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Welcome back Diamond Diva’s! Oh wow its October already, can you believe that another year is almost over. As always we are still on our grind looking for awesome and exciting women that are geared up and ready to take on the world. During this issue you will have the opportunity to meet a phenomenal woman who has definitely stamped her

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mark on the world. She is a business women, mother, woman of God and truly a Diamond Diva to the fullest definition of the word. Along with getting to know this lovely women you will also get a chance to read Just Stevii and see what she has been up to and new to Diamond Diva, CRYSTAL NICOLE our fashion expert. Stay style savvy and up to date with All Things Stylish. As always Diamond Diva is making it possible for Women in Business to unit by providing a platform to get their business noticed all while being Classy and Fabulous.

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This is “Just Stevii� and I look forward to helping you turn your dreams into reality by giving you practical steps to help you along your journey! Stevii A Mills Community Relationship Coordinator 949.208.4352 Turning Dreams Into Reality IToday is the day that we celebrate

you. We celebrate the accomplishments that you have made. We celebrate the tears that you have cried and the sweat that you have broken. Today we are proud of you, we support you and we ask the question "Ok, Now What?" What is it that you are going to do to keep your momentum and advance you to your next level of greatness? Let's look at the acronym ELEVATOR E-Evaluate In order to know where you are going, you must know where you have been. You must look at your past successes, teachable moments and pains. Evaluate what you have learned and what you wish you would have learned. Make a game plan to improve and grow. L-Listen Listen to that still soft voice. That is the voice of God. In my opinion He is the best partner any shepreneur -5-

can ever have. He knew you before you were ever born and if you listen and partner with Him he will tell you the right moves. E-Empowerment Know your worth. Get equipped with tools to help you succeed in life. My suggestions are The Definition of a B.E.A.U.T.Y. Queen CD and our upcoming FemininiTEA tele-event. Also our Staying Connected email. All can be found on V-Vision One of my mentors, Ms. Stormy Wellington states that it is more important to have vision than sight. With vision you can make moves that you have only imagined You can bring what you see in your mind to what you live realistically. Clearly define what it is that you Diamond Diva

want out of life. Think about every detail: What do you wear? Where do you live? How do you stay healthy and wealthy? A-Appreciate In order to be appreciated, you must appreciate. Be thankful about the space and place you are in. Every day, find things to be thankful for no matter what. Make a decision to make your day great. Speak life and power into your situation. T-Truth-Telling Tell the truth about who you are and what you want out of life. The only person living your life is you. You may seek advice, coaching, mentorship but be truthful about what you want your life to be. That way you will have a great and clear result O-Open Remain open to the process of change. As we grow, we are bound to change. Think about a baby who turns into a toddler. That child cannot eat the same foods, sleep in the same bed and they will not even have the same needs that they once did. Learn from your path and try new things to help you form the best life possible. R-Ready If you stay ready you don't have to get ready. You will be ready when your right moment comes. That is the moment of clarity that signals that you can positively welcome the job, business, career, mate and lifestyle into your life. I look forward to learning and growing with you as you journey to become the CEO (Chief Esteem Officer) of your own life! I am the Shepreneur's Best Girlfriend and you can find me at -“ I I

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Ge tting 2 Know

Chief Apostle

By: Renee Smith

Marilyn Locklear-Winslow

Name: Chief Apostle Marilyn LocklearWinslow Hometown: The Jewel of the SouthClinton, NC Profession: Chief Apostle and Overseer (along with her husband Bishop Howard Winslow Jr.) of Tribe of Judah Prophetic Assembly. She is the owner of Increasing Child Care and Development Center LLC, Learning as We Go and Nana's Funhouse. Title and Company: Chief Apostle and Founder/Owner/CEO of ICDC, LLC Length of time in business: She has been Pastoring for 9 years (currently she Oversees 10 churches) and has over 25 years of childcare experience.


