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March 11, 2019 Issue 145 Labour Day Weekend

The Local - The Heart of the Highlands

2 About Us Front cover: The Labour Day long weekend brings loads of festivals to the Central Highlands. On the front covers and inside we have highlighted the fun and festivities from ChillOut and Bullarto Tractor Pull. More photos on Facebook.

March 11, 2019 Issue 145 Labour Day Weekend

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Images: Kyle Barnes, Anthony Sawrey & Donna Kelly

The Local - The Heart of the Highlands

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IVE women were inducted into the Hepburn Shire Council’s International Women's Day Heather Mutimer Honour Roll on Friday, March 8.

They are Margret Lockwood, Donna Cooper, Caelli Greenbank, Kathleen Morrison and Rozanne "Roz" Moynihan (posthumous). Over the coming editions The Local will feature these amazing women and their achievements. International Women's Day, March 8, is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. International Women's Day is all about unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and action - whatever that looks like globally at a local level. In 1911, International Women's Day was honoured for the first time in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. More than one million women and men attended IWD rallies campaigning for women's rights to work, vote, be trained, to hold public office and end discrimination. International Women's Day 2019's campaign theme is #BalanceforBetter.

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“The Local is the future of regional publishing!” - former senator John Madigan in the Australian Parliament Just sayin’... :)

Bullarto Tractor Pull 2019 Images: Anthony Sawrey

ChillOut 2019 (More photos on Facebook - and thanks to the Steakhouse for the use of its balcony!)



6 Our artists

Newstead artists opening up their studios


RISTIN "Krissy" Scherlies is just one of many artists taking part in the Newstead Open Studios program. She has a diploma in graphic design which she achieved as a mature-aged student in her early thirties and "now 30 years later it sounds rather silly that I was a 'mature-aged' student then". Krissy said her intention was to become a famous children's book illustrator and author. She has illustrated one book and had one book completely written and illustrated - and is just waiting for a publisher. Krissy lived in the Yarra Valley for 14 years until the first grandbaby arrived and then moved to Newstead to be closer to her family. She chatted with Donna Kelly. Donna: How did you get involved in art? Krissy: Colouring was my favourite thing to do as a child. Still love to sit with the grandchildren and colour, especially when I've scored an old colouring book from the op shop with its yellowing paper and that smell that takes me back to my childhood. Painting big is my joy at the moment. I can paint realistically but enjoy allowing ideas to flow so that I am painting what I feel and that usually evolves as a contemporary piece. I also dabble in mosaics. Donna: What is your medium? Krissy: Presently I paint with acrylics. I add sand to create texture. I learned the other day that Vermeer did the same when painting roof tiles to make them look more authentic. People are often drawn to touch my paintings because of the texture. I don't really mind, it means my work has evoked a reaction. Acrylic is very versatile and can often be disguised as watercolour or gouache depending on how it's applied. Donna: What do you hope your art says to others? Krissy: I've struggled as an artist to allow myself to just paint what I want to paint, not what I think will sell or what is considered "art". I hope my art will say: "don't be afraid, be yourself, enjoy the journey and enjoy the outcome" - and if I don't - more paint and more sand and paint over it, another journey commences. Donna: What does it mean to you? Krissy: Great question. Being creative makes me whole. I don't need to be "doing" it 24 hours a day. By giving it space and time to enter my being, I can extract the ideas as they arrive and let them evolve. Donna: Why are you involved in the Newstead Open Studios event? Krissy: Community. The community in Newstead is warm, embracing and supportive. My thing was me and my family, but since I moved here I have learned how wonderful it is to belong to a creative, spirited and talented group who are participating in Newstead Open Studios - my "family" is so much bigger now. Donna: It seems like Newstead has something in the water – are there as many creatives as we think? Krissy: I think we've got more to come out of the woodwork yet. The first time I participated, only two years ago, there were eight artists participating in Newstead Open Studios, this year there are 18! Donna: Where can we see your work – Newstead and other places? I was selected as a finalist in the Rochester Mural Festival and spent seven days painting a 4800 x 2100cm mural in February this year. So there's a mural inspired by the yarn bombing of a tree in Newstead, in Rochester. I have murals in Croydon and community art works in Ringwood. In November 2019 I will have a solo exhibition at Togs Cafe in Castlemaine. And Newstead Open Studios, part of the Castlemaine State Festival, is on March 23 and 24, and March 30 and 31. Donna: Is there anything else you'd like to add? Krissy: Recently I had an epiphany - my fear was not being a "real" artist, though I haven't tried to define what a "real" artist is. However, I woke one morning and said "just do it": paint, create, exhibit, apply to whatever takes your fancy, enjoy the journey. I worked 10 hours a day for seven days straight painting the mural at Rochester. I was dog-tired at the end of each day and even had to finish the mural by the light of my car's headlights, but I loved every minute of the experience. It's hard to turn off the negative voice sometimes, but I hope that mine has disappeared for good, and I wish the same relief for all of my fellow creatives.

Thurs 18 - Mon 22 April, 2019 Enter on line: Hard copy entry form: Trentham Neighbourhood Centre Closing date for entry applications: Fri 5 April Opening & presentation of awards: Thurs 18 April: 7.30pm (all welcome)

Trentham Mechanics Hall 85 High Street, Trentham General Enquiries: Jill McCallum 0403650811 Entry Enquiries: Bette McLaren 54241127 Jacinta Burke 0418542411

Meet Ruki - a charming devil on horseback


ITH a mighty whack, Australia's greatest polo player sends the big, heavy ball whizzing down the pitch. Jack "Ruki" Baillieu is home after 20 years on horseback as a top professional.

He’ll saddle up for a fund-raiser at Mingela Polo Club, Drummond, on Saturday, March 23. The event has already got off to a lively start, with 1000 people turning up at a launch at the sponsor, Bentley cars’ Melbourne showrooms. While Ruki may be shy of divulging the origin of his childhood nickname, he doesn’t mind pulling aside his polo shirt to show a bulge where he broke his collarbone, point out where a ball cut his eyebrow (players now wear protective glasses) and tells of soft tissue and adductor injuries. As soon as he finished at Geelong Grammar he was off overseas, rising in the world ranks to eight, two below the highest. Beginners start at minus two, the rankings being similar to the stroke system in golf. As he followed the sun, playing in Florida in winter and moving between the pitches of the US and the UK, he became the only foreigner in the top championship of Argentina, the greatest polo nation ("It’s ingrained in their culture."). Magazines nicknamed him "a charming devil on horseback" and fellow players said he had "mongrel grit", "ruthlessness" and "grunt". Now in his early forties, he says he’s enjoying being home for good. Inevitably, the question arises about playing with the young princes. William? “Can do it for charity.” Harry? “They go well.” And well they might, for it’s a vigorous game. Players may challenge opposition team members by “riding them off’, which is where a player rides a pony beside an opponent’s and tries to move the opponent away from the ball or even take them out of play. A player may also "bump" the opposition, which is a physical manoeuvre like a bodycheck in footy. Players can hook an opponent's stick when attempting to hit the ball.

