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Try Ayurveda For Holistic Healing!

Most of the diabetic patients have problems with their skin, such as dryness, itching, rashes, hard to heal wounds, etc. By understanding the nature of the problem, you can better take care and administer the most suitable solution. Though, an authentic ayurvedic medicine for sugar can serve the purpose, yet a few tips can help you during emergency as well as regular care. General tips to protect skin from dryness       

Lip balms can prevent lips from chapping In case of heated indoor, use humidifier Take shower with warm water, not hot Apply moisturising soap or body bath No long showers or bath No rubbing, only patting on skin No scratching, apply mild lotion for moisturising

  

After each hand wash, apply skin lotion Use less skin products for less chances of reaction For acne, consult your dermatologist, as moisturizers can be harmful to your skin.


Appropriate Blister Treatment 

     

Never pop or break the blister, as the chances of infection will only increase. Wash with mild soap Apply antibacterial lotion or ointment Cover with gauze pad or cloth bandage Secure with paper tape or hypoallergenic tape. Change the bandage regularly If you are diabetic and suffering from foot blister, first and foremost replace your shoes. It’s always good to have ayurvedic medicine for sugar to control your diabetes.

Minor Burn Treatment for diabetics 1.




Pacify the affected area with clean and cool running water Without breaking or popping the blisters, wash with mild soap plus warm water. Pat dry and cover with gauze pad and secure with paper or hypoallergenic tape. Change regularly.

Although, ayurvedic medicine for sugar helps you during all the troubles, as it works on holistic health of a person.

Frostbite Treatment for type 2 diabetics Frostbite happens due to severe cold and snowfall. At that time, you must call for immediate medical attention. In between, use warm water on skin. Do not use hot water, as it can worsen the situation. Thereafter, rub a cream on it. Don’t put pressure on affected skin. Feet care for diabetics Diabetic patients require special attention beyond regular routine of feet care. You need to see a doctor at the very moment if you notice any of these: 1.

2. 3. 4.

If you don’t notice any improvement the very next day of post treatment of minor problems. If you have discomfort or pain lasting for above 2 days. Fever Development of pus around wound or sore.

Summary: Most of the diabetics get affected by skin problems in later stage. It happens because of excess of sugar in bloodstream. To help with it, ayurvedic medicine for sugar is more effective than other measure. Diabiant is fully authentic in this regard, as it contains 100% ayurvedic. The tablets are certified by AYUSH, ISO 9001;2008, GMP.

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