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Importance Of Temperature Controllers Control of temperature is extremely important for carrying out various tasks and processes efficiently in industries, offices and houses. One of the most commonly used devices in homes and offices which works by controlling the temperature is the air conditioner. It is extremely useful for leading a comfortable and healthy life. Improper control of temperature can stall various processes taking place in an entire organization or industry. The refrigerator is another device which is used for controlling the temperature in order to preserve the quality and freshness of different kinds of food items. Advancements in the field of science and technology have resulted in the development of a wide range of tools, equipments and devices which can be used for process temperature control. Since most of the goods and products are manufactured on a large scale, adequate equipments must be available for storing and preserving them. While some of these products require a cold environment for being fit for use, others need a comparatively hotter environment. Statistics reveal that a large number of businesses running successfully in different parts of the world depend heavily on equipments having the ability to control temperature. Devices controlling temperature function by dealing out the temperature of a particular space using a thermostat. Some of the most commonly used temperature sensors are RTD, thermocouple, etc. After receiving the input, they decide whether the temperature needs to be adjusted or not. They are also useful for determining the appropriate temperature for maintaining the suitable ambience.

The temperature controllers allow you to set the temperature at a particular degree as per the comfort and requirement. After sensing the desirable temperature, the controller is capable of measuring the temperature at the input and thereby regulating the heat perfectly in order to get the desired temperature at the output. Process temperature control devices are of different kinds such as proportional, PID or on-off controllers. The choice of the device depends on the budget, available space and the range of temperature to be monitored.

The on-off device is the simplest variety of controllers which can be used for limiting the temperature only when it exceeds a certain level. Without monitoring the temperature constantly, this kind of device waits for the temperature to rise or drop beyond a particular level. Proportional control methods slow the heat down as the temperature closes on the set point for avoiding the cyclical processes created by on-off devices. They are useful for achieving a steady and effective control of temperature which is beneficial for businesses requiring extremely specific temperatures for preserving their products or maintaining a comfortable ambience. PID control devices are designed for adjusting to the surrounding temperature automatically. They are extremely accurate and suitable for maintaining a stable temperature.

Process temperature control  
Process temperature control  

Process temperature control is a process in which change of temperature of a space is measured.