A match is overseen by two mounted umpires who consult each other on decisions. If they disagree, they can seek the opinion of the match referee also known as the "third man". Following a foul, a free hit may be awarded towards goal. And it’s no game for mollydukers or cack-handers: players must be right-handed to avoid collisions. The pitch is 270 metres by 145 metres and the game is played in four sevenminute terms, called chukkas. A polo ball can weigh up to 130 grams and be 8.9cm round. (Which didn’t stop Freddy, a white labrador, from running onto the field and grabbing it during practice.) This "game of kings" is overseen by England’s 140-year-old Hurlingham Polo Association, described as the spiritual home of polo and which has a brand of posh clothing - Ruki wore white "Hurlingham 1875" pants for practice. Given his collection of injuries, it seemed only right to ask Ruki what he was most afraid of, an injury perhaps? "I don’t think playing polo and fear go well together," he says, after a measured pause. "If you have fear, you shouldn’t be playing." Meanwhile, on March 23, the inaugural Daylesford Polo will take place at the Mingela Polo Club, raising funds for TLC for Kids. Daylesford Polo is located on 1000 acres of picturesque countryside and will treat guests to gourmet food and drink, spectacular fashion, unrivalled countryside, and world-class sports. All profits raised will go towards helping sick children and their families around Australia. Alongside the match, there will be music from some of Melbourne's best DJs and iconic activities such as the ladies' and the men's dash. Tickets: Mingela Polo Club is at 2029 DaylesfordMalmsbury Rd, Drummond.


Words: Kevin Childs | Image: David White

8 Advertorial

Zen Reflections creating mind and body balance


ARG Bruechert is an end-of-life doula, a holistic mind-body therapist, holistic counsellor and personal growth consultant.

Her passion for mind-body balance, personal transformation and grief support, grew during a time when she offered to work as a volunteer helping young children and teenagers work through grief and also as a Lifeline counsellor. This work ignited a new career path and Marg returned to study. She has now been working with her business Zen Reflections for 16 years, supporting and empowering people through the difficult issues to help transform their life and to find clarity and inner peace when they are feeling overwhelmed and in pain. "To complement my work, helping people find positive transformation through all stages of life, I completed intensive training to practise as an end-of-life doula. I now provide this service to individuals and their families, who need non-medical support, to help them transition before, during and after end-of-life. "The role is diverse and provides practical, emotional, social, and spiritual support to meet the unique needs and wishes of each person. For example, before an illness or terminal diagnosis, I may be asked to help complete an advanced care plan, document personal wishes or help to organise personal belongings. "I may be asked to support a person and their family, in various ways, during their end-of-life stage within their home, care facility or hospital. I may be asked to support family after the death, with home body care if they want to have time with their loved one, help organise their celebration of life and be there for them to give emotional support during their grief. "There are many areas of support and care an end-of-life doula can offer to help ‘bridge the gap’ when navigating the process toward end-of-life. It’s all about helping you and your family make informed choices that will support your continuity of care and quality of life and keeping your needs and wishes in mind. "It takes strength and courage to seek help, and as a holistic therapist and doula, supporting those who entrust their most vulnerable and precious times to me, is especially close to my heart. Both my work and my unique personal experiences have allowed me to provide a loving, empathetic and holistic service within a calm, safe space. " Holistic mind-body therapies, holistic counselling and personal growth sessions are available by appointment at my consulting room in Newlyn. End-of-Life service is available within the Hepburn and Ballarat areas. If you have any questions or would like further information about a service, call Marg on 0438 363 525 or email

Zen Reflections, 2737 Midland Highway, Newlyn. |

Holistic Funeral Directors

Practical + emotional + social + spiritual ... support supporting and empowering individuals and their families who need non-medical support, to help them prepare for, and navigate through, the steps of end-of-life. Enquiries very welcome Marg Bruechert on 0438 363 525

Sustainable & authentic funerals Call 5427 3112 visit

Zen Reflections 2737 Midland Highway, Newlyn.

Newstead Open Studios art trail 23-24 & 30-31 March, 2019 10am-5pm

News 9

Woodend Carnival


HE Woodend community will come together at the St Ambrose Community Carnival on Saturday, March 16.

St Ambrose Parish School principal Des Noack says community togetherness is something that makes Woodend unique and it deserves to be celebrated. "The whole community is invited to the St Ambrose Community Carnival. The event is one of the biggest in the region, attracting around 2500 people annually. "The carnival is not just for our school and parish, but for the whole town. The event itself highlights the generosity of spirit of the people in this town and how we can all come together as a community when we need to. "What better way to celebrate what makes Woodend special than to come together amongst the beautiful autumn colours with great entertainment and food?" All the favourite carnival activities, such as a silent auction, pop-up stalls, Devonshire tea, plant and fruit and vegetable stalls will be there, also music, activities, food and entertainment for the whole family. Children of all ages can enjoy a large range of rides - from the tame to scary varieties. The carnival will have some star power this year, hosting record-holding wood choppers and 7mate’s Stihl Timbersports personalities, Blake Meyer, Kyle Meyer and Brayden Meyer. Children will also get their chance to shine on the big stage in the Big Little Shots show, hosted by New Leaves bookshop owner Anthony "Woody" Woodcock. Meanwhile, the carnival has a limited number of pop-up stall spots remaining, as well as space for buskers.

Details: or email

Download our art trail map and guide:

Local Lines The Bones of Truth

I love the way in your old age you bare your limbs and show your frame in all its charm, a silhouette against the racing clouds. I rub against your trunk to feel your strength and plant my sizzling breath on rib and spine a hunger-gasp with each salacious lick which felts my tongue then flares with glowing hope. And yet you do not feel my heat. You do not fuel my urge. What would it need to strike the spark to drive my lust across the sky with pride and tussock - jump the slopes to leap the trees then seed the clouds that storm with such intent as I dream here beside your feet? My fire of love will thunder in your heart. Gael Elliot

Poems for Local Lines will come predominantly from a local group of poets who came up with the original idea. However, other locals who would like a poem considered for publication can contact Bill Wootton -

Gael was born in Swan Hill in 1943 and finally settled in Trentham in 1998. "You may start a poem but the resulting words may be entirely different from what you started out to write."

