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Ladies, Ladies, LADIES!!! This month this issue was really for you. Not only are we still about “Empowering the Essence of a Woman” but this month we thought we would “Empower Your Eyes” as well. We dedicated June strictly to our men. We let them have free reign over our pages and we are sure you will be satisfied with the outcome! Managing Editor, Christina, and myself cried, sweated, and shed some blood… ok not really, but almost over this edition. First off, we wanted to introduce you to the man simply known as “Seven”. Based out of New Orleans, LA, he is a motivational speaker, author, talk show host, and all around inspiring man. Often times than not we search the internet for some inspirational quote to help us through the day, well he writes his own. When you read, “Inside the Mind of Seven Johnson”, we are pretty sure you will be sending him a friend request almost immediately. We also have Lamont “LP” Pettiway… He truly is “He Who Wears Many Hats”. As

Editor in Chief

you read thru his story you will have a new found respect for the title 'Superman'.

Renee’ Smith

Can't forget about Daren Beatty, a single father still on his grind and making a

Managing Editor

difference in his boys life as well as those he comes in contact with.

Christina Mial Copy Editor

We have tributes to the men in our lives from some of our readers, myself

Drucilla Dunn

included, and of course we still have our Hunk of the Month. Writers When you are turning the pages of this issue, getting to know these men through the eyes of our writers, remember to tell your man how much you LOVE YOU SOME HIM!!!

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June 2011

Diamond Diva

Inside the Mind of Seven Johnson

So from reading your posts and seeing your pages, I see that you have a lot of followers. My question is what does success mean you to you?:

By: Christina L. Mial

“For me to be successful means to be in a position to help. When you can look around and see the difference that you make, that is success. I like to think of it like a rollover effect. If I help one person and they are able to turn around and help someone and then they are able to turn around and help someone that is success.” Ok, so going back to what I said earlier and this kind of goes with the question of what made you start doing this… what motivates you to say the things you say?:

Picking up the phone to call for this interview I couldn't help but to mentally prep myself for how it was going to go. Would I ask the right questions? Would he answer? What is he like? Is he just as much a strong presence as his words on screen? WHO IS SEVEN JOHNSON? By the time you finish reading this issue, if you didn't know who he was before you will definitely know his name when done. Not only is he a Father, Friend, and Motivational Speaker… He is an author and a talk show host as well. Introduced via Facebook by a mutual friend, publicist Kay Harris, Seven was described just as being a man who wrote his own quotes. Speaking from someone that loves to be inspired, I quickly searched his Facebook page to find what exactly is it that he says that had captured everyone's attention. The very first piece I read had me snapping my fingers as if I were at Open Mic Night at Warm Lyrics Café looking on stage mesmerized by the words of this strong, positive, black man. He is like the father schooling his daughter, the brother protecting his little sister, and the man many wish they had. When I was getting to know him one of the things I and I believe every other person he has affected, wanted to know was “what made you start doing this?” He tells me the story of a young lady who read one of his posts that he just happened to put up. “She was contemplating suicide” he says. “I put myself in the mindset that it is something I have to do.”

“I say things that a lot of people say they just don't know how to word it. When I write, I am talking to my daughters when they were your age. I am telling them what a man should be. I want them to know just what it would take for a man to get with them. If they get with a man and he breaks her heart, it will be because she genuinely loved him and not because he bought her a pair of shoes. I try not to listen to Steve Harvey and other writers….not because I don't like them or respect them, but because when I write it is from my own thoughts. I don't want to write something thinking it is my thoughts and it is not.” So what do you think of role models and this generation in general? “I think this generation is lazy. There is no more hard work. People found out they could become millionaires just by rapping or becoming a model. Kids don't set their standards to be doctors or lawyers anymore. They see what Lil Wayne has and that is what they want. They don't realize that this to takes hard work. They don't understand that it may be easy to make a million dollars but if you are ignorant when it comes to finances you will not have it in a couple months. People use to say it starts at home. They see how kids act and they say, well it starts at home. That is not true for this generation anymore. Gone are the days of the father going to work to supply for his family and the mother staying home to raise her kids. These kids don't have that. So there is nothing at home for them to start with. Mothers are barely able to feed their kids. By the time our kids grow up, they can't even get credit because t h e i r credit w a s destroye d at a young age from a young

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Diamond Diva

June 2011


Inside the Mind of Seven Johnson


mother putting her lights in their name. I feel bad for our existence. I was listening to a conversation between two women; one looked to be in her 60's and the other, I guess was her daughter, looked like she was in her 40's. These two women sat and had a conversation on the train and every other word was “mf” this and “n*****” that. I was just in awe because these types of women criticize the youth for talking the very language they were using.” Hmmmm, that was deep. But

you are so right.

