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Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Incorporated


2006-2007 Promoting Asset Awareness In a Growing State

Trading as Dial Before You Dig Queensland. ABN 34 464 054 437

2 The 2006-07 DBYD Board. Robert Row (QCCF)

Ken Hall (BCC) Vice Chairman Treasurer

Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Incorporated Annual Report 2006 - 2007

Darryl Woodrow (APA Group)

Kevin Black (Ergon)

Chris Druery (Energex)


Gary Searston (Telstra)

INTRODUCTION 3 The Queensland Call Before You Dig Service incorporated (QCBYDS) is a not-for profit association of member companies that own or manage underground services. QCBYDS was established in 1997 to provide a free one-stop referral service in the interest of greater public safety and the reduction of damage to electrical and communication cables, water pipes, gas lines, oil pipes, industrial pipelines, drains and sewers. Over the last 9 years QCBYDS has striven to achieve its vision of being recognised, as a leader in the delivery of infrastructure information services throughout the state. We have now set ourselves a challenge by adopting a vision, which dictates that by 2011 we will “be the automatic choice for access to information about the location of infrastructure�. The Service trades as Dial Before You Dig Queensland and provides a single phone number 1100, fax 1300 652 077 or website that excavators can access from anywhere in Australia. The specifics of the work site are recorded and members with assets in the area are notified. This one stop referral service is free and is an easy way for all excavators to obtain details about members underground pipes or cables before starting work.

Our Vision: Dial Before You Dig will be the automatic choice for access to information about the location of infrastructure.

To facilitate access to information from our members, that promotes safe excavation and the protection of underground services.

Our Values: Innovation, reliability, transparency, consistency, ethical dealings, integrity, respect and trust.

Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Incorporated Annual Report 2006 - 2007

Our Mission :

Chairman’s Report



he Service has continued to grow stronger this year in terms of members, community recognition and financial performance. While 8 new members were added to the Service this year, good discussions continue with at least 7 other large asset owners who have indicated their intention to list with the Service soon. The restructuring of council boundaries and the ensuing amalgamations proposed by the state government will probably result in fewer potential members, but more access to larger councils.

There is a growing acceptance by most underground asset owners that Dial Before You Dig makes good sense in protecting the community and themselves from damage by providing an easy and efficient means to obtain underground asset information. The demand for Digging Awareness sessions by councils and other asset owners indicates a shift towards being more proactive about damage prevention. The recent water crisis has no doubt contributed to heightened awareness about the consequences of damage. The commencement of the Western Corridor Recycled Water (WCRW) and Southern Regional Water Pipeline (SRWP) pipelines has increased demand for information about services. Both these pipelines have been listed with DBYD for enhanced protection and there are still two more major pipelines yet to be commenced to complete the state government water grid. Added to these are areas of substantial investigation and works for rail, road, tunnel, bridge and bus way corridors along with dams and desalination plants for an ever growing city and state. Development of power stations on the eastern Darling Downs has led to more gas wells and pipelines being listed during the year. The announcement of another new coal fired power station and the expansion of the Braemar gas turbine power station will create even greater need for protection of underground pipes and cables! The Service continues to develop strong links with the Institute of Public Works Engineering Qld (IPWEAQ), Local Government Association of Qld (LGAQ), Civil Contractors Federation, Master Builders Association Qld (MBAQ), Council of Queensland Insurance Brokers (CQIB) and various safety groups that include the state government safety officers. We consider these links and partnerships vital to our success and will continue to foster relationships that will benefit the work of Dial Before You Dig and the safe digging message. As a state association that is part of the national DBYD service, we continue to lead the nation in cost effectiveness for members, uptake of the on-line service to request plans and our ability to provide strategic and operational plans to chart our direction. The governance applied by the Board with its supporting documentation, is among the best in the nation and has been recognized as such by two respected external bodies. It is the Board’s aim to keep the members informed about the service and any issues that may impact them as the service grows. Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Incorporated Annual Report 2006 - 2007

Chairman’s Report


We have strongly supported the Marketing Services Agreement (MSA) and consistently delivered the expectations of our partner Telstra in achieving the marketing requirements at state level. Quarterly marketing reports document the strength and diversity of promotion we have achieved in Queensland, which significantly contributes to the nationally agreed targets.