10 Our history

Moves to preserve historical site at lake


"We are actively looking at the micro-hydro plant," says Taryn Lane from ENTRAL Springs Reserve has seen better days. While it remains Hepburn Wind. a pretty spot to stroll through on the way to Sutton Springs and "Unfortunately, the major pipe was filled with concrete when the lake was last beyond, the area below the wall holding in Lake Daylesford is in need emptied, which largely means it cannot be repowered. But we are still investigating. of some attention. Currently it is a hodgepodge of features old and new, a bit of lawn here, a sculpture there, a few new bins and some freshly-painted mineral spring pumps. But surrounding these modest pockets of attention and maintenance there are weeds, thickets of gorse, blackberry and some intriguing ruins that would almost be picturesque if not for the temporary fencing thrown around them and a general miasma of neglect. It would appear that the site needs a bit of a plan to bring the area up to par with other attractions around the town. But first a little history: the most spectacular wreck, crushed down to its foundations by a huge tree limb last year, was constructed in 1926 as a tea room. It was never really a success and a substitute, now long gone, was constructed opposite that fared much better. The second relic of interest in the area is a little green shed, clobbered by falling timber, choked by grass in summer and soaked by water in winter. This modest building, hardly bigger than a car garage, holds the remnants of a micro hydroelectricity plant; one of the first in Australia. Gary Lawrence, of the Daylesford & District Historical Society, takes up the story. "A Mr Lockhart, local electrician and radio technician designed the requirements for the hydro plant. A generator was sent from London by ship arriving at Daylesford, February 1930. Mr Lockhart then arranged for supply and installation of poles, wires and fittings to operate lights all the way around the lake area. The plant was in service until the State Electricity Commission hooked the town up to the grid several decades later." Now, more than 70 years after the plant's de-commissioning, moves are afoot to give the area an extreme makeover. There has been a proposal to repair things since at least 2014, says Colin Metcalfe, incoming president of the Daylesford Rotary Club. "The initiating process centred around the pavilion being restored and the (Hepburn Shire) council indicated they had $150,000 to go towards it. But a number of people said what we should do as a better spend was look at the whole precinct. "Thus, the proposal was put forward again and the club saw this as an opportunity to become involved both with raising funds and drawing in members of the community who have been successful with other restoration projects such as Smiths Creek and the Cornish Hill Reserve." As well as Rotary’s involvement, the Daylesford District Community Bank is prepared to contribute along with Hepburn Community Wind Park Cooperative.

At the minimum we will look to tidy up and preserve this historical site." While all the pieces of this grand collaborative project are still coming together, in a statement from Bruce Lucas, director of Hepburn Shire Council's Infrastructure and Development Services, the council has reaffirmed its commitment to revitalising the reserve. It also recognises that there are many groups and individuals who may want to give input to the evolving restoration plan. For this reason, council has been actively seeking community feedback. It will hold two public drop-in sessions with council officers and members of the Mineral Springs Reserve Advisory Committee on Wednesday, March 20 from 4pm to 5pm at the Daylesford Town Hall and Saturday, March 23, from 10am to 11am in the Daylesford Senior Citizens Room, at the rear of the Daylesford Town Hall. Above, main, the Central Springs parklands featuring the micro-hydro shed during its heyday (Private collection postcard - image courtesy of the Daylesford & District Historical Society); inset, the hydro shed today; below, the ruins of the 1920s tea room pavilion.

Words & inset and below images: Anthony Sawrey


Can Apps help me with my diabetes management? Explore & learn about helpful Apps with the assistance of Hepburn Health Service’s Dietitian, Diabetes Educator, Physiotherapist & Podiatrist. Learn about:

• how they work & what they can offer • uses, pros & cons • carbohydrate & insulin calculation, exercise


Monday March 25 WHERE

Hepburn Health Service

Put a Spring In your Step (SIS)


Wellness Program 8

People with Diabetes are recommended to have an Annual Review with a Dietitian, Podiatrist & Diabetes Educator

Hepburn Health Service is providing annual checks on the day


3 - 4pm

Happy & Healthy 11

Bookings can be made with one or more of these therapists before or after the Apps session.


Exercise and Education Program within the Hepburn Shire ARE YOU INTERESTED IN WAYS TO: •

Increase your strength, exercise capacity and the distance you can walk?

Improve your quality of life?

Increase confidence and ability to self-manage your condition?

Stay out of hospital?

Daylesford Community Health Centre

See your GP or website for more information

13 Hospital Street, Daylesford.

In an emergency always call 000





10 Hospital St | tel: (03) 5348 2227

Trentham 22 Victoria St | tel: (03) 5424 1602

Please contact 53216550 for more information or to book.

SIS Program Partners: holistic fitness

Do you keep people happy and healthy? Advertise here and let everyone know.

Dr. Susanne M. Heringslake Chiropractor Moments To Ponder a little gift from me to you Be alert. Be aware. Stay awake. Be present. When you least expect it, when you feel joyful and lighthearted, a miracle just for you will simply show up! Anywhere. Any time!

For all enquiries and to book appointments, please contact: Dr Susanne M Heringslake Chiropractor Mobile: 0407 301 352

Clinical Hypnosis for

Smoking Cessation 30 years experience

Dr Leigh Hibbins MBBS BSc DipSOH medical practitioner

When did you last feel amazing? Relax Rejuvenate Revitalise your health & wellbeing with Reflexology & Aromatherapy

Also providing counselling and clinical hypnosis for the management of insomnia, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, anxiety & depression.

Hale House 24 Raglan Street, Daylesford Enquiries and appointments Phone 0491 331 951 No referral required. Medicare rebates apply.

Margaret McConvill 0414 362 961

Lake Daylesford Swim Classic


HE 10th annual Lake Daylesford Swim Classic, on Sunday, March 3, raised $2700 for the La Faek Diak medical clinic in Triloka, East Timor.

Organiser Greg Stewart, pictured left with his daughter and competitor Anna, said the event attracted a record 81 starters. The first competitor to complete the 1.3km open water swim was Justin Rodda, pictured above left, with a time of 15 minutes 18 seconds. Just behind him was Alyssia Jenkins, pictured above right, in 15 minutes 29 seconds. Justin, 46, from Gisborne, said he was one of a group who travelled to Daylesford annually to do the event. "It's a bit of a tradition amongst us. I was one of the original swimmers who swam in this boutique swimming event 10 years ago when there were no more than a handful of participants. "This year it has grown to over 80 swimmers, which is a record number. I have won the event seven times, but this year it was closely contested with Alyssia Jenkins passing me at the final turn only to have me edge her out, which made for an exciting finish."

Got an event coming up? Advertise it in The Local.

Coliban Ward by-election


LICIA Kokocinski - I’ve been a Trentham local for 20 years, living on a small-scale farm. We need strong representation for Coliban Ward for everyone from Bullarto to Lyonville, Musk to Spring Hill – to Trentham and everywhere in between.

OUR candidates have nominated in the Hepburn Shire Council, Coliban Ward by-election.

The candidates, in ballot paper order, are David Reilly, Brian Hood, Licia Kokocinski and John McLaren. Candidate statements and responses to a questionnaire about their background and qualifications are available online at The by-election will be conducted by post. Ballot packs will be mailed from Tuesday, March 12. Voting closes at 6pm on Friday, March 29. The by-election comes after the resignation of councillor Sebastian Klein. The Local asked candidates to provide 150 words and a high resolution head shot for this edition.

BRIAN Hood - Your voice for strong and independent representation for Trentham and Coliban ward.