So what is it that you think your might not know?:

female fans should know that they

“Men hurt too. They may not say females out there that say that daddy there is a man who was woman who is affected by a lot of the things that I write, come say it for all to see.”

it, but they do. For just as many she was hurt by a no good baby hurt as well. It is not always just the relationship that didn't work out. A from my male fans, they just don't

Speaking of which, why do you followers?:

think you have so many women

“I say things that the man should different areas and I let them say what he needs to say, but he response to what she is saying. I man should.”

say. I congratulate them on know that I am listening. A man will won't say what needs to be said in just appreciate her the way her

What would you like to leave us with?: “God puts my words in an understanding way but I think my thoughts are a lot of people's thoughts. It's a knack and an ability to encourage someone. I may not be able to do it like you do it, but God gave it to me the way I need to do it. So if I encourage you, thank Him, because He makes it all possible.” Want to get to know more about Seven and/or read more of his work? He can be found in The Heat Magazine Also you can buy a subscription to One Ten Magazine by visiting Seven also has a Facebook fanpage:: QUINSPIRATIONS by SE7EN

YOUR AD HERE CALL TODAY (919) 410-6812

Diamond Diva

June 2011


Dear Coffee

Join Dear Coffee as she spills the tea on relationships, love, lust and the things you want to say but just can’t! Have a question, comment or concern you want her to speak on,

Dear Coffee, When is enough, enough? Okay, me and my boyfriend have been dating for over a year now. We know we don't want to be with anyone else but if he sees an attractive woman when we are out, he will ask me to dress up similar to her when we get ready to be intimate. I will admit, in the past, I have dressed up as a doctor, nurse, teacher and even an exotic dancer but now it's like if he's attracted to a woman he gives me this look like, she's next. My fear is if I don't do it, he will go out and find that woman or someone similar and have his fantasy anyway. Am I not enough as just myself? Why do I have to be so many other women to satisfy him? I have all the assets that he enjoys; long hair, long legs, nice breast and a nice backside but why do I have to dress it all up for sex? Is his appetite “that” big? I don't think he's cheated and I want to keep it that way but when is enough, enough?

Please Help, Signed Who Am I Tonight?!

Dear Who Am I Tonight, “If” he has not cheated, then good for him. Men have a very vivid imagination. And you being you should be enough for him but some women will be Little Red Riding Hood to keep their man happy. In my opinion this shouldn't taint your ego as a woman, I'd spend HIS money to dress up and be whomever he wants. Now if you really want to mess with him, you start picking some men of interest. I'd tell his a** if you can't come to bed looking like Denzel, sleep on the couch. “Honey, stop by the grocery store and get the whipped cream and bring your best Michael Ealy home with you!” Make it equal! And if he can't pull off either one, tell him he better at least talk to you like Denzel, “King Kong ain't got nothing on me!” Have fun with it. He may have the best of both worlds in his mind, my fine woman and this other woman, so no need to have the other woman here physically because my baby is all of that and then some; with her talented a**! You're an actress and you don't even know it!!!! Ya Girl, COFFEE

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e into the Life s p m i l G

He Who Wears Many Hats .....A

of Lamont “LP” Pettiway

Son, Brother, Father, Friend, Producer, Author, Talent Scout, Role Model, Promoter, Event Planner, Inspiration, Motivator…. This list actually goes on as to all the titles, or for the sake of this story, “hats” that this man wears. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with “LP” between his busy schedule and find out just a little more about him. Born 33 years ago as Lamont Pettiway, but now known to the world simply as “LP”, he created the alter-ego to allow himself the freedom to focus on other things. “LP” allows Lamont to nix all distractions. During his high school senior year after he started embracing who he is he realized that he wasn't nor would he ever be a FOLLOWER! After losing his father in the sixth grade, “LP” feels blessed to still have overcome adversity and make it “up out of the country” with such a determined mindset. Learning about women as well as how to cook from his own Queen {his mother}, “LP” also boasts a broad and eclectic taste in music as well that has helped to shape and form him into the man he is today. Whether it is the Black Eyed Peas, Biggie Smalls, or even the Grease Soundtrack…you never know what will be playing in his CD player. As you read, you will see why the title of this story is so fitting of this man. Here is my moment with “LP”. I decided I wanted to watch the photo shoot before I begin to actually interview. I wanted to actually observe him and gather my own opinion of him first to get a feel of who this man is. Although I have had the pleasure of working with him before at the NC Diva's Rock 2011 (which I will go into detail later) this is a totally different element from the hustle and bustle of being backstage at one of his productions. After emerging from the dressing room, “LP” is calmly waiting for the photographer to finish setting up for the first shot. Clearly he is confident. I watch him as he makes minimal adjustments to his gear, but you can look at him and see that he IS ready. “OK, let's do a test shot”, the photographer says followed instantly by a flash of the camera. As I peek over his shoulder and look into the screen I find myself catching my breath at what I see. “Perfect” I breathed out with an impressed smile on my face. It becomes even clearer to me that he is who he is….PERIOD. No need for direction, he takes the initiative and instantly starts “giving it” to the camera. From the full body shots to the close ups, “LP” owns this shoot!! So tell us about 'LP” … You… The Man


