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As the year draws close to the end I beginning to think back on all the topics we have covered, the great people that we have been so privilege to interview and the various events that we have been invited to attend

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and cover.

Layout Trying to figure out just what it was that we had not touched on or addressed I began to think about our

Renee’ Smith

young people. Too many times they are forgotten about or overlooked. So although the entire issue is not dedicated to them as it should have been, I was blessed to have met a young man who is about his business and ready to take on the world. It was amazing to me speaking with J Rome and realizing just how much he had it together and knew exactly what is was that he wanted out of life and what it was going to take to get there. No he was not looking for a quick fix or to become an over night sensation, but he was willing to do the ground work the right way to see that his future was one that he could be proud of. Share with me and celebrate with him as you read more about him in Unveiling the Man....J Rome. Renee'

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DD: So J Rome how are you?

J Rome

Let me first start out by saying thank you so much for allowing Diamond Diva Magazine the opportunity to interview you. I just wanted to make sure we got to you before Essence and Jet came knocking at your door. DD: So tell us about J Rome. What is the driving force behind the man and his music? JR: I am a man that just wants to share his heart with the world. I grew up listening to soul music and I guess it just bit me hard cause every time I open my mouth to sing, I sing from the pit of my soul. So I guess you can say the driving force behind me and my music is love because in everything I do it's all out of love …for God, my family, myself and of course my beautiful fans. DD: Where did the gift of music come from and when did you know that you had it? JR: Like my mama always says to me…"J your gift is from God…so you make sure you use it no matter what" So that's what I believe cause every since I was 3 or 4 I remember singing Whitney Houston in my room or in the car just as loud as the radio was hahaha…But I know it was a gift from God cause I almost lost it and my life during a routine tonsillectomy taking a wrong turn and ending me up in the emergency room one night…but after that ordeal I came out on top and my voice was stronger than ever... DD: Well to God be the Glory for all the great things He has done. I'm so glad He saw fit to restore and repair. DD: Where did the name J Rome come from? God given or stage name? JR: The Name J Rome came from myself and 2 of my friends a while ago when we were thinking about what should the world know me as…Jerome…no…J…no… Rome…no how about J Rome without the J A Y or the J-(dash) or the J.(dot) and just take out the first e in my name…it looked cool and sounded like a star plus I was tired of people mispronouncing my birth name which is Jerome and calling me Jeremy haha DD: Well you did good on the name front, it's one that everyone should be able to remember. DD: When did you first know that music was something you wanted to do? JR: I've always known that this was not just something I wanted to do but


Diamond Diva

something I had to do because when I would speak no one really paid much attention to what I was saying because I am a bit soft spoken but when I opened my mouth to sing…no matter what was going on in the room I was in or the next..everything would stop and u could hear a pin drop…that's when I knew I had the "gift" of song... DD: and what a great gift it is! I know you surely grabbed my attention when I was asked to listen to yet another up and coming R&B artist. I told him, “really, not another one who thinks that they can sing”, but this was one time that I was glad I listened. DD: I love how you took songs sung by other artist and made them your own. I told you, you could sit on the end of my bed any night and sing me to sleep…..I have been listening to your single, “Beauty is Beautiful” and I must tell you I can't get enough. Tell us what inspired the song. JR: haha and knowing the type of person I am I would sing a lullaby if I knew it would put you at peace and allow you to rest haha but yea Beauty Is Beautiful was written ironically in about 10 mins when I was on my way to the studio to record another song but when I heard the original track I was driving and just everything around me looked beautiful. See most people think the song is intended for a female that I've been eyeing but it's actually about nature and the empowerment of beauty. So whatever you look at whether it be me, the mountains, an old couple, a pregnant woman, someone with virtiligo that feels the need to cover up but shouldn't because it is all beautiful to me. So find the beauty within is what I'm saying DD: For those that don't know, or have not experienced the joy of your voice, tell us how they can find you. How can our readers purchase your new single? JR: Well first off they can purchase my single Beauty Is Beautiful online on itunes and they can also check out my new website at and find everything they wanna know about me including pictures and other links as well as Facebook twitter and also for those that have never heard me sing live…check out my youtubes cause that is where this whole phenomenon started DD: Are you currently working on another single or possibly even a CD? JR: I do have another single that will be released before the year is over and the album's anticipated to drop 1st quarter next year so I am super excited about that. Hopefully everyone else is too DD: Where do you see yourself music wise in the next 5 years? JR: I see myself still doing what I am doing today. Making good music that people can make cont. on page 9

