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DHV Environment & Safety - Industry In today’s markets, it is vital for industrial enterprises to act in a sustainable manner. Conducting business in a responsible and sustainable way is not only the right thing to do, but is an essential business ethic that demonstrates a company’s moral responsibility, its public face, to society’s citizens. Legislation does not always protect the environment but in addition to meeting statutory requirements, complying to codes of best practice makes good business sense.

Many see regulation and codes of practice as impediments to profitable business so how does your company comply with the principles of corporate responsibility and yet still operate effectively? DHV’s environmental and safety consultants are skilled in meeting these challenges – expertly balancing the need to operate responsibly with profitable operations. Our experience as respected HSE consultants originates from a perfect understanding of your technical and operational processes, combined with expertise of the regulatory environment and requirements of (local) authorities and stakeholders. The primary consideration in the services we provide is the optimization of controls and processes for all aspects pertaining to safety and the environment whilst never losing sight of your corporate strategy.

Successful implementation is based on:

1. Providing creative solutions to complex questions; 2. Knowledge of technical and operational business processes; 3. Correct translation of stakeholder requirements into practical controls; 4. Employee awareness and participation; crucial to the success of environmental and safety improvements; 5. The right matches between business and consultants. These rules are the essence of a sustainable relationship with our clients.

Markets and clients

DHV has a wide experience working with clients around the world. This has enabled us to carry out contracts successfully for a large and diverse client base, illustrated by following key projects:

Oil and gas

The oil and gas market is dynamic and complex. Exploration and production activities have a significant impact on people and their environment. For many years DHV has been entrusted with numerous projects for both large and small companies in the oil and gas industry. Because of our strong relationship with both the industry’s associations and the national authorities, we are a trusted partner for the development of new strategies and policies.

In practice

A large oil and gas operator planned to develop and operate a new platform within a time span of two years. In order to realize this project, it was crucial to develop a HSE strategy at the start of the project and to produce several specialist studies required for licensing. In cooperation with the design team, various safety studies were conducted to comply with relevant legislation. This teamwork allowed our client to produce the first gas before their challenging deadline expired.

Chemical/petrochemical industry

Ever changing legislation makes it necessary for the chemical industry to focus on its environmental and safety performance. The chemical industry takes this responsibility very seriously. DHV supports these companies with a wide range of services, ranging from license application to environmental reporting and improvement of the safety culture.

In practice

A phosphate production location needed to comply with Seveso II regulations. Because of the possible release of phosphorus into the environment it is a unique situation that required a innovative approach. DHV was tasked with setting up an integral safety management system which comprised a quantitative risk assessment, and documentation addressing explosion protection, safety management system and a comprehensive safety report as the final deliverable.

Food industry

In recent years, environmental health and safety has become increasingly important within the food industry. More frequently stakeholders make food companies more accountable for their environmental behavior. Furthermore the employees demand a safe working environment. As a consequence, an increasing number of international food companies have turned to DHV for assistance in approving their environmental and safety performance.

In practice

A large, international dairy company requested DHV to support them with the improvement of the safety culture at one of its sites. This was completed successfully using the DHV SHWE tool (Safety, Health, Welfare and Environment). The model is used to measure safety awareness at different points in time. The safety awareness improved measurably through coaching, training, instruction and conducting incident investigations. Due to this success DHV was asked to execute similar studies at the client’s other sites around the world.


The energy sector’s search for innovative ways to produce (renewable) energy has involved DHV in providing support for this dynamic sector, resulting in numerous studies for major energy suppliers and related companies.

In practice

The CO2 released during the production of energy can be captured and stored in geological formations (Carbon Capture and Storage, CCS). DHV is currently examining the feasibility of CO2 storage in empty gas fields onshore and offshore and has drawn up a business case for possible CCS projects in the northern part of Europe.

Environmental health and safety issues occur at the interfaces of the private and public sectors, the economy and the environment. We translate these developments, trends and effects into your business policies through a wide range of products, services and tailor-made advice.

Our services: Policy and strategy

Development of an Environmental and Safety Policy Corporate Environmental Planning Stakeholder Analysis Carbon accounting, trading and reporting REACH and GHS Corporate Social Responsibility Development of a Major Accident Prevention Policy Energy reduction

Organization and processes

Environmental Management Systems Safety Management Systems Occupational Health Management Systems Risk Management Interim HSE Management Training and coaching


Safety Health Welfare Environment growth model Safety maturity culture assessment Incident analysis


HSE management system audits Compliance audits Safety and environmental inspections Annual environmental report Sustainability report Process safety management


Environmental permit Safety Report (Seveso) Fire fighting Report Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Emission studies Noise and Odor dispersion studies IPPC studies

HSE engineering

Safety Case preparation & update Technical Safety Review Process Hazard Analysis (HAZID, SWIFT, Bow-Tie, HAZOP, etc.) Fire, Explosion and Risk Assessment (FERA) Safety integrity studies (SIL, IPF and LOPA) Reliability, Availability & Maintainability studies (FME(C)A) Escape, Evacuation & Rescue Analysis (EERA) Quantitative Risk Assessment Hazard Consequence Modeling

DHV is a leading international consultancy and engineering firm that provides services and innovative solutions for Transportation, Building & Manufacturing, Spatial Planning and the Environment, and Water. Our range of services covers the entire project cycle, including management consultancy, advice, design and engineering, project management, contract management and asset management. The DHV Group, with its headquarters in Amersfoort in The Netherlands, is part of a global network of DHV companies operating from 75 offices in 20 countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. “Local delivery of Global Solutions” is DHV’s watchword where an integral approach to projects focuses on sustainable development of our living environment.

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