June 2011

Diamond Diva

“Well, I consider myself to be a positive role model, a family man, and of course father to my 8 year old daughter. My biggest inspirations will have to be my child and my past life. I am a hard working simple man but to hear some tell it I am a bit spoiled. I grew up with a very positive background and a mostly female surrounding. I am the baby of five and out of that number I am the only boy. I credit my knowledge of knowing how to treat a woman to the strong women I had in my life. My sisters didn't allow me to be the typical dog. If they didn't like how I handled a situation they let me know. They told me how a woman felt when she was treated a certain way. This was also very good for me because they made sure a woman didn't play me as well.” Watching him change “hats” to “LP” the man behind “LP Models” was fun. It is here that I learned he really does have a humorous side. He is very comical. Set up against a white backdrop he is now dressed in jeans and his signature LP Models t-shirt. With a symbol that is very reminiscent of the Superman Logo, he truly does have the essence of a superman. “LP”, introduce our readers to modeling through your eyes! “Well although acting was my first love, I started modeling when I was 18 years old. Currently I have 10 years of training in the modeling industry and I decided that I wanted to create an outlet for women to be able to showcase their talents without going bankrupt in the process. At the present time, LP Models has 14 models on the roster and they are prepared to do it all from print ads to commercials. Some of models are actually preparing to be featured ring girls in the upcoming week!” I must say, I had the opportunity to meet and speak with some of your models and they speak very highly of you! While he exited the room to change or should I say, pick up another hat, I sit and think about what we have already talked about. You know you can't help but be proud of a person, of this man rather, and cheer him on knowing some of the events that have taken place in his life. How many of us know of someone who either lost their father or just didn't have one coming up and their path was just a little different? Hearing the door open, I look up to see this…this… MAN walk into the room. I know you are reading this probably saying “well what did you expect”? But seriously, the transformation was amazing. Oozing sex appeal he strolls across the room ready to introduce us to the man behind LP Productions. Gone is the superman stance and in its place is the BOSS!! With eyes that drew me in the way Idris Elba's did in “Takers” he has the look of someone that says “I have taken off but feel free to join me”. Watching him makes ME feel inspired. No matter where you are on the entrepreneurial ladder, you can be inspired in this moment, by this man. If you ever saw how excited the character Gina use to feel when she would smile at Martin and grab his ears before saying, “You Go Boy”? That is this moment…minus the ear grabbing of course. From party promoting to event planning and calendar releases, LP Productions is expanding on all things entertaining. First introducing us to Carolina Unplugged, an event for local artists to perform with live bands to NC Divas Rock, a tribute to women of all genres in the industry; expect to see a of of things from LP Productions coming up. Continued on page 15

Diamond Diva

June 2011


From a Males Perspective Ok Ladies, we all have tried to figure out, "What was HE Thinking".Well, now here's your chance to find out. Have a burning question, that needs a male’s touch, or you just want to know why men do what they do, then get it from A Males Perspective. Send all questions, comments and even your concerns to, subject “Male’s Perspective” and let's find out what indeed he was really thinking.

How many times can a friend say "HE'S NOT RIGHT FOR YOU" and you take it as truth and not say it's because that person is "HATING ON YOU"? How many times can you SEE IT FOR YOURSELF, but continue to LOOK THE OTHER WAY? Your SELF RESPECT HAS EXITED THE BUILDING and it's now OUTSIDE WAITING ON YOU. The worse thing you can do as a woman is to FORCE A MAN TO LOVE YOU. You have to LET GO OF HIM if he's not HOLDING ON TO LOVE YOU. You try to get EXTRA MINUTES OF EXCUSE by saying you'll LET GO to LET GOD... But when it comes to that man you're still HOLDING ON TO TROUBLE. Love will never be a "I CAN MAKE YOU HAVE IT" EMOTION. It'll never be an "ONLY IF I DO THIS" MINDSET. If he's NOT THE ONE... DON'T PLAY CUPID. 90% of the time you ladies already know that he isn't IN TO YOU, but you still go all the way OUT FOR HIM. You're an INTELLIGENT woman... DON'T PLAY STUPID. He SAYS he really wants a relationship WITH YOU, but he doesn't like to be smothered BY YOU. This is REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY with NEUTRAL THINKING. A man will have you believe that you're the one causing the relationship to not work. So how can you KEEP LOVE AFLOAT when you're USE TO SINKING? You'll HOLD ON TO NOTHING and call it AIR. You'll take an UNDERSTATED MAN and make him OVERRATED. This doesn't do a damn thing for you so WHY KEEP DOING IT? When a man is WALKING AWAY, you should ONLY SEE HIS BACK. You should never stand in front to stop him from leaving. Bullsh*# is WALKING OFF, so WHY KEEP PURSUING IT? You should FIGHT FOR YOUR MAN... You should be there because YOU TWO ARE MEANT TO BE. This is RELATIONSHIP 1940... And it's outdated like ATARI. Why would you FIGHT FOR ANYTHING when you have a GOD to FIGHT YOUR BATTLES... LET THAT MAN GO. How many times will you take "I'M SORRY"? A man won't cheat unless YOU ALLOW HIM TO. A woman OF SUBSTANCE knows she can SUSTAIN with or without his azz. Why hold him down when he doesn't even RESPECT YOU. Why always be his "COME BACK TO"? Most times you're FLY BY NIGHT that won't see the LIGHT OF DAY. And when it comes to settling down... He wouldn't even SELECT YOU. You don't ever have to SUGGEST YOUR RESPECT... If he doesn't GIVE IT then you step up and TAKE IT. Make him treat you like you're in the CLASS WITH A QUEEN. Don't ever be chosen because you chose to wear the tightest dress... Or bend over the furthest in a club. When a man truly wants you... He looks pass that ASS IN THOSE JEANS. The MAN OF YOUR DREAMS won't enter when you're SLEEPING WITH THE GUY OF YOUR NIGHTMARES. You can't expect BETTER until you LET GO WORSE. You can't say that you WANT TO BE HAPPY when you choose to SIT IN DESPAIR. To OPEN THE DOOR FOR "HAPPY"... The "PAIN" you have to LET GO FIRST. If you feel you can't make it without a man... Tell me how did you make it before a man? If you feel you need to be TOPPED OFF and SUFFOCATED... GET IT IN A BOTTLE. But you have a STORY TO TELL. So you never allow a man to TAKE AWAY YOUR VOICE. Don't ever become that WOMAN IN CONTAINMENT... You become that MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE.