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Dear Coffee Dear Coffee,

Join Dear Coffee as she spills the tea on relationships, love, lust and the things you want to say but just can’t! Have a question, comment or concern you want her to speak on,

I've been in the game for a minute and by “in the game” I mean on the dating scene. But now it's decision time. I don't want to sound greedy but there is a new guy on the playing field that has been SCOREING and there is my old faithful who is pushing for a commitment in the END ZONE. I love the attention from them both but old faithful is just that, he's older and very faithful to me but new guy is a little younger, full of energy and down for whatever when it comes to experiencing new things. I don't want to play it safe like I've been doing; I want to live on the edge a little. They don't know about each other so I feel like I'm cheating a little bit but it's hard to live without the two of them making my life complete. Can you imagine being TORN BETWEEN LOVERS? Here I am right before the holidays with two good gifts, how should I start off my new year?


Dear TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE, Look at you out there having your cake and eating it too. The last thing you want is to be alone for Christmas. Let me say this, “what's done in the dark, always comes to the light”! I know it all seems fun right now but you will get tired and your lies will catch up with you. They don't deserve this. I would normally say, “Have a good time because you only live once” but I am learning playing with people's emotions and money can lead to disaster. It's time to be a big girl and “man-up”. Make a decision! You can try and mold the younger guy into the man that old faithful is or you can take old faithful and bring him into the world that you enjoy so much with Mr. Young-Boy. It all depends on what you want to work for. Both are going to take some time and attention. One thing for sure, I hope you are practicing safe sex, I don't want you on Maury talking about “I know he's the father of my baby Maury” and be just as wrong as you can be. Relationships are what you make them so yes, with your greedy self, make a decision. Coming home to ONE person in a committed relationship is a great thing. You can still have your cake and eat it too just depends on who you have baking it! Ya girl, COFFEE

Unveiling the Man......J Rome cont. memories with and musical moments in history that will last forever. DD: How is your support system? Does your family listen and support your music? Do you get critiques from them both good and bad? JR: My support system is amazing… my family and friends (who are few) I keep close because I know that they will never lie to me about something I am doing. If they hate it, they tell me and I can only appreciate that kind of honesty from them you know…it's amazing no matter how bad it may make me feel they got my back and keep me grounded and humbled if I just so happen to step out of “J” lol DD: So tell us, what's next for J Rome? Do you have any performances coming up you want us to know about? Where can we look to see you next? JR: yes I have some performances coming up and I would love for you all to visit my website haha to find out if I am coming to a city near you. I do want to give a little secret though. I have two videos that will be released soon and at the same time another single coming out so please keep a look out for that and please continue to support because without the fans I don't succeed DD: Well Sweetie, I am going to wrap this up, but before I do…….for that young man or woman that's looking to follow in your footsteps what words of encouragement could you share with them? JR: I would have to say never stop doing what you believe in. I live by this….The only limitations we place on ourselves are the ones we place on God and since He is limitless we should live without fear or regret and without limits... DD: Well alright Diva's! You heard it here from the man himself. Any other story will only be speculation!!!! But on a serious note, J Rome thank you so much again for doing this and I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm sure they share with me when I say, I look forward to BIG things from you! JR: Thank you so much for this and I appreciate this more than you know…it touches my heart to know there is so much love out there and people who really support me and my movement. God bless!!!


