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May 6, 2019 Issue 149 Biggest Morning Tea

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Front cover: June Smith, front, and, from left, Erin Kelly, Diane Waters and Yvonne Deans will be hosting a Biggest Morning Tea at June's home, Newbury Park, in Clydesdale, on Thursday, May 16 from 10am to noon. They hope you can make it. Read all about the event on page 3 opposite.

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May 6, 2019 Issue 149 Biggest Morning Tea

Image: Kyle Barnes

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Inspiring 3

Biggest Morning Tea: first for June and Newbury Park


UNE Smith is hosting her first Biggest Morning Tea next Thursday, May 16 from 10am to noon – and it’s going to be her best.

June will throw open the doors of her fascinating home, Newbury Park, in Clydesdale, to raise money for cancer research. For just $15 you will not only enjoy a “real” morning tea complete with slices, cakes, tea and coffee, but also the chance to win some great prizes and there’s also a tour of her home thrown in. June has a magnificent collection of antique crockery, dolls houses, dolls, picture tables, paper engineered (pop up) children’s books, and much more. Much of her crockery came from her grandparents’ tea rooms on King Island and other pieces have been given to her over the years by many people – including those she has minded pets for. The 80-year-old said she decided to put her hand up after attending another morning tea and thinking “I can do that – even at 80”. She also lost her husband Ron to cancer in 2011 after she nursed him at home, with the help of palliative care nurses from Ballarat, who were “just delicious”. “I hope that people will also come and think they can do the same thing. I think it’s important that we promote these events. Cancer is an awful thing and it’s not choosy about who it visits.” June, who has lived at Clydesdale for 30 years and in the past, with Ron, ran a wildlife sanctuary for injured animals, has enlisted the help of three great friends, Erin Kelly, Diane Waters and Yvonne Deans along with her granddaughter Jess, who will be charged with conducting the tours of the home. “We don’t know how many people will come but I am sure they will enjoy their two hours at Newbury Park and go away thinking ‘I can do that’. “It’s a big thing to organise but you need to be busy at 80. I also work two days a week making the cosmetics at Lavandula. If we get a good response and the girls are not too worn out by the effort, then maybe yes, I will do it again next year. But I will wait and see how it goes. And the first one of anything is always the best." June said she found herself living at Clydesdale after Ron decided “in his wisdom” on a change of career from bylaws and town planning at Doncaster and Templestowe to working as a courier. “I have never seen anyone work so hard, but it was just bedlam and eventually he reapplied for his old job at the Alexander Shire and worked there for 18 years. I didn’t want to move here, I wanted to go to Maldon, but I have made the best of my lifestyle inside. “I was always as poor as a bandicoot, but I thought I could make my house beautiful inside. You don’t need thousands of dollars to be happy. Happiness comes from inside.” To RSVP and for the Newbury Park address, email or call Erin on 0416 279 863 or June on 5476 4384.

Above, from left, Erin Kelly, June Smith, Diane Waters and Yvonne Deans enjoy a morning tea spread at Newbury Park Words: Donna Kelly | Image: Kyle Barnes

Biggest Morning Tea at Daylesford Bowling Club


AROL Collins will host her fourth Biggest Morning Tea at the Daylesford Bowling Club on Monday, May 13 from 10.30am.

The Clunes resident said she decided after giving up nursing - at Daylesford and Trentham, she thought "I can do this" and approached the bowling club. "Micki and the club have been really good about letting me use the venue and providing tea and coffee. "And I have wonderful support from my bowling friends, and other friends, who bring really lovely food along. I don't have to pay for anything so all the money goes to cancer research." The event is open to anyone, and Carol, who moved to the area 30 years ago to marry Vietnam veteran Des Collins, who has since passed away, says the end time is a bit ambiguous. "Last year everyone stayed until 1pm." "Along with the food and drinks, we also have lots of raffle prizes. It's become a real social event at the club."

Words: Donna Kelly

4 News

Leonards Hill Baby Show

Left to right: Emma Kerr - Alfredton, Alwyn Livy - Sailors Hill, Grace Nevill - Coomoora, Arlia Allen with mum Kirstie - Daylesford, Jamie Anderson - Campbell’s Creek and Tiffany Anderson - Campbell’s Creek Image: Melanie Thurstun Check out the next edition of The Local for more photos and results.

News 5

Kath Morrison always just ‘helping out’


T WAS her way of always helping out that earned Kathleen Morrison a place on the Hepburn Shire Council's Heather Mutimer International Women’s Day Honour Roll.

Born and bred in Trentham, Kath started her long life of volunteering in the town when, at the age of 15, she started with the Girl Guides. “When I left school, one of the ladies asked me if I would help out with the guides and I thought ‘hmm, I like this’, so I kept going with the guides for years and years and I ended up being the district commissioner, as it was called then.” That was, remarkably, more than 60 years ago and Kath has been volunteering all over the place ever since. “I just help out wherever it’s needed.” One of her favourite things to do at the moment is her volunteering at Hepburn Health at the aged-care facility at Trentham. “I used to work there until I retired at 72 - I was a personal care worker for 10 years. I used to do high teas there and I still do it now - I take over my cups and saucers and set it all up, it takes me nearly all day, but it’s lovely and they get so much pleasure out of it.” Kath’s time is also taken up by serving as the chairperson of the Tylden Cemetery Trust - and she was the first woman to be on the committee since its inception in the 1800s. “Another thing I do is volunteering at my grandson’s school, St Brendan’s in Flemington. I just help out with the reading and whatever needs to be done.” It’s much the same as her helping out when her kids were at school in Daylesford. “I used to volunteer up at the canteen at the Daylesford Secondary College when my kids were there and even now I still join up with three of those ladies, probably about four times a year, just to get together. You meet and you make lovely friends doing volunteering work.” Kath’s nomination for the well-deserved honour came from another one of the groups she loves volunteering with – the Trentham and District Historical Society. “I’ve been with them for four or five years now. If they have open days or anything, I just go along and help out, pouring cups of tea at functions they have.” Even now, at the age of 79, Kath is actively pursuing her passion for volunteer work. “I really enjoy volunteer work. I really, really love it, it gives me so much satisfaction. I’m showing no signs of slowing down. I can be slower…but I’m not slowing down. It takes me longer to do things, but I’m not going to stop.” And for any other 15-year-old future Kath Morrisons out there thinking about volunteering? “Do it. Just go and do it. When you’re in a small town, you just pull your weight and it makes you feel part of the community. So if they want to do it just go out there and do it.”

Three-wheeler to Winton


AYLESFORD’S Paul Anderson will have his three-wheeler Morgan on display at the 43rd Historic Winton on May 18 and 19.

Paul said a friend had found the car on the internet in the United States in 2014. “A General Motors engineer had restored it. One of the most amazing restorations – he even changed nuts and bolts if they were the wrong thread. He researched the original wiring loom and rewired it with the correct colour material-covered wire. He must have driven the factory mad with all his questions and letters – such as a request for the original dimensions for the front number plate backing plate. “To be honest, it seemed so good that I thought Mike was sending me on a ‘scam’ ride. Anyway, I bought the car and it arrived – even better than the photos had shown. The previous owner does not seem to have been good at figures as receipts and documentation provided – two boxfuls - show he had spent more than twice what he sold it for.