June 2011

Diamond Diva

*A SEVEN SECOND THOUGHT... You're not a DISPLAY OF HIS AFFECTION when he's the DISARRAY OF YOUR EMOTIONS. You ladies say you have this WOMAN'S INSTINCT... This WOMAN'S INTUITION.... But tell me... When it's on HIGH ALERT why don't you ever put it to use? Why do you KNOW WHAT YOU KNOW, but FAIL TO SEE WHAT YOU'VE SEEN. You can't allow a man to LOCK YOU AWAY and say it's CARE. He can't SUFFOCATE YOU while you give him BREATHING ROOM. Too many times you ladies LOOK INTO THE EYES OF A CHEATER and can ONLY SEE THE PUPILS OF A POTENTIAL. Stop playing stupid when he's being serious about your stupidity. How can you RUN BEHIND a WALK AWAY? How can you MAKE AN EXCUSE for him and call it a MISTAKE BY YOU? The start of a 5 ALARM BLAZE is FUELED because too many times you FAILED TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE INITIAL SMOKE. It's not in a man's NATURE TO CHEAT, you just make it so NATURAL FOR HIM TO DO SO. If you believe that ALL MEN CHEAT... Then I can say ALL WOMEN HELP THEM. When you find a woman who wouldn't PUT UP WITH THAT SH*#... You will see a SINGLE SUCCESSFUL SISTER or a WOMAN WORKING ON BECOMING A WARRIOR. You MAKE YOUR SITUATION by CREATING YOUR CIRCUMSTANCE. No you don't DESERVE TO BE CHEATED ON, but you also don't DESIRE HIS LOVE THAT MUCH TO OPEN THE DOOR. Some men you can GIVE THEM THE WORLD and they'll still go out to FIND OTHER PLANETS. While with that one certain man you can GIVE HIM YOUR HEART and he would REPLACE YOUR EMPTY SPACE WITH HIS. So stop being PLACED ON A SHELF and CALLING YOURSELF A TROPHY when you can be PLACE OUT FRONT and CALLING YOURSELF THE CHOSEN.... SEVEN J

Diamond Diva

June 2011


He Who Wears Many Hats So “LP”, you recently had an event titled Divas Rock. What inspired that show? “There are very few men in the field that I am in and I just wanted to honor the women for what they do. There are always great award shows recognizing people for their work, but as far as a show just for the women that is rare. This show was about women, for women, and had full participation from women. This was actually one of the hardest productions I have done to date! But it was so awesome to have so many women at one event. I can't wait to top it because this being the first it was so BIG! With just the flick of the wrist as he places his reading glasses on his face, we are introduced to “Author LP”. This is the man that is every woman's best friend. Should we have a sleepover, he would clearly be the first to get an invite. We all are dying to know the concept behind his book “Why Men Cheat AND Other Answers You Don't Want To Know” while all the men secretly are waiting for him to walk down a dark alley so they can get him for sharing their “secret”. So the book gave him a free pass into the hearts of women and allowed him in our world. He is one of us just for the moment. Addressing all the questions we have about men, he answers them honestly and bluntly. Straight to the point but also from the heart. {After all, his daughter was his motivation to write it}. I will not go into too many details. You have to go out and get it for yourself. Now ladies, I hear you smacking your lips, but you didn't think I was going to tell you now did you? He has a lot of events coming up, so you will definitely hear from this man again. Of course there is another Carolina Unplugged in the works as well as a charity basketball game. From Alzheimer's to breast cancer {both close to his heart because of his mother and sister}'LP” will be working on something in a city near you.

