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his or her work. I enjoy encouraging people to keep trying and growing. I believe that I use every tool and technique that is available at this point. In rl, i am a well trained photographer, a successful painter of murals and also a quilter and mixed media collage maker and I have worked extensively in video production. In the past, i have had worked for long periods of time with batik and clay. I have also worked with mosaic, jewelry, weaving, and many other media. Creating in the Metaverse gives me great joy and enriches my rl by making me happy.

Picture 2: inland sound installation Ux Hax, Maria Grot

I think that promotion of good relations among the peoples of the world is an important theme for the Metaverse since this is such a great vehicle for getting to know people from all over the world. I also think that interactive art and art combined with machinimia and are important trends. As technology progresses, we will have more and more tools at our disposal to work with. I look forward to when the Metaverse is a hologram that i can walk into:) I actually enjoy a balance of both. I am a very good collaborator...both as a leader and as a general worker. I work well with others, but i do run with scissors;P I definitely specialize in Metaverse only art...although from time to time, i do import rl pieces for display here....but, that is a rare occurence. I especially love to create three dimensonal art here, immersive pieces and interactive art. This is the virtual world....why try to recreate the real world here?

Picture 3: inland sound installation Ux Hax, Maria Grot Picture 1: inland sound installation Ux Hax, Maria Grot

Metaverse Art Book 2b  

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