Qld 2005-06 average

Qld 2006-07 average

National Ave or Total 2006-07

Phone enquiry %




Fax enquiry %




Web enquiry %




Email enquiry %




Total enquiries




Total referrals




Non-ticket enq %




Cost per inc.enq




Percentage pop.




Your Board and manager have maintained this strong performance through a focused and deliberate approach to the operation of Dial Before You Dig in Queensland and I acknowledge their service on your behalf.

Motor sports sponsorships Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Incorporated Annual Report 2006 - 2007

It is worthwhile to draw your attention to the matrix below to highlight the strength of your Dial Before You Dig organisation here in Queensland:


Chairman’s Report In conclusion I want to recognize the contribution made by Brian Zeller, since he will retire from the manager’s role in early October. Brian was the founding manager of DBYD in Queensland and will complete 10 years of outstanding service when he steps down later this year. Some of the highlights of his tenure since appointment in October 1997 include: • Commencement of call centre operations with Serco (Feb 1998) • He was part of the original team that developed the AADBYDS, that gave us the 1100 number, an on-line system and a coordinated approach to national marketing in July 1999 • During 2001 we commenced a new call centre contract with Worldcare Assist (later Mondial), who further refined our software and operating environment. The high level of performance under this contract was used to improve the national call centre operation in some areas • Prepared reports and discussion papers for the Board, as they considered migrating Queensland into the AADBYDS national call centre • Facilitated the contract for call centre services with the AADBYDS for full migration to the national centre in October 2004 • Since day one of the national contract, Queensland has consistently delivered the highest web uptake and lowest phone use in the nation. Brian’s advice to the board and focused communications with members contributed to this achievement. • Consistent development of governance documentation has continued at a steady rate since the beginning. Queensland is probably the best organized of all states in terms of governance documentation and procedure. Strategic plan, business plan, budgets, financial statements and annual audits all serve to guide, direct and assist the Board. • From the beginning, Brian has recognised the need to gain the support of other industry groups to spread the DBYD message. From early days the Health & Safety division of the state government has been involved along with the QMBA, QCCF, CQIB and asset owner members. Apart from helping promote us, some have provided staff to assist at field days, trade shows and presentations. I want to acknowledge the strong Telstra support received. • Brian has developed strategic relationships with the Institute of Public Works Engineering Qld, Civil Contractors Federation, Local Government Association of Qld and the Construction Safety Managers and Officers Association. He has gained the support of many training groups to actively promote us along with TAFE colleges, the Civil Train organisation and Major Training. He arranged for stickers to be routinely attached to excavation plant for sales, hire and on member and contractor vehicles and equipment. Contractors now request corflute signs to display on building sites across the state. Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Incorporated Annual Report 2006 - 2007

Chairman’s Report


• S trong fiscal responsibility and funds management has been a hallmark of Brian’s service. In ten years there has been three, fee restructures that all reduced fees for our members. We spent a modest $67k this year in advertising and promotion but have achieved excellent results from carefully targeted marketing and relationship based activity. • There were 8 founding members in 1997 and this has risen to 76 currently. The Service has great credibility among our members and the wider asset owning community, where DBYD is virtually always welcomed at meetings, conferences and presentations. There are at least another 7 large asset owners who have indicated their intention to list with DBYD over the coming months. It is difficult to encapsulate 10 years of solid achievement in a short space, but suffice to say that Brian’s influence, commitment, hard work, fiscal management and guidance of DBYD Queensland over these years, has brought strong results in terms of credibility and strength that has firmly established the DBYD service for the future.