You can always get in touch with him for yourself and find out more. Friend him on Facebook at AuthorLamont LPModels Pettiway. He has two fan pages as well; LP Models and LP Productions. You can visit him on the web at and you can shoot him an email at


June 2011

Diamond Diva

HEALTH & WELLNESS MALES, DOCTORS AND DILEMMAS By: Felecia Parks Let's face it; men need some encouragement when it comes to going to the doctor. Some may think that it's just a myth or a saying but the facts say otherwise. Many times this encouragement comes in the form of emergency or sudden illness. This issue seems to affect all men, regardless of their age, race, socioeconomic status, level of education, marital status, etc. I recently took a poll to find out what the common excuses men give for not going to the doctor regularly. Here is what I was told:  “Oh, I'll feel better in the morning.”  “I'll just take an aspirin and it will go away.”  “I don't have time.”  “A doctor? What is that?”  “What I don't know, want hurt me.” Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!!!! I have officially heard it all Fellas, let's stop making excuses and go to the doctor for preventative exams. Each year you should have a routine exam that should include some of the following procedures as directed by your physician:  Blood Pressure Screening  Diabetes testing  Colorectal Cancer Screening  Sexually Transmitted Diseases  HIV- Human Immunodeficiency Virus Your health is nothing to take for granted. Many of you have families that are depending on you to stay healthy, so that you can play an active role in their lives. It's your health, take care of it.

If you need CPR/First Aid/AED or Safety Training please contact, Healthworx, LLC at 336-456-2007



HERE June 2011

Diamond Diva

Les Long Louisburg, North Carolina

Les Long down home country boy from Louisburg, N. C. is doing things, Here, There and Everywhere. If you're from the big city, you may ask “Who is Les Long?” If you live in the Franklin County N.C. area, you may know him as Halbert Long, but you have to say it as one word. Les grew up in an area near Louisburg NC by the name of Centerville. Since 1970, this only child, has made a name for himself as the jokester of the family. He always kept everyone in tears with his country humor and persona. Les Long, Comedian, Actor, Host and Producer, is best known for his humor. People often ask him to be the entertainment for their event, to do comedy or to cook and sometimes both. Around his home, he considered himself a broke local celebrity. Bottom line: he is broke, country and proud of it! “I am as country as a brown egg. I was country when country wasn't cool. I cook country, I talk country, I'm country born, country bred and when I die I'll be country dead," For far too long it has been the big cities that has gotten all the recognition! New York and Los Angeles to name a few. The smaller, rural, country towns have come far; whereas they have earned respect in the entertainment industry. Many hidden talents come from these dirt roads; with one to two stop light towns, where the residents know each other's families and friends. It is these small country areas where raw talent is born. As a result, people can stand proud now regardless of where they come from in 2011. Les Long and many other renowned entertainers can attest to this fact that big things come in small packages and come from small towns too. Les has earned the title of the host for the nation's historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) events sponsored by Coca-Cola in North Carolina. Producer of 3 Fools for the Lord Clean Gospel Comedy Show and Carolina Comedy Awards Red Carpet Affair. He is the Executive Producer and Host of The Les Long Show. The Les Long Show broadcast on all the cable networks in North Carolina and the Myrtle Beach area. The show air's Saturdays on TIME WARNER CABLE, and Digital 102 WAUG at Noon to 12:30 PM. Airing on all of Eastern NC. WNCR TV 41 on Sudden link Cable Channel 20 Green Light Cable Channel 19 Windjammer Cable Channel 6, Digital UHF TV 41.1 World Wide Web on: The Les Long Show spotlights local small businesses, community events and has great unpredictable entertainment and laughter for the entire family. Listen to Les Long for “Laugh Out Loud Fridays” from 8:25AM-9:00 AM on WAUG AM 750. As the On Air Personality Mr. Long integrates all his years of experience from doing clean comedy nationally with well-known comics like: J Anthony Brown; James Stephen III; Damon Williams; Shawn Jones; Clay Miles; Hope Flood; Gravedigger; He has work with R & B superstars such as and Jeremiah, Calvin Richardson, The Father of Go-Go, Chuck Brown, NC own Fantasia Barrino and a host of hip hop superstars, legends such as Doug E Fresh. Click or go to to see clips of comedy shows and interviews: Les Long is available for booking for comedy, host, and acting and community events. For inquiries and interview requests, please call 919-345-2892, or email or

Diamond Diva

June 2011


Jackie Smith is the owner of Photographs by Jackie, where Capturing the Memories of a Lifetime is not just a slogan, but words to live by while creating memories that you will cherish for years to come.

Jac Cla k y

Jackie established Photographs by Jackie over 35 years ago. Over the years he has strived to provide his clients with a constant stream of beautiful photographs and innovative ideas, supported by his excellent service. His relaxed attitude and good rapport with clients has earned him a reputation that goes beyond simple recommendation.


