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Water Management

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Climate adaptation Climate change provides an opportunity to make smart investments in water, nature and cities which will be effective and efficient in the longterm. Climate adaptation is therefore an integrated part of our daily work. DHV provides worldwide services, from strategic policy advice to the design of sustainable water systems. DHV is intensively engaged in efforts to bring flood defenses up to required safety levels and to develop innovative solutions. It is our vision that such solutions should use natural processes: Nature Driven Design. For the 35 km long barrier ‘Afsluitdijk’ in The Netherlands, DHV developed a concept in which natural sedimentation processes establish a natural defense system. For the Mississippi Delta around New Orleans, we are working on a safety solution in which natural marshlands form buffers which weaken the force of incoming hurricanes.

Water and nature are the leading principles for DHV’s top-notch designs

Water & Spatial development More than 60% of the world’s population lives in coastal areas, which are fertile, densely populated and have high economic activity. DHV focuses on the development of a sustainable living environment in delta areas. We develop creative spatial solutions whereby water and nature support human use. We implement river basin management projects worldwide, providing top expertise on hydrology, river basin modeling, water resources planning, water quality, environmental impact analyses, ecology, strategic planning and cost benefit analyses. Cities and urban developments in deltas face even greater challenges. For these, DHV applies an integrated approach to urban water management in which technical and spatial solutions are combined. Related fields of expertise include hydrologic modeling, rainwater harvesting and collection, surface water storage and drainage, wastewater collection and treatment, as well as solid waste management, sanitation and housing.

Water resources Water is one of the scarce natural resources on our planet. Competing uses, such as drinking water, industry, agriculture and nature, increasingly claim this scarce resource. It is a challenge to put these claims into perspective and develop a strategy which presents an optimal solution. We actively involve all stakeholders in these processes, making the right connections between people and organizations. To achieve a sustainable use of water resources, our consultants combine expertise in groundwater modeling, geohydrology, aquifer recharge, water treatment and distribution, ecology, water quality, pollution control and sanitation. One of DHV’s focal points is strategic consultancy for drinking water companies. We offer a special line of services on benchmarking, water pricing, corporate social responsibility, organizational development, finances and management development.

DHV provides sustainable water solutions, everywhere in the world

Hydropower Hydropower is a widely used and important form of renewable energy. Currently 20% of the world’s energy is generated from hydropower. In Canada, Norway, and Switzerland it is a prominent source of energy. India, China and countries in Europe and Eastern Africa are recognizing it as a critical component in expanding their renewable energy base. Hydropower is an excellent example of Nature Driven Design. The forces of water are used to generate renewable energy. At the same time reservoirs may provide flood protection and can be used for water supply and other purposes. DHV has a strong track record in hydropower projects, particularly in Poland, Portugal and South Africa. All of our projects are developed and realized based on the latest technologies in hydropower. Where possible, we take an innovative perspective on maintaining and reinforcing natural processes within these projects, such as advanced reservoir water quality management.

DHV stands for the development of a natural and sustainable living environment in delta areas

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DHV is a leading international consultancy and engineering firm, providing services

DHV, headquartered in the Netherlands, is part of the DHV Group which maintains

and innovative solutions in Transportation, Water, Building & Industry, Urban and

a network of 70 offices worldwide. Our projects are able to call upon the extensive

Regional Development, and Environment & Sustainability. Our range of services

expertise network of the entire DHV Group, benefiting from an integrated approach

covers the entire project cycle, including management consultancy, advice, design and

and a shared commitment to the sustainable development of our living environment.

engineering, project management, contract management and asset management.

The DHV Group has a staff of about 5,500 and its turnover in 2008 was â‚Ź 468 million. For further information please visit

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DHV brochure Waterbeheer  

DHV brochure Waterbeheer

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