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Volume 18 Issue 9 ● Friday 19th November 2010 ●

On Thursday the 11th of November two Year 13 students and a Year 14 student travelled to the Erne hospital to take part in a Pharmacy Workshop. At the Workshop, they prepared antibiotics in the Dispensary and also visited the wards. The students thought it was a valuable experience to see what pharmacy was like in the hospital.

VIRAL SORE THROAT WHAT IS A VIRAL SORE THROAT? This is an infection of the throat caused by a virus HOW DOES IT OCCUR? Many different viruses can cause a sore throat including • Flu viruses • Common cold viruses SYMPTOMS • Sore painful throat • Cough • Fever

KS3/KS4 Arts Award for October 2010 Congratulations to the following students who have been selected as the most deserving recipients for the Arts Award in October 2010. Certificates will be presented at the next Year Group Assembly. You can see their work in the Display Case on the Art Department Corridor.

Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12

Caolan Teague 8F Callum Snow 9E Emmet McElhatton 10D Ayrton McGurgan 11A Connaire Darby 12B

TREATMENT This is similar to that of a common cold. Antibiotics are of no help, analgesics to relieve minor pain can be used, gargling with warm or salt water may relieve symptoms. Plenty of rest.

“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, but teach him to fish and you feed him for life.” On the 10th Anniversary of Paul’s death the young people of Dromore set up a group called the ‘Spirit of Paul McGirr’ which works to raise both funds and volunteers to support communities of Lusaka, Zambia. Their aim is to serve the needs of the people there and offer them some of the resources necessary to improve themselves, their families and their community. They wish to see a world where no-one lives in poverty, fear or oppression; where all have access to a decent standard of living and the opportunities and choices essential to a long health and creative life; a world where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. The SMA Missionary Priests and Friends of Africa are already well established in Zambia and have founded many worthwhile and productive projects where the need is most urgent. Most initiatives involve the training of the young generation in the skills they need to be self sustaining including bricklaying, baking, sewing, horticulture, farming and carpentry. In the past we contributed to ‘The Spirit of Paul McGirr’ Christmas Shoe Box Appeal; this year we wish to support 100 pre-school children (30 of these pupils have special needs) who are in an orphanage. We ask that each of our Post 16 students contribute £2.00 so that we can send out the following basic but essential resources:

• 100 lined exercise books; • 100 blank exercise books; • Crayons; • Personal hygiene items e.g.

BUT Contact your GP if • You have a severe sore throat for more than 72hrs • You have a persistent fever over 38.3 (101 F) • You have swollen neck glands • You are unable to swallow, or not eating or drinking well • You have white spots on your tonsils. For more information contact the School Nurse

The Spirit of Paul McGirr Christmas Appeal

toothpaste, toothbrushes, face cloths and/or towels; A small toy e.g. small car or doll.

More pictures next week...

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& Extra Curricular Activities

FREESTYLE, BACKSTROKE, BREAST STROKE & RELAYS (Free Style & Medley) JUNIOR YEAR 8 INTERMEDIATE YEAR 9-10 SENIOR YEAR 11-14 TUESDAY 30TH NOVEMBER 2010 See: Mr C Mc Bride (Room 56) (Two separate competitions for club and non-club members)

Music Well done to our students who took part in the recent production of Beauty & the Beast: Edward Byrne, Eolann Duffy, Jonathan Kirwan, Andrew Masterson & Michael Owens. They were a credit to the school.

Twenty eager Year 8 students were invited to take part in the Youth Sport Cross Border Day in Holy Cross College, Strabane. The day was filled with exciting activities which included Practising their boxing skills are Tiernan Orienteering, Boxercise, McConnell and Connor Team Building exercises, Tag Harper Rugby, Karate, Gymnastics and a Peace & Reconciliation Workshop. The boys had to team up with pupils from Holy Cross and Sligo Grammar during each of the events. A great day was had by all and special word of thanks to Mrs Siobhan Garry (Holy Cross College) for organising the event. Eoin Grimes tries Touch Rugby

Oisin Donnelly directs the CBS lads during the teambuilding event.

Junior Choir Wednesday 1.15pm Room 54

Niall McDonagh gets physical during Boxercise

Traditional Group Thursday 1.15pm Room 55 Future gymnastics star Darragh Owens on the vault.

As part of the school’s 150th Anniversary celebrations this year, we are looking for any pupils who are willing to be interviewed about life in the school in 2010. The only requirement is that they must also have a father or uncle, and a grandfather or great uncle who also went to the school who are also willing to be interviewed, so that comparisons can be made between the three generations of pupils. If anyone is interested could they please contact Mrs McMorrow ASAP.

Saine Newsletter Issue 9  

Saine Newsletter Issue 9