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Confrontation with the Referee – Undermining the Referee’s Authority

• a dminister a yellow card to a player who requests a yellow or red card for an opponent

The UEFA President has endorsed the UEFA Respect campaign encouraging all people involved in the game to respect the roles of each other. With this in mind, referees are expected to maintain respect and to punish behaviour which is designed to undermine the referee’s authority.

A quick timely yellow card may have a preventative effect and stop other players showing dissent.

According to the Laws of the Game, players who show dissent to the referee, assistant referee or additional assistant referee by word or action must be given a yellow card. Players express dissent or undermine the referee’s authority in many ways, such as: • b y gestures or by running towards the referee or assistant referee in protest • b y crowding around the referee (mass protest / mobbing) - in this case it is expected that at least one player is given a yellow card • b y verbally or physically demanding a yellow card for the opponent Referees should gain full respect and maintain it throughout the game. For this purpose the referees should: • e xpress strong personality if player(s) show first signs of disagreement;

UEFA expects referees to deal firmly with dissent and the offenders to be given a yellow card. UEFA is determined to stop dissent and the harassment of referees on and off the pitch. Dealing with mass protests (‘mobbing’)

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When managing heated situations (such as mass protests/confrontations) the referee must remain calm and focussed. He should try to defuse/calm the situation by quickly identifying the main protestor(s)/aggressor(s), who should then be conducted to (and isolated in) a neutral zone, away from the group of players, as soon as possible in order to be given a yellow card for his unsporting behaviour. Dialogue should be kept to a minimum; the referee must remain calm, firm, maintain eye contact with the player concerned and be in total command. Where a serious offence, such as unsporting physical contact with the referee, is committed, the red card should be shown with calmness and dignity.

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