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This is "Just Stevii" and I look forward to helping you turn your dreams into reality by giving you practical steps to help you along your journey! Stevii A. Mills Community Relationship Coordinator 949.208.4352 Turning Dreams Into Reality Hello Diamond Divas! I just celebrated my 33rd birthday and I wanted to share with you the lessons that I have learned over my years. These lessons were placed in my life and I want to place them in yours. They are here to inspire,

“Just Stevii”

empower and educate you. I look at my birthday as a New Year celebration. It is a time for reflection and it allows you to see where you can renew and regroup. I welcome you to do the same thing that I do and look at your birthday as a New Year celebration!   Lesson #33-Live life on purpose Lesson #32-Celebrate often Lesson #31-Tithe Lesson #30-Love the skin that you are in Lesson #29-Be a superstar Lesson #28-To thine own self be true Lesson #27-You are never fully dressed without a smile Lesson #26-Honor thy mother and thy father Lesson #25-Be kind to everyone Lesson #24-Learn to be part of the solution, not part of the problem Lesson #23-Stress is a killer. Don't let it get you. Lesson #22-Keep your options open Lesson #21-Take a break from work sometimes Lesson #20-Expand your horizons Lesson #19-Live the NYC Lifestyle! Lesson #18-Appreciate the people in your life, they are there on a volunteer basis. Lesson #17-Be still and le the Lord fight your battles. Lesson #16-Sometimes, eat dessert for breakfast. It makes life more fun! Lesson #15-Strive to make each day the best day, until tomorrow. Lesson #14-Be grateful! Remain in a grateful mindset at all times. Remember that things are never as bad as they seem. Take a look around and you will see someone whose situation is not as great as yours. Thank God for all, that He has blessed you with and remember

Diamond Diva


“Just Stevii�


that you can always replace things but you cannot replace people. Lesson #13-It is ok to be great at more than one thing. However, you want to make sure that you master one thing and then bring the other things in. As long as they are part of the overall vision Lesson #12-There's nothing wrong with crying, it is cleansing. Just don't get caught up by staying in the phase. After your tears dry and keep it moving! Lesson #11-Be careful about who you let into your circle. Know that everyone is not your true friend. Some people who you call friend may be wearing the name tag of associate. It takes more than just a nice personality to be a true friend Lesson #10-Don't be afraid to dream the impossible dream. We can all achieve small things on our own, but God specializes in making impossibilities possible! Let him get the glory! Lesson #9-Never bash someone who you are in a relationship with when you are arguing with that person. The argument will be over and you will have made up, but your friends will have unpleasant thoughts of your partner because of the negativity that you have created about them. Lesson #8-Just because people are busy does not mean that they are not thinking of you or holding you in their hearts. They will make time for you when they are able to. Those who are too busy and don't want to make time, are another story and should not be treated as a priority. Lesson #7-Never burn bridges Lesson #6-At the end of the day, you only have to answer to yourself and God. Make sure that you are happy with all of your decisions! Lesson #5- Do you, be you! Anything else is like being a counterfeit of a masterpiece. Lesson #4-Do not over think life. Make sure that you live life and enjoy it. Lesson #3-No one is perfect, we all need refining. Just ask God to help you to be you at all times. You are custom made and you are loved just the way you are. Lesson #2-Discover your purpose Lesson #1-Network, network, network. Don't be afraid to meet new people who are totally different than you. You learn more that way.


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cont. on page 13

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Open Your Eyes Love is a funny thing. We close our eyes and visualize our perfect life with all the elements that will make us happy. When you “Open Your Eyes� the reality of it all is that we have to laugh sometimes to keep from crying and everything we need is not right in front of us. Wendy Brooks fell into love and has all the bumps and bruises to show for it. When the backstabbing and betrayal would arise, closing her eyes always elevated her to a different place. It was full of love, lust, sex and people only her imagination would allow her to have; those were her elements of happiness. Behind the expensive suits, cars, clubs and money that comes with a new love interest; does love really not cost a thing?

To purchase your copy visit our website -13-

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“Thoughts of a Black Woman” By: Theresa Walker

Are Black Women Jealous of Each Other? (Part 2-continued from October 2011 issue) Maybe we wouldn't be so angry looking or intimidated if we took better care of ourselves physically. I'm seeing more and more overweight and out of shape “sisters”. I'm saddened by this greatly. I wonder to myself, am I the only one who sees this? Do they see themselves? Have they noticed they've gotten bigger? Do they care Theresa Walker is a licensed Cosmetologist, Cosmetology Instructor, Makeup Artist and Model. She is the owner of “beautiful images” “Eyelash & Makeup Studio” and “beautiful images” Cosmetics. She specializes in beauty enhancement and education. To know more about “beautiful images” “Eyelash & Makeup Studio” visit www.beautifulimag Booking and Contact info:

to do something about it? Do they not know where to start to make the change? Or do they think they don't have the time to tend to physical activity? One thing I know larger women are doing is… purchasing larger clothes and overeating because this is what I see many large women doing. Please don't view this as an attack. And no I'm not stating that this is the case for every large woman. I am aware that there are diagnoses and circumstances that may cause certain people to be overweight. However, there is more to life than eating and shopping. There's working out ladies! We've got to take care of these beautiful bodies that we've been blessed with. Thirty minutes a day is all you need to get on track. Many people think they don't have time, but think about it. You work at least 8 hours each day, if not more. The least you can do is take 30 minutes out of a 24 hour day to give your body what it needs; movement- physical activity! There are women of other races and ethnicities who are PAYING TO LOOK LIKE US! If women of other races and ethnicities can see it, why can't we?! Come on ladies let's get it; don't lose the Beautiful Shape you've been blessed with! Just thirty minutes, fifteen minutes twice, or ten minutes three times a day is all it takes to get started!

Theresa Walker (919) 229-9837 twalker@beautifulim Beautifulimages1@

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From a Males Perspective Ok Ladies, we all have tried to figure out, "What was HE Thinking".Well, now here's your chance to find out. Have a burning question, that needs a male’s touch, or you just want to know why men do what they do, then get it from A Males Perspective. Send all questions, comments and even your concerns to, subject “Male’s Perspective” and let's find out what indeed he was really thinking.

“Did you…?” The rhetorical question The answer has escaped women for centuries. The question is discussed in coffee shops, living rooms, on twitter, and over chat. Genuine curiosity pushes women to ask it again and again. What is he thinking? What was his motivation, his intent, and his purpose? Does he even know? We hear time and time again that men and women act and think so differently. The only real way to find out what is really going on in someone's head is to ask them. The concern is that you wont get an honest and straightforward answer. We won't get into how often that happens. Just know that this is not one of those times. I'm going to answer any question you ask, and I'm going to tell it straight. In considering questions for this month I looked at a number of options. They ranged from the simple to the intricate. It's always interesting seeing what women's questions are. The one I chose came by way of Twitter. I chose it for its duality. It's a simple question with a complex and layered reality. “Did you cheat on me?” was the question submitted. Yep, that loaded question. Let's see if we can provide some clouded clarity. The definition of cheat doesn't matter. Whether it's to swindle, defraud, mislead, fool, elude, or deceive it's a problem. The variations don't matter. The debate over whether cheating only refers to physical contact or sex with another woman is pointless. Any hidden attention given to another woman can lead any man into conflict. So my response will not try to break down what cheating is. What I will do is talk about what will happen when a woman asks this question. Put quite simply, he will deny it. The utopian belief in honesty doesn't apply. He will deny it. You can say that you would rather know the truth. He doesn't believe you. You can say that you won't do him harm if he just tells you. He doesn't believe you. Self preservation says deny it. That's what he will do. Now, there are circumstances when a man will admit his indiscretions if he has cheated. If he isn't happy and he doesn't want to be in the relationship anymore he will admit he has been cheating. It's very hard for a man to leave a relationship that for all intents and purposes seems to be going well. It's easy to develop a routine and familiarity that masks the issues in a relationship. Some men