Words: Kate Taylor Image: Richard Ryan

"He had obviously not driven it much as the brakes had never been adjusted and other minor telltale signs.” Paul said the car was originally delivered to an agent in the UK on November 26, 1935. "I have traced and contacted as many previous owners as I can. It later found its way to Canada where people fiddled with it and changed the motor to a 10HP (from 8HP) Ford, and somewhere an aquaplane head and manifold were fitted – these were quite common. “I have put on indicators – but so they can be taken off at a later stage - otherwise it is fairly much as I bought it.”




News 7

Ballarat candidates for the May 18 election

Peter Cozyn – United Australia Party Bryn Hills - Animal Justice Party Ballarat is ready to be represented by our party the UAP - not one of the big two parties. I am aware of the issues around refugees - having lived under the apartheid system before arriving in Australia. UAP’s policies supporting fast trains, small business and farmers attracted me to join the party. As a UAP member, I am aware of the negative impact of the policies of the big two, having been involved in various small businesses. UAP’s banking policy supports businesses in times of stress and hardship. It has been brought to my attention that the local community is concerned by the impact road trauma has in the Ballarat district. The recommendations from the road safety review must be implemented.

I am a state secondary school teacher living in Ballarat where I am married and have brought up my two children. We are facing a climate emergency, a biodiversity crisis and an ethics dilemma in how we interact with the environment and all the living creatures within it. The Animal Justice Party has a suite of policies covering animals, the environment and humans. The Animal Justice Party addresses animal protection, environmental damage and human health based on science and research. Our policies will create a kinder, greener and fairer world that will benefit the good people of the Ballarat electorate, Victoria and Australia. Your vote for the Animal Justice Party will send the message that compassion towards all living creatures and a much greater regard for the environment is critical to our society and the planet.

Who is standing?


Alex Graham - Independent

The great failing of Australia’s democracy is its boom/bust, nonsustainable, inflationary, pain and suffering, scarcity, competitive economic modelling; the one that crashes all the time and crucifies our community. So, I created a new business/economic model. A sustainable forever one. A co-operative one! A model that creates financial abundance, joy and happiness for all its future network co-owner/shareholders. The model is a 49/51 per cent equityowned, franchised co-operative where you and your team make the rules. Everybody who works in the future network has one shareholding in work they love doing. Along with the goods and services they produce they also all benefit from training new franchisees, which gives the model an exponential growth base. Lastly, I have access to the most miraculous environmental restoration technology in our world, which will be turned into "busynesses" when elected and make Ballarat rock and green. Vote 1. Alex Graham, your Interdependent candidate.

Karen McAloon - Australian Greens

I am representing the Australian Greens as a long-term Hepburn Shire resident and community activist. I own and operate a small manufacturing and tourism enterprise. I understand the needs of small business. I believe this community needs secure employment and wages that reflect the cost of living, and well-funded public and tertiary education, health and welfare services. A fully funded National Disability Insurance Scheme, affordable housing and frequent and reliable public transport are also priorities for residents in Hepburn Shire. We must address the climate emergency we are facing. It threatens our biodiversity and our own future on this earth. The Greens are the only party with a fully costed plan to end reliance on fossil fuels. With your vote you can help make an orderly transition to a new, jobs-rich, clean economy and strengthen environmental laws to protect our natural environment. Vote Climate this election. Vote fairness. Vote Greens.

The Local emailed all seven candidates HERE are seven candidates offering them a 150-word statement and standing for the seat of a photo to be placed in the May 6 edition Ballarat in the upcoming federal election on Saturday, May 18. of The Local. They are Catherine King (Australian Labor Party), Tim Vo (Liberal Party), Karen McAloon - (Australian Greens), Peter Cozyn (United Australia Party), Alex Graham (Independent), Bryn Hills (Animal Justice Party), and Nick Shady (Independent)

Those above provided statements and photos by the deadline provided.

Roaring fires & red wine


8 News

Local Lines

Cinema puts a halt to screenings

Touch I touch your face, you touch my hand my fate is sealed, please understand The sanctuary has disappeared my haven gone which once appeared at will and stops my hearts desire I hesitate now to enquire if all is well with you my friend in case I fear now to offend this righteous guise you sometimes don and takes you from my sight and gone is the blend that ages brewed I wait here quiet to be renewed


HE Daylesford Cinema has stopped regular screenings at the Daylesford Town Hall.

Bette Sartore is an author, poet, portrait artist - that is one of her works, Courtesan, pictured right - as well as the artistic director of Cathouse Players, a local theatre company in Kyneton. The poem Touch featured in an International Library of Poetry anthology, Voyage out of Darkness.

Poems for Local Lines come predominantly from a group of poets who started the column. However, other locals who would like a poem considered for publication can contact Bill Wootton -

Holistic Funeral Directors

Cinema president Gina Lyons said: “The hard reality is that we’re not getting sufficient patronage to be financially viable there. We have analysed the results very carefully and taking everything into account, we have made the decision to suspend our regular program at the Town Hall.” Ms Lyons said the hall would continue to be used for special events and fundraisers. “When the cinema moved into the town hall, the expectation was that this would be for a short period of time. However, with the delays to the Rex project and the council not yet in a position to confirm a construction timeline, the likelihood is that the cinema will not be open until early next year. Even though the cinema construction is 50 per cent complete, it cannot open until a certificate of occupancy is issued for the whole building.” Ms Lyons said being out of the Rex since October 2017 had affected the cinema’s finances and, with the poor results at the town hall, the committee had made the decision to conserve its cash so that when the new cinema opens, it can pay for things it needs and there is a cash buffer to cover the peaks and troughs of the screening cycle. “We’re all passionate about our cinema so it was a very difficult decision to make. However, as a committee we have a governance responsibility to make decisions which are in the best interests of Daylesford Community Theatre. “During this hiatus the committee will continue to meet and to liaise with the council regarding the construction timeframe. As soon as an occupancy date is known, it will be able to re-activate its plans for opening night, opening week, the establishment of a film club, a membership drive and the strategic plan that was developed last year. “We are determined that our vision for the new cinema in the Rex will be realised, because we know how important the community cinema is to people.”

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Sustainable & authentic funerals Call 5427 3112 visit

Zen Reflections 2737 Midland Highway, Newlyn.

The Great Trentham Spudfest 2019 Images: Richard Ryan

VICTORIA’S MAJOR INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS DESERVE THEIR FAIR SHARE OF FEDERAL FUNDING Victoria is Australia’s fastest growing state. We’re home to 26% of Australia’s population, but we only receive 18% of Canberra’s infrastructure funding. The Victorian Government is investing record levels in major projects for our growing population. Projects like the North East Link, Metro Tunnel and our regional roads. It’s time Canberra did their part. We just want our fair share.

