HOW MANY OF AS, BS, CS, DS, AND ES YOU TALLIED… Mostly A’s: Your style is Chic! You enjoy the finer things in life and like to indulge yourself.Wine, clothing and jewelry are staples you can not live without.Your best shoes matches are like you–sleek and ageless: I & J Mostly B’s: Your style is Eclectic! You march to the beat of your own drummer.Trends don’t phase you; you know what styles you like and wear what makes you happy regardless of what is “in.” These shoes have a retro-style that may catch your unique eye: B & F Mostly C’s: Your style is Feminine! You love things that sparkle and shine and seek items that make others smile. Since you are young at heart, you need a fun shoe to match your playful personality! The best styles for you are: C & G Mostly D’s: Your style is Fearless! You love color and like to have fun with your wardrobe.To you, style is another medium for you to express yourself.You like to stand out from the crowd and should wear shoes that as unique as you are! Your top styles are: E & H Mostly E’s: Your style is Utilitarian! You are a woman who likes no-frills clothing with purpose. Comfort and versatility are your top priorities in clothing, footwear and life! The shoes that will best suit you are: A & D


Tote bags starting from $600 Made in France.


Diamond Dream Signature Collection Earrings $8100, Necklace $13,750.All in 18K gold, diamonds and aquamarine


Herno jacket, $545. Tonet embellished top, $415. Via Masini 80 faux leather pants, $450. Issey Miyake Bao Bao Silver Tote, $425. Fabiana Filippi Sabrina Derby Shoe, $880. Franco Ferrari scarf, $295.






A) Fabiana Filippi crossbody bag, $1,250 B) Fabiana Filippi grey clutch, $350 C) Meli Melo cream bag, $860 D) Meli Melo black crossbody, $375 E) Meli Melo blue bag, $560 F) Meli Melo orange clutch, $410 G) Fabiana Filippi wallet, $495


18K WG diamond infinity necklace, $995. 14K WG evil eye and hamsa pendant, $525.

Marquise diamond flexible bangle, $6,950. Oval diamond flexible bangle, $7,395. Both in 18K Gold


Sapphire & diamond necklace, $1500. Open heart necklace, $1125. Ruby and diamond necklace, $1500. All in 18K Gold

Diamond and sapphire ring, $3900. Diamond ring, $4500. Both in 18K Gold

Three flower diamond necklace, $2,350 Five flower diamond necklace, $3,550 Both in 18K gold.

Daisy ring in 14K WG, $1195 Happy bee pin/pendant in 18K YG, $1800



WATCHES Omega is among the best-known luxury watch brands on the planet, and certainly the best known off the planet. From NASA to the Olympics to James Bond, not to mention names like Speedmaster, Seamaster and Constellation, the brand has achieved well-deserved rock-star status among watch enthusiasts everywhere. From $5,250 - $6,250

LIKE NO OTHER CHRONOGRAPH With its black dial and tachymeter scale, this 42 mm chronograph was designed to stand out.The indexes and central hour and minute hands are coated in Super-LumiNova. A hesalite crystal protects the dial enhanced with a 30-minute recorder, 12-hour recorder and small seconds sub-dial. The stainless steel case is presented on a matching bracelet or a black leather strap. $4450.


18K WG Marine Chronograph, $23,500. 18K RG Classique Chronometrie, $40,000. Marine GMT in steel, $23,600.


SALE UP TO 40% OFF In-stock watches only















12 Mine Brook Road, Bernardsville 908.766.4700 www.mydiamonddream.com

Gift Certificate



A) Fabiana Filippi leather belt, $270. B) Save My Bag cover bag starting at $115. C) Badel bracelets starting at $350. D) Bandolier cell phone holder starting at $78. E) Issey Miyake cross-body starting at $350. F) Philip Stein Fruitz watch, $250. G) Save My Bag cover bag starting at $115. H) Name Necklace starting at $100. I) Fabiana Filippi fox fur collar, $810. J) Astley Clarke bracelets starting at $120. K) Philip Stein Extreme Chronograph watch, $750. L) Lauren Manoogian alpaca wool hat starting at $130. M) Gift Certificates available for any price. N) Philip Stein wine wand $185. O) Les Georgettes interchangeable leather band bracelets starting at $78. 48

Double diamond band rings from Diamond Dream's Signature Collection, $4100. Both in 18K gold.


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Diamond Dream Jewelry & Apparel - 2017 Gift Guide  

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