Diamond Diva

would prefer to be caught and have the woman send them away than to just leave. Yes, I understand the twisted logic at work here, but it is what it is. If honesty and openness were common with men, E-harmony and would be unnecessary. The term bitter would be reserved for lemons. If that man is a jerk, then he will admit he has been cheating. Pretentiousness, conceit, chauvinism, spitefulness, and pride can lead a man to own his impropriety. It sucks for it to go down like that, but he probably wasn't the best catch in the world in the first place. Guilt can make a man admit he has been cheating. The pressure of maintaining a lie, the worry that his partner senses something, the concern that the person he is cheating with will tell, and the knowledge that he is just plain wrong can take its toll. Of course, in most cases, selfpreservation trumps guilt. So am I saying that you will not get an honest answer? Noooooo‌I'm not saying that. If he isn't cheating, he will tell you he isn't and that answer will be an honest one. If he is cheating and you've been doing your part in making the relationship work, then it gets murky. He might not feel like being so forward in accepting his mistake. He will deny it. Me, I say ask the question. If anything, it should spark a dialogue that can help the relationship grow. You will have an opportunity to talk to that man about the relationship and what caused you to ask. You can check in with each other, making sure both your needs is being met. You can reassure each other that you are in the relationship together and value what you have. It also puts him on notice that you feel something isn't right and if he is even considering the grass that looks greener in the other yard, he might want to think again. If having the conversation is a problem for him then you might have some thinking to do. Either he needs help in talking about the emotional aspect of your relationship or he has dated women that never believed he wasn't cheating and he is worried that you are another “crazyâ€? woman. Or he is cheating. I do warn against amateur investigation. Even if you find something, the confrontation is going to be worse because of the means. They do not always justify the ends just because you were right in your suspicions. If you don't find anything, you may damage your relationship in ways you never expected. Men don't forget those types of things. They are very particular about loyalty and trust. When they feel that has been violated they can be the most resentful and stubborn creatures alive. Unless you are a professional sleuth, don't go snooping. If you ask and you don't like the answer, leave. The nagging feeling is going to drastically change the scope of the relationship anyway.

Dasan Ahanu is a public speaker, organizer, workshop facilitator, poet, spoken word performer, songwriter, writer, emcee, and loyal Hip Hop head born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. He is currently a teacher at Duke University's Young Writer's Camp, creative consultant and resident artist at the Hayti Heritage Center in Durham, NC and an artist-in-residence at Saint Augustine's College in Raleigh, NC.

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Alright Diva's, imagine attracting a man's mind, body and soul in such a way that he absolutely can't resist or fathom the thought of being without you.Eliminating all the “I'm too busy” or “I have some things that I need to work through or deal with”, the only desire he will have is being with you. Literally having a man who is totally “feeling you” the way you have been feeling him, and have him suddenly take notice and recognize you for the woman you are. Feeling the confidence and security from your man that you've never experienced before, and having your man take you into his arms and assure you without a doubt that he wants you and only you…..Priceless! Understand ladies that it's not always about you when he begins to lose interest or becomes distant from you. Stop always thinking that it's because you've done

-19 -

something wrong, when really, you've done nothing. When you begin to understand your man and the reasons he has for acting the way he does and the distance that he begins to put between you, it is entirely possible that you may not understand men in general. You know in the beginning he seemed overly excited just to be in your presence. He may call you 2-3 times a day just to make you smile, or maybe even send cute little text messages to let you know that you were on his mind then……he shifts and begins to pull away. Plans are made far and few between, and here your instincts kick in that his feelings for you have changed. Calm Down …….Withdrawing is Natural Oddly enough, here's an insight about

Diamond Diva

men that's both fascinating and strange, but once you understand it, a lot of the pain and frustration you experience with dating and relationships will begin to cease. Contrary to what men would like us to believe when they feel themselves getting truly close to a woman, becoming deeply intimate for any amount of time, he loves the feeling and wants more of it. But on the other hand the moment he experiences this period of intense closeness, he will throw up his guard and create space for himself. I know, it sounds completely crazy, but that's how most men operate or deal emotionally. The mere thought of them getting close or perhaps giving up their player card really does something to them. Even in the best of relationships men become distant. Chalk it up to them feeling the need to remain in control. Another reason why a man might withdraw that absolutely has nothing to do with you is because he feels he's not living his “purpose”. Purpose in a man's life is of the upmost importance. It's a must that a man is clear about what he's doing in his own life and what his purpose is. A man's purpose can be anything from excelling at work, starting his own business, or accomplishing his dream. The point is that he has goals and is very focused on succeeding. Overall a man's purpose is essential to his emotional and social well-being. But like with anything else, men themselves are not even clear on what their purpose is or how to obtain it. When a man isn't fulfilling his purpose or has deviated away from it, oftentimes it gets in the way of the relationship that he may be in. That's when the withdrawing, restlessness, irritation and seeming to be unhappy with everything dealing with life occurs. They are not even conscious that this is happening to them and they end up pulling away from their relationships and ultimately making things worse for themselves and the woman trying to love them. This could contribute to a man pulling away and ultimately ending the relationship. As women we often find ourselves taking on the problems in the relationship or even mistake his behavior to mean something that might not even be. So, now that you have a better understanding to what could and sometimes make most men withdraw, back up, give him his space and join me next month as we continue this discussion. I will help you understand “What Doesn't Work with a Man” when we as women begin to put stipulations and give them ultimatums.

