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Maranatha Parents Guide Summer 2013 __________________________________________________________



We enjoy taking pictures of our campers for use online, calendars, and camp brochures. If you prefer your camper’s picture not be taken, please confirm that this is noted at check in. Visit our facebook page to revisit your Maranatha Experience! See camp through your children's eyes! Camper’s names are not included with the pictures.

Campers can expect a daily track schedule that includes: morning energizers, Bible study times, and evening worship. Outdoor activities such as: water toys, slip n slide, climbing wall, archery, field games and team building, high ropes course, swimming, and hiking. Also, quiet times for reflection and fellowship, camp wide activities, skits, jokes, songs, and crafts. A closing dinner on Friday night frames the week.

TELEPHONE POLICY Camp helps children and youth learn to be independent individuals, while living as part of a secure, protected environment. Telephone contact should only occur if there is an emergency. Receiving telephone calls from home usually makes the camper homesick and defeats the purpose of the camping experience. If there is an emergency, please call 256-574-4539 and we can get a message to your camper. Our directors or health care administrator will call you if there is a problem we feel needs your attention. Campers are not permitted to have mobile phones with them at camp.

Maranatha Parents Guide CONTACT INFORMATION

The office at Maranatha is staffed the majority of the day, 7 days a week during the summer. We realize, however, that situations may arise in which you need to communicate immediately with the staff and leaving a voice mail may not be satisfactory. If you have an urgent message: please try reaching the camp using the following phone numbers: 1. Camp Office- 256-574-4539 2. Executive Director - 256-609-3923 3.NAP Office - 256-883-0855

Cancellation/Refunds: LOST AND FOUND: Lost and Found items are returned to the camper whenever possible. Please make sure that all of your camper’s items are clearly marked with first and last names. Lost and Found is available for parents to look through at pick up. Any unclaimed items will be held for one week and then donated to a charity.

Cancellations may be made at any time. Cancellations need to be in writing or by email from the person responsible for the account. Refunds will only be issued for cancellations made prior to May 1st. Requests for refunds must also be in writing or by email to Maranatha. The $150 processing fee part of the deposit is non- refundable. All camp fees are due May 1st. All payments become non- refundable after May 1st. Fees not paid by May 1st open the camper slot for another person.

Discipline & Behavior: Campers generally behave in accordance with expectations. At the beginning of camp, we discuss acceptable camp behavior. Acceptable behavior shows respect for one’s self, others and all of creation. Positive language is required of all campers as our words have the capability to create a warm and supportive camp culture. This means that words society might deem acceptable, may not be words acceptable at Maranatha. Example: "S words" Stupid, Shut Up, Stinks". In addition, endangering or threatening another camper, either verbally or physically, warrants immediate corrective measures, up to and including dismissal from camp. Counselors and support staff praise and encourage positive behavior. Unacceptable language must be restated in an acceptable way. Time out is used if redirection and warnings are ineffective. Keeping open dialogue between counselor and parent, with camp expectations refined at home, is often the best solution.

Maranatha Parents Guide

ALPHA & OMEGA While at Maranatha your child will be assigned to one of two camp wide teams for the week. They will compete in challenges, chants and cheers to help build camaraderie, healthy competition and team spirit.

ALPHA is red, OMEGA is blue

There will be gear for sale in the camp store so they can be decked out in their team’s color.

Cabin Assignments MEALS Appealing and nutritious meals are prepared under the careful supervision of our trained kitchen staff and satisfy the hearty appetites of campers and staff. Fresh fruit, cereal, and hot breakfast offered each morning. Vegetables are offered every day. At mealtime, as well as at all other camp activities, mature and knowledgeable counselors gently guide campers towards healthy and appropriate choices. Other special dietary needs should be indicated on the camper Health Form. Maranatha maintains a Grade “A” rating from the Alabama Board of Health and prides itself in its great food reputation.

Maranatha intentionally sets out to help campers build new friendships and to work with different people. This is one of the camp experience. Campers are assigned to cabins by grade and age just prior to arrival. We try our best to accommodate cabinmate requests as long as they are made in advance, are made mutually with one other camper and are the same grade/age/gender. Specific concerns about cabin assignments can be e-mailed to Parents may also call 256-574-4539 discuss special situations at least three weeks before the session begins. PLEASE NOTE: We offer many activities at Maranatha; however, all activities are not guaranteed for your camper during the week due to weather, staffing, ages, etc.