Authorised by the Victorian Government Melbourne

Find out more at

10 Happy & Healthy

holistic fitness


Xistance provides fitness services that promote health and wellbeing for individuals, families and the community.

PARENTS AND BABIES TEEN GYM GROUP FITNESS and LesMills MULTIFUNCTIONAL GYM STRONG OLDER ADULTS Come and join our unique, friendly and all inclusive gym community. 10 Mink Street, Daylesford, VIC

Samantha Redlich

0433 848 292


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A Fun and Informative evening out for Women, by Women

FLU CLINICS For your best shot at keeping yourself and your family healthy this winter

You’re invited

Thursday May 23rd 6.30pm - 8.30pm Daylesford Town Hall - 74 Vincent St, Daylesford

Performances by “Sweet Mona’s” Choir

Women’s Health Presentations

Games Quizzes Door Prizes

Nibbles Herbal Tea Drinks


Limited tickets available

Tickets available online at For information about our Women’s Wellness Clinic visit


For your convenience, flu clinics will be available at our Daylesford and Trentham sites. Please see our website for clinic times and to book online. For more information, visit our website In an emergency always call 000 Daylesford

Funded by the Department of Health and Human Services

10 Hospital St | tel: (03) 5348 2227


Trentham 22 Victoria St | tel: (03) 5424 1602

Positive feedback on proposed health merger


“A survey received 71 responses. We received five letters and submissions from EEDBACK on the proposed merger of the Hepburn Health Service and Kyneton District Health was “generally positive”, Kyneton District community members. We undertook advertising and sent letters to local stakeholder organisations to invite participation. Information was posted on the Hepburn Health Health board president Peter Matthews said.

After public consultation in February and March, the boards received community feedback on the proposal. The consultation sessions were held to engage the communities in proposals to join both services, and respondents were clear that they wanted hospitals and facilities to remain in place in their current locations at Kyneton, Daylesford, Creswick, Clunes and Trentham. Hepburn Health Service and Kyneton District Health joint CEO Maree Cuddihy said 11 consultation sessions were held in five locations - Kyneton, Daylesford, Trentham, Clunes and Creswick, engaging 211 people.

Service and Kyneton District Health websites as well as the Facebook pages, reaching over 4800 people with 385 post clicks. Ongoing meetings are also being held with staff across the organisations.” Mr Matthews said it had been great to hear a range of community views on the proposal and to hear which health service priorities are important to local people. “We are focused on improving patient care and achieving positive health outcomes through locally based, high-quality services. We are currently considering the information received through the consultation process, which will help to determine the next steps. We will also take into account the clinical, governance, financial, human resource, technological, and regulatory impacts of the proposal, which have been assessed through the independent due diligence study. “The theme of improving services for people of all ages and meeting the needs of our growing population came through strongly, there was particular focus on aged care, family and children’s services.” Hepburn Health Service board chairman Philip Thomson said the community feedback received on the proposal and health service priorities was greatly valued and would help determine how the services can meet future health needs. “Retaining and enhancing local health services in local communities was a key theme. The importance of keeping existing services in place, preserving local identity and harnessing opportunities for new services in each town was highlighted. “If we were to proceed we want to reassure communities that local health services will continue to service local needs and that hospitals and facilities will remain in place in their current locations at Kyneton, Daylesford, Creswick, Clunes and Trentham. There will be no reduction in services, staffing or funding through the proposal. “We look forward to considering all of the information from the consultation and due diligence studies and will keep communities informed.”

12 Out & About

Twelve Angry Men at Mountview Theatre


JURY trial, or trial by jury, is a lawful proceeding in which a jury makes a decision or findings of fact. It is distinguished from a bench trial in which a judge or panel of judges makes all decisions.

Twelve Angry Men, by Reginald Rose, is a drama set in the 1950s in an American jury room. An 18-year-old boy’s life is on the line after being accused of murdering his father. Two witnesses attest to it – a cut and dried case - or is it? It's an intense drama that betrays the good, the bad and the vulnerability of human nature along with the courage it takes to seek justice for another. This drama has been a dream of co-directors Leo Vandervalk and Frank Harvey for many years. With much planning, rights finally received and a stellar cast gathered, they can now sit back and see the fruits of their labour bloom on our Mountview Theatre stage. The season runs until Sunday, May 26 at the Mountview Theatre, 56 Smith Street, Macedon. To book tickets go to

Left, tempers flare in a scene from Twelve Angry Men Image: Contributed | Words: Karen Hunt




Last day June 30

*furniture/antiques *arts/crafts *jewellery/giftware etc. etc.

106 MAIN ROAD HEPBURN SPRINGS Phone : 0433 032 344 HOURS 10-5 Friday - Sunday

Buying or selling property?

ium em ’s Pr ueen ay Q thd Bir 019 2

HOUSE.LAND.HOME. Your local real estate guide to the Central Highlands

Unlock your property’s potential by advertising in the next edition of HLH Premium. Our region’s premium gloss real estate magazine is set to hit shelves in time for the Queen’s Birthday weekend visitor rush. Talk to your agent or call the team at The Local on 5348 7883.


'$</(6)25' &5(6:,&.


NEWLYN 2855 MIDLAND HIGHWAY OLD NEWLYN MECHANICS INSTITUTE AND HALL C1866 Steeped in history and offered for the first time in 25 years is this charming old Mechanics Institute, hall & library. Located in the picturesque Newlyn Township, here is a unique opportunity to own a historically significant property with intact period features in a highly sought-after position. The former Mechanic Institute and library were officially opened in 1886 and features a decorative, timber mansard ceiling and a large memorial window. In 1924 there was a further addition of a large room for concerts and dancing followed in 1930 with a porch and smoking room. The property has for many, many years been successfully run as the Newlyn Antique and Cottage Garden Nursery but is equally suited for a diverse range of uses including a gallery, exhibition space, function centre, restaurant, café or conversion into a funky permanent residence or weekender. • Large 2461m2 site [ 0.6 Acre] • Wide timber floor boards • Stage area and adjacent change rooms • Period details with gothic style windows • 255 m2 [approx.] building area plus shed, glasshouse and outbuilding • Town water, electricity, and 30 panel solar installation

ID and contact details are required at all open for inspections

a2 b1 c2

AUCTION Saturday 25th May at 11:30am PRICE Contact Agent CONTACT Michael DeVincentis 0417 142 152 Tom Shaw 0438 118 903 OFFICE 43 Vincent Street, Daylesford 5348 2328

'$</(6)25' &5(6:,&.