What is your greatest accomplishment about the business you are in? One of the greatest accomplishments or I will say the thing I love the most about child care is having a supportive and positive impact on young people. I want to see each of them become all that God has ordained them to be. I love to see when a child fully understands a concept and has the “light bulb� moment. It always warms my heart to see former students that are succeeding and doing well in school. Tell us about you, what motivates you, who are you, mother, wife, business entrepreneur? I am married to Bishop Howard Winslow Jr. I am the proud mother of one son Minister Akeem Brown and one daughter Kyra Locklear. I am also the caregiver of Josiah, Jeremiah, Tosha and Michael. Symone and Synai are my two granddaughters

Diamond Diamond Diva Diva

that I love tremendously. In addition I have many God children and sons and daughters in the gospel that I love dearly. I started my childcare business in my home and God has just shown me such great favor. Our facilities are all fully staffed with certified teachers, we offer track out and summer camp programs, and so much more. I am motivated to continue on because I know where God has brought me from and what He has done for me. I know what having a cancer diagnosis feels like. I know what homelessness feels like. I know what losing the closest person to you feels like but I also know what the love of God and faith in Him can do as well. I am a cancer survivor! I live in my own home! God gave me love again after death. God is great and greatly to be praised!! What is your inspiration and driving force? My driving force is Jesus Christ. It is in Him that I live, move and have my being. I also love to see people changed for the better. Seeing the brightness come back into someone's eyes is a priceless experience.

advice to any young woman is Go for IT!! I advise that you talk to business owners in your field and get as much advice and knowledge as you can. I also suggest that you attend seminars, workshops and information sessions that will give you greater insight into your business area. Do plenty of research in your field to know the trends and current market status. Never stop educating yourself. Continue to take classes to become a leader and an expert in your business realm. Is there anything in particular that was not asked that you would like our readers to know about you? I want people to know that I am down to earth. I am a people person. I love to laugh and have a good time. I would love to have you come and visit us at EMI and New Covenant Ministries at 909 N West Street Raleigh NC 27603. God bless you!!

What is the best advice you've ever been given? Just be you...People are looking for a real and genuine person. I have taken that advice and have applied it to every aspect of my life. What do you do to relax and unwind? I love shoes!!! So shoe shopping is my favorite form of relaxation. I also love to spend time at my house in Clinton and enjoy the country scenery. Tell us something about you that people would be surprised to know. I really don't have anything that would surprise people, I am a country girl that loves life. What advice would you give to a young woman just starting out or have a design to go in business but have no idea what to do with her hopes and dreams? My

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Crystal has been in involved in the fashion industry for over 10 years. From the inception of CuteStylz in 2004, Crystal’s flagship boutique, to the evolution of Crystal Nichole in 2012, Crystal operates on the premise that image is an important part of who we are and how we are perceived not just in our private lives but in business and professional lives as well. While the Crystal Nichole™ Brand is making its mark on the fashion industry and becoming a household name, Crystal Nichole McCullers has gained notoriety amongst the celebrity and fashion world through her work as a stylist, her ability to stay ahead of the fashion trend while understanding the approach to classic dress and how to make each work . Crystal believes that every individual has a uniqueness that cannot be denied nor should ever be ignored! As a young working professional, Crystal couldn’t help but notice the lack of venues offering chic, sassy, and classy styles that maintained affordability. With that in mind, CuteStylz Boutique was born.

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Offering unique and hard to find selections, CuteStylz Boutique also delivered a personal touch to all its clients with handwritten notes and direct contact with the CEO. As years past, Crystal was sought out to do and soon began offering styling services not only to her customers for special occasions but the business and entertainment industries began to take notice of her innate ability to pull looks together no matter the event. As Crystal’s notoriety grew so did the styling business. What was once a one-woman enterprise has now grown into a fully operational image and style agency under the name, Crystal Nichole™. With her at the helm as CEO and Style Expert, President, Sherrie Henry, and supported by a team of highly trained assistants and interns, Crystal oversees the image of Crystal Nichole™ as well as that of many professionals both industry and not. Out of this Crystal Nichole ™ Image and Style Agency was launched offering services including but not limited to Stylist Services, Style Makeovers, Closet Audits, and Style Branding. Her passion for fashion retail did not end with the CuteStylz Boutique. Although CuteStylz Boutique is no more, Crystal Nichole will launch the Crystal Nichole collection fall of 2013 with an easy wear line geared towards the fashion forward woman that desires key “GoTo” pieces for a put together look at all times. Be sure to subscribe to the “Crystal Nichole Style” Blog as well as listen in to, “Connect II Style” on Blog Talk Radio where Crystal discusses all things Fashion!


All Things Stylish with

“Signature Style� Now this may be a touchy piece for some. Some MAY get offended, or might anonymously forward to friends or girlfriends that they feel NEED TO READ THIS! Some might down right stop reading halfway through and dismiss my words as just straight foolishness or worse yet, being a hater. But on the other hand there are those that have followed my journey, expertise, and advise in fashion and know the intent behind my words (love and knowledge), or those that are open to real advise or positive constructive criticism and will get out of this EXACTLY what they need out of this...So Here Goes...

