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June 2012


Pretty outfits and fashion tips!

Queen Clarion’s Visit

An event that nobody could miss!

Fly home and Fly garden! Creative and colorful decor.

Staff June

Olivia Diamondsky: Creator/Contests/Recipes. Stormy Lightingberry: Story Teller. Jillian Snowdew: Poems. Twilight: Fashion and Graphics. Julie Sunripple : Events. Littlebell: Step up to the Twig. Iris Waterdew: Staff Picture. Ruby: Graphics/Artist. Sweet Cupcake: Formatting & Graphics.

Queen Clarion’s Visit by Olivia Diamondsky. As Queen Clarion entered the room the fairy’s all were in a buzz, asking her questions, and saying “say my name” hee hee. One fairy asked if she had a gift, she replied “Sure! Group hug!” Now think about that, a Queen gave you a hug, how lucky is that?! She asked if we would like to play a game, of course we said YES. We played Queen says (just like Simone says) She said “Queen says, Flowers” and we all put up the flower emote. Then she said, “Raincloud”, and some put up the raincloud emote, what a hoot! :D As people were laughing and dancing around, the Queen said, “Queen says cake”, so we put up the Cake emote up. We were all having so much fun eating silly sweets and laughing and playing around. Queen Clarion said “Not bad my dears. So, are you all excited for Animal Days?” I for one said “Yes” because I’m an animal talent and really enjoy this time of year. Others were answering her too. Yes, No, Maybe…All kinds of answers. She replied “Fawn certainly is!” I thought to myself, yeah Fawn is an Animal talent too… ha ha ha. The Queen said “If you meet the baby animals you will have so much fun.

They’re quite silly and fun from what I hear!” Gosh it sounded to me as if she hasn’t seen them in person, but then she really doesn’t fly into the Hollow. Someone asked her, “What do you like to do Queen Clarion?” She said “I enjoy watching others with Silly Sweets.” Well don’t ya know we all started to be cupcakes and clouds and bubbles, gosh we had so much fun.

After a while Queen Clarion said she had to go back to her chambers. We all put up the heart emote and wished her well. As she flew off we kept playing for a while and then we all went home.

Gretchen Catsup-Kitchen by Stormy Lightningberry. Gretchen Catsup-Kitchen lived on a forested slope. One delightful spring afternoon she went out to jump rope, closing her redwood door behind her. She brought a HUGE speckled jawbreaker candy with her to enjoy when she was through jumping. She began to jump rope singing this rhyme: “Jumping rope is what I need Jumping rope at just-the-right speed.” (Here she did a double jump.) “Count a skip and count a hop. How many jumps until I drop? “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7....” Gretchen Catsup-Kitchen would have counted more but the skip she did caused the jawbreaker to bounce clear out of her apron pocket.... and down the slope.... faster and faster.... Gretchen Catsup-Kitchen hurried down the slope after her jawbreaker but she saw in the distance it was heading for the gnarled willow tree. The white and speckled jawbreaker hit the base of the tree so hard that it shattered into pieces the size of orange slivers. And those slivers fell into a largish hole between the exposed roots of the willow.

Gretchen Catsup-Kitchen went there as quickly as she dared and looked in the hole. But it wasn’t dark in the hole! There was a glow, so she knelt down and peeked inside and saw that there were a dozen glowing fairies in the hole. There were tiny cupboards, and wardrobes, rugs, and fairy lamps made of willow leaves curled into cones with webs. This hole in the base of the willow was a fairy home! Gretchen Catsup-Kitchen also noticed that some of the fairies had a tiny two-person saw and they were sawing the shattered pieces of jawbreaker into even smaller pieces. Others were tasting the smallest chipped bits. “Oh my!” said the fairies, “Is this your jawbreaker? It’s so sweet we couldn’t stop eating. Most of it is gone but we should give what’s left back to you.” “No, that’s ok,” said Gretchen Catsup-Kitchen. I’m happy you are enjoying it so much. Please eat the rest of it.” (Besides, Gretchen Catsup-Kitchen didn’t believe in the two second rule, anyhow.) The fairies were bright with happiness at this offer, and they finished eating the jawbreaker. “Wow, you liked it that much? In that case, I’ll bring you another jawbreaker tomorrow.” Gretchen Catsup-Kitchen returned up the slope to her home and the next day she brought another jawbreaker (this time it was a blue jawbreaker that changed colors as you ate it), and gave it to the fairies while she skipped rope at the base of the slope. She did the same thing for several days, each time bringing a different color jawbreaker. One day, when she came to the hole, the fairies peeked out of the hole and said to her, “Thank you, Miss, for bringing us the sweet jawbreakers every day. Please come into our house and have fun.”