NEWLYN 2851 MIDLAND HIGHWAY OLD NEWLYN BUTCHERS SHOP AND RESIDENCE C1860 Offered for the first time in 25 years is this enchanting old Newlyn Butchers shop and residence. Located in the picturesque Newlyn Township 18 kms from Daylesford, here is a unique opportunity to own a historically significant property with intact period features in a highly sought-after position. The original 4 room cottage was built c1860 by a Cornish miner and around 1903 a weatherboard butcher shop was added to the front. Later a much larger house was moved to the site from Ballarat to creating a single dwelling. The butchers shop operated until early 1980’s. The property has for many, many years been successfully been part of the Newlyn Antique and Cottage Garden Nursery and is available for the next phase and a new occupant. It is suited for a diverse range of uses including a gallery, exhibition space, restaurant, café or as permanent residence or weekender. • Large 2666m2 approx. site [ 0.7 Acre] • Wide timber floor boards • New large garage and sundry shedding • High ceilings with Period details • 271 m2 [approx.] building area plus shed and outbuilding • Town water, electricity and 25 panel solar installation

ID and contact details are required at all open for inspections

a7 b1 c4

AUCTION Saturday 25th May at 12:00pm PRICE Contact Agent CONTACT Michael DeVincentis 0417 142 152 Tom Shaw 0438 118 903 OFFICE 43 Vincent Street, Daylesford 5348 2328




ABSOLUTE SECLUSION ON 5 ACRES This beautifully presented two storey, bushland residence is situated in Wheatsheaf, just 10 minutes to Daylesford. The approx. 5-acre block offers you peace and seclusion with mature Australian native tree surrounds. The double brick home would be ideal for a family, with 4 good sized bedrooms most with WIR’s (large ensuite with spa bath in master). Downstairs the open floorplan includes a country kitchen with electric cooking, dining/living that opens out to a fully fenced & undercover outdoor entertaining area. Upstairs boasts a large second living area with another 2 bedrooms with WIR’s. Perfect permanent residence, weekend country retreat, or ideal holiday accommodation.

a4 b2 c2 FOR SALE $595,000 CONTACT Tom Shaw 0438 118 903 OFFICE 43 Vincent Street, Daylesford 5348 2328


MUSK 606 DAYLESFORD TRENTHAM ROAD FAMILY HOME ON A HALF ACRE Situated on a large 2400 m2 [approx.] block is this solid family home, just 5 mins drive [6km] to Daylesford Township. The residence has 4 bedrooms each with BIR, bathroom, kitchen, dining, lounge and separate rumpus room. The large undercover rear deck leads to the large 2 car garage and workshop which attaches to a 2 car carport. The block is well maintained and boast a separate a high bay, 8.5 m x 12m shed. Good views from the deck and garden over the adjoining farmland. Perfect as a family home, weekender or rental investment.

a4 b2 c4

AUCTION Saturday 1st June at 12:00pm PRICE Contact Agent CONTACT Michael DeVincentis 0417 142 152 Tom Shaw 0438 118 903 OFFICE 43 Vincent Street, Daylesford 5348 2328

ID and contact details are required at all open for inspections

GLENLYON 18 MORTON STREET IDEAL COUNTRY GETAWAY – 1984M2 CORNER BLOCK This recently renovated 3-bedroom home is neatly presented and ready to move in. All bedrooms offer built in robes and the bathroom acts as an ensuite to the master bedroom and features a separate shower and bath. Located just a short 15-minute drive to Daylesford this property would be perfect as a country weekender, first home or ideal permanent residence in the tightly held hamlet of Glenlyon.

a3 b1 c4

FOR SALE PRICE $495,000 CONTACT Tom Shaw 0438 118 903 OFFICE 43 Vincent Street, Daylesford 5348 2328

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HO doesn’t like a chat with their postie?

I hailed down our lovely postie the other day, so I could talk letterboxes with her. In this day of emails, the snail mail does not have the importance it once had. Once upon a time we used to wait for the postie for our news, cards of good tidings or the birthday money in the birthday card. We would have a chat and a gossip and then eagerly await the same the following day. The letterbox was all important. What does your letterbox say about you and your household now? For a start, did you know that if the postie can tell that your house is a rental then so can anybody else. Letterboxes show the pride in the household. It shows care as well as your personality type. Letterboxes these days are mostly an afterthought and that is a real shame. When you take the time to notice some interesting examples around, you will see these letterboxes are a reflection of the house style, the personality of the owner, or that the householder orders masses of stuff online and has installed an enormous receptacle for this purpose. You can be creative with your new letterbox but as my lovely postie pointed out, creative is all well and good if the postie can get access to the letterbox. Keep in mind that the postie has pannier bags full of mail plus a parcel or two balanced on the lap. The bike may become unbalanced on gravel, slopes, across gutters or ditches or by having trouble with mail slots. Please be kind to your postie when positioning your letterbox and please make sure envelopes can fit easily into the box. Weatherproofing your letterbox seems like a simple suggestion, but the old and rickety boxes have trouble retaining the mail let alone keeping it dry. The few letterbox examples I found in the local streets have me putting a personality type to the property occupier. The owl letterbox belongs to a neat nature lover. I know that for a fact. The rusty breadbox letterbox in front of the discarded machinery and KEEP OUT sign speaks volumes about this person wanting to be left to their own. I love the 1950s cottage with matching rock wall support for its mailbox. This letterbox was obviously part of the initial build. The milk can is an iconic country letterbox and does a great job with size and weatherproofing. The letter slot in the old door is not ideal for the postie on the bike. These slots were made for the postie on foot carrying the mail bag yet practical for the homeowner who didn’t like to be inconvenienced. The mailbox letterbox is perfectly practical but difficult to come by for the average Jo. Have a look around your streets next time you are wandering. There is so much more to see when ambling past on foot rather than in a car. There is always something creative or interesting to spot. Here’s hoping for more creativity on show and if it happens to be as a letterbox, then I am happy with that.

Indre Kisonas - principal designer at iok design |




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The Garden Studio @ the Shelter Shed

Looking for somewhere to stay in the Central Highlands, perhaps with your pooch? Look no further. The Garden Studio @ the Shelter Shed is a private studio apartment, set on half an acre in the grounds of an old school at Glenlyon - and fully fenced. Enjoy a quiet drink on the deck while your pup runs free. Or stroll down to the welcoming Glenlyon General Store for a coffee, breakfast, lunch or Friday night dinner/ drinks. Details: hello@2cool4school. or call 0416 104 283.

Jack Frost: The good, the bad & the ugly In these years of drought, when wintry chills relentlessly descend upon us earlier than usual, there is good reason to expect mornings with a frosty bite. But there isn't necessarily reason to panic because cold isn't always a bad thing. Not all plants are adversely affected by frost damage, and there are ways to help them through. I, for one, have 22 childhood reasons not to regard frost too fondly chilblains and frozen fingers and toes. The main damage to small and frost-tender plants is caused by the formation of ice crystals in the leaf tissue, and it's the thawing out of these crystals (ice expands when it melts), and moisture loss from cells and tissue, that cause the leaves to go limp, even black. Water condensation (dew) collecting on the leaves from the atmosphere only adds to the problem. The solution was two-fold on an expected frosty night. First, just before dark, water the frost-tender plants to minimise the effect of the dew. The second comes back in the early days of my youth when our nursery suffered the twin problem of minimal protective cover - long before the invention of shade cloth and only one glasshouse, and before connection to the Murray River for water supply. Water restrictions meant having to hand-water about a half hectare of potted plants. My worst nightmare was climbing out of a warm bed an hour before sunrise and spraying the plants before the sun's rays could do any harm. The rubber hoses of the times were hung in coils outside the potting shed, assuring that the water trapped inside would be frozen solid and would be hell on wheels to uncoil and unblock before the water could flow. Fortunately, these days, automated sprinkler systems are pretty well chilblain resistant. Yet there really is a good side to frost. Deciduous fruit trees benefit from a winter chilling and a cold snap somehow triggers the bud break in spring. They also turn starches to sugar in root crops such as parsnips and turnips.