Sm ith

ton ,N ort hC aro lina

Jackie has gained recognition over the years, and has become one of the top Professional Photographers in the state. His Photography experience stretches far beyond wedding and portrait photography. He has taken photos for the White House and

Go to to view some of his work or contact him at and see for yourself what great memories he can create for you.

other high ranking dignitaries.

I Love Me Some By: Renee’ Smith Words sung by Toni Braxton could not have been said better if I had said them myself. Those words are, “I love me, some him; I'll never love this way again; and I love me some you, another man will never do”. As I listen to words of this song, I begin to reminisce over both the good times and the bad, and what has brought me to love this man the way that I do. He is my best friend, my one true love, my boyfriend and my lover, but most of all he carries the title of my husband. Jackie Smith is his name and I love me some him! It began what seems like a lifetime ago, and if I did not believe in love at first sight I surely did after the day I laid my eyes on him. True enough every day has not been roses, but whose relationship has. I still find myself outweighing my bad days with the good days that we share. When I sit back, it's not the big things that stand out. No we don't live in a mansion on the hill and we don't have a different car for everyday of the week. Who cares about that stuff any way.

Diamond Diva


It's the little things that go noticed, for example telling me he loves me every time we hang up the phone, even when I know I have pissed him off. He said you never know when this may be the last time we talk and he always wants his last words to me, to be that he loves me. True enough so many people said that we would never make it. He's too old for her; she's too young for him. He will never settle down with one woman, she will never be faithful to him. But I stand here today baby, laughing in amazement and telling all those who waited or are still waiting despite it all, we are still holding on. “They said we wouldn't make it, they s a i d w e wouldn't be here today, they said that we would never amount to anything, but I'm glad to say, that we are still on our way, and we are growing more and more each and everyday”! True love comes around I believe once in your life time. After going through all the should haves and the would haves, if I didn't have a girlfriend drama it really feels good to know that you have some one that loves you for you. The you that came along with so much baggage, you know what I'm talking about, kids, past relationships and that never ending drama. But yet he still loves me. So I'm taking time out this month as we honor the men in our lives and tell my King just how truly special you are to me, and how much I do appreciate you, God knows I love me some him!

June 2011



June 2011

Diamond Diva

Metrosexual styles for great Dads Ladies dress the fathers in your life with these thirteen essential apparel pieces and their style will never grow old.

13 staple spring pieces 1.Two-piece suit 2. Long sleeve button-up collar shirt 3. Silk tie 4. Wing-tip dress shoes 5. a nice belt 6. Navy Blazer 7. A pair of khakis 8. A good pair of jeans 9. A polo shirt 10. A pair of khaki shorts 11. V-neck white tee 12. A pair of sneakers 13. Crisp fedora hat

Diamond Diva

June 2011


Daren Beatty a no regrets FATHER By: Vanessa Burgess

June marks the month to celebrate men around the world. Therefore, w e a t Diamond D i v a Magazine are happy to acknowledg e fathers that h a v e dedicated their lives to providing a positive influence in the lives of their children. As we may know, not all men who are blessed to have children are ready to take on their roles as a father in their lives. These are the men that miss out on the irreplaceable moments of the development of their offspring. Diamond Diva solutes the Fathers that are there for their children to provide the necessary love and nurturing that they so deserve. As they hold their children close and dear to their hearts; building a full circle and preparing a foundation that will be carried on from one generation to another a pattern is set and a pathway is formed. 'A Real Man is measured by his Actions'. It is indeed a good thing to see “REAL' men step up to their parental duties and carryout their responsibilities of parenting. Their sons and daughter will be instilled with such traits of the ability to have commitment, dedication and loyalty in their relationships. Sometimes men are forced into situations where they are in the roles of both mother and father; leaving them in the position to be a single parent. In this issue we tip our diamond-studded hats to the single father and aspiring actor Daren Beatty of Wilmington, North Carolina. He has been a single father for more than a decade to his two sons Joshua, (aka DJ and Jay White) (24) and Ronnie (13). Daren states that being a single father has it challenges as it has not been easy but it is something that he will never regret. When the circumstance occurred that lead Daren to become a single parent he made choices that altered his career goals. Being an aspiring actor he had been granted a scholarship offering him the opportunity to study theater at the AMDA School of Arts in New York. He pushed that opportunity aside to provide full parenting to his sons. Daren states that he is happy at the choices that he made whenever he look at them and witness the evidence of his parenting accomplishments.

comfortable tapping the black and white keys of the piano. He is a self taught musician that plays keys, percussions and is learning strings; providing music beats to artist around the country. He gains his exposure in multiple venues in the local area. Ronnie, an awesome new and upcoming rapper, works alongside his older brother to create powerful CDs spitting lyrics that are sure to rock your world. They make an incredible duo and have formed a company which produces music beats and lyrics called Borobound Music Entertainment. Although R o n n i e l o v e s entertainment, his heart is into sports, preferably football where he is a star player. Daren who is a dedicated father first still continues his acting career through stage plays and film in Wilmington, NC and other states. He has directed projects and productions in theater and music videos. Daren is a founding member of the NC Black Arts Alliance and NC Black Film Festival. When asked about most memorable moments with dad; DJ stated that it was an unforgettable road trips to Oklahoma where the two of them talked and bonded as they treaded many miles and created some lifetime memories. Ronnie stated that it was their trip to Disneyworld that was full of fun and adventure. It was an incredible time which he will never forget with his dad. “I am also happy when my dad takes the time to come to my football games. It helps me to play harder and do better when I know that he is sitting out there routing me on. That's how I win the game.� It was good to witness during the moment that these young men were sharing their adventures the wideeyed reminiscing Daren sitting on the sideline with a 'proud