Conference Presentations

Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Incorporated Annual Report 2006 - 2007

Gary Searston Chair DBYD Qld

The Year in Review



rowing the web medium for plan requests was a major focus this year. Increasing web means faster turnaround to users, greater opportunity to automate the member response and assists in reducing our operating costs. The increase from Average 48% (in 2005-06) web lodgement to 60% this year has contributed to around $24,000 being saved in operating costs over the previous year. The other prime focus this year was to conduct more personalised ‘Digging Awareness’ presentations than ever before. Between 70-80 presentations have been made to various councils, design groups, engineering companies, geotechnical consultancies and construction groups. One council has requested 13 sessions with their staff in an attempt to raise awareness to safe digging practices. The sessions have been provided free for councils as far away as Yeppoon, Gold Coast, Kingaroy, Roma, Taroom (and everywhere in between) including the Braemar power station at Kogan. This method of spreading the DBYD message takes time and planning, but has proven to be the best way to educate excavators, designers and managers about using the service to fulfill their duty of care. The sessions are provided free of cost and take an average of 90 minutes to present. Most of these sessions have been conducted in partnership with our members. Telstra has been very supportive with these sessions, but we have also had input from Energex, APT Allgas and Powerlink with some group presentations.

Governance Report. During the year your Board conducted eight (8) meetings to deal with strategic and operational matters. There were two sub-committee meetings dealing with succession planning matters for the new manager. The Business Plan was discussed and finalised by the Board at the May meeting with continued emphasis on our key deliverables. The risk profile was updated in May to identify and manage the various elements of business risk into the future. The annual general meeting of members was held on September 13, 2006 and a general meeting was held in January to vote on constitutional updates that related to our taxation status. Gary Searston continued as Chairman and has diligently fulfilled his duties on the state and national boards. Kym Schubert (Visionstream) and Chris White (Civil Contractors Federation) stood down from the Board mid-term for work related issues. Kenn Hall assumed the Brisbane City board position and Rob Row replaced Chris as the Civil Contractors Federation appointee. Each Board member has brought experience, expertise and commitment to the Board and their contribution has been very much appreciated. We do thank every Board member, the Chairman and other office bearers for their commitment and service to the members of Dial Before You Dig in Queensland.

Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Incorporated Annual Report 2006 - 2007

The Year in Review


Documents developed or reviewed through the year have been: - An update was conducted of the Health and Safety Policy - Participation occurred with development of the national Operations Plan -P  articipation occurred with development of the state based AADBYDS contracts for call centre services (contracts due for renewal in October 2007) - The Business Plan for 2007-08 was produced and distributed to members - The risk profile was updated (and added to business plan) - Further documents have been prepared for the succession planning strategy - The QCBYDS constitution was updated and ratified by Fair Trading.

Service Promotion: Dial Before You Dig continues to be promoted to contractors, training establishments, the building sector, rural producers, local government, state government and the insurance industry. Farm field days, trade shows, community open days, industry forums and conferences, newspapers, magazines, sponsorships and other publications continue to be the main contact mediums into the community and specifically the excavation industry. Radio was used on two occasions to take the DBYD message as far north as Cairns. Our members were kept informed by two User Group meetings, bi-monthly board minute summaries, general meeting minutes and four newsletter releases during the year. – The target of print advertising continues to be the rural sector, construction industry and councils. Two periodic publications ‘Council Leader’ and ‘Final Trim’ magazine have contained regular advertising and occasional editorial.Similarly we have secured editorial and advertising in the ‘Farm Buying Guide’ produced by AG Force and the Cane Growers. Our advertising appears in the CFMEU pocket diaries (60,000 produced), Queensland Council of Unions directory and in the UBD street directory for SE Queensland. We receive free promotion in publications on many occasions from our members and supporters. Some recent examples of these have been: • Council of Qld Insurance Brokers (mentioned in two newsletters) • IPWEAQ supporting us with prominent logo visible at conferences • State Government – Updating the Building and Construction Code of Practice that strengthened the requirement to get plans and follow instructions. Dial Before You Dig is specifically named in the Code • Around 70 council’s display DBYD brochures at their front counters • Many members and supporters display DBYD bumper stickers on operational vehicles • Numerous machinery manufacturers and suppliers now fit DBYD stickers to excavation plant. The list of companies continues to grow annually. • Trade shows have focused on similar audiences with the dual message of service awareness and in the case of councils and other asset owners, membership benefits. Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Incorporated Annual Report 2006 - 2007


