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March 8 - 21, 2013

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Co-op centre fails to co-operate with students

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The Dialog March 8 - 21, 2013

Co-op centre fails to co-operate with students

By Preeteesh Peetabh Singh Dialog Reporter

There has been a silent concern among some of the students on coop policies in the business programs of George Brown College (GBC), at the post-graduate level. Post-graduate certificate programs requiring one mandatory four month long co-op work term are Sport and Event Marketing (B400), Marketing Management-Financial Services Program (B406), Human Resources Management (B408) and Strategic Relationship Marketing (B408). According to the co-operative education student handbook, April 2012, the co-op fee of $450, which is in addition to the tuition fee, covers the cost of running the co-op prep course. 40 per cent of this amount is used for placement activities like job postings, interviews, confirming placements and monitoring visits with students and employers. 30 per cent towards student preparation and career advising which includes resumes, grades, work term reports, interviews and job search. 20 per cent towards employer promotions mailings, phone calls etc., and 10 per cent on database administration which covers ensuring accurate employer/student information, grades administration and follow-up. Mahdokht Taba, Marketing Management-Financial Services Program says, “Students can prepare their resume, cover letters and even go for mock interviews through the

career centre for free. It wasn’t necessary to have these conducted at the co-op office. The whole co-op course could have been summarized in a four-hour workshop.” “The co-op term is within the period of our program, so it should not have extra tuition”, said Taba. While most of the co-op jobs opportunity listed on Place Pro (a webbased system where students can search and apply for jobs and set up interviews) are unpaid, students are finding it tough to make the decision to apply for them. International students are on the receiving end once again. Working four months for free doesn’t seem to go over well when the tuition is four times higher than for domestic students and they have other expenses like lodging, food and transportation. Krithika S. Koundinya, a Strategic Relationship Marketing student, said, “I do not understand why we are paying. If all the jobs were paid, then maybe I won’t mind. But most of the jobs posted on Place Pro are free labour. And I am sure if we approach companies ourselves offering free labour, we will still get the Coop.” The co-op department is facing flack for another set of rules that puts the students on self-directed status. Students are not given access to the Place Pro system once they are on self-directed status and thus have to search for jobs on their own. Students may be put on self-directed status if they decline two scheduled


Dialog Reporters: Preeteesh Peetabh Singh

The Dialog Room E122 - Casa Loma 142 Kendal Avenue Toronto, ON M5R 1M3 Tel: 416-415-5000 ext. 2764 Fax: 416-415-2491

The hierarchy continued, but without an answer. Carolyn Grayston, administrative assistant to the Dean, said that Elizabeth Speers, director of Centre for Business was leaving for a vacation and she will be willing to talk about it after she comes back in the first week of April. With the co-op term scheduled to start from May 6, it might be too late to address and act upon student concerns.

Managing Editor: Mick Sweetman SA Publications and Communications Coordinator: Mick Sweetman Dialog Published by: Student Association of George Brown College

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interviews or two job offers, or one scheduled interview and one job offer without a reasonable explanation. They can also be disqualified if they do not apply to at least five jobs by the end of the first semester’s intersession week. “It’s too rigid a rule. I understand they (GBC) want to protect their reputation with the companies. But the companies want the best students, we must have the right to choose the job that is the best for us,” said Koundinya. “The other concern is that we have to apply for five jobs by March 1. But what if I don’t like the jobs posted? The answer was that we have to apply and there is no option.” Koundinya said, “Now, if I get called in for one of those positions that I applied to – because I had no option – I can’t even refuse the interview or the job or else I am put on self-directed status. What am I paying for? If getting experience is the most important thing through co-op, how does applying to random jobs and accepting the first one coming my way makes sense?” The Dialog tried to contact the co-op office for comments. Kenny Clayton, Human Resource assistant directed the questions to Robyn Papoff, co-op assistant, who said she was not in a position to answer policy questions and forwarded it to Kimberly Recoskie, co-op officer, who thought it would be best to contact the management to answer indepth questions.

Karen Nickel

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The Dialog March 8 - 21, 2013





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Student Association elections: Voting 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. (see back cover for details)

Student Association elections: Voting 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. (see back cover for details)

Student Association elections: Voting 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. (see back cover for details)

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Income tax clinic for students March 11- 22 weekdays Waterfront campus 416-415-5000 ext. 6314 for an appointment

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Income tax clinic for students March 11- 22 weekdays Waterfront campus 416-415-5000 ext. 6314 for an appointment

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Education for all: Sanctuary City Toronto By Preeteesh Peetabh Singh Dialog Reporter

City council recently passed a motion declaring Toronto a “sanctuary city” by a vote of 37-3. A policy which will now allow everyone, regardless of their immigration status, to access services like education, housing, health care, social and emergency services without the fear of being detained or deported. This motion also requires training all city staff and managers to ensure that people living in the city can access all services without being asked for their status. Darcy Farrell, a student in the community worker program of George Brown College said, “It is absolutely positive news. There are people living underground, in some neighbourhoods, in some communities who are undocumented. It will be

important for them to put their kids in school and get access to services.” It has to be noted that similar education policy is already in practice in Canada for many years. According to section 49.1 which was added in the Education Act in 1993, a person who is otherwise entitled to be admitted to a school and who is less than 18 years of age shall not be refused admission because the person or that person’s parent or guardian is unlawfully in Canada. The declaration of Toronto as a sanctuary city can be a viewed as a policy that will invite consistent practices towards education for all, irrespective of age and status. These practices will not only be applicable for students in elementary and secondary schools but also in colleges and universities. Pablo Godoy, coordinator at Stu-

dents Against Migrant Exploitation (S.A.M.E.) said, “Declaring Toronto a sanctuary city might help students realize more than anything that people are equal. We can’t base our access to services and benefits primarily on whether we have status or not.” S.A.M.E. works to fight against any type of migrant exploitation by engaging students on campuses and communities across Canada. They will be visiting George Brown College on March 20 to participate in the annual labour fair, conduct talks and deliver presentations on migrant and precarious work. He referred to the poster and set of guidelines passed by the Toronto District School Board in 2010 and said that it was important to do so on their part because not all of them chose to be born where they are born or migrate to places where they

eventually land up. “Once you are here in the country, you probably are contributing one way or the other to the society, whether it is through education, purchasing power or any type of work that you are doing, under the table, over the table, official or unofficial”, said Godoy. “I think Canada’s immigration system is broken and that’s one of the reasons that many people find different ways to immigrate to Canada. There is a bigger issue there, why people migrate to Canada, what are their problems and what are the solutions to their problems, economic political or otherwise. Once you are here, you should be able to access services; I don’t think anybody can be in a position to deny basic human rights.”

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The Dialog March 8 - 21, 2013

No one should have a friend die on the streets

By Mick Sweetman Managing Editor

Some people choose to live on the streets of Toronto throughout the winter. That’s right, I said they choose to live on the streets. But the choice they make is a Hobson’s choice between the overcrowded, bed bug infested and dangerous conditions of the city’s shelter system or the hard, cold streets. John Clarke from the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) recently posted a photo on twitter snapped by a shelter worker in February showing what he says is blood on a wall inside Seaton House. On Feb. 15, Clarke and about 50 other anti-poverty protesters set up what they called an “emergency shelter” in front of Mayor Rob Ford’s office. The protesters were demanding that City Council reverse a 2.9 per cent cut to shelters in the 2013 budget. I’m no stranger to OCAP’s actions having been active with them myself over a decade ago. Sadly, the conditions for the poor in Toronto have only gotten worse. One of the first people I ran into in front of Ford’s office was Gian Mura, 71, who survives on his old age pension and considers himself

“one of the lucky ones” because he lives in a subsidized bachelor apartment in Parkdale. Sitting in one of the few chairs outside the mayor’s office Mura spoke with a smile and a slight French-Canadian accent, “I slept on the street. I slept in a $50 vehicle that I bought to park somewhere and sleep in. I stayed away from shelters because they’re not a healthy place to sleep. But in the winter, if you don’t have those shelters you die of pneumonia. I became very sick a couple of times.” On Feb. 9 another name, Stewart Poirier, was added to the Homeless Memorial outside the Church of the Holy Trinity bringing it to 700 people that have died on the streets since 1985. “I knew a few of them, that’s what’s so fucking sad about it. A guy died who I knew for years, and is really well known in the east end community. It’s really sad,” said Zoe Dodd, a harm-reduction worker in the downtown east. “His

Letter of the week Re: GBC Reacts to Black History Month, Feb. 8

Student Associations to discuss the issues of shadeism and inter-community divide, which is our legacy left by our colonizers - we need a space to come together and foster a sense of solidarity and unity, so that we may feel empowered to tell our stories, so they are not continually distorted by others who do not understand the nuances of our experiences. We have a month, but we need daily promotion of our histories.

We must remember that African Liberation Month (Black History Month) is but one out of 12 months in which we are formally encouraged to discuss Black people’s histories in the diaspora. To me, this is a form of subjugation that seeks to silo Black stories, experiences, and realities when they should be celebrated and discussed everyday, in tandem with the European history we receive in our elemen- Cassandra Thompson, Posttary and secondary schooling Graduate Certificate in Huin Canada. We need Black man Resources Management

street name was Frizz. Frizz was 47 years old. He was really sick; he was discharged from an agency that he’d been staying at. When they discharged him he went back out on the streets. He just didn’t have a chance. You can’t get healthy outside.” Like Dodd, I too knew some of them. One of them was my friend Robert Chrysler, who I hadn’t seen in years when I heard he died last October. I knew Rob had a long history of battling drug and alcohol additions

but also his resilience working his job as a bicycle courier through Toronto’s winter streets delivering prescription medication to people unable to leave their homes. He was active in OCAP at the same time I was, struggling not only to survive personally but also to make life better for everyone. As people chanted “no more homeless deaths” as they were lead out of City Hall in handcuffs, I remembered when Rob would have been right there with them.

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The Dialog March 8 - 21, 2013

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PC White Paper new way of looking at quality By Katherine DeClerq

CUP Ontario Bureau Chief

OTTAWA (CUP) — On Feb. 12, the Ontario Progressive Conservative’s released a white paper on postsecondary education (PSE) called Paths to Prosperity: Higher Learning for Better Jobs. The report claims that the current PSE system is not equipped to meet Ontario’s employment standards. “I think there are some things that are going well in our schools, “ explained Rob Leone, MPP Cambridge and PC Critic for Training, Colleges and Universities. “But there are things that require drastic change. Within the last ten years we have seen tuition go up and quality in our universities deteriorate. “Class sizes are up, interaction between faculty and students is poor and the number of full-time professors has declined relative to part time instructions. We have some issues to deal with.”