She agreed, and the fairies sprinkled some pixie dust on her and she became tiny enough to go inside the fairy home. There they gave her wonderful fairy treats, and sang the traditional fairy songs, and danced the latest fairy dances for her. “Hey! That same dance just got popular among humans!” said Gretchen Catsup-Kitchen. Then Gretchen showed them how to jump rope and how to sing her jump rope rhyme. They all had a great time. “Time for me to go home now,” she said. The fairies brought a sack to Gretchen Catsup-Kitchen. “Please accept this as our gift to you.”

Art Work by Ruby “Wow, you already gave me a spiffy feast and now a gift too? Thank you SO much! You are really kind.� She left their fairy home and returned to normal size. Then she went home carrying the sack and her jump rope. At home she opened the sack and found tidy leaf-wrapped packets of pixie dust, Neverberries, acorn cookies, rose-scented willow-soap carved into the shapes of forest animals, and other wonderful treasures inside.

And so Gretchen Catsup-Kitchen lived happily ever after.

Fashion LAST PAGEby Twilight. Welcome fairies to a special Pixie Hollow Forum edition of Diamond Delights Fashions! The Queens’s Boutique and our fairy gardens have inspired a lot of fairies this season.

June Ro Boutqu yellow a

Lila Foxsocks is wearing the perfect outfit for gardening in her new Fairy Garden. Her outfit is not just stylish it is also practical. The Raindrop Hat keeps the sun out of her eyes, while the Desert Boots keep her feet dry, and you always need a shovel when gardening.

sewillow is wearing a golden outfit from the exclusive Queen’s e Collection It is the perfect outfit for any Light Talent with its’ nd golden hues,that shine just like the sun.

Fashion by Twilight.

CozyBug is wearing a lovely outfit for attending a spring celebration. It is the perfect outfit for all Garden Talents. The Dianthus Flower which inspired the outfit means Divine or Heavenly Flower, which it is especially when Cozy is wearing it.

CarrotLocks is modeling the perfect spring outfit for an outdoor party. The shades of orange and yellow are sure to be a hit this spring and well into the summer too.

Fashion by Twilight.

Reme Wear

ember we are all fashion stars, an original. r what you love and you will always be in style!

Cute Fashion Con by Phoebe Frospetal.

As Phoebe was flying through the meadows she heard a whisper Fashion Con here! She Flapped in to see the cutest fashion con ever! Phoebe watched for the longest time in glee. So she took this picture of the fashion con to share it with all the readers. Look at how lovely she made her stage for everyone to model there Clothes. Wildfruit decorated it so well, she even put a fireplace and a chair to sit and relax. Phoebe looked over and noticed there was even a pool to cool off in. It was Arianna who called out, and I’m so glad she did! I would have never thought to have done that myself. What grand Ideas we see just flying around.

Fashion Con in Wildruit’s home: Phoebe Frospetal , Fay Starshine, Wildfruit , Petunia Magictree Serena Waterfly Arianna Orangemoon and Cutesky.

Just a Little Fly by Jillian Snowdew

Autumn is my favorite season. The Golden Leaves are the reason. The Painting Talents paint them gold, “Fall to the ground with care,” they are told. Fast-Flying Talents Blow the Leaves away. They weave through the trees to make their way. Dew-Drops shine like diamonds in the morning light, much to the Light Talent’s Delight. They make rainbows in the sky. Lighting bright lights on the fireflies. Animal Talents feed the critters, and answers to the Birds twitters. I wish I could fly with the fairies so high. but, what can I do? I am just a little fly!!