Coliban Ward needs a strong voice to represent its vibrant, growing community to ensure vital services and infrastructure are delivered for the benefit of ratepayers in a fair and timely manner. The current by-election presents an opportunity to use my skills, experience and energy to make a positive contribution as a strong, independent councillor. If elected this allows me to represent all sectors of the community by listening, respecting, responding and productively working with council to get things done. My career roles have been in senior management, executive and CFO positions with the water industry, a state government environmental agency and local government (as finance manager for Stonnington Council). I spent almost five years with the Reserve Bank of Australia’s banknote printing subsidiary NPA, where I blew the whistle on Australia’s largest foreign bribery case.

Action is needed on: Council investing our rates back into Coliban fairly; Improved local public-access transport links; Upgrading the substandard facilities in areas that attract tourists (eg Trentham Falls); and Greater access to community health services. Longer term, ensuring our planning decisions are realistic, that we have sustainable development and alternative energy innovation. I am a former State MP (ALP) but running as an independent who values social justice, collective and fact-based decision-making, fairness and accountability. Before retiring in 2014 my career focused around policy and advocacy in areas of local government, disability, health and ageing and diverse communities. Most recently I was a member of the Cobaw Community Health Board.

DAVID Reilly – I have lived in South Bullarto for over 20 years, part of the community, selfemployed for most of my life.

I understand business, tourism, the ongoing challenge of balancing the needs of long term residents, the needs of business operators, of new people moving to our community and the strain put on our communities infrastructure, water, sewerage, pre-schools, schools, medical centres, sport, recreation, libraries, halls, shopping and parking. My focus will be: 1. Completion of the Trentham Hub. 2. Rate fairness. 3. Local rate money to be spent in our ward. 4. As our community changes ensuring we have the facilities to accommodate our changing needs. 5. Sustainable growth. 6. To listen and represent the residents. 7. Managing change, finding the balance between existing residents and developers. 8. Maintaining the integrity of our community. 9. Most importantly, a fresh Voice. Authorised by David Reilly, Lynchs Road, Bullarto South, 3461.







Our candidates 13

JOHN McLaren - I believe that a councillor should be independent. He or she should be accountable to the communities that have elected them and not beholden to special interest groups or financial backers.

Before seeking election, I believe that a potential councillor should have taken the time to meet as many of their potential constituents as possible, listening to their stories, opinions and concerns to become informed about the realities of people’s lives. Rather than speak about what they intend to do after being elected, a candidate should have been speaking up in public debate on the issues of the times, clearly and candidly, well before an election is called. A candidate should have a clear record of service to the community they are seeking to represent. Therefore, when my election brochure appears in Coliban Ward mailboxes, I hope Coliban voters will recognise a candidate worthy of their confidence.

Letter to the editor


FTER the Hepburn bushfire emergency centre closed, Hepburn Shire Council's Michelle Dove contacted me and donated all excess goods to the 5000 Club.

Then Mark from Bocconcini, which was closing, gave us all his frozen cooked goods for our operation. I am keen to acknowledge both these generous donations so that the locals can see how the community supports what we are set up to achieve in the community. It once again demonstrates how this is indicative of the kindness and social awareness which is a feature of the wonderful Hepburn Shire.

- Loretta Little, 5000 Club Authorised by Brian Hood, 9 Wallaby Jack Rd. Trentham 3458 contact: 0411 139004

Letters are always welcome. Keep them short and to the point. Any addressed Dear Sir will be deleted. :)

14 Markets

To market, to market...


OU can find everything you need at weekend markets, from fresh fruit and veg to handmade jewellery and wares, throughout the Central Highlands and surrounds. Here are just a few.

Daylesford Sunday Market – every Sunday Wesley Hill Market - every Saturday Daylesford Farmers Market – first Saturday Trentham Neighbourhood Centre Makers Market - first Saturday Golden Plains Farmers Market - first Saturday Woodend Farmers Market - first Saturday Castlemaine Artists’ Market – first Sunday Trentham Community Group Market - second Saturday Kyneton Farmers Market - second Saturday Ballan Farmers Market - second Saturday Kyneton Rotary Community Market – second Saturday Maldon Market – second Sunday Clunes Farmers Market - second Sunday Trentham Farmers Market and Makers Market - third Saturday Glenlyon Farmers Market – third Saturday Leonards Hill Market - third Saturday Creswick Market - third Saturday Talbot Farmers Market – third Sunday Woodend Lions Market - third Sunday Trentham Station Sunday Market - fourth Sunday Buninyong Village Market - fourth Sunday

food and drinks, organic veggies, local produce, craft, art, music, plants

kids' craft, handmade goods, eco-wares, 90+ stalls, friendly atmosphere

The Trentham Farmers Market has joined with Trentham Makers Market

Third Saturday, 9am - 1pm

TRENTHAM PETROL & STUFF 1 Market St PH 5424 1611 Mon - Sat 8am - 6pm Sun 9am - 6pm Petrol, oils, swap & go gas, firewood permits, farm produce / produce store, ice, milk, soft drinks, take-away pies, coffee, confectionery, local honey etc. rusty junk, secondhand books, old wares

Buying or selling property?

ium em r Pr aste E 19 20

HOUSE.LAND.HOME. Your local real estate guide to the Central Highlands

Unlock your property’s potential by advertising in the next edition of HLH Premium, our region’s premium gloss real estate magazine, set to hit shelves in time for the Easter long weekend visitor rush. Talk to your agent or call the team at The Local on 5348 7883.



DAYLESFORD 73 CENTRAL SPRINGS ROAD STYLISH, HIGH SET CENTRAL LOCATION Light filled and fully refurbished throughout, this stylish 2 or 3 bedroom / sunroom holiday accommodation is close to the centre of vibrant Daylesford. Open plan living/dining with large window to capture light and views of the landscaped garden. The modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances opens out onto the deck. Large bathroom with separate toilet and laundry facilities. Wood fire heater and electric cooking. There is rear access via a lane from West Street. Currently let on the holiday rental market showing good returns.

DAYLESFORD 27A FULCHER STREET CENTRAL WEEKENDER OR INVESTMENT Close to the Mill Markets and walking distance to Lake Daylesford and local cafes. This low maintenance, sturdy brick home would make the perfect first home, weekender or investment opportunity. This generously proportioned home features two large sized bedrooms with built in robes, central bathroom, spacious living area and front veranda with privacy of established trees. • Gas central heating • Single carport / neat and tidy backyard

a2 b1 c1


a2 b1 c4


FOR SALE PRICE $595,000 CONTACT Michael DeVincentis 0417 142 152 OFFICE 43 Vincent Street, Daylesford 5348 2328

FOR SALE PRICE $425,000 CONTACT Michael DeVincentis 0417 142 152 OFFICE 43 Vincent Street, Daylesford 5348 2328

ID and contact details are required at all open for inspections

THE BIG ENTERTAINER Situated in central Daylesford abutting the grass tennis courts and in walking distance to everything Daylesford has to offer, this large well-presented home features a generous and well-designed floorplan with 4 bedrooms w/- BIR’s and central bathroom (ensuite in master bedroom), 2 lounge/ living areas, open plan kitchen entertaining, separate study, dining room and pergola perfect for outdoor entertaining. The fully fenced rear backyard features established gardens with raised vegetable gardens.

