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during natural breaks in play e.g. free-kicks, substitutions. In such condition referees will be lenient regarding players picking up bottles outside the field of play. It must be made clear that the teams must use their own bottles as there are possible implications for anti-doping controls.

Jewellery Referees are reminded that, in accordance with Law 4, players must not wear any kind of jewellery; it has to be removed and therefore cannot be taped.

Indication of Additional Time Allowed Fourth officials are reminded that when, on the instruction of the referee, the minimum additional time to be allowed at the end of each half is being indicated, this indication should only be made at the end of the final minute in each period of play. The allowance for time lost is at the discretion of the referee. Referees are reminded that they must allow at least the full additional time indicated and not stop play before this time expires. If substitution(s), assessment of injury to players, removal of injured players from the field of play for treatment, time wasting or any other delay occurs during the additional time, the referee must make allowance for this time lost but it will not be indicated by the fourth official.

• W hen calculating additional time, referees should make allowance for the time ‘lost’ for substitutions and injuries, (an approximate guide of 30 seconds and 1 minute are respectively recommended for “normal” situations, otherwise the exact ‘lost’ time shall be considered) as well as for other incidents • R eferees should go to next (highest) minute when calculating additional time (e.g. 1 minute 25 seconds becomes 2 minutes) • R eferees will blow the whistle when the additional time is over (with a small flexibility, 3-4 seconds), if no time was ‘lost’ during the additional time. However, if a free kick or a corner kick is awarded just before the additional time is over, particularly when a YC or a RC is given), it should be taken and the referees will end the match when the free kick or corner kick is completed, (as is the case for a penalty kick according to the LotG) • R eferees must respect the additional time shown as the minimum time to be played. Therefore, they must never blow the whistle early (e.g. after 1 min 55 seconds when 2 minutes have been displayed)

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Πρακτικές οδηγίες για Διαιτητές UEFA 2012  
Πρακτικές οδηγίες για Διαιτητές UEFA 2012  

Πρακτικές οδηγίες για Διαιτητές UEFA 2012