DJ who is a musically inclined vessel feels very


June 2011

Diamond Diva

father' smile on his face. He then shared the love and admiration that he has for his sons and how proud that he is of them. He confessed that his proudest moments in life were the days that he became a father to each of them and to-date they have not let him down. We then went onto a more intense subject which was the type of father that Daren is to his sons. DJ laughed as he expressed that his dad has made major changes over the years. When asked 'How so?' for 'better or worse'. DJ said, “Well, let's just say that he changed because when I was a kid he meant what he said and there was no room for error. Today with him, (pointing at his younger brother) he says “Didn't I tell you to do this six months ago.” They all laugh. Daren agreed that he may have softened up a little over the years but confesses that he is indeed a dad of disciplinary actions and has no problem enforcing it. He states that a child should be awarded for his good deeds and reprimanded for his bad. He believes that his parenting tactics has paid off in a good way.

let an excuse be your reason. 'Love is Free', find time to give it to those whom you've given life. Let everyone be reminded that you don't have to father a child to be a father and fathering a child does not make you a father.” Daren and sons wish every deserving father a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!

DJ, who is also a single father to his two year old son, Jahlynn, shared that watching his father in his role and learning from him over the years has helped him to be a man that is responsible for his actions. Although he had no plans of fathering and raising a child at the age of 21, he has taken full responsibility as a father to his son because he is being the man that his father has taught him to be RESPONSIBLE. Daren, who was raised in a God-Fearing Christian home, believes that his upbringing was a vital factor in his ability to take charge of his commitment as a father. Through his faith he gained strength and wisdom to accomplish his hearts' desire when it comes to raising his children. He mentors other young men that are friends of his sons. Some of these young men that have befriended DJ and Ronnie are from broken homes and they tend to marvel at the fact that when they come around looking for a mother in the household they see a dad (Daren) as a single parent. They were impressed because their situations were the other way around with no fathers in the home. It leads to a perfect opportunity to teach other young males how to become respectful and responsible men who are accountable for their actions. For Daren it is an overwhelming feeling of joy when people throughout the community approach him to express how they've observed his sons as being respectful young men and commends him for a 'job welldone'. The following are some final thoughts that these two remarkable single fathers apart would like to share with other men around the globe. “To the dads that are not of their children's lives you are missing out on so much. Be there for your children, watch them grow and take action. Don't walk away from your responsibility. Don't

Diamond Diva

June 2011


Open Your Eyes Love is a funny thing. We close our eyes and visualize our perfect life with all the elements that will make us happy. When you “Open Your Eyes� the reality of it all is that we have to laugh sometimes to keep from crying and everything we need is not right in front of us. Wendy Brooks fell into love and has all the bumps and bruises to show for it. When the backstabbing and betrayal would arise, closing her eyes always elevated her to a different place. It was full of love, lust, sex and people only her imagination would allow her to have; those were her elements of happiness. Behind the expensive suits, cars, clubs and money that comes with a new love interest; does love really not cost a thing? To purchase your copy visit our website

I Love Me Some Tristan Branch

By: Tamika Branch

Where can I began, there are so many things I can say about my knight in shining armor, my best friend, my first true love, the most a m a z i n g father and excellent provider. My husband is the true definition of "Daddy" and I wouldn't trade him for anything in this world. Between us we have 5 kids, 4 daughters and 1 son Trenttin, Zakia, Amira, Kari and Trista. Trent is his son from another relationship and Kia is my daughter from another relationship. It really doesn't matter because when anyone ask how many kids he has, he responds "5". We dated for 3 years before we married on March 10th 2006, which was the happiest day of my life. There are so many things I love about him, such as his generous spirit, his gentle heart, his passionate soul, and the joy he brings to every day. There are so many caring ways he shows his deep commitment to our relationship and our family. People always tell me how good I've got it, and I just look at them and smile because I know that God placed an angel in our lives to watch over us and that angel is my husband. My girls love their daddy so much. Everyday when he gets home from work, my 3 year old Kari s a y s "Daddy how was your day, did you have a good day


today?" He looks at her and smiles before he answers, "Yes Kari, I did" or "No Kari, it wasn't a good day". It's the little things he does that my girls and I look forward to from helping them with their school work, playing the Wii, watching a movie, or their favorite is when he comes

home with candy! There are so many things he does to make us feel special. I must say I love when he puts gas in my car, I hate going to the gas station! We've shared a lot of family times with hours of joy and fun, and I have h a p p y m e m o r i e s of every single one. Every relationship has its ups and its downs but all the good out weighs the bad and I am honored to have him in my life as my husband and father

June 2011

Diamond Diva

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LAROCCA JONES Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina Born October 2, 1983 LaRocca Jones aka Rabbit aka Rocafella started Street Lyfe Rydaz as an outlet to keep people off the streets. When asked what was his inspiration on starting another bike club, he stated that he wanted to give young men and women something else to do other than get in trouble. He also believes heavily in community involvement and proves so by volunteering at elderly assistance homes in the area and being a big brother/mentor to a lot of kids. "I want people to know that being in a bike club is, it’s much more to it than just about riding bikes. We stand for something too.”