I would say the majority of you all remember those famous words quoted by our beloved, Shelby in Steel Magnolias circa 1989. Shelby had her signature style and she was sticking to it! Nothing could deter her from wearing this color from head to toe each and every time the opportunity presented itself.

Now, I'll give it to Shelby, in a sense she did pull it off. Perhaps because it was 1989 or simply because she was a character in a movie and over the top fashion statements are often accepted as real STYLE. So that leads me to question, "Could our Lil "PINK, is my Signature Color." ~Shelby Ms. Southern Bell pull this "Signature" off today?". As a Style Expert & Fashion Consultant I would say, "Oh Heck to the No!", but as a realist and witness to the everyday attempts to fashion and style....I'd have to say, Yep, at least she would try.

(Steel Magnolias, 1989)


Now don't get me wrong, I'm an advocate for having a defined sense of personal style. And often times when you have done this properly you can develop a Signature within your style. I frequently suggest identifying and adopting a Signature

Diamond Diva

style when consulting with clients, especially those that are entrepreneurs or business owners. Often times we fail to connect that we ARE our OWN brand whether in entrepreneurship, the public eye, or neither. And developing Signature style properly would only compliment your image. Ok, so now one might be asking, "What exactly is a "Signature Style" and what exactly is my "beef" with it?". Whew, I'm glad you asked. A Signature Style in its basic definition is a specific fashion piece or "theme" that is worn throughout your wardrobe. ex: Pearls, Animal Prints, the color Pink. It can be anything that you choose to wear and to be identified by. So in Ms. Shelby's case, the color pink. Signature Style - Easy enough, yes? Now so where the "beef" or problem lies is when the Signature Style is taken or worn to a level or extent that's too over the top or downright just foolishness. And often times, its not that hard to cross the line of overboard"ness". (Yes, I know that's a made up word, but it works) Let's take for instance, Pearls. Pearls alone are timeless, classic, statements of style. They embody an elegance and regal essence. They are wardrobe staples and should be in every lady's wardrobe. Now, if pearls are you thing and you've coined them as your Signature Style, kudos to you and what a wonderful choice. But in wearing them remember all that the pearl stands

Diamond Diva

for and represents... Simplicity and Class. Keep it simple. Just because you've identified a Signature Style doesn't mean you have to dress in that style from head to toe or turn it into a costume. For example, there is no need to wear a pearl choker, with pearl hoop earrings, 3 finger pearl ring, pearl bracelet, and pearl studded nail art all at once. No, No, No that's just too much and to be honest people don't really know whether take your look serious or just dismiss it as a costume. It can be distracting and totally take away from who you are or what your brand stands for. Same rule goes for Animal prints. While it may sound catchy at first, do you really want to be known as the Cheetah lady? I mean what does that actually say about your style. It is imperative that you know and see that a cheetah hat, earrings, necklace, scarf, handbag, shoes, and blazer is just too much and downright distracting from who you are or what your message is. Don't get me wrong people may indeed compliment your ensemble, but internally its often interpreted as a confusing costume. So, you may be asking, "Just HOW do I wear a Signature Style properly?". Remember... Your Signature Style should NEVER be the focus of your outfit, It should merely be the perfect Punctuation to your Style Statement. It's important to Pay Tribute to the


Style, Not Make a Mockery of it.

So there it is plain and simple. Put out there for those who needed it, those who didn't, or those whom still may have a little Ms. Shelby inside. To whatever your signature style is, take in consideration and remember this advice, Never dress in costume, Dress in Style.

If pearls is your thing, GREAT! But how about wearing a pair of pearl stud earrings or bracelet but THAT'S IT. A stunning pearl necklace but THAT'S IT. A beautiful pump with a pearl detail decor buts THAT'S IT. Animal or Cheetah print tickles your fancy, WONDERFUL, Work it! But how about a sleek sheath dress in a solid Keep All Things Stylish, color with a pair of Cheetah pumps but THAT'S IT. A modern fit dress in Cheetah print but THAT'S IT. A sleek blouse and pants combo with a Cheetah print blazer but THAT'S IT. You get my drift here? It's all about Have A Fashion or Style Dilemma? moderation, keeping it simple, and Let's Talk About It... Paying Tribute to the style, Not or making a mockery...

Just to add a little visual flavor to the Kool Aid, I've included a style set I previously put together in one of my postings for my blog, Crystal Nichole Style Blog. Here I actually show both the Pearl and Animal print and how to properly Pay Tribute to these Styles, Not make a mockery of.


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