Art Work by Ruby

Recipes by Olivia Diamondsky. Here are some of my favorite veggies in a way like none other! Mother always knew how to get us to just love our veggies. Tomatoes’ and Zucchini: In a casserole dish put sliced up tomatoes’ and sliced up zucchini. Set aside, now take either crumbs (that you but at the store) or take your stale beard and put in a food processor and add olive oil oregano and salt and pepper. Mix it well all together (I use food processor as I don’t like to waste food, and use my dried out bread) then put this over the top of the vegetables and put in the oven at 400 degrees for 30 minutes (be sure if you cook to have a parent around) This dish is so good even kids love it! Yummy!

Cauliflower and sauce: Take off the tops of a whole cauliflower, boil them till tender, and put in a casserole dish and set aside. Now in a large bowl put 2 cups of milk, half cup cream,3 teaspoons of flour, and salt and pepper to taste. Whisk them all together till it thickens. Then pour over the cauliflower, and bake it in the oven for 20 minutes. Viola!! Best veggies ever!

White Asparagus: Steam till tender (and that’s not to long, as white Asparagus is more tender than the green type) as that is steaming to make the sauce that goes over that, put in a food processor, 4 hard boil eggs, drizzle in some olive oil, and some balsic oil, and salt & pepper to taste! Now take your serving dish and place the white asparagus in it and pour the sauce over it. YUMMY!

Next Issue you can look forward seeing some “Summer Salads” I just know you will love them!

Fly ho


Fly ho


Fly Gar



ntest Welcome to our New Contest! Here is a picture, of someone we all know here in the forum. I don’t think there are any of us old OR new that doesn’t know this person. Who can guess this person FIRST?

Post your guess here!

Fawns Quest by Olivia Diamondsky. So did we all do the quest? Oh of course we did! The quest was so adorable.

We saw the chipmunk, as we fed him. There was even the cutest bunny, that we could wash! He even giggles when he had a lot of suds..ha ha ha The Owl needed more help we had to put on our sleeping hats, before we put up the emote.

The kitten had more energy than the rest of them, as he played with yarn. Thank goodness they put in the signs so that everyone knew what to do, oh the Never Council thinks of everything! I loved the picture we got afterwards..

You can see I put it over my door as soon as I finished, I was so happy to have it.

Thanks Fawn!!

Step “Up To The Twig” by Littlebell.

These are real question’s you have asked, if you have a question you can PM me, with it. I will then send them to the Never Council for the answers, and share them here with you. Fly with you later! Originally Posted by June Rosewillow Hello Pixie Hollow staff! Thank you so much for all of the new features you have recently added to Pixie Hollow. I am especially excited about the new Fairy Gardens! I had a few suggestions as far as the gardens go. I was wondering if we will ever be given any other garden options? We have several fairy homes to choose from and I would love to have a few different garden designs to choose from as well. It just makes it easier to customize your garden and make it your own if there is more than one option out there. Thanks so much for making Pixie Hollow wonderful! Fly With You, June Hi June, I’m so glad to hear that you are enjoying the new Fairy Gardens! What kind of plant-tastic items have you grown so far? Have you sung to your friend’s plant yet? Plants love the sound of pixies singing!

I think it would be amazing if there were different options for Fairy Garden designs, just like how there are different options for Fairy Homes. Do you have any particular styles in mind? I also think it would be great if the storage limit with Fairy Gardens and Fairy Homes were separate! This would make it easier to decorate each of these areas without having to worry about how many items you are placing in either of them. Another good option would be to have the overall limit increased. Great ideas! While I cannot promise that your ideas will be used, I will definitely pass them along to the Never Council for consideration. You never know what might happen in the future, so I guess we will have to wait and see! Fly safely, Pixie Hollow Member Services

Diamond Delights June  
Diamond Delights June  

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