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Data-flows under EU legislation – Tools and information systems Danny Charbonneau

Natura 2000 Unit DG Environment

Presentation overview  Legal context  Overview of data flow concepts and processes  A look at the existing EU biodiversity dataflows

 Streamlining dataflows: common tools for reporting, access to data, etc.

 Interoperability: cross-thematic initiatives at EU-level  Resources

Legislation: The Nature Directives

 The EU’s policy on nature conservation consists of two legal instruments:  

The Council Directive 79/409/EEC on the protection of wild birds (april 1979) -- Birds Directive The Council Directive 92/43/EEC on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora (may 1992) -- Habitats Directive

Species & habitats protection provisions – valid on all territory / sea of a MS Site protection provisions – Natura 2000

 Two pillars to the Habitats Directive:  

 Over 220 habitat types (Annex I) & over 1.000 species of Community interest (Annex II, IV, V)  "all areas that are protected under the Birds and Habitats Directives form an ecological network known as NATURA 2000. The main purpose of this network is to maintain or restore the habitats and species at a favourable (good) conservation status (FCS) in their natural range".

From legislation to data

 The Directives provide provisions for Member States to monitor and report on the progress of conservation status of species and habitats (Habitats Directive Art 11 & 17; Article 12 of Birds Directive)

 The Directives foresee the creation of the Natura 2000 ecological network:

 Format for documenting sites: Standard Data Form (Commission Decision 1997)

 SDF is growing from a designation document to a “monitoring” instrument → evaluating the contribution of Natura 2000 to the achievements of the objectives set out in Art. 3 of the Habitats Directive

 Derogation reporting (Birds Directive Art 9, Habitats Directive Art 16)  Compensatory measures (Habitats Directive Art. 6)

Reporting & Dataflows

Biodiversity dataflows under EU-legislation

Streamlining dataflows 1

Not only EU obligations but many others: Ramsar, Helsinki Convention, Berne Convention,

Public or restricted

Country focal points per obligation

Reporting Obligation Database (ROD): documents the legal obligation and reporting guidelines

Country folder structure

Any kind of electronic format

Central Data Repository (CDR)

Online reporting platform, part of Eionet - European Environment Information and Observation Network

 Common platform for delivering data:

Streamlining dataflows 2

Web Map Services):

Information systems

Data Centres (Biodiversity, Air, Water, Land Use, Climate change etc.)

 Common platforms for finding/organising/distributing data

 Map Services

Web Map Services (WMS)

Interoperability: INSPIRE, SEIS & GMES

a common framework for annotating and sharing geographic data between Member States - a Spatial Data Infrastructure Obligations for publishing metadata, data specification, setting up network services (discovery, download, viewing, transformation, etc.) Entered into force May 2007, to be implemented over the coming years (Implementation Rules) Covers 34 thematic fields, including Protected Sites, Species Distribution, Habitats occurrence, Biogeographical regions Will have important consequences for EU reporting Criticism: Too big? Too much?

 INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe)       

 SEIS (Shared environmental information system) 

Earth Observation & Remote sensing for mapping, monitoring, reporting joint initiative of the European Commission and European Space Agency build an efficient system for the use of EO technology in the fields of Environment

 GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security)   


 Natura 2000 Public Viewer:

 Natura 2000 database download:  EUNIS:  Biodiversity Data Centre: /themes/biodiversity/dc  Biodiversity Information System:  DiscoMap:

 DG Environment website:

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