June 2011

Diamond Diva

DASAN AHANU Durham, North Carolina

Dasan Ahanu is a public speaker, organizer, workshop facilitator, poet, spoken word performer, songwriter, writer, emcee, and loyal Hip Hop head. Born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, Dasan has used his southern roots to craft his own brand of creative expression. In addition to performing, Dasan has hosted many poetry, jazz, Hip Hop, and cultural arts events across NC. Performing with a number of notable emcees, poets and writers, he has amazed audiences from the underground to academia in cities from St. Louis to Texas. As an actor, Dasan has been a cast member of the hip-hopera, "Right is Right" and a Harlem Renaissance production, "Images", which was produced by National Ensemble Theater and featured at the 2001 National Black Theatre Festival. He is one of the founders of Black Poetry Theatre (BPT) and has been a cast member in five of its six productions. In addition to writing and co-directing the BPT productions, "Herstory of Love" and “Definition of a Hero”, Dasan also recently developed and starred in a one-man theatre production entitled “Confessions of a Lounge Singer”. Since finding a passion for slam poetry, Dasan has competed regionally and nationally for six years as a founding member of the Bull City Slam Team out of Durham, NC. In June 2010 the Bull City Slam Team won the Southern Fried Southeastern Regional Poetry Slam, the largest regional poetry slam in the country. The team also finished 3rd in the nation at the 2010 National Poetry Slam. A lyricist with a thirst for being on stage, Dasan is truly an artist with presence. Since falling in love with the stage and microphone, Dasan has also used his talents and connections within the arts circuit to aid in developing the community and pushing for social change. He has worked as an organizer on such issues as war, social injustice, workers rights, domestic violence and sexual assault; planned and facilitated community programs for Duke University's Center for Documentary Studies; conducted creative writing and performance workshops at middle schools, high schools, and colleges throughout North Carolina; and spent time working with at-risk/court-involved youth. Dasan has been a speaker or workshop facilitator at a number of notable conferences and symposiums on cultural arts, politics, literature, Hip Hop, and the arts as a tool for literacy. A believer in the power of creative expression as an educational tool, he is currently a teacher at Duke University's Young Writer's Camp, creative consultant and resident artist at the Hayti Heritage Center in Durham, NC and an artist-in-residence at Saint Augustine's College in Raleigh, NC. Dasan has created his own series of shows and collaborated with local promoters to provide some of the best arts and music events in NC. His work has been featured on National Public Radio (NPR). Dasan has been noted for his appearances on “News and Notes with Ed Gordon” and “State of Things with Frank Stacio”. His writing has been featured in online and print publications. Having signed with NC independent record label Amp Truth Records, Dasan teamed with up and coming music producer Picasso to form The Jim Crow Jackson Experiment. Their selftitled debut album is an amazing blend of spoken word, rap, soul, reggae, and blues. The album showcases both artists' unique talents and was released both domestically and internationally. Dasan continues to record and release music with notable emcees, vocalists, and musicians while prepping a new album from The Jim Crow Jackson Experiment. Dasan has also released two chapbooks entitled “Hapless Romantic” and “Woman” and one full length book of poetry entitled “The Innovator”. Following in the footsteps of artists from the Harlem Renaissance to the parks in Brooklyn, Dasan seeks to create art that tells stories that intrigues people's minds, touches people's hearts, and captures people's attention.

Diamond Diva

June 2011


Diamond Diva

June 2011


Closing with Christina

g a n a M

r o t i d in g E

So ladies, what did you think? We had our minds elevated by Mr. "Seven" Johnson, Lamont "LP" Pettiway showed us how to wear many hats, and let's not forget the dedications to some great men in the lives of some awesome women. I think this issue was kind of HOT actually. We thank each and every one of you so much for your continued support. We appreciate the inbox messages letting us know how you were expired and we are very grateful for the love you show us on Facebook. Speaking of love....... next month is our BRIDAL ISSUE. That's right. All things bridal are coming your way. From expo announcements to what to wear to a wedding.... we will have it all covered in July's Issue. Please feel free to submit info from your own wedding for a chance to be published. Again, thank you so much for your continued support and I will see you next month!

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June 2011


Celebrating Men  

Ok Ladies, this issue is celebrating the men in our lives. I just thought we needed a reminder that we are only half without a good man. Cel...

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