A SENSE OF LIGHT AND SPACE A gorgeous light-filled home offering stylish country living amidst lush established gardens, providing year-round pleasure and relaxation so close to all of the attractions of Hepburn Springs. Downstairs living comprises a spacious stylish kitchen and dining area, large bathroom with laundry, and separate living room. Upstairs the two bright bedrooms have high attic-style ceilings and attractive dormer windows with views to the nearby hills. There is a second bathroom with corner spa, and another sitting/study area.

a4 b2 c3

FOR SALE PRICE $595,000 CONTACT Tom Shaw 0438 118 903 Rae Corris 0408 358 772 OFFICE 43 Vincent Street, Daylesford 5348 2328

a2 b2 c2

FOR SALE PRICE $498,000 CONTACT Rae Corris 0408 358 772 OFFICE 43 Vincent Street, Daylesford 5348 2328



DAYLESFORD 15A GRENVILLE STREET WALKING DISTANCE TO WOMBAT GARDENS Bright and open 3 bedroom, refurbished home offers a contemporary kitchen, a spa bathroom, polished floors and ducted heating & cooling. Set in beautiful established gardens on a level block of approx. 739 sqm; in a quiet location comes complete with a double carport. The sun room opens onto a large alfresco area featuring a wood fire, built in BBQ, bench and sink. This area flows seamlessly into a wonderful garden room entertainment area with its own chiminea.

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SOLD PRICE Contact Agent CONTACT Michael DeVincentis 0417 142 152 OFFICE 43 Vincent Street, Daylesford 5348 2328

CLASSIC COUNTRY HOME ON 4 ACRES Situated in the charming hamlet of Allendale is this spacious family home on 4 acres, just minutes from Creswick and Kingston and only 15 minutes to Daylesford. All bedrooms offer built in robes, with the master bedroom providing extra robes. The main bathroom has a full timber vanity, a deep spa bath with separate shower & toilet. The kitchen, with high quality appliances including a 900mm stainless steel cooker & rangehood has an open plan design to the dining and spacious living room.

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FOR SALE PRICE $492,000 CONTACT Nik Bradley 0448 407 387 OFFICE 32 Albert Street, Creswick 5345 1073


ALLENDALE 4165 CRESWICK-NEWSTEAD ROAD THE PERFECT COUNTRY ESCAPE Located in the heart of the historic hamlet of Allendale and positioned perfectly between Daylesford and Creswick and a stones throw from Kingston is this picturesque allotment of over one acre (4257m2 approx.). With stunning rural views in every direction and services available, all that is left for you to do is build your perfect country escape (STCA). • Zoned Township • Town water & Power available • Historic Hepburn Shire township


FOR SALE PRICE $144,000 CONTACT Nik Bradley 0448 407 387 OFFICE 32 Albert Street, Creswick 5345 1073

ID and contact details are required at all open for inspections

A PERFECT PLACE TO MAKE YOUR MARK Just a stroll to the centre of historic Clunes is this fantastic parcel of land surrounded by period homes and amazing country views. Quickly becoming the new jewel in Hepburn Shire's crown, Clunes still offers amazing value for tree changers, down sizers or those just wanting a holiday home. With power, water and sewerage all passing by the front of the 800m2 allotment along with a relatively flat aspect to the land you can buy and build with confidence. • Services available at front gate • 15 minutes to Creswick & 30 minutes to Daylesford

FOR SALE PRICE $118,000 CONTACT Nik Bradley 0448 407 387 OFFICE 32 Albert Street, Creswick 5345 1073


Design with Indre Kisonas

Paint additives and solutions


HEN you have a task to complete, you may not always have the ideal conditions to complete the task effectively.

We have experienced extreme heat this summer and very little rainfall. We know that optimum paint drying temperatures are between 16 degrees and 26 degrees celsius. Painting outside of this range can affect the adherence of the paint to the substrate, as well as the surface finish of the paint. The skin of the paint will dry faster in hot weather, then the lower layers. In colder weather paint drying can take too long. Both can lead to paint sag, bumps or wrinkling. Fortunately, we don’t have humidity to hinder us in Central Victoria. If you have been putting off a house-painting job due to high temperatures but want to get it done before the cold of winter, there is a paint additive you can use. Floetrol is a paint extender for acrylics making the acrylic paint act like an oil paint. By that I mean it has an easier flow. You get a wet edge for longer, a reduction in brushmarks and lap-over marks, plus increased paint coverage. This is great in windy, hot weather where your paint dries too fast or if you are painting with metallic paint and require the paint to stay wet longer. Penetrol is a paint additive or a timber nourisher. Added to paint, primers or stains it penetrates dry, cracked, porous timbers to assist paint to stick and cover these timbers. It also helps paint stick to most other surfaces you choose to paint. Used as a nourisher it can restore faded wood stains, nourish interior woods, beams and panels or help protect from the weather. Personally, I used Penetrol on weathered, cracked window frames and when I repainted an old steel horse float. I was happy with both jobs. When painting inside a home, often the family sleeps in the painted rooms that night. Oil paints are particularly smelly, but kids and babies are very sensitive and the less volatile organic compounds we are exposed to, the better. An odour eliminator I have used does an excellent job of reducing smells and I always use this additive when having children’s rooms painted. Zapp neutralises the emitted gases by chemically bonding with them, not just masking the smell. There will be other brands of additives available, but I have personally used the brand names mentioned and cannot vouch for the alternatives. I wanted to introduce you to some solutions to make your jobs a little easier. Anything to make life easier, I always say. Good luck with the painting.

- Indre Kisonas owner and principal designer iok design |

Spring flowering bulbs

The weather might be in a seasonal dither but my calendar says autumn and time to be thinking of the heralds of warmth and comfort - spring flowering bulbs. These wonderful, colourful, free-flowering plants in all their varieties can be grown and flowered in almost any garden situation and some even indoors. Although they can go in for some time yet, the sooner you plant them the better they can become established before the inevitable cold weather arrives. Nurseries and garden shops already have the more commonly grown varieties on sale including anemones, ranunculus, freesias, hyacinths, Dutch iris, tulips and the ubiquitous daffodils in an array of forms and colours. But if you're feeling a little adventurous, you will discover an amazing range of new and excitingly different forms on offer online from specialist bulb growers. As they are fully self-contained almost self-sufficient little packages of hibernating energy, bulbs are ideal mail-order plants contentedly dormant until they are awakened by being planted into a bed of well-drained and composted soil and then watered. Fertiliser is needed only at the time of planting - and that should be something organic like blood and bone. It's when the flowers have finished and the foliage starts to dry and they begin to store up energy for next season's display that they need the fertiliser. By the way, don't cut them back once the flowers are gone. Often it's best to put up with the sight of yellowing leaves until they're completely dead. Then you will know the food intake is finished. Almost all bulbs prefer to be planted at a depth that is three times greater than their diameter to ensure they are firmly anchored and less likely to topple with the weight of their blooms. Besides, shallow planting can result in short flower stems and, on occasion, even sunburnt bulbs. On the other hand, if they're planted too deep, they may not even emerge at all. The other trick is to make sure you know which end is which, and plant them right side up. Fortunately, with most varieties the choice is obvious. The best environment for planting bulbs is a bed of sandy loam or sand, mixed with well-rotted compost. Prepare the holes approximately 4 cm deeper than needed, place a small amount of complete fertiliser in the bottom and cover it with sand or sandy loam so that the plant will reach it when it needs to. In a dry season such as this you will need to give them a good soaking drink at the time of planting but that should be all that's necessary until the small green shoots show through. Mulch the bed to keep it moist and keep the weeds down by regular cultivation. Because many bulbs dislike being disturbed from year to year, it is a good idea to plant some form of perennial ground cover over the bed to cover up an otherwise bare bed when they are dormant.