The first aspect of the white paper is the “College First Strategy” in which the government will encourage students to enter into skilled trades and apprenticeships, promote college credits and facilitate the transferring of credits between colleges and universities. Last year, 49 per cent of college students admitted to having already completed post-secondary education elsewhere. Tyler Epp, director of advocacy for the College Student Alliance (CSA), was impressed with the white paper’s focus on quality improvement and sustainability. While he is unsure about colleges being labeled as the preferred institution to deliver three-year degrees, he approves of the emphasis on the college system as a source of marketable skills. “Promoting college as a first step after high school has some advantages in that college certificate, diploma and degree programs all have one common denominator, they all have

distinct learning outcomes which are linked to labour market demands. The advantage of which is that for a student who is seeking post secondary education solely as a means to attaining a career, college is a rational, lower cost alternative to university.” While the report did not include a proposal to reduce tuition fees, it did put an emphasis on ensuring that the quality of education reflects the cost. The recommendations include a reassessment of faculty priorities, which typically are arranged 40 per cent teaching, 40 per cent research, and 20 per cent service to the university. Teaching-only staff is to be encouraged. Sarah Jayne King, chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS), believes that capping the salaries of professor ’s and keeping professors accountable

Activists occupy Metro Hall

numbers today, and inaction workers told him that shelToronto Medi Co-op on the part of the Ford ad- ters were full “every night,” ministration, as reasons for and homeless people told Several dozen anti-poverty today’s action. him that they are frequently activists, homeless people Responding to Rob Ford’s turned away. and their allies have occunoon press conference, Although security remains pied the rotunda at Metro where the mayor called the heavy at Metro Hall, city Hall this morning. Citing 34 staffers didn’t attempt to homeless deaths in 2012, block people from enterand eight already this ing. Apart from a brief year, organizers from the scuffle with security and Ontario Coalition Against police over the use of Poverty (OCAP) have sleeping bags, the shelter declared an ‘emergency was opened without incihomeless shelter’ in the dent. Liisa Schofield statbuilding. ed that “this is now our Speaking to a small space, we are not leavcrowd on the front steps, PHOTO: JOHN BONNER ing.” Organizers called longtime OCAP organizer Anti-poverty activists occupy for donations of “sleepGaetan Heroux noted that, Metro Hall on Feb. 7 to open a ing bags, blankets and in 1999, Metro Hall was shelter for homeless people. pillows, mats and matopened by the city admintresses” as well as food istration itself as a temporary action a “cheap publicity and other items. shelter during times when stunt,” organizers accused At 9 p.m., an eviction warnshelter capacity exceeded the city of denying the real- ing was issued to 50 people. 90 per cent. Amid calls from ity of conditions in the shelthe social sector for the city ter system. Heroux noted This article was originally to take action on homelessthat, on a tour of the shel- printed on www.toronto.meness, OCAP pointed to even ters this morning, shelter higher shelter overcrowding By Justin Saunders

is only one issue to be dealt with. “The first is that it seems like the PCs are trying to find more and more ways to blame institutions and push the cost of education system onto the private system, which includes us as individuals instead of taking responsibility and funding the education sector adequately,” she said. “The federation has made proposals to, for example, cap salaries of senior administration staff, which is a line that has been growing drastically over the last few years. I find it interesting that the PCs propose wage freezes on professors and other faculty without acknowledging the fact that the biggest cost is coming from the senior administration level.” CONTINUED ON PAGE 9

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The Dialog March 8 - 21, 2013

Student Association elections in full swing

By Preeteesh Peetabh Singh

and Culinary Arts Rep. •Jeang Yen Han – International StuElection bells are ringing in all four dent Rep. campuses of George Brown College •Kyle Rodgers – LGBTQ Rep. (GBC). Posters, banners, meet and •Chirysh Dupie – Women and Trans greet forums, online promotions— People Rep. the campaigns for the Student Association (SA) are in full swing. Julia K. Mackenzie said, “Students It’s that time of the year when stu- First started largely with me and dents get an opportunity to elect; ex- Mohammad. We wanted to make ecutive directors, campus directors, sure that next year we not only coneducational centre representatives tinue the work we have been doing and constituency representatives this year but also that we had a really who in simple words try to provide strong board, who were interested in students with value, commitment doing the work for the students, who and support in return. were passionate about being here Events; health benefits; academic and not just being here for a payadvocacy; food banks; grad photos; check, or to sit in the office and do a tax clinic; constituency centres their homework, who actually care.” for women and trans people, interMohammad Ali Aumeer summed national, Aboriginal, LGBTQ, and up their focus in this election as imASL students; and various student proving on issues of accountability clubs are some of the services which and transparency within the organithe SA provides to students. zation; empowering students at the Students in return, pay a fee to the program level, providing them with SA each year. resources to self organize; providing The two election slates running discounted TTC passes to students against each other are ‘Students and lobbying for lower tuition. He First’ and ‘Unified 4 Change’. While also mentioned the $400,000 bursaStudents First are evenly distrib- ries and scholarship plan coming up uted with seven incumbent board next year. members and seven new candidates. “Our name is enough, Students Unified 4 Change consists of six First. We are here for the students, to new candidates and two current and provide services for students, work former board members - including for the students, their own associaChris Bourque who resigned as Lib- tion”, said Nikhil Gulati. eral and Preparatory Studies Rep. on Friday, Feb. 22. Twelve candidates Unified 4 Change candidates are running independently. •Cassandra Thompson – director of Education and Equity Students First candidates •Real Nompumelelo Kunene – di•Mohammad Ali Aumeer – director of Education and Equity •Nikhil Gulati – director of Finance and Operations •Julia K. Mackenzie – director of Internal Affairs •Halley Requena-Silva – director of Student Life and Campus Relations •Nicolas Kiriakou – Casa Loma campus director •Saroop Pahal –St. James campus director •Thomas Hadwen – Construction and Engineering Technologies Rep. •Nick Dilawri – Business Rep. •Vinh An Tran – Business Rep. •Yassamin Yassini – Arts and Design Rep. •Nik-Keisha Moodie – Hospitality Dialog Reporter

rector of Public Relations •Yuchen Sun – director of Finance and Operations •Chris Bourque – director of Internal Affairs •Sebastian Sannes – Business Rep. •Keisha Mcfarlane – Community Services and Early Childhood Education Rep. •Jaylynn Egerton Brooks – Arts and Design Rep. •Avanish Agarwal – Hospitality and Culinary Arts Rep. Unified 4 Change’s campaign seems to be more focused on increasing accountability and transparency within the SA. “There aren’t enough avenues for accountability and the board mediation committee has been proven to be ineffective many times. We don’t have board members who are actually holding other board members accountable”, said Cassandra Thompson. This slate of eight candidates seeks to improve student involvement; the implementation of voting student positions on committees; improving promotions for events and activities to increase student participation; implementing an open-door policy; functional mediation and conduct policies for directors; job availability on campus for international and domestic students; and lobbying the government and institution for lower tuition fees. “We are running to change the current situation of SA, operate better so that we can better serve the stu-

dents”, said Yuchen Sun. Independent candidates •Ali Shahid - director of Public Relations •Shirley Atchico – director of Finance and Operations •Geneve Gray - director of Finance and Operations •Rabia Qureshi - director of Internal Affairs •Harmandeep Singh Sardar – director of Internal Affairs •Aaron Holder - St. James campus director •Jordan Sarracini - St. James campus director •Amanda To - Arts and Design Rep. •Kal Bekele - Hospitality and Culinary Arts Rep. •Mairi Cote - Hospitality and Culinary Arts Rep. •Jessica Romanovsky - Hospitality and Culinary Arts Rep. •Coty Zachariah – Aboriginal Rep. Candidates running independently were also seen engaging with students and campaigning according to their specific positions. Positions remaining vacant for the elections are Ryerson campus director, Waterfront campus director, Liberal Arts and Preparatory Studies Rep., Health Sciences Rep. and ASL Constituency Rep. Byelections for those positions will take place in the fall of 2013. With files from Mick Sweetman

The Dialog March 8 - 21, 2013

Features 7

Do we actually want more graduates?

and question, “This year, 254,000 young men and women will graduate from Canadian universities, ready to KAMLOOPS (CUP) — Over the conquer the world … but are theybreak, I was perusing my Twitter ready for a rude awakening?” feed and I happened across a state- The documentary explores the issue ment from one Justin Trudeau, pro- of the underemployment epidemic spective (and some think inevitable) that has taken Canadian graduates leader of the Liberal Party of Cana- by surprise upon their entry into the workforce. da. By Mike Davies The Omega

bers enrolled, so there is little incentive for them to tailor their offerings to specific programs, even if there was communication between the institutions and industries — a level of communication that seems to be lacking. Even were post-secondary institutions providing degrees that are in demand, the pure greed of the industries themselves may prevent many from garnering good positions in their chosen fields. Employers are taking the opportunity of an aging workforce and constant increases in productivity — both human and automated — to increase their profits at the expense of those who are generating those profits for them. “We haven’t seen anything like this in almost 100 years,” according to Armine Yalnizyan, senior economist for the Canadian Centre for


Sri Whorrall receives her Communication and School Support Certificate June 15, 2012 at the Spring convocation at Thompson Rivers University. What is she in for now that she’s joining the workforce? “I believe we should raise our postsecondary education rate to 70 per cent. Help us get there. Contribute to our campaign,” he said. For some reason, my first thought was, “I don’t want more graduates!” and I was somewhat taken aback by this initial instinct. Why wouldn’t we want more graduates, Davies? Shouldn’t we be striving to have the highest number so that our future workforce will be a well-educated and productive one? As I said, it was just a first instinct, so I set out to examine the question. I thought maybe I was just being selfish and not relishing in having a greater number of people competing with me for jobs after I finish my education (if an education can ever be considered “finished,” which is a topic for another time). After further review, it seems my initial response might be the right one, whether for selfish reasons or not. Generation Jobless, a documentary produced by CBC, aired earlier this year which opens with the statistic

Youth unemployment is currently double that of the general population. Over the past four years, the number of young people without jobs has increased to the tune of 250,000, according to the research done by the filmmakers. No, that’s not the new total — that’s the increase. One of the major problems is that universities and colleges are not keeping up with the current state of the global economy and industry. They merely churning out degrees that don’t have the relevance they used to. “Higher education is actually preparing people for jobs of the past,” according to Thomas Frey, who spoke to the filmmakers, analyzes trends and authored the book, Communicating with the Future: How Re-Engineering Intentions Will Alter the Master Code of Our Future. It’s no surprise that universities are supplying the wrong kind of graduates from what the market has demand for, though. Public institutions receive funding based on the num-

Ontario college students are facing tremendous pressure in the current economy. Rising tuition costs, cuts to supports, and a dismal job market mean that many students are forced into low pay, part-time and contract positions with few benefits. The provincial and federal governments are also attacking the unionized jobs that provide stability, benefits, and higher pay for those entering the workforce. The union pay advantage averages $5.11 more an hour, or $793 million extra each week into the Canadian economy! Unions make a difference for all students by standing up for fairness for everyone in the face of the austerity agenda. Together with students in Quebec, unions helped to stop legislation that would have increased tuition, and kept that province’s tuition the lowest in Canada. Imagine what students and workers in Ontario can achieve when we work together. Come and explore these possibilities during our 21st annual Labour Fair!