Now I’ve downsized I can fit more in my life McAuley Retirement Village, Trentham Downsizing doesn’t mean losing something. It’s gaining a new lifestyle. • Sunlit two and three bedroom units • Spacious, open plan living • Kitchen and bathroom with quality fittings Vacancies available now. Call our sales partner Harkin Property 5424 1866

Flowering bulbs from cold climates also use the trigger point to start their new season growth, hence the old trick of storing your daffodil, tulip and hyacinth bulbs in your refrigerator crisper for a couple of weeks before planting. Frosts can also disrupt some pest and disease cycles thus reducing their proliferation in your garden. The most useful function is to break open heavy and clay soils. When any empty area bare of soil is watered lightly before a night of frost, when the moisture within the soil freezes and then thaws, it expands and splits open the soil particles making it easier for you to work in compost for replanting. Feed the birds Seed-eating birds are out and about in profusion around town at present, especially the rosellas and a few cockatoos, feasting on the roadside hawthorn berries, wild rose hips and, in my garden, the cotoneaster horizontalis outside my bedroom window.

Autumn foliage This year, with the cooler early autumn weather, autumn foliage is brilliant everywhere. This golden rain tree, koelreuteria paniculata, provides colour throughout the year. There is its autumn brilliance, arching sprays of small goldenyellow blooms in spring, and the bare branches are covered with light brown lantern-like seed pods in winter. We are lucky we're not in Queensland where they grow too well and have landed on the wanted list with lantana, prickly pear and cane toads. Here they lead a much more sedate life.

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Regional Victoria outperforms Melbourne


EGIONAL Victoria continues to outperform the Metropolitan Melbourne property market with substantial gains of almost 10 per cent recorded in some towns in the first quarter of 2019 and a 1 per cent increase overall in the median house price, REIV insights have found.

Six of the top 20 towns for median house price growth in the March quarter were in the Ballarat area: Redan topped the list with an increase of 9.8 per cent to $357,000, Ballarat East was at seventh with a 4.4 per cent increase to $355,000, just ahead of Soldiers Hill at eighth with a 4.3 per cent increase to $485,000, and Brown Hill with a 3.5 per cent increase to $440,000. Wendouree came in 11th with a 2.8 per cent increase in its median house price to $329,000, and Mount Clearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s median soared 2.0 per cent to $380,000. Other areas to fetch impressive house price sales in the first quarter of 2019 included Gippsland, the Bass Coast and Bendigo. Trafalgar featured in second spot for highest median house price growth for the quarter with a 9.7 per cent increase to $392,000 while Traralgon reported a 2.5 per cent increase to $312,500. On the Bass Coast, Wonthaggiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s property market continued to kick goals following strong results in 2018, showing a 4.7 per cent quarterly increase to $365,000 while the neighbouring holiday haven of Inverloch notched a 2.5 per cent increase in the house price median to $615,000. The third top performer was Bendigo which recorded an 8.8 per cent increase to $447,000 and Kangaroo Flat recorded a 2.1 per cent increase to $325,500. Rounding out the top 20 was Stawell with an 8.4 per cent increase, Irymple with 5.4 per cent, Portland showing a 3.1 per cent increase, Gisborne with 2.8 per cent, Mildura, where the median went up 2.6 per cent, Corio with a 2.4 per cent increase and Yarrawonga in 20th place, recording a 2.0 per cent increase in its median house price.


A shed load of value


T’S being touted as “the local version of a Portsea beach box” but without the scary price tag.

And it’s certainly one way to gain entry into the Central Highland property market. The former fire shed at 9 School Road, Musk is up for sale – and it’s a bargain with it expected to sell for around $5000 to $5500 plus GST if that’s applicable. Hocking Stuart Daylesford sales agent Gary Cooke said the shed takes up about 80 per cent of the block of land it sits on, which is a neat 118 square metres. “I have heard a lot of ideas from people, ranging from a three-storey apartment, which is ridiculous, to a storage shed. “Potential purchasers have until the private tender closes at 2pm on May 9, and at 2.01pm it will go to the best offer." Apart from the shed, other Musk landmarks include Passing Clouds Winery and Musk Farm.

Bells Water Gardens @ Newlyn

Bells Water Gardens has been in the water garden business for over 25 years, building and maintaining ponds and growing a diverse range of aquatic plants for the nursery trade and public. We are passionate about building natural eco-system ponds, adding beauty and encouraging wildlife, allowing interaction with nature. Water gardens built by us are quiet, contemplative places to rest and energise the senses. Contact us for all your water garden requirements or come and see our nursery at 1 Campion Rd, Newlyn.

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• Roller Shutters • Security Doors • Fly Screens



Hepburn Shire & Ballarat

Phone: 03 5464 7380 or Michael 0422 643 901 Email:

22 Markets

To market, to market, to buy mum a gift


OU can find everything you need at weekend markets, from fresh fruit and veg to handmade jewellery and wares, throughout the Central Highlands and surrounds. Here are just a few.

Daylesford Sunday Market – every Sunday Wesley Hill Market - every Saturday Daylesford Farmers Market – first Saturday Trentham Neighbourhood Centre Makers Market - first Saturday Golden Plains Farmers Market - first Saturday Woodend Farmers Market - first Saturday Castlemaine Artists Market – first Sunday Trentham Community Group Market - second Saturday Kyneton Farmers Market - second Saturday Ballan Farmers Market - second Saturday Kyneton Rotary Community Market – second Saturday Maldon Market – second Sunday Clunes Farmers Market - second Sunday Trentham Farmers Market and Makers Market - third Saturday Glenlyon Farmers Market – third Saturday Leonards Hill Market - third Saturday Creswick Market - third Saturday Talbot Farmers Market – third Sunday Woodend Lions Market - third Sunday (Not held during winter) Trentham Station Sunday Market - fourth Sunday Buninyong Village Market - fourth Sunday

food and drinks, organic veggies, local produce, craft, art, music, plants

kids' craft, handmade goods, eco-wares, 90+ stalls, friendly atmosphere

The Trentham Farmers Market has joined with Trentham Makers Market

Third Saturday, 9am - 1pm

TRENTHAM PETROL & STUFF 1 Market St PH 5424 1611 Mon - Sat 8am - 6pm Sun 9am - 6pm Petrol, oils, swap & go gas, firewood permits, farm produce / produce store, ice, milk, soft drinks, take-away pies, coffee, confectionery, local honey etc. rusty junk, secondhand books, old wares

Dine review 23

Great food, service & loads of love


ETA and I paid a long-overdue visit to Trentham this week. It was to check out the new and greatly superior home of that iconic eatery and rendezvous, Chaplin's.