Maranatha Parents Guide Health Center/ Medications Campers check-in all medicines with our camp nurse upon arrival into camp. No medications are allowed in cabins (with the exceptions of inhalers for some asthmatics and epi-pens). Camper medications are dispensed by our camp nurse. Campers who are not feeling well have the opportunity to visit the Health Center after talking with their counselor. The Health Center is open and staffed 24 hours a day for urgent medical situations. In the event that a camper spends the night in the Health Center or there is a serious situation, parents will be called. Cabin counselors are trained to inspect campers daily for cleanliness, cuts, sunburn, insect bites, etc.; but teaching your child the importance and methods of prevention is extremely important. If you are bringing medications please refer to the medication section on the health form. At the end of the session, leftover prescription medications need to be picked up. All unclaimed medications will be thrown away. General medications and first aid materials are provided. To insure good health and ability to enter into normal camp activities, the health history form must be completed by parents. Camp is not responsible for eye glasses that are lost or broken at camp.

What to Bring to Registration In order to complete the registration process you will need to bring the following items with you to the registration line:  Copy of your invoice showing payment in full your camper’s medications.  ALL prescriptions should be in the original container with proper pharmacy levels for each camper attending and accompanied by the signed form.  Personal money. The camp store will be open during camp session and pick up. Items such as hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, water bottles, and stickers will be available for purchase.

EXTRA ACTIVITIES Paintball Session $25 per person Campers will have a chance to play on one of our three paintball courses. All safety equipment, pump action guns, CO2, mask, and 250 rounds of paint are included. For $10 an additional 500 rounds of paint can be purchased. Knee-Boarding (Lessons) $25 per session, for 2 hrs of personal instruction. Based upon US water Ski curriculum, campers will get basic instruction on land and on the lake.

Maranatha Parents Guide

Arrival/Pick Up Procedure Resident Camp:

Registration is from 4:00 – 5:00 PM on the Sunday of your session. Registration will be held inside Lakeside, which is the large building on your right as you enter Maranatha. Signs and team members will assist you in locating the registration area. This information session is designed to give you more info about Maranatha and provide you with an opportunity to meet camp leadership.


All campers must be signed out when leaving camp. Resident Camp ends after closing ceremony Dinner on Friday at 5:30 p.m. Parents are invited to join us for a closing dinner. Tickets can be bought at check-In for $5 per person, from 5:30pm to 6:30 PM. Before leaving camp, be sure to check that you have all luggage, laundry, sleeping bags and personal items.

Day Camp:

LOCAL DROP OFF: Registration is from 9:00 – 9:30 AM on the first Monday of

the session if you drop off @ Maranatha. The balance of day camp tuition is due at registration on the first day of the camp week. On subsequent days of camp, we will check in your camper each day as you drop your camper off at the Pavilion across from Dining Hall. Day Camp pickup begins at 4:00 PM and ends at 4:30 PM each day.

Transportation From Huntsville:

Registration is from 8:00-8:30 on the first Monday. The balance is due at registration. The Bus will always leave the Church at 8:30 SHARP. The bus will return around 5:00pm. Faith Presbyterian Church will be the pick-up and drop off location.

Late Pick Up:

If there are unusual circumstances or emergencies that will delay your arrival, please call the camp so we can reassure your child. Some children get anxious when other campers are gone. Parents picking children up more than 10 minutes after the ending time will be expected to pay a late fee of $5.00. There will be an additional charge of $5 per 10 minute interval after the initial 10 minute period. Please refrain from asking a staff member to keep your child for any amount of time before or after camp. Our staff is not allowed to keep your children at camp when camp is not in session.

Maranatha Parents Guide ence in conversation and in prayer. During the c

Parent Participation

We encourage parents to be actively involved in preparing your camper for the camp experience in conversation and in prayer. During the camp session, we invite your prayers and letters. We ask that you trust God to work through our staff and the campers. If you have particular program expertise that would benefit the camp, we welcome your volunteer energies in program areas. We do not allow Volunteers to attend the same week as your child. Volunteer camp nurses and artists are always appreciated. Individuals as well as groups are vital to the ongoing facility renovations and enhancements. We welcome you to join us in excellent stewardship of the camp.

Writing Your Residential Camper We encourage you to write your camper. Mail is extremely effective at combating homesickness! You can drop a note in the mail a day before camp starts and your camper will get mail on the first day of camp!

c/o Maranatha Camp & Conference Center 1091 Jeffery Drive Scottsboro AL 35769 We no longer do emails: Sorry! Snail mail is the only way!!

Maranatha Parents Guide  

A guide to camp Maranatha on Guntersville Lake, for parents who wish to learn what to expect from the camp.