George Brown College President’s Office GBC’s Vice-President’s Office for the LF cakes! GBC’s Diversity, Equity, and Human Rights Services GBC’s School of Liberal Arts and Sciences GBC’s Aboriginal Programs and Services The Student Association of GBC Ontario Public Service Employees Union Local 556 Ontario Public Service Employees Union Local 557 Toronto and York Region Labour Council

For more info, call the School of Labour @ 416.415.5000 x3531 or visit our website:

Policy Alternatives. “Bosses are asking people to take less money when they’re already profitable.” Now, I don’t want to make it sound like it’s just industry and educational institutions’ fault that society finds itself in this situation — though they have had (and continue to have) a large impact on our seemingly dim employment future — but the situation has been encouraged by previous generations of workers, as well. For the first time in history, according to Generation Jobless, people entering the workforce are competing directly with their parents’ generation for the same jobs — and losing. “Back in the ’70s and the ’80s you would never have expected to compete with someone who was 68 for the same job,” according to Francis Fong, economist with TD Bank, one of the experts who spoke in the documentary. “These people have 40 CONTINUED ON PAGE 10

FAQs WHEN DO I VOTE? March 11 - 15 · polls open 10 A.M. - 6 P.M. Thursday kings lounge poll open until 8 P.M.; Friday polls close @ 4 P.M. WHERE DO I VOTE? CASA LOMA UPSTAIRS CAFETERIA: • Art and Design • Health Sciences • Liberal and Preparatory Studies



t is with a tremendous sense of excitement that we present the candidates for the 2013 Student Association General Elections. We encourage you to take the time to read this candidate guide so that you can become aware of the candidates running to represent you and the issues that affect you as a student of George Brown College. There are many strong candidates running in the election this year. Regardless of who wins, we applaud all of the candidates who chose to run; it is inspirational to see so many students looking to make a positive contribution for their peers and in their college community. As an organization for students and run by students, the Student Association truly provides many essential services for GBC students and works to make your college experience exciting and full. Please, learn about the issues, talk to a candidate, attend an election event and most importantly, during the week of March 11-15, we urge you to take the time to vote. - The 2013 SA Returning Office Staff

SA STUDENT LOUNGE: • Construction and Engineering Tech. ST. JAMES KINGS LOUNGE: • Esl • Art and Design • Community Services and Early Childhood Education • Liberal and Preparatory Studies CENTRE FOR HOSPITALITY AND CULINARY ARTS: • Business • Hospitality and Culinary Arts CONSTITUENCY COMMUNITY CENTRE: • Constituency Representatives RYERSON SHE BLDG., 5TH FLOOR: • Community Services and Early Childhood Education WATERFRONT MAIN LOBBY • Health Sciences BRING YOUR GEORGE BROWN COLLEGE STUDENT I.D. TO YOUR POLLING STATION


As a person who has and continues to face oppression, I understand first hand the need for a position that promotes TRUE equity and inclusion in an institution such as George Brown College. My theoretical background from my Sociology education at Ryerson informs my analysis, while the practical experience from grassroots organizing informs my actions. As a board member on the Ryerson Students’ Union, I also served as the Sustainability commissioner when we successfully lobbied the school to fund and implement safe, accessible water fountains and eliminate bottled water sales on campus. I co-founded Human Rights in Iran at Ryerson, as an ally, and organized successful educational events focused on equity issues within Iran. During my final two years at Ryerson, I ran the Black History Awareness Committee and was credited with giving the Committee a face at Ryerson. As a Campaigns staff member at the SA, I have garnered a strong understanding of the education and equity portfolio and what is missing on its agenda. Throughout my time at Ryerson, I mentored various students on their academic goals and challenges, and was recognized by the university and Student Life department for my leadership and community volunteering. WHAT MOTIVATED YOU TO RUN FOR THIS POSITION?

We need a stronger focus on working together. Together we can create a safe space for students to share their ideas and concerns and receive support to generate change where necessary. Together we can make George Brown College an inclusive, positive space to learn, grow, and socialize. WHAT RELEVANT QUALITIES AND SKILLS DO YOU FEEL QUALIFIES YOU FOR THIS POSITION?

My experience is in governance, through sitting on the board of directors of the Ryerson Students’ Union representing the Faculty of Arts; I have worked (and continue to) as an equity and diversity trainer with understanding of the nuances of intersecting identities; and am a diligent, organized, and proactive worker. IF ELECTED, LIST THREE PRIMARY GOALS YOU WISH TO ACCOMPLISH DURING YOUR TERM.

I would like to have voting student members on the directors’ committees, with more SA actions dictated by student requests; I would like to investigate new forms of pedagogy and lobby the school to implement them; and effectively use resources on campus to promote equity and education focused events. WHAT ARE THE MAIN ISSUES YOU FEEL YOUR CONSTITUENCY GROUP NEEDS ADDRESSED?

As the body that represents students, we must improve accountability to students and for association work; we must be transparent about all actions; we need to find ways to get more students engaged in equity issues, support their academic achievement, and ensure they are feeling represented.




RUNNING FOR: HOSPITALITY AND CULINARY ARTS REP I spent the majority of my life as a competitive swimmer until two years ago. During my 12 years of commitment to the sport, I was awarded three leadership awards, and was named team leader for the University of Guelph swim team. I’ve always considered myself a leader, and have always felt very comfortable being in a leadership position. Now that I have retired from the sport, I have put all of my focus on school, and reaching my highest potential within George Brown College. I believe that in representing the hospitality program at St. James Campus, I would be reaching that potential. I have also worked in many managerial positions within the hospitality industry, at such places as Diffusion AquaSport, Build-a-Bear Workshops, and American Apparel. Within these management positions, I have learned additional leadership skills, including coaching others to reach their full potential.





My past two years at GBC have lead me to find my passion in special events, working on a team, and being a reliable “go to” source for students. I have always tried to be helpful and informative during my time working with the SA. During my past two years working with the SA I have had many valuable and memorable experiences. This helped me grow and enhanced my communication and organization skills, as well as, made me a familiar face to students, which helps me better address their needs. While being a part of the SA I have proudly accomplished: increasing the number of SA Clubs in 2011/2012, being a team leader to the Event Staff, and receiving an Event Staff recognition award in 2012. As an active member of the GBC community, in 2011 I was asked to participate in the Student Leadership Academy (SLA), this was a memorable experience for me where I learned valuable life lessons. My team at SLA was awarded the Team Player Award. Being involved has opened many doors for me and I would love to continue my journey as a reliable liaison for students at GBC.

Hello, my name is Amanda To and I am aiming to be your Arts and Design Education Centre Representative. In the past, I have always been comfortable taking on a leadership role, whether that is in a group projects for class, or as the head of my debate team for three years at high school. I am very outgoing, friendly, and organized. If you run into me in the halls, please feel free to stop me and say hi or chat. I believe that one person can make a difference. Some may say that is naïve, but Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. I truly believe that by setting a positive example, we as a student body, and I as a liaison with the faculty will be able to create change. You should vote for me because I want to hear what the students think. I aim to bring awareness to issues that students are having within their programs. If something is positive let me know. On the other hand, if something needs fixing or improvement I’d be happy to bring that up at a meeting with the student association or faculty members.

As part of the SA over the past two years I have had the opportunity to meet many students. I believe that I am an effective liaison between the students and the SA. The SA has a tradition of putting students first; I promise to continue to prioritize this.

I’ve always been outgoing, and wanted to get more involved within the GBC community. Through my past two years of schooling, it has helped me grow personally, as well as professionally in terms of what I learn in class being applied to what I experience through my job.




As a student who has tried multiple programs, and finally fallen in love with special event organisation, it is important to me that hospitality be well represented within the school.


I have been working in the hospitality industry since 2008, resulting in over four years experience in the field. I have worked as an event organiser, and have been volunteering with event companies since 2012.

I qualify for this position in my exemplary responsive, listening, and overall communication skills. I am a strong advocate for my fellow students, as evidenced in my past success in effectively increasing the number of SA Clubs in the 2011/2012 school year.

I am an avid Model United Nations participant. I even attended Harvard’s National Model United Nations conference for two years. I’ve done numerous leadership programs and am an avid debater. This helps me because I am not afraid of public speaking or helping students voice their concerns with faculty members.


I will aim to have all campus events provide more gluten-free and vegan food options. I will also work to have more events that integrate all hospitality programs into one. I will also integrate hospitality students into sporting events hosted by the school.

If elected, my top priorities include being an effective liaison between the students and the SA, collaborating with the Hospitality and Athletics Departments to create a half-time show for sporting events, and working with the Events department to have more environmentally sustainable events.

To make every student feel more excited and comfortable attending school at GBC. Raise more awareness about the environmental impacts, such as littering, I see on campus. Promote the different services offered on campus, specifically the counseling and disability office, as they are there to help students.


Integration of hospitality programs is very important to me, as we can all benefit from this amazing network of passionate students. I also think our campus should provide more gluten-free or vegan food options.

Creating more environmentally sustainable events, engaging more students and broadening our demographic are integral issues at the St. James campus.

Having costs associated with materials needed in class (ex. Thread, fabric, glue, etc.) included in tuition. More Arts and Design focused based events held on campus at Casa Loma (ex. Painting a mural on campus, or laser tag with all the students in the faculty).







My name is Shirley Atchico, a Business Administration–Accounting student and I am running for the position of director of Finance and Operations. I am presently working in our Student Association as a finance assistant. I have experience and training on our Association’s accounting practices and policies, budget tracking, accounts payable, and payroll systems. I also worked as administrator of a computer company, a skill I could apply to oversee the day-to-day operations of our association. My goals that I wish to accomplish are to increase the number of bursary recipients, held a seminar on budget and credit management and transparency & accountability- ultimately work to ensure that students’ money is being spent wisely, have direct impact to students and the association’s true needs. I do believe that my experience and training as finance assistant as well as my passion, professional conduct, and ethics qualifies me to run and effectively execute the duties and responsibilities attached on this position. If I get elected I will do all that is within my power to help the students with everything they need within reason and attend the student body with dignity, promise, and professionalism.