The Year in Review

10 Sponsorship

- We have continued sponsorships with Wynd Racing, Primmer Racing, Local Government Week (through the LGAQ) , the Institute of Public Works Engineering Qld (IPWEAQ) and the Ipswich Knights Soccer Club. The Arcadian Club provides increased awareness in north Queensland through a number of local events, but they have also participated in carnivals and championships at Tugun and the National Surf championships at Cottesloe Beach (Perth) in March. Shane Wynd came to Willowbank for the ‘Tin Tops’ in April and ‘Winternationals’ in June. Despite unusually cold conditions that affect engine and tyre performance, Wynd managed to win the national titles for the Super Sedan class. Mark Primmer competed at the ‘saloon car’ race event at Willowbank in May and did not get a place in the top 3. His two cars and large prime mover were strategically placed near the starting grid and got plenty of good visibility over the weekend (see front cover picture). The Ipswich knights play at events across Brisbane and actively promote the DBYD service at home and away games. The club is top of the table around Brisbane and they are likely to be promoted into a higher level category in 2007. They actively promote the service and strive to deliver value for their sponsors. The DBYD award for Certificate 2 in Civil Construction was presented to Patricia Turner (Carpentaria Shire Council) at the annual QCCF awards night in April. Our sponsorship of this award has strengthened links with the civil construction industry while recognising training as fundamental to our future. Sponsorship of Local Government week provided the opportunity to get promotional gear to councils, while being mentioned in publications and events as a sponsor. Because of our support for Local Government week, the service was able to provide 800 satchel inserts for delegates to the LGAQ state conference planned for August. Some events where DBYD was featured during LG Week were: • Regular newsletter mail-outs to councils including logo (and editorial in one edition) • The DBYD logo on all advertising, posters, stickers etc A DBYD banner was displayed at launch of LG Week in Brisbane • Involvement with a breakfast function in Brisbane • Additional information and collateral provided to Livingstone Shire, Bowen Shire and Logan City, who featured the service at their open Day in June.

Digsafe Matters - The on-line Digsafe service is continually being updated to improve operating performance, user service and the ability to report and monitor on internal performance. Operational issues identified by some of our largest users have been the catalyst for more investigation and change within the Digsafe software. We recognize the need for a web-based helpdesk to assist users in finding remedies to common problems or the ability to instantly notify about system issues. This helpdesk feature will be a part of the newly updated website that will be available from September. A number of system change requests are being developed and the most Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Incorporated Annual Report 2006 - 2007

The Year in Review


exciting of these is the ability to submit batch requests for single point locations. This facility will be available to selected members (e,g. gas companies) from September, who have many requests each day for service connections. Large area requests (over many kilometers) are becoming more common and we are looking at short and long term modifications to cater for these. An interim solution should be released before the end of the year. Members are able to verify their data coverage in the system at any time and only need to contact the state manager to arrange access for this to happen. The member gains access rights via the website to view their data coverage, which can be easily arranged. Many will be pleased to know that Lot & RP searching is now being considered as an option in Digsafe, where our developer has submitted a proposal to incorporate this feature. A decision is likely to be made about this in the near future. More members are adopting the auto-processing option for DBYD notifications and many more are in the development stages to achieve this. Two companies now provide automated solutions for processing Digsafe notifications and their details can be obtained from the manager.