Bulbs indoors

Bring your garden colour indoors by growing bulbs in ornamental pots in a sheltered but well-lit spot in the garden and then placing them indoors to flower on a sunny window sill or ledge. Bulbs do better in pots than most other plants because they have a very limited root system and will adapt readily to a confined space, just as long as the soil in the pot is friable and porous to prevent waterlogging.

Got a gardening query? Email

For all your signage needs, head to local Dan O'Toole


AN O’Toole is well known throughout Daylesford and the region for his sign writing business – but there’s a lot more to what he does.

Along with general sign writing for stores he also takes care of signs for vehicles and all forms of advertising. And while he is a crack graphic designer, he is also happy to help out those who have already done their own designs. Dan takes on work from Ballarat to Geelong but prefers to work locally when possible. He started signwriting in 2001 when he left school at the age of 18 and has never looked back. Locals he has worked with include Springs Medical Centre, Designscope, Hepburn House and Daylesford Community Childcare Centre. Outside of Daylesford they include Premix King, West Ag, Sinclair Meats, Advanced Cabinetry and Nashish Marketing. Dan said his most memorable job was a couple of days painting signage on the Savoia Hotel for owner Merv when he refurbished it a couple of years ago. “I have a full suite of equipment and am happy to do anything from the commercial side of things to community groups. Some of those I have worked with include the Daylesford Cinema, Daylesford Football Netball Club and the Daylesford Bowling Club. I love being a local here and working with people I’ve known for years. It’s a lot of fun.” Dan, who is married to Karley and has daughter Harper and son Leo, pictured with his dad, has current projects including signage for Kings Cars, via Gasoline Media, and Ballarat and Geelong Triton advertising.

Contact Dan on 0437 854 274 or


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Your real estate guide to the Central Highlands

Easter (April 21) | Publication Date - APRIL 8 Bookings by April 2 | Copy by April 4 Queen’s Birthday Weekend (June 10) | Publication Date - JUNE 3 Bookings by May 19 | Copy by May 29 Grand Final (September 28) | Publication Date - SEPTEMBER 23 Bookings by September 15 | Copy by September 17 Summer Series (December 2) Publication Date - DECEMBER 2 Bookings by November 26 | Copy by November 28


Bells Water Gardens @ Newlyn

Bells Water Gardens has been in the water garden business for over 25 years, building and maintaining ponds and growing a diverse range of aquatic plants for the nursery trade and public. We are passionate about building natural eco-system ponds, adding beauty and encouraging wildlife, allowing interaction with nature. Water gardens built by us are quiet, contemplative places to rest and energise the senses. Contact us for all your water garden requirements or come and see our nursery at 1 Campion Rd, Newlyn.

Do you keep homes nice and neat? Advertise in the next edition of House.Land.Home. and let everyone know! Contact Kyle on 0416 104 283 or

0418 567 195

Sustainable harmonious healthy homes and cabins

Build Something


0448 534 626



03 5464 7380

• Roller Shutters • Security Doors • Fly Screens



Hepburn Shire & Ballarat

Phone: 03 5464 7380 or Michael 0422 643 901 Email:

MONDAY IS LOCALS' NIGHT AT THE ARGUS DINING ROOM $45 pp feed me (normally $65) includes glass of house wine or beer. Bookings essential. Open Monday from 6pm to 9pm.

HOURS Open Monday – Sunday for Breakfast and Dinner Open Saturday/Sunday for Lunch. Bookings: 03 5348 2202 124 Main Rd Hepburn Springs

Meal deals for locals...


VERYONE loves a good meal deal. So here are some of the dining establishments offering great food and great prices!


News 23

Do you feed and water people? Advertise in The Local!

Peppers Mineral Springs, Hepburn - Feed me - includes a glass of beer or wine $45pp


Daylesford Hotel, Daylesford – Steak Night - $25 The Plough, Trentham - Locals' All Day Dining - 2 courses $27/3 courses $32


Criterion Hotel, Castlemaine - Express Jalapeno Poppers $12, Fried Chicken Wings $12, Refried Bean Rolls $12, Fried Baby Calamari Tostada $16, 12-2.30pm


Daylesford Hotel, Daylesford - Roast, a pot or glass of wine or soft drink - $25

Monday - Friday (Not available public holidays or school holidays)

Galley Diner, Daylesford - lunch deal - burger, soft drink, fries - $17 Casa El Rey, Daylesford - lunch deal - burrito, soft drink - $15

Community Lunch:

The 5000 Club, Daylesford is open for lunch from noon every Friday at Stanbridge Hall, Central Springs Road, Daylesford. All welcome.


Fundraising raffles for local organisations are held on Friday evenings at the Farmers Arms Hotel, Daylesford and the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Trentham.

Introducing our newly refurbished (and now private) dining room. Perfect for functions and parties.

For bookings please email 1 EAST ST DAYLESFORD


24 Gigs

Gig Guide Criterion Hotel, Castlemaine Balls ‘n’ All - Saturday, March 16 Bittersweet - Saturday, March 23 The Regular Joes - Saturday, March 30

Peppers, Hepburn Live music - Friday, March 22, 4pm-7pm

Daylesford Cidery, Musk The Frank Burkitt Band - Saturday, April 13, noon-3pm Cat and Clint - Sunday, April 21, noon-3pm

Peppers, Hepburn Live music - Friday, March 22, 4pm-7pm

Blue Bean Love Cafe, Hepburn Nathan Power - Friday, March 15 Scott Fraser - Saturday, March 16 Buck Jr. - Sunday, March 17 Josh Dance - Friday, March 22 Paige Duggan featuring Wayne - Saturday, March 23 Next Episode - Sunday, March 24 Aurora - Friday, March 29 The Cartwheels - Saturday, March 30

The Cosmopolitan Hotel, Trentham Brent Shirley - Sunday, March 17

The Palais, Hepburn Springs Aboubacar Djelike Kouyate - Friday, March 15 Emily Grant Time - Saturday, March 16, 8.30pm-10.30pm Modern Maori Quartet & Exposing Edith - Friday, March 22 World Music dance night with Sol Nation, Modern Maori Quartet & Kairo Family World - Saturday, March 23

subj All gigs ec Fees t to chan ma ge! Che y apply. ck w ith the v enue .

Got a gig coming up? Email It's free!