My name is Jaylynn Brooks and I am a first-year Fashion Management student. I wanted to get involved in school so I decided to join the Student Association Education and Equity team as a part time campaign staff. I was motivated to take the next step and run for the position of Arts and Design representative because of they are underrepresented. I would be a great Arts and Design representative because I care about the opinions, troubles, and creative ideas from you students. It’s difficult for the Student Association to attend to student’s needs when they aren’t exactly aware of what those needs are. Therefore, my goal is to change the approach to these students by asking them what they like and incorporating their interests into new campaigns, events, or giveaways. I took on the initiate to meet with the Program Coordinator of Fashion Programs and the Chair of Arts and Design to get their opinions on new methods. I am currently working on organizing a meet and greet so that students can dress up, network, and display their unique artwork before they graduate. I want Arts and Design students to feel that the Student Association made their time memorable because they engaged them in anything targeted to them.

Born in Toronto and raised in a small town, I am proud to have returned to the city of my birth two years ago in order to pursue my college career. As my parents are natural activists, I have attended many conventions, conferences and social gatherings to learn how our society functions and how change can be made to happen. I currently work as campaigns part-time staff at the Student Association and speak to many students in order to promote our various campaigns and events, and have successfully scheduled and held a workshop regarding Mental Health and Stigma, and I hope to hold more workshops in the future. As Business Rep., I will focus more on Business students and help them expand their experience, knowledge, network and build a high quality resume to ensure their employment later in the future. I have participated in board meetings before and committee meetings, and I can assure you that I will be able to make change and represent my fellow business students in an effective and beneficial manner.

I was motivated to run for the Arts and Design representative because I feel that there is a lack of communication between the Arts and Design students and the Student Association. I would love to be the person that successfully encourages Arts and Design students to be informed, knowledgeable and involved in the Student Association.

I was motivated to run for the Arts and Design representative because I feel that there is a lack of communication between the Arts and Design students and the Student Association. I would love to be the person that successfully encourages Arts and Design students to be informed, knowledgeable and involved in the Student Association.





I am motivated to run because I care about the students and their opinions regarding important campus issues. I want to create an atmosphere of openness and transparency where anybody is welcome to step up and give their ideas of ways our student body could be improved.


As finance assistant of our SA, I have experience and training on our association’s accounting practices and policies, budget tracking and accounts payable. I have also professional experience working as administrator of a computer company, a skill I could apply to oversee the day-to-day operations of our association.

I feel that I am qualified for the Arts and Design representative position because I am a passionate self-motivated leader. I’m also very personable to students because I am openminded and quite enthusiastic. Being a leader open to many new ideas requires me to have excellent organization skills.

I feel that I am qualified for the Arts and Design representative position because I am a passionate self-motivated leader. I’m also very personable to students because I am openminded and quite enthusiastic. Being a leader open to many new ideas requires me to have excellent organization skills.


INCREASE the number of BURSARY recipients. Budget and credit management seminars. Very essential for student life and after-school life. Transparency & accountability. Will ultimately work to ensure that students’ money is being spent wisely, have direct impact to students and the association’s true needs.

If elected, I wish to encourage and promote more studentled campaigns. The second goal of mine is to interact with students to learn about their likes, dislikes, and hobbies so that events and campaigns are more effective. My final goal is to have an end of the semester meet and greet appreciation night for students to allow them to showcase their work and meet students while having fun.

If elected, I wish to encourage and promote more studentled campaigns. The second goal of mine is to interact with students to learn about their likes, dislikes, and hobbies so that events and campaigns are more effective. My final goal is to have an end of the semester meet and greet appreciation night for students to allow them to showcase their work and meet students while having fun.


G-overnance: Review the Financial & Operation policies to tailor the budget and needs of students. B-udget: Expense accountability and closely monitoring spending. C-ommunication: Launch an advertising campaign regarding SA fees to allow students the opportunity to understand the use of their money, and awareness on grants and opportunities available to students.

Arts and Design students are under-represented because they aren’t as informed or attentive about the Student Association, as compared to other programs. There is a strain on the communication between Arts and Design students and the Student Association because no one is currently taking the initiative to reach out to them in ways that would make them feel included and important.

Arts and Design students are under-represented because they aren’t as informed or attentive about the Student Association, as compared to other programs. There is a strain on the communication between Arts and Design students and the Student Association because no one is currently taking the initiative to reach out to them in ways that would make them feel included and important.







It’s my second year in Canada, as well as in George Brown and the SA. I have been a student, a member, a volunteer, and a staff in this big community. Spending most of my time here, I’ve been networking, learning, and gowning in this amazing community; now it’s my turn to contribute and help more students in the school to learn about the greatness of SA and develop themselves. Around and outside the school, I have been accounting and math tutor, project manager, and office assistant. These experiences armed me with solid finance, coordinating, and administrative skills. Through monitoring project, serving customers in my daily work, I am proven to be an effective team player, as well as a strong leader. My qualifications ensure me to be an excellent Finance and Operations director at the SA, as a leader, as a team member, and as a friend who wants to help.

Since coming to Canada in 2003, I was determined to be successful in a country where hard work and dedication are rewarded. I attended Ryerson University for an engineering program prior to coming to George Brown. While at Ryerson, I was also an active member of the Canadian Forces Reserve. The army was where I developed many of my leadership abilities. I also learned many new skills when a family friend and I opened a tutoring center in 2010. I was responsible for staff scheduling, hiring and client relation, many of which aid me greatly in my Marketing program that I am undertaking now. Since coming to George Brown, I joined the Student Representative Council as a Student Ambassador and participated in many outreach events and class visits. If elected, I aim to create a commerce society here at St. James in the next year to unite all business student clubs and organization to better serve the business students. I want to make sure that the business students of George Brown, the determined, hard working people of GBC, deserve an opportunity to succeed. And that everybody is getting a chance to be fairly rewarded for their hard work and dedication.

Hey! I am Nicolas Kiriakou, I am currently in my second year of Construction Engineering Technology at Casa Loma Campus. I am 19 years old; people sometimes tend to underestimate me because of my age. I as a person am confident, patient, determined, and friendly with a good sense of humor. I am consistent with my grades and school work; therefore I am responsible with whatever is thrown my way. I am active and love sports; I can keep up with news and trends. I chose to run for Casa Loma campus director position because I am a good leader. I have experience in leadership because I work at my dad’s restaurant. Due to that I know how to please people, and bring a good atmosphere to the people. I have good interpersonal skills; therefore it is easy for me to communicate with people and get a message across. I believe I can make a difference that will help Casa Loma students. If you vote for me, I will try everything in my power to do things that will benefit you and your needs.

As a proud GBC student, I want to make the school better for all of us student, and one way of doing so representing my fellow students in the governing body: the Student Association of George Brown.

What motivated me to run for the Casa Loma campus director position was that I have unfinished business that I would want the opportunity to finish this year.






As an SA member, by being both a student and a staff, I am willing to have deeper connection to SA, contribute more to the SA, to make the SA more efficient, more transparent and better to serve students.


As a business student, I’m well armed with operations management skills, along with project management and administration management experience; I will be an outstanding and well-organized leader. Moreover, I have been taking accounting courses with exceptional outcomes, which made me qualified to be the director of Finance and Operations.

I am motivated, eager to reach my goals and interested in the betterment of the school. I have also been involved in the Student Representative Council as part of SA since my first my semester here at school so I understand how the organization works.

The relevant qualities and skills I feel qualifies me for this position is that I'm a great team leader and can lead by example, and that I'm a peoples person, I get along with everyone and, I love talking to people.


To assist the finance coordinator closely monitor SA financial situation to better complete our mission. To ensure SA will be more organized internally and have more exposures externally. To coordinate with other directors to make all the students know about the services we offer.

I would like to implement outreach programs to improve communication within the SRC. Secondly, I wish to establish a commerce student society within the SA to enhance business student developments. I would also push for an increase in corporate networking events so business students can have better opportunities after graduation.

If elected my three primary goals I would accomplish would be to complete the Casa Loma renovation from this year, try to create more jobs for students with the SA, and create more career fairs for students.


We have great benefits, events, and services but only part of the students know about that, I think we should come up with a more effective promotion plan to make everyone of the students know about us.

The business program lacks a central representation at George Brown. Even though represented by the SA as a whole, the business students need a central voice that can link business related clubs and organization together to provide the students more opportunities to get involved.

In my opinion the main issues that the Casa Loma campus has is that it gets neglected, it seems that other George Brown campus get all the attention, and now it’s Casa Loma’s turn.




RUNNING FOR: DIRECTOR OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS I love to work with people, problem solve, learn new things, and oddly enough, sometimes I find normally tedious-seeming work to be calming. This could be anything from filing paperwork, to getting the wording just right in a document or contract. I have always been fascinated by laws, rules and responsibilities because of how much power they hold over us. Whether needs are being met, or things are running smoothly, and fairly, are of utmost importance for the success of any given organization or business. I do not believe that there is a set approach to handling these issues, instead I believe that one has to tailor their approach in accordance with what the situation, the people, and the relationships there within call for. Therefore, I do not have a set leadership style. Whether the situation calls for an authoritative, participative, delegative, or anywhere-in-between-style approach, I apply my skills accordingly. Being a full-time student, I have a lot invested in understanding what is available to us, our obligations, and duties. I wish to be in a position from which I can extend the courtesy of relaying information that I would want to know, as a student, or an SA member.



Halley Requena-Silva is in the Business program and running for director of Student Life and Campus Relations. Halley has been active as a student leader for advocating for lowering tuition fees and providing more effective services such as supporting discounted Raptors tickets for George Brown Students & Alumni. He has experience within the Student Association of George Brown College within departments of Finance as well as Public Relations. Halley is extremely excited about this SA executive opportunity and feels that he would be an excellent fit for this position. Halley is excited to be a strong voice for students of George Brown College.


My name is Mohammad Ali Aumeer. I am a second-year student in the Community Worker program and the current director of Education and Equity for the Student Association. Additionally, I am also the only student representative of the Board of Governors of George Brown College. I have been active as a social justice activist for over six years, working on issues such as raising much-needed funds for the SOPUDEP School in Haiti. As such, I am committed to working in an anti-oppression and equity-based framework. I have over three years of experience lobbying all three levels of government on issues such as lower tuition fees and discounted transit costs for students. At GBC, I have helped to spearhead a project to create hundreds of new student awards & bursaries (over $350,000 over 10 years); made many of our events more fun and engaging by incorporating live music, free food and great giveaways; and organized student-led conferences as well as the Drop Fees Day of Action. I am committed to representing for all of us at GBC by advocating for lower tuitions fees, more exciting on-campus events and having our campus be a more equitable and safe space.


