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UEFA Referee Development Programme 2012 Practical Information for Match Officials

Should the AAR feel at anytime endangered by spectators (e.g. throwing objects etc) then he must inform the referee immediately. At half time and at the end of the match the AARs will join the referee and his colleagues in the centre of the field.

Assistant Referee Positioning Free kick close to the penalty area At free kicks close to the penalty area, the assistant referee should position himself in line with the second last defender (controlling the offside), but also with an awareness of the goal line. The referee should control the ball and the wall.

Goal kick and goal clearance For goal kicks and when the goalkeeper is in possession of the ball inside his own penalty area, it is advised that the assistant occasionally checks that the ball is correctly positioned or that the goalkeeper does not cross the 16.5 metre line before releasing the ball from his hands. This should be done in convenient situations (e.g. second last defender near the penalty area). Judgment of offside from subsequent play is the priority. For goal kicks and where the AAR’s are appointed, the AAR’s will check that the ball is positioned correctly. Other duties of AR’s remain unchanged. Corner kick

After an offside Ideally, after a free kick for offside has been awarded, the assistant referee who gave the signal should position himself in line with the place where the ball should be positioned to re-start the game. He should then immediately take up a position to judge offside (level with the secondlast defender), which is his priority.

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For corner kicks, it is recommended that the assistant involved takes a position behind the flag in line with the goal line. Penalty kick For a penalty kick awarded during the normal course of play and where AAR’s are not appointed, the assistant referee should be on the goal line where it meets the penalty area boundary line.

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Πρακτικές οδηγίες για Διαιτητές UEFA 2012  

Πρακτικές οδηγίες για Διαιτητές UEFA 2012