It is now firmly ensconced just a few doors down, at 2/22 High Street, in a corner property with ample parking, outdoor dining for sunnier times and a soonto-open paved rear terrace. Everything we grew to know and love in Charlie-channelling owner Mel Thomas's homage to the great star is there. Great food, great service and loads of love. All the priceless Chaplin memorabilia adorn the walls, but this time, in the light-filled spaciousness, you can see them all in their full glory. I even discovered more than a few for the first time! Without losing an ounce of the old spark or charisma, Chaplin's is now a splendid version of its former self, and once the liquor licence is in hand who knows where it will lead. We were shown to a table by an old friend, Bettina, who brought us each a coffee and took us through the multi-paged menu of "Breakfast All Day" and "Lunch" offers - all equally tempting. But head ruled over heart and we settled for one main course and one dessert indulgence each, and that was going to be a tough choice after spying the loaded glass sweets cabinet on our way in. Peta opted for chicken and vegetable soup ($13.50), served hot and steamy and crammed with flavour, and with a blast from my past, good old pearl barley. This was accompanied by heaps of lightly toasted sourdough bread. I could tell she thoroughly enjoyed it because I had to offer her nearly half of my meal to get a taste. I delved into the All Day Breakfast list and chose the mushrooms on toast ($15) and struck the jackpot. Velvety slices of plump mushrooms cooked to perfection in heaps of garlic, fresh herbs and spinach, piled atop thick slices of lightly toasted sourdough and topped with the dollop of YAY! vegan feta. Peta thoroughly enjoyed the generous serve I sacrificed to her. For dessert, on Bettina's advice, I was seduced by a wondrous boiled, glutenfree, orange and rosewater cake (two days in the making) and served with cream, orange syrup and berry coulis ($9). True to her CWA credo, Peta just had to sample the Chaplin's Devonshire tea ($13.50) with Chaplin's raspberry jam and cream. It was also time for another latte. We left, promising to return soon with grandchildren in tow and to maybe take advantage of a special "private" room complete with dining table and comfortable lounge suite. Mel and Chaplin's pride themselves on insisting on an ethical and inclusive policy of organic and free range food, all sourced from within 100km of Trentham, and catering for all needs including gluten free and vegan options.

Words & food images: Glen Heyne

Nurture your mum this Motherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day at Chaplinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. We have nice crochet blankets to keep her warm.

OPEN EVERY DAY from 7.30am - 3pm for breakfast & lunch except some public holidays no bookings required

(03) 5424 1277 | 2/22 High Street, Trentham

Mel Thomas, left, and manager Lindy Beaton, enjoy a coffee at Chaplin's Image: Kyle Barnes

24 Dining

The 5000 Club on the move to Daylesford's Victoria Park


FTER seven and a half years of operation at Stanbridge Hall, the 5000 Club is relocating to the Hepburn Shire Council venue at Victoria Park.

The final lunch at the hall was held on Friday, May 3 and the first lunch at Victoria Park will be on Friday, June 7 from noon. Club president Loretta Little said in those seven years, volunteers have cooked and served about 12,600 meals with 4300 litres of soup and 4200 eggs. "Our wonderful volunteers have been an essential part of our operation and their in-kind contribution is valued at over $500,000. Our faithful followers have enjoyed the meals and the friendly, welcoming atmosphere, and will find that our new venue fulfils their expectations. "Our thanks must go to Reverend Neil Fitzgerald and the Anglican Parish of Daylesford. Without the Parish, the 5000 Club would not have existed. And we now embark on our new iteration, as an independent and autonomous body. As we continue to serve the community, we will welcome all who join us on Fridays."



Locals Menu – all day

Mains from $22

2 Courses $32 3 Courses $37 3 Courses + Wine of Week $42


when everyone is a local

Kids menu & regular menu also available

Thursday to Saturday 11am – close Sunday 11am – 4pm 31 High Street, Trentham (03) 5424 1144

Private dining room Catering for 8-30 guests Set menus available


esf b. u l ordb lingc ow

Come along to the Daylesford Bowling Club’s Biggest Morning Tea May 13 10.30 onwards rt er, dve rd be a is a s th stand u w e e Sho e a fre e win k * s n ay) v i u i ho oft dr per d e ce r r s to or tome s cu per 1 (

Members, Guests and Visitors all welcome * Offer valid until May 19, 2019

co m. au

. da www

Daylesford Daylesford Bowling BowlingClub Club &&Restaurant Restaurant

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Exquisite water views from any vantage point, The Boathouse Restaurant offers a sophisticated dining venue for lunch and dinner. You can take in the beautiful views from our warm and cosy indoor dining area for winter catch ups and our outdoor deck and seating area during the warmer months. The Boathouse Restaurant provides year-round comfort with stylish food and a relaxed yet professional style of service, making it the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine over a meal with family and friends. Monday - Tuesday...................................................................Closed Wednesday - Sunday..............................................................Lunch Thursday - Saturday...............................................................Dinner

Open for lunch on Mother’s Day 11.30am - 2.30pm The Boathouse Restaurant does not take bookings for lunch but welcomes guests on a walk in basis. Reservations are available for dinner.

2 Leggatt Street, Daylesford | 03 5348 2199


Mother’s Day Lunch Special Treat your Mum this mother’s day with a spa day out in the country. Package includes a 90 minute bathing retreat at the Mineral Spa, along with a two-course lunch and a complimentary glass of sparkling up at the hotel. Value $149, yours for $100. Bookings essential through the Mineral Spa on 03 5348 2100 or Live music with JJ&Ray from 12.30pm to 3.30pm at the hotel.

Mother’s day Dinner Special

Sunday 12th May 6pm to 9pm. Bookings essential 03 5348 2202 Feed Me $45 includes a glass of Beer or wine (normal Price $65)

Live music

2nd and 4th Friday of month Happy Hour Daily from 4pm to 7pm

Cellarbrations @ foxxy’s - our region’s largest local and boutique wine specialists. Open every day until late. 55 Vincent Street, Daylesford. 5348 3577 124 Main Rd Hepburn Springs

26 Dining


Meal Deals 27

Meal deals for locals - and visitors!


VERYONE loves a good meal deal. So here are some of the dining establishments offering great food and great prices!

Community Lunch:

The 5000 Club, Daylesford is open for lunch from noon every Friday at Victoria Park, Daylesford. All welcome. (From Friday, June 7.)



Peppers Mineral Springs, Hepburn - Feed me - includes a glass of beer or wine $45pp

Fundraising raffles for local organisations are held on Friday evenings at the Farmers Arms Hotel, Daylesford, the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Trentham and the Daylesford Bowling Club.