Locals Menu – all day

2 Courses $30 / 3 Courses $35 3 Courses + Wine of Week $40


Mains from $22 Thursday to Saturday 11am – close Sunday 11am – 4pm 31 High Street, Trentham (03) 5424 1144


Private dining room Catering for 8-30 guests Set menus available

Bushfire thanks


AYLESFORD Cinema will hold a fundraiser for the Glenlyon Group of Fire Brigades this Thursday, March 14 at 7pm.

Committee chair Gina Lyons said the cinema would be showing A Dog's Way Home at the Daylesford Town Hall with ticket prices of just $10 per person. All monies raised will go towards the fire brigades. Ms Lyons said the family-friendly screening was all about giving back and showing appreciation to those who helped stop the recent Hepburn bushfires. "Representatives from the CFA and the Hepburn Shire Council will be there and give very short speeches but we are keeping this very informal and fun," she said. "It's a really, really good cause and the CFA are so committed. They protect us and it really brings it home when something like this happens how lucky we are to have them." Meanwhile, last week, from March 4 to 6, Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa offered complimentary bathing for firefighters, Victoria Police, Australian Red Cross, DELWP and Hepburn Shire staff and volunteers to show their gratitude. "Words cannot express how grateful we are for the amazing efforts of the CFA, Victoria Police, Australian Red Cross, DELWP Grampians, Hepburn Shire Emergency Management, Hepburn Shire Council and countless other organisations, volunteers and community groups for their efforts during the recent Hepburn fires. "We have been contemplating how we could say thank you, and what better way than inviting you all to visit the iconic Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa which you thanklessly protected from the fires."


News 25

Clunes community


HE Clunes community will come together to show support for the owners of the Clunes Newsagency, Cynthia and Craig Drewer, after their business was targeted by thieves on Sunday, March 3.

A picnic will be held on Sunday, March 17 from 5pm to 8pm in the town square. Hepburn Shire Council moved quickly to send in building surveyors and engineers to assess the safety of the 1880s building - and two adjacent buildings and they await a report which will allow them to move forward with the insurance company and the restoration. The Bendigo Bank assessed the damage to the banking counter and ATM and extended support to the Drewers. While verandahs are missing from four buildings, there's a strong focus and commitment from the council and the Clunes community to return the buildings to their former beauty. Cynthia and Craig are overwhelmed by the response from the Clunes community. "We've even had a phone call from a local in the middle of the ocean asking if we are OK,” Craig said. "People have been coming up to us and giving us hugs and making sure we're OK - we've been so could've been a lot worse," added Cynthia. The Clunes Newsagency is now operating out of the vacant Club Hotel, in Fraser Street, opposite their shop, selling papers and magazines.


Exquisite water views from any vantage point, The Boathouse Restaurant offers a sophisticated dining venue for lunch and dinner. You can take in the beautiful views from our warm and cosy indoor dining area for winter catch ups and our outdoor deck and seating area during the warmer months. The Boathouse Restaurant provides year-round comfort with stylish food and a relaxed yet professional style of service, making it the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine over a meal with family and friends.

LUNCH - Wednesday to Sunday - 11.30-2.30 DINNER - Thursday, Friday & Saturday - 5.30-8.30 The Boathouse Restaurant does not take bookings for lunch but welcomes guests on a walk in basis. Bookings available for dinner.

2 Leggatt Street, Daylesford | 03 5348 2199

Cellarbrations @ foxxy’s - our region’s largest local and boutique wine specialists. Open every day until late. 55 Vincent Street, Daylesford. 5348 3577

26 Trades

A unique heater manufactured in Daylesford from Australian products

Railway Crescent, Daylesford P: 03

5348 2586

F: 03 5348 1200 E:

POOL AND SPA MAINTENANCE SERVICES DAYLESFORD AND SPA COUNTRY Over 25 years’ experience in the Pool and Spa industry. Cleaning and servicing of pools, hot tubs and jacuzzis. Water chemistry and water balance Commercial properties Domestic applications Reasonable rates All enquiries welcome Noel 0419 554 319 Declan 0438 212 107

Consulting in Administration & Management Book-keeping Administration Payroll Temp service Supplier monthly reconciliation Qualified to manage a small team of office workers Christ Jules Services Julie Hanson 0459 619 701


Peter Mackley 5348 3085 or 0418 571 331 Gary Mackley 5348 1108


of Beautiful Homes 8-10 Star Energy Rating Super Insulated Strawbale Construction Carpentry Consultancy PER BERNARD Registration DBU-3633

0418 133 426


Trades 27

Clement F Mooney


electrical appliance repair service washer, dryer, fridge, dishwasher, oven, cook top etc.


A.B.N. 37 961 487 978

Certified Practising Accountant Registered Tax Agent B.Com, C.P.A., M.B.A.

Tel: 03 5424 1441 Mobile: 0412 584 555

Call Kiyo on

0419 267 685

Available to assist with all general accounting services and preparation/electronic lodgment of Tax Returns and BAS for Individuals, Sole Traders, Partnerships, Trusts and Companies.

Office: 19 Albert Street, Trentham 3458

Malone Tree Services Liam Malone . Limited Access . Fully Insured .Specialists Qualified . Mulching Available

0423 945 436

Servicing all Daylesford and Districts MOB: 0427 508 840

Daylesford Newsagency & Tattslotto Newspapers, magazines, Tattslotto, dry-cleaning, stationery, photocopying and lots more... We stock The Local! 55 Vincent Street, Daylesford 5348 2061

28 Crossword



Challenge yourself with our crossword. Look for the answers in the pages of The Local. See last issue's solution below.


DAYLESFORD The ‘Local’ Blokes



Melbourne & Country Victoria daily 0407 697 877








PO Box 1040, Daylesford, VIC 3460 (03) 5348 4852 or 0437 747 619

Here's the solution for Issue 144. Solve it?

Our festivals 29

Your comfort is our business

84 Main Road Bakery Hill Phone 5333 1267

Mitsubishi • Braemar • Solatube • Breezair • Rinnai PLUMBER OR 2ND OR 3RD YR APPRENTICE Celsius Heating and Cooling are a well-established Ballarat business. We are seeking a suitable candidate with plumbing experience particularly in the area of installation of central heating, hot water systems, evaporative coolers, split systems etc. We would provide training where necessary to the suitable candidate. The applicant must have current driver’s license. This role is a full-time position and is subject to 1 month’s probation. An attractive salary will be offered to the appropriate candidate For further info please phone 5333 1267. Or email resume to

Lyonville Harvest


HE annual Lyonville Harvest Festival and Picnic will be held on Sunday, March 31 from 11am to 3pm at the Lyonville Community Hall.

