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DHV is a leading international consultancy and engineering firm, providing services and innovative solutions in Transportation, Water, Building & Industry, Urban and Regional Development, and Environment & Sustainability. Our range of services covers the entire project cycle, including management consultancy, advice, design and engineering, project management, contract management and asset management.

DHV, headquartered in the Netherlands, is part of the DHV Group which maintains a network of 70 offices worldwide. Our projects are able to call upon the extensive expertise network of the entire DHV Group, benefiting from an integrated approach and a shared commitment to the sustainable development of our living environment. The DHV Group has a staff of about 4,300. For further information please visit

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Roadmap Collective Energy Production

Sustainable Energy and Mobility Vision

Wastewater contains a lot of energy. Indeed, it contains much more energy than is needed for its own purification. Wastewater treatment plants thus have the potential of generating the energy for their own treatment processes, and having energy left over to supply to third parties. This means that there are potentially an additional 350 sources of green energy in the Netherlands. On behalf of Dutch waterboards, DHV carried out a preliminary study which resulted in a roadmap for the joint supply and sale of energy generated from biogas. The results of a pre-feasibility study were then presented to the boards of directors of the waterboards involved, who decided to proceed with further investigations.

The province of South-Holland asked DHV to develop a vision for the transformation of its economy into a CO2-neutral and lowemission economy. We investigated various routes to realizing this vision. All existing emission-producing activities in the province were mapped, and a position paper prepared, including strategic recommendations on the routes to be followed and promoted by the provincial government. The paper also addresses the prospects and impacts of new activities in South-Holland.

Green Gas Business Case

From Expense to Revenue Source

Within the framework of sustainable green gas projects, DHV has established chains of relevant stakeholders, including provinces, waterboards, waste incineration plant operators, and bus companies. Working in cooperation with these chain parties, we then developed a business case for green gas. DHV does the conceptual thinking and design, and investigates the project’s technical, financial, legal, and institutional feasibility. The outcome is not only clean and sustainable, but also profitable.

he Dutch province of Drenthe contracted DHV to investigate how to promote the generation and implementation of green gas projects. Our study concluded that the production of green gas should be centralized and preferably implemented on a large scale. The result would involve the conversion of waste into valuable energy products, which is fully in line with the Cradleto-Cradle concept. Moreover, what used to be a large expense item, would be transformed into a source of revenues. As part of the study, DHV developed the concept of central generation of sustainable final products; a concept that is not only innovative, but also sustainable and economically feasible.

Opportunities for Reuse of Industrial Wastewater

Future Wastewater Treatment DHV believes that the processing of residual agricultural products and the treatment of wastewater can be combined into a sustainable and integrated concept. The concept, called ‘ALgCHEMIE’, which plays an important part in a ‘bio-based economy’, focuses on the profitable production of raw materials and minerals, the cultivation of algae, and the generation of energy. The bio-based economy is one in which alternative ways of thinking and collaborations can lead the way to developing innovative and sustainable chains of wastes and materials.

DHV has provided technical advice on the opportunities for the production and sale of green gas to AVEBE, a private company that manufactures and markets starch. DHV recommended an energy supply route that would be the most financially beneficial, together with an implementation plan. A financial model has been prepared, and the opportunities and risks related to the implementation of the plan have been mapped. In addition, DHV has made an inventory of legal and fiscal aspects and the other consequences for AVEBE.

Win-win ‘waste, water, and energy’

Vision and Strategy for Green Gas

DHV carried out an assignment for Waternet, Amsterdam’s water utility, and the waste and energy company Afval Energie Bedrijf (AEB), also of Amsterdam. Both businesses were examined as providers of energy for sustainable mobility. The objective was to capitalize on the green gas generated and to study opportunities for the production of hydrogen and its application in other areas. A long-term perspective was taken to develop several financially and economically viable concepts in preparation for a phased roll-out of modules.

DHV has helped the board of directors of Eneco to define a vision for the company’s positioning and role in the green gas energy market. Eneco is an integrated energy company, specialized in the production, trading, transmission and supply of gas, electricity, heat, and related services. The company has recently developed a new strategy based on sustainability, which includes ambitious sustainable energy production objectives. The production, distribution, and use of green gas can make a major contribution to meeting these objectives.

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