Daylesford Hotel, Daylesford – Steak Night - $25 The Plough, Trentham - Locals' All Day Dining - 2 courses $32/3 courses $37


Criterion Hotel, Castlemaine - Express Jalapeno Poppers $12, Fried Chicken Wings $12, Refried Bean Rolls $12, Fried Baby Calamari Tostada $16, 12-2.30pm


Daylesford Hotel, Daylesford - Roast, a pot or glass of wine or soft drink - $25 Daylesford Bowling Club - Parma Night - $14, 5.30pm-8.30pm

Monday - Friday (Not available public holidays or school holidays) Galley Diner, Daylesford - lunch deal - burger, soft drink, fries - $17 Casa El Rey, Daylesford - lunch deal - burrito, soft drink - $15

Mother's Day - Sunday, May 12

Peppers Mineral Springs Hotel, Hepburn - 6pm-9pm - Feed Me - $45 includes glass of beer or wine. Bookings essential The Plough, Trentham - from 11.30am - lunch - three-course set menu - $65, $27 for kids for a main and dessert. Bookings essential.

Introducing our newly refurbished (and now private) dining room. Perfect for functions and parties.

For bookings please email 1 EAST ST DAYLESFORD


28 Dining

BAKED BLUEBERRY OATMEAL Nourish Mum this Mother’s Day with this wholesome Baked Blueberry Oatmeal recipe from my Healthy Baking cookbook. It’s a wonderful recipe that’s best shared with your loved ones and is just like eating pie for breakfast! It’s full of fibre and goodness that supports a healthy digestive system, as well as warming spices that bring this nourishing meal to life. INGREDIENTS Serves 2 100 g (1 cup) rolled oats 2 tablespoons chia seeds or golden flaxseeds 250 ml (1 cup) rice milk ¼ teaspoon sea salt 1 apple, grated ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon 1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste 1 teaspoon gluten-free baking powder 60 g (1/2 cup) blueberries + extra for garnish 1 teaspoon raw honey or maple syrup (optional) 35 g (1/4 cup) flaked almonds (optional) METHOD 1. COMBINE oats, chia seeds, rice milk and sea salt into a bowl. 2. COVER and place in the fridge overnight. 3. PREHEAT oven to 170°C fan-forced. 4. REMOVE soaked oatmeal from the fridge and add grated apple, cinnamon, vanilla, baking powder and honey. 5. FOLD through blueberries. 6. DIVIDE between 2 heatproof serving bowls or preheated individual cast iron pans. 7. GARNISH with a sprinkle of flaked almonds and scatter with a few extra blueberries. 8. BAKE for 30 minutes or until cooked through. 9. REMOVE from the oven and serve with a dollop of Greek style yoghurt and a drizzle of honey.

For Mum!

NOTES AND INSPIRATION Substitute Greek yoghurt with coconut yoghurt for a dairy-free option. Use grated carrot, 40 g (1/4 cup) raisins with a pinch of nutmeg and ginger spice in place of blueberries to make a delicious Carrot Cake Oatmeal. Teresa Cutter, founder of The Healthy Chef, is an author, nutritionist and classically trained chef. You can find more of Teresa's tips and recipes on her website, Healthy Recipes App, eBooks, Facebook and Instagram.

STEAK . SEAFOOD . LIQUOR Local Black Angus Beef

Grass fed on the lush mineral rich Pastures of the Victorian highlands

Website: Instagram: @teresacutter_healthychef Facebook: The Healthy Chef @healthychefteresacutter

Open fire Lounge or Terrace Seating available

Bookings on 5301 8157

Gig Guide Peppers Mineral Springs Hotel, Hepburn Live music - 2nd and 4th Friday of the month Mariah Jayne - Friday, May 10, 4pm-7pm JJ & Ray - Sunday, May 12 (Mother's Day), 12.30pm- 3.30pm K&R - Friday, May 24, 4pm-7pm

Daylesford Cidery, Musk The Martel Blues Duo - Sunday, June 9

Blue Bean Love Cafe, Hepburn Bosky Nova - Friday, May 10 The Cartwheels - Saturday, May 11 Open Mic - Sunday, May 12 Josh Dance - Friday, May 17 Buck Edwards - Saturday, May 18 Ellerby - Sunday, May 19 (pictured below) Scott Fraser - Friday, May 24 Andy Lacy - Saturday, May 25 North East - Sunday, May 26 The Lefties - Friday, May 31

subj All gigs ec Fees t to chan ma ge! Che y apply. ck w ith the v enue .

Guildford Family Hotel, Guildford Bush Gothic - Guildford/Castlemaine album launch - Saturday, May 25, 7.30pm-9.30pm

The Palais, Hepburn Springs Four Lions - Hard Days tour - Friday, May 17, 8pm-10pm Sol Nation - Saturday, May 18, 7.30pm-1am Sean Dixon - Friday, May 24, 8.30pm-10.30pm Cash Savage & the Last Drinks album tour - Saturday, May 25, 7.30pm-1am Becci Cole - Sunday, May 26, 3pm

Got a gig coming up? Email It's free!

Gigs 29

30 Trades

A unique heater manufactured in Daylesford from Australian products

Railway Crescent, Daylesford P: 03

5348 2586

F: 03 5348 1200 E:

Consulting in Administration & Management Book-keeping Administration Payroll Temp service Supplier monthly reconciliation Qualified to manage a small team of office workers Christ Jules Services Julie Hanson 0459 619 701

POOL AND SPA MAINTENANCE SERVICES DAYLESFORD AND SPA COUNTRY Over 25 years’ experience in the Pool and Spa industry. Cleaning and servicing of pools, hot tubs and jacuzzis. Water chemistry and water balance Commercial properties Domestic applications Reasonable rates All enquiries welcome Noel 0419 554 319 Declan 0438 212 107


of Beautiful Homes 8-10 Star Energy Rating Super Insulated Strawbale Construction Carpentry Consultancy PER BERNARD Registration DBU-3633


Peter Mackley 5348 3085 or 0418 571 331 Gary Mackley 5348 1108

Clement F Mooney

Email: Available to assist with all general accounting services and preparation/electronic lodgment of Tax Returns and BAS for Individuals, Sole Traders, Partnerships, Trusts and Companies.

A.B.N. 37 961 487 978

Certified Practising Accountant Registered Tax Agent B.Com, C.P.A., M.B.A.

Tel: 03 5424 1441 Mobile: 0412 584 555 Office: 19 Albert Street, Trentham 3458

Malone Tree Services Liam Malone . Limited Access . Fully Insured .Specialists Qualified . Mulching Available

0423 945 436

Trades 31


electrical appliance repair service washer, dryer, fridge, dishwasher, oven, cook top etc. Call Kiyo on

0419 267 685


Servicing all Daylesford and Districts MOB: 0427 508 840

Daylesford Newsagency & Tattslotto Newspapers, magazines, Tattslotto, dry-cleaning, stationery, photocopying and lots more... We stock The Local! 55 Vincent Street, Daylesford 5348 2061

32 News


MY VISION FOR AUSTRALIA Having lived in the electorate for 15 years I'm passionate about helping our community to learn to live sustainably, preserving and protecting our natural environments and ensuring fair and equal representation on the issues that concern us.