• Trade shows, field days & conferences • Members from their offices, vehicles, mailouts and events • Machinery suppliers and manufacturers • Contractors, tradesman and service providers • Partners, trainers and sponsors who support DBYD During the year we have supplied merchandise to over 120 different groups ranging from stickers for vehicles and machinery to bulk orders for councils holding special events. The corflute signs for builders continue to remain popular where up to 25 signs have been sent to a single building company this year. Most people recognise the value of the DBYD service and want to support us practically in any way they can. This type of support is part of the success that is Dial Before You Dig. Brian Zeller General Manager

Wynd receiving trophy Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Incorporated Annual Report 2006 - 2007

– Merchandise provides us with the opportunity to brand the Service through various means such as:


MEMBERSHIP GROWTH During the year 8 new members joined the Service. New members admitted at the time of this report are: BP Australia – contaminated sites APT Allgas – Who bought out Energex gas assets Brisbane Airports Corporation – Domestic & international airport in Brisbane NQ Water – Controlling all trunking mains in the greater Townsville area SRWP – New water pipeline infrastructure WCRW – New recycled water pipeline Orbital Underground – A location service provider in SEQ Hydro ExcaVac – An excavation and location provider in CQ With amalgamations of companies considered, there are seventy six members who comprise the DBYD Service in Queensland. The DBYD Service values the support of its membership during 2006-07

Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Incorporated Annual Report 2006 - 2007

Not all member logos are available and some companies shown now trade under a new name. Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Incorporated Annual Report 2006 - 2007



14 Service Indicators in charts Percentage of Business from Web Service by State 70%


60% 50%

Qld enters Digsafe

40% 30%


1/05/2004 1/06/2004 1/07/2004 1/08/2004 1/09/2004 1/10/2004 1/11/2004 1/12/2004 1/01/2005 1/02/2005 1/03/2005 1/04/2005 1/05/2005 1/06/2005 1/07/2005 1/08/2005 1/09/2005 1/10/2005 1/11/2005 1/12/2005 1/01/2006 1/02/2006 1/03/2006 1/04/2006 1/05/2006 1/06/2006 1/07/2006 1/08/2006 1/09/2006 1/10/2006 1/11/2006 1/12/2006 1/01/2007 1/02/2007 1/03/2007 1/04/2007 1/05/2007 1/06/2007


Average Daily Enquiries Qld 500 450 400 350

Plan Contacts All Contacts Linear (Plan Contacts)

300 250 200













Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Incorporated Annual Report 2006 - 2007


Service Indicators in charts


Qld Plan Volume Requests by Qtr 26000 24000 22000 20000 18000 16000 14000 $1200





















Plan Requests by Activity


Mechanical Ex. Planning & Des Boring All Other All 22%


Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Incorporated Annual Report 2006 - 2007



IndependEnt auditor’s report

Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Incorporated Annual Report 2006 - 2007

Easing Brisbanes water crisis Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Incorporated Annual Report 2006 - 2007


IndependEnt auditor’s report



Community Involvement

Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Incorporated Annual Report 2006 - 2007



Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Incorporated Annual Report 2006 - 2007



Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Incorporated Annual Report 2006 - 2007



Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Incorporated Annual Report 2006 - 2007



Trade Show Activity

Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Incorporated Annual Report 2006 - 2007

Sponsorship and awareness

Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Incorporated Annual Report 2006 - 2007


Arcadian Surf Lifesaving Crew at national titles - Cottesloe Beach WA 2007

Further Information: Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Inc. Level 1 Local Government House 25 Evelyn Street Newstead Qld PO Box 2022 Milton Qld 4064

Managers contact: Phone 07-3000 2130 Fax 07-3257 2392

For underground asset enquiries Website – or, Phone 1100 or, Fax 1300 652 077

QLD Annual Report 2006-07  

Promoting Asset Awareness In a Growing State Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Incorporated Trading as Dial Before You Dig Queensland....