The idea of bridging the gap between the student union, the college, and the students has always seemed infinitely important to me. Seeing how the SA works, issues they deal with, the processes they have in place, and how they work together for the students, is quite inspiring.

As an extremely positive, energetic, and dedicated student, I have been involved and engaged in all aspects of George Brown Campus life. I am extremely excited about this SA executive opportunity and feel that I would be an excellent fit for the position.

I want to continue to advocate for the needs of students at George Brown. I have done much over the past year to increase the amount of student awards and scholarships in existence, and to advocate for a more accessible post-secondary education.


I have strong interpersonal skills, tact, an open mind, a lot of patience, and I absolutely love to problem solve. On top of which, I am intrigued by laws, rules and regulations. I posses great communication skills, am a quick study, and work extremely well under pressure.

Having experience being in a board, I feel that I have gained experience to obtain an executive position. I have excellent understanding of GBC policies and procedures, student systems.

Relevant qualities and skills that make me qualified for this position include training in an anti-oppression approach to organizing, over 6 years of experience as a social justice activist, over three years of experience lobbying all three levels of government, and a strong understanding of bylaws, budgets and policies.


Make sure that everyone involved is made aware of relevant protocols, policies, by-laws and constitution. Take all members suggestions, concerns, feedback and grievances into account when developing, improving and reviewing the aforementioned issues. Help to problem solve on all levels of SA involvement where assistance is required

Collaborate and build strong relationships with George Brown departments to form better opportunities for students. To create awareness of our Student Association and the services offered working. Have more appreciation days and entertaining events for George Brown students. Have more food selection in our new Kings Lounge.

To lobby the government for lower tuition fees, increase recognition of college credits at the university level, and more student awards and scholarships. To lobby the college for the creation of more affordable and healthier food choices on campus. To bring more social, musical and cultural events to campus.


Bridging the gap between students and the SA is a prominent issue, which should be dealt with on every level. Dissemination of information among everyone on the board, and the GBC students. Awareness of rights, obligations, duties benefits and services. Assignment of responsibility of the SA’s contractual relationships.

Not enough food selections in new King’s Lounge. Not enough awareness of SA benefits.

Some of the main issues students face are the early start times to classes when commuting from far away, the high cost of paying for school, expensive food costs and lack of food options, and a lack of social events, like pub nights and concerts, on campus.




RUNNING FOR: HOSPITALITY AND CULINARY ARTS REP My name is Jessica Romanovsky, I am 19 years old, and I am currently completing my first year at George Brown College, studying Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure. I am running for your Educational Centre Representative for Hospitality and Culinary Arts because I believe that school should be fun, as well as educational, and our community needs a leader that is supportive and ready to advocate for the student body. Since day one at GBC, I have been looking for ways to get involved within the school, and I have had the chance to volunteer for the Student Representative Council, the Dean’s Recognition Program, and the Student Life Department. I have had the amazing opportunity to learn how to be a great leader, and how to speak confidently to and for our program. I truly believe that I can help students become more interactive and more aware of the amazing experiences our school has to offer.





I am currently pursuing my education in Wireless Networking. I am a positive minded person and a certified professional with three years of work experience with multinational companies. I know that getting higher education is one of the most important investments we make in our lives, and I believe that getting the proper support to enhance our learning experience is crucial to our careers. Working with the Student Association as the Campaigns lead has been an enriching experience both personally and professionally. As a director of Internal Affairs, I would like to focus on creating an internship program that would enhance the professional development of students. I believe that many students would benefit from the internship program (if implemented), as they would relate to Event Planning, Campaigns, HR and IT to name a few possibilities. I assure you that I will utilize my knowledge and expertise in the best possible manner for the benefit of the student body. I strongly believe that the SA has so much more to offer to students and I want to be the agent of change who creates and promotes professional development opportunities to students as they relate to their career objectives.

My name is Saroop Pahal; I am a 24-year-old HR student currently in my fourth semester. I believe that I am a fair and honest person; with a little bit of work and faith anything can be accomplished. I am not afraid to voice my opinion and to speak up for those who wish to be anonymous. I personally think that I am a great fit for director because how well I get along with all students, and speak to students in different programs and different campuses. In order to be a great leader one must lead and not follow. I would like to represent the students so that they can voice their opinions and any or all issues can be presented. The most important thing I want to accomplish in my final year is the fact that some students feel neglected and segregated, I would like for those students to feel a part of the George Brown family and to enjoy their time here at GBC.

The most important thing that motivated me to run for this position is that I can be an agent of change and this position allows me to be that. If I could make a positive change in the organization which works for the benefit of the students, I would consider myself blessed.

The motivation for me to run for Director of Internal Affairs is that next year will be my last year and I want to be involved as much as possible with George Brown College before I leave. I believe there is no better way to show that by running.


I am running for Educational Centre Representative because (1) The school of Hospitality and Culinary Arts can and should be fun, and (2) the GBC community deserves leadership that is clear, supportive, and ready to advocate for the student body.


I am truly passionate about my program, and my excitement often feeds others. I am a natural leader, trustworthy, enthusiastic. I am confident that with my team I can get students comfortable and involved within GBC.

I strongly feel I have the passion and dedication for my work. I strongly feel the experience gained working with the Student Association so far would benefit me immensely.

The skill sets I possess are perfect for the role of director. I believe that I am a natural leader, charismatic, energetic, and an influential individual. I believe my biggest asset is that I am not a shy person and I am very good with people.


As your representative I will try my hardest; (1) to improve the communication between your program and our Student Association. (2) Encourage events that include other programs at GBC to learn from and meet new people; and most importantly, I will ALWAYS listen to your ideas!

I would try to bring in internship programs associated with the services offered by the Student Association. I would improve the professional development policy. I would improve the performance appraisal policies.

Three primary goals I wish to accomplish if elected would be; 1- Make sure all proper protocols are used within the Student Association 2- Go over all health and safety policies to insure workplace injuries can be avoided 3- Make sure that the Board of Directors are always on the same page or at least up to date with any or all issue that come up.


The main issues that need to be addressed are the absence of communication within the school, the lack of knowledge and interest from our students, and perhaps the idea that our Student Association is inattentive from our college life.

I feel the Student Association’s full potential is yet to be utilized. I strongly feel the opportunities provided to students through SA can be increased. They can be utilized in a productive manner which would help a student’s professional development. I believe that more awareness should be provided about the Student Association’s programs and services.

The main issues that I feel need to be addressed are the fact that I feel that some campuses are neglected. I wish to for all campus to be equal involved in all issue and event that go on. I would like to voice opinion of the students with a monthly meeting to get insight on how they feel about things that are going on throughout the school.








I am a believer in hope! I am a people person who is open minded in social situations and will start conversation in elevators, on the bus or at the library. I love to help people and I try to stay very positive, even when situations present themselves to seem impossible. For the most part, I try to make others feel comfortable, even when the situation makes me uncomfortable. I go the extra mile with others to make them feel special. Moreover, my spiritual father and family, along with positive friends, all help influence the attitude and behavior that I have. I would consider it an honour to be elected a student representative. My leadership styles and qualities make me the best candidate for this position. My creativity, commitment, versatility, discipline and focus, will propel projects forward. I am passionate about student engagement. I would like to act as a voice and face of my program. My vision will be to create a college community of learners who are engaged, involved and aware within student life here at George Brown College. I would also like to partner with the Academic Appeals at the Student Association in ensuring that the academic rights of our students are met.

My name is Real Nompumelelo Kunene. If elected I will ensure that we continue to build an Association that is hardworking, forward thinking and connected to students on this campus. Last year I had a fantastic time being Hospitality and Tourism Representative, I have loved engaging and encouraging students to have input into the SA. This year, I want to continue this input on a larger scale by promoting more student engagement on campus and running a more cohesive association, run by for students. I believe that the goal of the SA on campus should be not only to improve campus life and campus engagement in all aspects of your college life, but also to provide you with the quality representation and guidance that are necessary as you navigate your way through your college program. My experience in the SA has taught me what students want, and believe that with strong leadership, can become the union that George Brown students deserve it to be. To truly improve the Association we need competent students who are dedicated to rebuilding campus life. I am incredibly passionate about ensuring that students have the best opportunity to engage with higher education and the college experience.

My name is Nikhil Gulati, and I am currently in a Business Administration program with Management and Finance focus in George Brown College for my post-secondary studies. I have increased the necessary knowledge that supports me to effectively contribute to the role of director of Finance and Operations, along with strengthening my leadership and interpersonal communication skills through my course work in school and International Student Representative Position with the Student Association. Working as student assistant with School of Business, George Brown College helped me to understand the students and their issues and concerns in more briefly. As your director of Finance and Operations candidate, it is my goal to ensure that there are funds and resources available for the services provided by Student Association and try to maximize those services. I will work closely with other executives to grow our faculty into points of pride for George Brown College through academic excellence and networking opportunities. I think those that know me know that I work relentlessly on tasks. I’m willing to work very hard to ensure a job is done to its fullest, I don’t like half-assign things, and on top of that I bring a valuable network on this campus, which eases in facilitating events. As well I’m very passionate about finance, numbers.

Being a Program Ambassador for Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Program 2011 and being Hospitality and Tourism Representative has given me that courage to continue to be involved with SA. I want to be the voice of the SA in my campus.

I’ve always been drawn into leadership opportunities and positions, I’m really passionate about our Student Association, I think there are a lot of great opportunities there and can always be built upon further, so a natural next step is to put my energy and passion into the faculty and look at how I can better that.





My professors and fellow classmates often commented on my strong leadership skills and encourage me to continue along that path. I have found passion in their advice to become a leader which is now the driving force behind me running for this position.


I am a reliable team player who glories in the success of getting the job done. In addition, I have excellent time management skills and am excellent at communicating my ideas in a manner of integrity, sensitivity and respectfully within a diverse community.

Strong leadership and visionary skills that will help me to stay focused. Organized the most exciting ~First Impression Counts~ Hospitality and Tourism best ever event. Always a team player and a critical thinker that makes me to deal with a multicultural environment

I think I’ve been fortunate enough to have some good leadership roles such as International Student Representative for the last year, Student Assistant for School of Business George Brown College. Working on subcommittees [Finance, Internal Affairs, Education and Equity] has helped me with policy and reform necessary to move forward, the organization, and the interpersonal skills developed.