The event celebrates the gardens, produce and hard-working gardeners of the local towns and hamlets of the Central Highlands with displays of delicious produce, flowers and preserves. This year for the first time there will be a Scarecrow Competition and a workshop to make one on the day, starting at 11am. Anyone from the region is welcome to bring along their autumn harvest produce. There are five prize-winning harvest competition categories plus two scarecrow competition categories. Competition entry fee $2 per entry with categories including: best novelty vegetable (for kids only), bountiful basket, supersized vegetable, flower posy, best jam or jelly from home grown or foraged fruits, best whimsical scarecrow and best traditional scarecrow. All competition entries should be presented at the hall between 9.30am and 10.30am. Seedlings, flowers and other garden-related goodies will also be on sale and people can bring along excess produce to either sell (BYO stall fee is $10) or donate for sale at the hall produce stall. BYO picnic or buy delicious home-made food and refreshments at the festival. Entry to the festival is by gold coin donation and there will be a lucky door prize drawn at the event. All proceeds of the day will be shared between the Lyonville Hall and Lyonville CFA. Details: Facebook @LyonvilleSnippets, Instagram @LyonvilleSnippets or sign up to the regular community newsletter by emailing

30 Opinion

Pick me, pick me...

Just sayin’... By Donna Kelly


Please pick me! Meow!

HEN we first moved to Glenlyon, 15 years ago, it was a sleepy little hamlet. I am sure it was the same for many tree changers around the region.

I used to drive around during the day and wonder where the people were. I was also very suspicious during our morning walks - I had heard country folk were early risers but apparently not in Glenlyon. Anyway, these days, it takes about five minutes to pull out of our side road onto the main street. There are cars and utes and trucks and bikes all trundling into or out of Daylesford. And the development has been incredible. Blocks that were cow/sheep paddocks are now little estates and even more homes are being built as I type. About five are going up right now, with another five looking newly built - and they are just the ones we can see. Then there's the Toorak side of Glenlyon. The house on the hill you can see from every entry point to the village, and the row of what can only be described as mansions along the side of the escarpment on the road to Malmsbury. Perhaps just holiday homes, or maybe permanent residents who have sold up at Melbourne prices and found a piece of rural paradise. Despite all this, like many towns, we still have no sewerage or gas. A small price to live in this part of the world but it would be nice not to wonder if the septic tank is full, especially when you have a party planned that weekend, or if the gas tank is the other way, empty. Now and again, when we see the traffic, especially this weekend just gone, with so many festivals happening, we wonder about moving. But again, like others, where to? Our ability to live in the suburbs is gone, city life is too busy and where do we find a place like this? Yes, a walk through Coles for a quick shop can take half an hour, but it's pretty nice to know if you are down and out, people are there for you. The local Facebook pages are always offering help to those in need. And not just lip service, real help like meals on the doorstep. Never saw that in Frankston. (Oh, talking of Coles, have you been to the new one in Woodend? You know you have been in the country for a long time when you enter a store and stop, mouth open, in amazement. It's massive and can well and truly be considered an outing in its own right!) Anyway, we watch the development, minus the infrastructure, and keep wondering where to go. But I think we will just end up staying where we are, enjoying the Central Highlands, and taking off for holidays instead. Driving up to Queensland is always tempting for a winter break and the airport is only an hour away for somewhere more exotic. In the meantime I hope you enjoyed/are enjoying the long weekend. And there are bound to be visitors who become tree changers. Welcome to our piece of heaven.

Hi there, I am Tango. I am an 18-month-old boy who is very shy and needs someone willing to build up my confidence and gain my trust. MC#956000010546531 Mount Alexander Animal Welfare is at 24 Langslow Street, Castlemaine. Phone 5472 5277. (Pick me, pick me is run in memory of Rosie and Curly - we picked them!)

The Local - Connecting the Community The Local is all about Connecting the Community. We run good news stories about amazing people and places, and festivals and events. And our fantastic advertisers run great deals for locals and visitors alike. To give back to the community, The Local has been running its Connecting the Community adverts for five years. The adverts are for not-for-profit groups and organisations to lend a hand when finances can be a bit tight - or just don't exist. We all know how hard it can be to make volunteer-run organisations work on the smell of an oily rag! To apply just email with your event or organisation. We also put call-outs on our Facebook page and those of the various communities in our wonderful region. We work on a first-in basis, with a nod to time-lines too. There are a few conditions, well mostly that nonfor-profit bit, and also that you aren't grabbing a free advert and then we see a whacking big paid advert in other media. That wouldn't be fair. Cheers, Donna (Ed)


Opinion 31

Kyle’s Rant


HAT the hell is happening? There is bloody roo poo everywhere!

I do my best to maintain an OK yard, yes, my green thumb has more of a light green tinge and most of the lawn is as dry as a Pommie's bath mat, but I keep a sprinkler up to the little patch of grass that I look out on and think "ahh, the serenity". Anyway the bloody roos have discovered my little oasis and decided to defecate all over it. I went out to investigate the other night and was met by an inquisitive six-foot plus male buck hanging out under the tree. (Yes, I know, a big buck by himself equals danger.) Anyway I shooed him away from the safety of the balcony and he let out a kind of roaring huff and scuffled off a couple of metres. In other words, this mountain marsupial was not in any way scared of me. The question that I do have is how can so much poo come out of one being? I mean every morning there are new piles of the glossy black balls of faeces everywhere. My thought is that maybe he is just hanging out, waiting until I am tucked up, and then offloading what he has been keeping for my yard all day. Or is he waiting until the coast is clear, signalling to a couple of lady, or man roos, and then proceeding to have a romantic night complete with excrement-throwing competitions on my top paddock. Anyway, I have charged the Go-Pro and will get back to you with my deliberations. Speaking of deliberations and the reflections of the week just past, wow, how about those mongrels in Clunes, stealing a front-end loader and smashing it into the newsagency in order to get the ATM? Now in suburbia this is normal but up here in the Central Highlands the filthy idiots have not only destroyed the business for the moment, but stopped people banking and potentially put at risk Clunes' fabulous film sets because it is still unknown how many shops have to be pulled down. I know the town will rally around and pull together and hopefully the business has plenty of insurance, but it is just the arrogance that some shithead feels he can just mow over beautiful historic buildings in order to potentially get a few bucks! Excrement rant over.

PALMER STEVENS & RENNICK Barristers & Solicitors Property and Conveyancing Criminal Law Family Law Wills and Estates Commercial Law Employment Law Appearing in Castlemaine Court PLEASE CONTACT US

(03) 5422 6500 SINCE 1852

8 Jennings Street, Kyneton Email - | Website -

7 acres of well organised, easy to navigate, recycled goodness in the heart of castlemaine.

Salvage Yard

Structural timbers, hundreds of doors and windows, landscaping timbers, ex-commercial double glazed glass, steel, masonry and found objects... right down to hard to find hardware and homewares! Now also supplying a range of small production, sustainably sourced new timbers for flooring, decking, overlay and cladding. Also, manufacturers of custom designed engineered trusses from recycled timbers. 6 Lewis Drive Castlemaine • 0435 500 112 •

HOUSE.LAND.HOME. Want to keep up with the property market in the Central Highlands? Your local real estate guide to the Central Highlands Follow HouseLandHome on Facebook!

The Local Issue 145 March 11, 2019  

The Local Issue 145 March 11, 2019  

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