Diamond Diva

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July 2011

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As the holidays fastly approach you begin to make your holiday plans. You know the usual questions, how will we decorate this year, what's going to be on the menu and that all important question, how are we going to split out time between families. Every mother has a menu and a desire to spend as much time with their son or daughter and those precious little grand kids. In today's society with life as we may know it, families are spread here there and everywhere. Mom is on the north side and mom-inlaw is on the south side, and to add a whole new mixture to the mix, you're coming from a whole other state all together. Oh and don't forget those friends and other family members that insist on you visiting them also. WOW! How do you manage? PMS and get through it! Prioritize, Minimize and Surprise. First you must prioritize. Who “needs” to be visited, who “must” be visited and who would you just “like” to visit. These three words could alleviate a whole lot of your stress. Once you have prioritized your visit list and narrowed down who will be visited, minimize your visit times. You know that with each visit you are expected to participate in two events: Meal time and Social time. Just because you visit does not tie you down to the dinner table. Know what homes will be spent eating and fellow shipping that would of course have you there a bit longer and which will just be fellow shipping and may not take as long. And lastly, once you have stayed on schedule and visited with everyone who was a must see, “surprise” those who didn't think you were coming anyway. Most of all enjoy the holidays and the time God has given you with your family. Be Blessed and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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What Competition

II like to believe that I only compete with myself to get better, learn more, and give

as much as possible. However, that is not completely true. As a business owner our goals are to make profits and we have real competition. No matter what business you are in competition exists. However, you have the power to reduce and in some cases eliminate the type and amount of competition. Your goal is to be so great at what you do that even if there are others that have the same type of company, your customers will say, “What Competition?� Here are the top ways to reduce your competition. Plan in advance: To differentiate you is the first step. You achieve this through great promotion, visual aids, and an online presence that lets people know you value your business and theirs. Get your marketing and promotion material out as soon as possible. Secure your dates, venues and begin promotion to beat the competition to the punch. This way a buzz is already going by the time your rivals get out of bed in the morning. Being prepared makes for better business decisions. Collaborate: Work with quality businesses and vendors that will aid you in making your business successful. Mutual respect and active participation goes a long way. You can promote each other's business on Facebook. Twitter, LinkedIn, and in Groups. Knowledge is key: Take classes, view webinars, search YouTube and learn. I teach because I like to help others help themselves. For all of you that want to learn more about social media and how to use it for your business you can join me at a Social Media Class. Social Media 101: Top Business Tools will be hosted by Diamond Diva Magazine on Thursday, November 10, 2012 from 6-8 pm at the Raleigh Forum, 208 S. Wilmington Street, Raleigh, NC 27601. For the first 40 Diamond Diva Subscribers and Readers I am offering a $5 discount just for you reading this article. Use code SM101DD to get your discount and register at Show appreciation: SendOutCards is one of the best ways to show your customers that you care. This company has developed a program that allows you to send a physical card to commemorate special occasions. However, you a business owner can use it to


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thank customers, and promote sales. The system allows photo uploads, QR codes, and you can put in discount codes for online shipping and quantity discounts. This is a great way to stay on the mind of your consumer and give them something that they will keep longer than a flyer or business card. You can view the service at www.SendOutCards.134897 and sign up for a small monthly fee. It's a negligible cost that your competition isn't willing to spend to keep customers. The smart business owner stays ahead of the curve and lets the competition catch up. Use these tips and your business will be seen as valuable and you will be the one that everyone is talking about. Little things such as knowledge, collaboration, preparation, and appreciation go a long way online and offline. Make the customer say “What Competition?� Make sure you like our page at Remember to Show Up & Show Out with your Social Media Concierge Chisa D. Pennix-Brown, MBA CEO of Lady Bizness, Inc. The Social Media Concierge

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November 2011  

Unveiling the Man......J Rome