Firstly, I will maintain a strong and effective relationship with the Canadian Federation of Students. Secondly, open a line of communication between first and second year students for support purposes and networking after graduation. Finally, I will encourage the establishment of a student club which will provide a platform for students to frequently voice their concerns and to advocate for certain issues affecting them.

Create effective inclusive of classroom talks so that students know who we are. Ensure that the interests of the students from my campus are upheld. Meet with students from my campus to listen to concerns and ideas and assist students with the resolution of issues.

I want to make sure all students are receiving an equivalent or greater in value for their monetary contribution. Obviously we can’t just give back the dollars, but we have to translate that through the value and experiences offered. I think communication is a key, within the group, faculty and members.


High tuition cost – sky rocking prices! High text book prices. Lack of international student grants

Room booking procedures for campus groups. No alternative to sell used books. Library hours & Water-bottle refill stations

I recognize that the SA is more than just getting students engaged but is also about acting on issues that are important to them. To do this, I will focus on increasing accessibility to close communication discrepancies between students, which help us understand which constituency required what and how can we address it.








Throughout my life I have strived to be a strong leader and motivator in order to help the number of teams I have been a member of succeed. I have been elected captain on many sports teams, head of sponsorship for a student-run charity and managed a retail sales team. I always strive to do what is vital for my team to succeed and encourage teamwork and fair treatment of others. I’ve had to deal with conflict in several work environments and learned how to adequately diffuse the situation. Last summer, I held a co-op in the business office and learned as much as I could about the infra-structure and programs in order to help my fellow classmates. I still act as a liaison between the Business Centre and my peers and recently, spearheaded a campaign to have more summer courses offered to my program. I succeeded in my endeavor by working with the Chair, Jim Daku and continue to maintain a great rapport with the staff and faculty members. My goal now is to create proper synergy of communication between the students, the Business Centre and the Student Association to aid business students from every program.

I am a third-year student in the business degree program, with a major in accounting. I hope to get my CPA designation after graduation, enter into public accounting, and eventually work my way into policy-making and advising for government. After attending Queen’s for English, and starting at George Brown for Hospitality, I realized that my passion was for business. I entered the business degree program and have enjoyed the past three years. While attending George Brown, I’ve worked numerous jobs. One of which was in a small business, where I was able to learn how a new business starts and grows. From there, I was elected into the role of director of Internal Affairs at the Student Association. I have learned about policy-writing, human resources, budgeting and controlling expenses. As director of Internal Affairs, I’d love to see through the changes that have been implemented. I hope to see better accountability and training for board members so that we are serving the students the best way we can. Next year, in my fourth year, it is my last opportunity to really have an impact, and to work as a student for students.

Hello, my name is Ali Shahid and I am currently in my third year of Construction Engineering Technology program. I was the director of Finance and Operations between 2011 and 2012. It was a great opportunity to get involved in extracurricular activities and to make a contribution. During my term, I was committed to making a few improvements in our spending and my objectives were to advocate for cheaper meals and to renovate the student lounge. I accomplished my goals and I was able to lay the groundwork for future improvements. This year, I will be running for the director of Public Relations position. I am confident, patient, friendly and committed to giving a 110% to everything I do. It is my philosophy to do more than I get paid for and deliver the best results in the end. Sometimes, we are all passionate about things and it is important to remember that there will be difficulties along the way but we must keep working. During my experience at George Brown College, I have learnt the importance of patience and persistence and I will bring a positive attitude and leadership skills to improve student experience. I chose to run for this position because there are many small things that can be done to improve student experience. I have great ideas about how to address student concerns.

As the current director of Internal Affairs, I feel I’ve only just scratched the surface of what I can accomplish in this role. Spending the last 8 months learning my way around the job, I feel I can continue making a difference with another term in this role.

What motivated me to run for the director of Public Relations position was that I believe I have what it takes to serve and be the voice of the students. I want to enhance and promote all services offered by the Student Associations to enhance student experience.





I feel it is every student’s right to have both an ear and a voice in their academic life. The opportunity to act on behalf of my fellow colleagues and assure that our best interests are considered and our opinions heard is my primary motivator.


Having worked in sales, customer service, marketing and currently financial advising, I feel my understanding of clear communication is an asset. I am a very personable and outgoing person and always perform my tasks with great integrity. Also, I have already built relationships with the business faculty and administration.

I am a natural leader, with the financial and management skills that I’ve learned through my business degree, work in a small business, and as director of Internal Affairs for the SA. I have learned policy writing, human resources, and legislation to ensure I’m well equipped for the role.

I consider myself a good team player because I care about the success of the entire team and its individual members and when given a chance to lead, I like to lead by example. I enjoy working with people and I try to bring the best out of my peers by showing them what I know and by being open to learn new things from them.


1) Assure the Business Centre increases their consideration for part-time employment and students with children when creating class schedules. 2) Seek out better co-op positions that help create a valuable foundation for students’ field of study. 3) Creating a strong communication synergy between the Student Association, the Business Centre and the students.

Implement board performance evaluations midway through the term so improvements can be made. Better reporting standards to ensure minimum standards are being upheld, and work is getting done. Better training systems and schedules to ensure complete, timely and equitable training for each incoming board member.

If elected my three primary goals will be to continue to enhance and promote the excellent services offered by the college. I will advocate for lower food prices for students. I would also like to follow up the renovation of Saint James campus by renovating Casa Loma space to enhance student experience. It is also my goal to create more jobs and plan career fairs for students.


Students need more appropriate co-op positions that properly provide them the skills they need to succeed in their industry of choice and provide an experience in the industry to help solidify their chosen profession. Adequate scheduling that accommodates a student’s lifestyle and extra-curricular activities is not being fairly considered either.

As director of Internal Affairs, I know that the main issue facing the entire student populace is the accountability procedures at the Student Association. Increasing board members’ ability to hold each other clearly accountable for work is a primary goal for me this term.

One of the things that can be improved is the level of student involvement in the Student Association. It is true that we do a good job at promoting our events but many new students do not know that they can get involved by starting their own club through SA funding. Many students do not have adequate knowledge the broad range of services offered by us and if we can do a more effective job of communicating with them, we will be able to increase student participation, which should be one of our primary goals.








I am a second-year student who has represented this constituency for the past two months. I have started many things that I would like to see through if given the chance.

Hi friends, I am Jeang Yen Han, I am an optimistic individual who uses this as a key motivator in every situations that I face. As an International Student Representative, I will take on this position with honesty and hard work, as it will be a great accomplishment for me. I take pride in all I do, such as supporting others as well as solving any issues or concerns people may have. In this role, I would like to learn about other issues that I may not be aware of in addition to sharing school spirit, which can make a beautiful and positive environment at GBC. There are approximately 23,936 full-time students, including 2,350 international students, who are from 100+ countries that are studying at GBC. I am one of you; I am from South Korea and I would like to get an opportunity and network with others so that I can learn and have connections in the future. These contacts will benefits me and allow me to also help others. I am ready to listen and learn from you, and share my energy with you. I cannot do anything without your support. Let’s take action! Let’s make it real!

I have just started at George Brown this year (2012-2013), but I already feel like we have a community here. Students care about each other, want respect, make friendships and want to be involved in the school. I feel having been on the board, the short time that I have, has given me a better understanding of what we need as a community to succeed and have a thriving school and community. I also feel I give students a voice into how the organization is run and that students feel I am both someone they can approach and become friends with.

I am always looking for opportunities to be an active student at GBC and like to network with other people to share values, positive vibes and joy. Through this position, I would love to spread the good energy with international students at GBC.

I have become a strong advocate for the LGBTQ community and feel that I still have a long way to go in that aspect where it regards George Brown’s role in the community. I feel that this position will help me and the students of George Brown feel that their voice is being heard and respected.





I was motivated to re-run for this position because of all the great experiences I’ve had in the initial development of events and campaigns pertaining to my constituency.


I feel I bring the patience, diligence and open attitude that is essential in conducting SA business and objectives with other members and students.

I am not only a good listener who is open-minded and ready to hear others’ opinions, but also I am an enthusiastic, selfmotivated individual with ambition and determination. Those skills can help me to be elected as an International Student Representative.

I am the current LGBTQ board member and have been elected in a byelection. I think I bring experience from my time with the board, a willingness to learn and support the community and a strong sense of justice.


If re-elected I plan to carry out the initiatives that I have started in my previous term such as well as implementing new ones. Consistent student-involved activities. Consistent student lunches. National Aboriginal Day event

Encouraging networking in the community for international students. Motivate international students and empower them to feel like a part of not only the GBC community but feel accepted in this multicultural city. Fight to keep the seat in the SA Council and speak out about rising tuition.

1: Student presence at Pride/Community Events. 2. Push for equity for all students of George Brown across all campuses. 3. The investigation into accessible spaces and bathrooms.


The main issues my constituency needs addressed are the solidarity efforts that have been discussed and promised actually being delivered, increased awareness of the services we provide and an increased positive presence in the college.

The biggest struggle for us is the tuition fees. We need to cover approximately four times more than domestic students. I would like to definitely use this platform if elected to speak up on behalf of all international students.

I think the biggest issue the community faces right now is a lack of a presence at George Brown, and the best way to get that is through better outreach.




RUNNING FOR: CONSTRUCTION AND ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGIES REP Hello, my name is Thomas Hadwen, but you can call me Tom. I was born March 4, 1992 in Kingston General, the middle child in a family of seven children. Growing up in a large family provided me with strong social skills in teamwork, conflict resolution, public speaking, and leadership. In high school I enjoyed math classes and leadership activities but I was never motivated academically. I founded a seasonal landscaping company in high school, which provided me with money and great leadership learning experiences. I attended university where I once again was uninterested in a majority of my classes. So, I left to pursue a career that I was interested in. This resulted in a journey of self-discovery that lasted three months and ended in my acceptance to the George Brown College Construction Management and Science Degree Program. I had always wanted an education that would challenge my specific skill set and have finally found it here at George Brown. I want to share my passion with you my fellow students and being an Education Center Representative will enable me to do so. One of my main initiatives would be to host a Construction/Arts and Design cross-faculty party.




My name is Yassamin Yassini, I have been studying at George Brown College for the past two years. I am currently in the Graphic Design program. I also have been working at the Student Association of George Brown College since November 2011 as a campaign support staff. I have been very active in both the main building and the design building always trying to establish a relationship with all students of GBC. I have always considered myself a leader, always trying to stand up for the rights of my peers, which is why I have continuously applied and worked for the SA as a campaign support staff. I stand for what I believe and I believe there is a lot of work to be done with building relationships within the various programs within George Brown College, especially the Design program. Some of the skills I have to offer as a leader are some of the following: I have excellent communication skills along with great understanding of the needs and wants of my fellow peers. I would like to represent the students of my program to address the issues and concerns that we have and strengthen the connection between my program and the SA.

I am a first-year Community Worker in training with a passion for environmental and social justice issues. This shows by participation in the Environmental Justice Collective @ GBC, the Sahkitcheway Centre for Aboriginal students, community events and most importantly in my advocacy for you, the students, at our board meetings and committees. I’ve been active in your Student Association for two years. First as an ambassador, then this past year as the board member representing Liberal Arts and Preparatory Studies. I am very active in the Internal Affairs committee and the Education and Equity committee. I was also appointed by your current board to College Council, which offers me an opportunity to play an important role in addressing issues that concern the entire college community. Representing you at the Canadian Federation of Students General meetings I was a key stakeholder in the creation and implementation of influential policy relating to environment and education policies. All the above experience, coupled with strong ethics and values makes me your best choice for director of Internal Affairs. I would be honored to serve another year on your behalf in this position, representing you for the betterment and safety of our community at George Brown College.

What motivates me to run for this position is that I have witnessed what the program lacks and that it hasn’t reached its full potential. I believe in equity for all students and the fact that the Design students lack the attention frustrates me.

I am your best choice for director of Internal affairs. I believe very strongly in the Student movement. I have strong ethics and values, around equity for all of our members. I have identified some key areas under this positions mandate, which I believe need strong representation to correct.




I believe that my leadership skills can improve the faculty and make a better school/experience for all of us. I love to interact with my fellow peers and wish to share with you my enthusiasm for the construction industry and the great careers it contains.


I started my own landscaping company in high school, attended leadership camps/course and have three summers of construction experience. I have always had the ability to motivate and encourage others and hope to use this ability to represent my peers and motivate them to succeed.

The relevant qualities and skills I feel qualify me for this position is for one I am a graphic design student. I am a very strong leader and I would like to make things better for my peers.

I am very qualified for this position. Most important I am not afraid to hold the other directors accountable for you. As a member of the board this past year I have been doing just that. I’ve had policy included at the provincial level another very important piece of this job. I’ve co-created and implemented policy at the provincial level.


I will organize a Construction/Arts and Design cross-faculty party. And a Construction faculty networking group for students to start long-lasting business relationships. Finally, I will conduct a faculty wide survey indicating the students’ satisfaction with teaching staff, campus services, courses/material, Student Association, and requested other improvements.

The three primary goals I wish to accomplish as an Arts and Design representative would be the following: 1) Establish a stronger connection between the SA and the design students. 2) Focus on the needs and wants of students. 3) To try to improve on the programs

Increase transparency to students. Enact functional mediation and discipline policies for directors. Protect students’ affairs by ensuring smooth, accountable governance for our operations team.


The construction industry is a vital often overlooked part of the Canadian economy with great job opportunities for those who are motivated and qualified. George Brown’s construction programs offer you unsurpassed hands on training from construction professionals and I want to give you the motivation and drive to succeed.

The main issues I feel my constituency group needs addressed are: The lack of attention and communication between the SA and the students of the design programs. The lack of attention to the facility, such as no proper microwaves, no Dialog stands, etc.

The main issues we need to address are the internal conflicts, which are interrupting the operations of our organization. We also have to strengthen a lot of loose policy around human resources, accountability, and transparency of the organization. This will ensure the engagement of the students of GBC through organizational pride, which will flow throughout campaigns, events and services.








My name is Nik-Keisha Moodie and I am a returning student here at George Brown College. Back in 2008 I graduated as a Personal Support Worker and I have been working since for the past four years. In between trying to find my identity and what I am good at - I started promoting events, planning events and doing birthday décor for my clients at Toronto nightclubs. After realizing that I really enjoyed catering to people and their needs, I started doing some research on how I could do what I love on a well-educated, professional level. My research led me to George Brown College’s website. Today I am a full-time student in the Special Event program. My love for hospitality and the students has driven me to start my own club at George Brown – Hospitality and Networking club. As a leader, I involve everyone in the decision making process – which is a strength all the members respect. Through my experience as a president, it has brought me to this stage in my life where I would like to run in the SA elections. I enjoy doing the best I can do for students, out of a sense of gratitude.

Hi, My name is Avanish Agarwal, Indian Nationality. I am full time student of Food & Beverage Management (H102) at George Brown. I never intended to come here, but my seniors and managers from India suggested I join George Brown. I am graduated from GIMS Mumbai, Hotel & Tourism Management. After that I started my own company of Beverage Consultancy two years ago in Mumbai. Presently I have 48 employees and I am running my company at this moment from Toronto. Being a Managing Director of my own company, leadership is my key skill. Analyzing, the ability to handle stress and time management also comes in handy. For thee years I have worked for the hospitality industry in detail, especially in the beverage sector I can considerably handle the problems of Hospitality Management students. Looking at George Brown's culture; there are lot of international students coming all around from the world. I would like to be one contact person for all of them and help them out for their needs. According to me, Educational Center Representative is perfect position to apply for, the experience on deck; I can assure that not all but most of the problems of local and international students about their program I can put in solution box. Student Association is the perfect platform to do so and I will look forward to serve everyone.

Geneve Ophelia Gray is running for the Student Association’s director of Finance and Operations. After working with Girl Guides Ontario Council for three years as a Unit banking clerk and an accounts payable clerk she realized her passion for finance. In 2011 she began the Pre-Business program at George Brown College, completing her certificate in 2012. Ms. Gray continued her education in finance by enrolling in the Bachelor of Applied Business at George Brown College. This program will teach her technical skills in conjunction with problem-solving, critical thinking, leadership as well as team-building skills, which she will bring to the director of finance and operation position if elected. In addition to being a full-time student she also volunteers at her community recreation center, donates blood to the Canadian Blood Services, and sponsors a child from World Vision. She currently resides in Toronto.

I am running for Educational Center Representative because I like to interact with people and I am keen to help who is in need, and to put the issues in front of the board of directors because students, especially international students, in the beginning don’t know the medium to reach and I want to do something about it. Familiarizing them with available resources and helping them out.

My motivation to run for director of Finance and Operations comes from my passion for finance. After working with Girl Guides Ontario Council as an accounts payable clerk and unit banking clerk for over three years I knew I wanted a career in financial services.


I was motivated to run for this position because I am very passionate about Hospitality & Culinary Arts. My responsibilities as a Student Representative Council ambassador has thus shaped my attitude to want to be more involved at the college for the students’ sake.


Qualities and skills I feel that qualifies me for this position include my positive attitude towards my studies as a Special Event student. I also enable a strong sense of responsibility and always strive hard to do my best, even under pressure.

Relevant qualities like good communication, a team leader, friendly and outspoken, analyser and planner are my key qualities which I feel are mandatory for Educational Center Representative.

Skills and qualities that qualify me for this position would come from my current enrollment in the Bachelor of Applied Business program at George Brown; I believe I can apply my knowledge obtained in this program to this position.


If I am elected, three primary goals I wish to accomplish during my term are to get as much feedback and information as possible from students, promote engagement within the George Brown College and bring more awareness about the Student Association’s activities, events and services.

Three basic goals, which I am focusing on, are: A. Overcome the communication barrier. B. International students who come for the first time need to know from scratch. Make a package more specific for them so they don't face the problems. C. Major problems related to some courses, put them in front of board and take action about the same.

If elected I will push to increase more bursaries and awards for the Student Association, look for ways to discount the cost of student metropasses and work on a budget that will allow the Kings Lounge to stay open later.


The main issue that I feel my constituency group needs addressed is the services provided to them at George Brown College. A lot of students’ concerns or questions can all be addressed by services provided at the college, but students are just unaware of the many services being offered.

The major issues which I feel needs to be addressed are communication issue between students and the Student Association. Fix the website, registration process, provide one level contact and take feedback.

I feel one of the main issues for the campus is getting students more involved with programs happening in the school. I believe that once more incentives are available, such as bursaries or discount programs, students will become more involved.










My name is Erin (Aaron) Holder, I have been a full-time student at George Brown college’s St. James campus since 2011 and a part-time student for a couple of years prior. I have been the owner of my own company. I have worked as a corporate rep. for a national company. My motivations are many for running for the position of St. James Campus Director, I feel as I think most of our students do, that our student body is the best of the best and we deserve updated infrastructure and more bang for our buck, including cheaper food prices at the college. Obviously there are many issues that need to be addressed and I look forward to addressing those issues that we all face and making our VOICES heard.

I am a successful leader that is dedicated to representing the voice of women, Trans and marginalized groups on campus and in society. I hope to motivate women and Trans people around campus with team-building events and provide an environment where they feel appreciated and respected. I recently organized a flash mob for the student body, and I want to continue to help organize more awareness events.

I was motivated to run by my desire to become more involved with the college and how we as students become involved in college life outside of academia.








My enthusiasm and leadership skills, as well as previous experience as a corporate rep. for a national company, make me uniquely able to excel as your St. James Campus director.




If I’m elected I have three primary goals I want to accomplish. First, to make our campus stand out as an example to all others on how a college campus should be Second, review and see what we can do to lower students’ fees .Third, to address students concerns that have been raised in regards to the infrastructure of the St. James campus.




I feel that the main issue we need to address at the St James Campus is the updating the infrastructure including the heat/air etc.


8 Sports

The Dialog March 8 - 21, 2013

WOLFPACKTICKER By Jason Miller Men’s Basketball The Huskies finished second in the OCAA East with a 16-4 record. They earned a bye into the OCAA Provincial Championship.

OCAA Provincial Championships: Huskies 52 – Fanshawe 67 – Gold Quarter Final (Angel M’bikay 14, Aria Charles 11) Huskies 39 – St. Lawrence 48 – Bronze Quarter Final (Aria Charles 14, Cassandra Powell 6)

OCAA Provincial Championships Huskies 49 – Fanshawe 77 – Gold Quarter Final (Dejazmatch James 10, Bruno Silvestrin 10)

OCAA Awards Shan Wilson was named OCAA East Second team All-Star Cassandra Powell was named OCAA East All-Rookie Team

Huskies 76 – Centennial 56 – Bronze Quarter Final (Bruno Silvestrin 22, Ricardo Brown 12)

OCAA Stats Aria Charles 17th with 11.7 points per game Shan Wilson 28th with 10.2 points per game Melissa Vilar 47th with 8.6 points per game

GBC Athletics

Huskies 66 – Seneca 84 – Bronze Semi Final (Frankie Gyamfi 12, Dwayne Harrison 10) OCAA Awards Bruno Silvestrin named an OCAA East First Team All-Star Salissou Abdoulkader named an OCAA East Second Team All-Star Head Coach Jonathan Smith named OCAA East Coach of the Year OCAA Stats Sal Abdoulkader 30th with 12.4 points per game Bruno Silvestrin 33rd with 12.3 points per game Women’s Basketball OCAA Qualifier Game Huskies 68 – Mohawk 64 (Aindrea barrett 12, Quichelle Barriffe 12)

Men’s Volleyball OCAA Qualifier Game Huskies 0 – Mohawk 3 (Stephen Duong 7 kills, Theo Gordon 6 kills) OCAA Awards Edwin Sheon named OCAA east First Team All-Star Richard Serote named OCAA East First Team All-Star Eric Oliveria named OCAA East Second Team All-Star Head Coach Josh Nichol named OCAA East Coach of the Year OCAA Stats Sheon 9th with 3.8 points per set Duong 27th with 3.1 points per set Gordon 33rd with 2.8 points per set Richard Serote 5th with 2.8 digs per set

Indoor Track GBC Invitational Liz Seguin 1st, 600 metre (1:51:76) 1st, 1000 metre (3:18.20) Adam Czuchnicki 1st, 1500 metre (4:17.22) 1st, 3000 metre (9:14.97) George Brown Huskies Mixed 4x800 metre Huskies 1st, (9:42.29) Badminton OCAA East Regional Championships Men`s Singles Henry Chen (2 wins – 2 losses) Long Duong (0 wins – 3 losses) Women’s Singles Rodeth Asis (2 wins – 2 losses) Mary Fabris (0 wins – 4 losses) Men’s Doubles Elvin Mendoza/Kent Cao (1 win – 3 losses) Mixed Doubles Kris Estabillo/Hieu Tran (2 wins – 3 losses) Women’s Doubles Sunny Sun/Christina Truong (9 wins – 2 losses) Twitter Tweeting about GBC Athletics? Use the hastag #huskynation and follow us @GBC_Huskies for all the latest news and scores.


The Dialog March 8 - 21, 2013

News 9

‘Student Associations are accountable to members’ CONSERVATIVES from 5

Brandon Sloan, communications director for the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA), believes that the reassessment of priorities could be beneficial; however they agree with the CFS that teaching-only faculty may not be the right route to take. “Students in Ontario are generally supportive of the creation of teaching-focused faculty. Students believe that professors should have greater flexibility when it comes to professional responsibilities. However, the Tories have proposed teaching-only faculty, which is something that we can’t entirely support because we believe that a professor’s ability to

bring in their own research into the undergraduate experience is very valuable as well.” Paths to Prosperity was built around the idea “No Qualified Student Gets Left Behind.” The Conservatives have suggested that students should be rewarded for their academic achievements, and that bursaries and grants should be incorporated into the financial system. The government would continue to administer aid through a financial system that would grow as tuition increased. “The “No Qualified Student Gets Left Behind” policy guarantees access. We prefer to provide and help our students who are most in need with grants rather than loans. We want to encourage students to do better,” explained Leone. “One ex-

ample we are thinking about is to [give] loan-relief to our highest achievers in terms of marks as a way to say to students there is a way to reduce your debt load.” In terms of fees, the white paper proposes that student unions should be held accountable to their membership and that students should be allowed to opt-out of paying fees that go towards political advocacy. “We have to remember that student associations are accountable to their members, which is not the Progressive Conservatives or the government, or the institution that they are at,” reiterated King. “They are accountable to their members, who are the students who make up that association. I think it is problematic that the government is saying that there

should be oversight in terms of accountability to the membership.” The CSA is in agreement in that they believe student fees pay for representation that will bring student interests to the attention of the right people. “In my opinion, the fees students pay for provincial political representation through their student associations have dollar for dollar the single most impact on their post secondary experience, even if students may not be aware of it. The advocacy efforts of organizations like OUSA, and CSA, wholly supported through the college and university student associations, are responsible for maintaining the student voice at the policy making level,” explained Epps.

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10 Features

The Dialog March 8 - 21, 2013

Graduates have lofty expectations for jobs


years of work experience on you … and they’re competing for the same jobs. That’s very unique. We did not see that competitive pressure being faced by any other cohort of young people.” Then there are the lofty expectations of the current crop of graduates themselves. Many graduates climb those stairs wearing their fancy robe and hat, walk across that stage and pick up their expensive, rolled up piece of paper from another person in a fancy robe and hat and expect to walk down the stairs on the other side straight into a high-paying job in their chosen field. But what if their chosen field doesn’t want to meet their demands of being paid more and have some benefits in their remuneration package because of their education? What if you really didn’t need that expensive degree and the fact that you have it actually makes you less desirable to employers? After all, why would they hire you, when they can hire a part-timer with real on-the-job experience and less financial impact on their busi-

nesses? Are you willing to accept a minimum wage, part-time temporary position in your field once you graduate? There are those who are, you know, and you’ll be competing with them for the positions available. They also might have years of experience in that field while you have none. So while you may not be willing to work in your field for less than you presume you are worth (possibly rightfully so, considering how much time and money you’ve just spent to gain that piece of paper), there are studies that suggest that taking jobs outside your expertise once you graduate in order to make ends meet might be a terrible idea. According to a recent paper published by the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada, this rampant underemployment leads to erosion of the skills and knowledge that individuals have gained through education. In short — if you don’t use them, you lose them — which makes it all the more important for us to figure out a way to get graduates into positions for which they have attained the skills and knowledge through

their education. Otherwise, their education was not only expensive and less valuable than similar ones in the past, but while they make do with other jobs, they lose what they’ve spent all that money on learning. The question remains, however: if there aren’t decent jobs in your chosen field available when you graduate and you shouldn’t take jobs outside your field and risk losing the skills you’ve developed, what do you do? I have no idea. I knew there was a reason I responded to Mr. Trudeau’s tweet the way I did. I can’t see why we would be professing to need more postsecondary graduates, when we have no way to support the numbers we already have. “Some think churning out more graduates just make degrees worth less to those who earn them. Thoughts?” I asked the possible future leader of a federal political party. After all, social media allows for these discussions. I received no answer. We need to be focusing on how to produce graduates that will further our society — as well as figure out ways to change the work land-

scape so they are actually able to use their expansive (and expensive) skills and knowledge. Lauren Friese, owner of Talent Egg, one of the ever-increasing job-placement businesses in Canada, agrees with me. “We need to stop funnelling so many students through this program that then leaves them with debt and unemployment on the other side,” she said. “I don’t understand why we’re pushing more people into university and college so they can graduate with debt and not be able to find a job.” It turns out these educations that we’re pursuing are becoming more expensive and less valuable and we need to change that ever-increasing gap before it’s too late. We need to solve the problem of the underemployment of the graduates we’re getting before we proclaim that we need more of them. The way things look right now, we either need fewer — and the ones we have need to be more suited to the current state of the market — or we need to change the state of the market itself.

The Dialog March 8 - 21, 2013

Ménage à Trois: Good Vibrations works great, there are sex-toy cleaners or if you already own a DivaCup, DivaWash works well). I have thorDialog Sex Columnists oughly enjoyed my vibrator on my excitations, excitationS, excitaown, however my experience using tioNS, excitatiONS, excitatIONS, it with my partner was pretty disapexcitaTIONS, excitATIONS, excipointing and kind of boring. Talking TATIONS, excITATIONS, exCITAafterwards we chalked it up to the TIONS, eXCITATIONS, EXCITAlack of connection we felt to each TIONS!!!!!! other because of the vibrator. We’ll definitely be looking for more couMary-Grace: I own the 2008 verple friendly toys in our future pleasion of the Soft Rabbit Bullet. As do sure adventures. four of my friends. I’ll explain. Valentines Day 2008, me and my best Alisha: I purchased my first vibrator girls decided, what better way to last year, and it sucked! But I ain’t spend our love day than together, at no quitter. So I went out and got mythe Stag Shop, buying vibrators, eatself a new one - the PicoBong Zizo ing dessert and drinking martinis at from feminist sex shop, Good For Symposium, and then watching the Her for a whopping $45.00 – and just released Step Up 2: The Streets; worth every penny, let me tell you! pretty fucking brilliant. UnfortunateWhat makes this baby so awesome ly tweens in love foiled the last poris that depending on the user’s level tion of our plan but the rest went off of sensitivity, the intensity of the viwithout a hitch. We chose the Soft brations can be adjusted to one of six Rabbit Bullet because as a first vispeeds. Plus it also has about nine or brator it’s simple and amazing. A clit ten pulse patters so the user can keep stimulator with four speeds, it’s easy things fresh! It is said to be waterto use, effective (OMG speed four), proof (I know it holds and perfect for our student budgets up well in the shower, at $19.99. Made of silicone, lube but I have yet to test it slickens it right up (I own this water out while soaking in a based brand) and it isn’t difficult to tub) and it can be inclean (anti-bacterial soap and water serted into the vagina By Alisha Riley, Courtney Niven & Mary-Grace Falvo


to stimulate the G-spot. The cherry on top of this vibe is that the controls are easy to access while masturbating and it’s super easy to clean. This beauty is great for a beginner or a seasoned vet! What more can a woman ask for? Courtney: I recently tried the Lelo Ina 2 with my lady friend. I have always had generic vibrators – my first was the bullet. I then upgraded to some fancier g-spot stimulating sex toys as I got older. The bullet became my best friend for a long time and was a great lonely soldier companion. It also served to be a nice toy to use with a partner – placing it on each other’s clits and grinding was super satisfying and stimulating. But the Lelo… the Lelo; it is similar to “the rabbit” but there are two pieces to the Lelo. A thicker vibrating part to insert in the vagina and stimulate the g-spot, and a thinner part vibrates tightly over your clit. Both vibrators roll at different speeds and it is so simple to access

Sex 11 and adjust. Anyway, lady friend told me it was time to try it. I lay down and let her blow my mind – the intense vibration and fullness of the gspot part, combined with the intense clit stimulation made me cum in less than ten minutes. It is definitely a toy that I will hold off from buying simply out of fear of never enjoying any other type of sex again! It’s so, so amazing and a great toy to share with a partner. Vibrators are just one of the many toy options available for trying so please don’t limit yourselves. If you’re even a little curious about finding a toy for yourself or to use with your partners, go into a sex shop, peruse and ask questions. In our experience, staff has been incredibly knowledgeable and eager to help find the right toy for the job. Happy experimenting y’all! Remember; email us all of your questions and/or comments at











The Dialog March 8-21, 2013  

The Dialog March 8-21, 2013