HEALTH • Build the Medicare of the future: a truly universal health care system that includes dental and mental health • Improve the quality of aged care through increased levels of care and staffing ratios

CLIMATE CHANGE • 100% renewable energy by 2030 • Create jobs in the renewable energy sector by investing in wind farms • Secure a safe climate for the next generation by taking pride in reviving our local ecosystems



• Ban political donations from mining, property development, tobacco, alcohol and gambling industries • Root out corruption by establishing a federal anti-corruption commission

• Increase wages and protect workers’ rights • Promote equality for women by building housing, financial, and workplace security • Increase Newstart and Youth Allowance, and fully fund the NDIS Authorised by M. Poland, Australian Greens Victoria, Level 1, 45 William St, Melbourne VIC 3000


DAYLESFORD The ‘Local’ Blokes



Melbourne & Country Victoria daily 0407 697 877

Authorised by C. Quinn, Level 1, 45 William St, Melbourne, VIC 3000








PO Box 1040, Daylesford, VIC 3460 (03) 5348 4852 or 0437 747 619

Here's the solution for Issue 148. Solve it? Stop the press! Our cruciverbalists, Nick and Lindsay, are taking a well-earned break. Look out for the next crossword in the June 17 edition.

Anzac Day 2019 Lest We Forget Images: David White, Kyle Barnes, Donna Kelly More images on Facebook

34 Opinion

Pick me, pick me...

Just sayinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;... By Donna Kelly


E ARE very lucky to meet amazing people, week in, week out, as part of what we do with The Local.

Only last edition we ran a story about fundraising for the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal. Tania Henderson has been managing a band of volunteers, friends and family for 16 years and over that time has raised a whopping $175,000. We also ran a photo of volunteers Tania Grant and Mich Cowan - and in the editing process I inadvertently named Tania Grant as the manager. We had a call from Tania Henderson's clearly proud dad, a former newspaper man, asking if we could fix the error - which I hope I have done here. Sorry Tania, and Tania. We don't make many mistakes but if we do we like to clear them up as quickly as possible. The Royal Children's Hospital is a cause close to my heart. I found myself in there for a week with severe asthma, perhaps life-threatening, when I was about seven years old. Mum and dad drove me up from Frankston but it was the old days when you only got a couple of visiting hours with your parents each day. I remember dad coming in for a visit and spending most of it with the boy in the bed next to mine, which annoyed me at the time. I later found out the kid was from the country and had no visitors at all. Dad, having grown up in Ararat, obviously decided to befriend him. A nice gesture now I think about it. I don't remember being sick at all, just wheelchair races up and down the hall, lots of kids in the one room, having a drip in my arm and being asked by nurses if I would like some "googy eggs". "No," I said. "I want Fruit Loops." But sadly they were not on the menu. I met more fundraising people recently. June at Clydesdale, and her friends Erin, Diane and Yvonne, are holding a Biggest Morning Tea at June's home next Thursday, May 16. It's a very generous thing to open your home to strangers but they are well prepared and I think it will be a great first fundraiser for them. I hope I can make it. And then, while we were in the Coles carpark a while back, Carol Collins came over to say she would be holding a Biggest Morning Tea at the Daylesford Bowling Club. It is her fourth event and the club, bowlers and her friends always dig deep to help out. It sounds like it has become a bit of a social event on the calendar. That's on Monday, May 13 if you want to pop along. Maybe you can make it to both? All in all, it's been a great lead up to this edition coming out. Lots of rain finally, a successful Great Trentham Spudfest, fun at the annual Leonards Hill Baby Show, and a very mild morning for Anzac Day events. We always make the dawn service but it was quite nice not to be rugged up in hats, scarves and gloves. But it is coming. There are three things you can't stop - taxes, death and winter in the Central Highlands. Just sayin'...

Hi there, my name is Sunshine. I am a five-year-old girl looking for my forever home. I am a people cat and friendly, talkative and outgoing. I want a home where I can be the centre of attention and get lots of love. I am happiest having my own space so I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to live with other animals please. MC# 956000006664726 Mount Alexander Animal Welfare is at 24 Langslow Street, Castlemaine. Phone 5472 5277. (Pick me, pick me is run in memory of Rosie and Curly - we picked them!)

The Local - Connecting the Community The Local is all about Connecting the Community. We run good news stories about amazing people and places, and festivals and events. And our fantastic advertisers run great deals for locals and visitors alike.

To give back to the community, The Local has been running its Connecting the Community adverts for more than five years. The adverts are for not-for-profit groups and organisations to lend a hand when finances can be a bit tight - or just don't exist. We all know how hard it can be to make volunteer-run organisations work on the smell of an oily rag! To apply just email with your event or organisation. We also put call-outs on our Facebook page and those of the various communities in our wonderful region. We work on a first-in basis, with a nod to time-lines too. There are a few conditions, well mostly that not-forprofit bit, and also that you aren't grabbing a free advert and then we see a whacking big paid advert in other media. That wouldn't be fair. Cheers, Donna (Ed)


Daylesford Fire Station is open to the public every Thursday afternoon from 2pm to 3.30pm. Drop in for a cup of tea, have a chat about fire safety, get answers to questions or just bring the kids to check out the fire appliances. Daylesford Fire Station is at 26 Bridport Street, Daylesford. Check us out on Facebook!

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Kyle’s Rant


EGULAR readers of the Rant know that there is not too much that bothers me other than humanity, mediocrity and politicians (sorry, the pollies don’t fit into that first category) but apart from that I sit on this mortal coil pretty well. But there is one thing that got my goat the other day. I was travelling home in the dark, through apocalyptic lightning strikes, sideways rain and a procession of wildlife on the side of the road that looked like a scene from Bambi - except this local wildlife included two-metre-tall roos and rotund wallabies which will all make a mess of your vehicle. So, I am doing the right thing and slowing down to around 70km-h, so we all had half a chance of getting home safely. Now, that is not an invitation for a tailgater. If I have to brake suddenly, I have another element to watch out for, which is the knucklehead sitting five centimetres behind me. Are you trying to save fuel by sitting in my slipstream? Go ahead and overtake on the straight - but nooo, you just want to sit there and make me feel uncomfortable. Another thing that made me a little cranky last week was my brush with Kogan, an online seller of lots of stuff including my drone, which I bought a couple of years ago. While making that procurement a pop-up special came on the screen offering me a flat-screen TV for bugger all, so I hastily clicked "buy". Fast forward a couple of years and I picked up the remote to switch it on and alas nothing. I was flying dead-stick and as much as I shook the thing and banged it into my palm nothing happened. So, it was time for the scramble in the third drawer down - the one overstuffed with things including worn-out placemats, a hammer and a couple of screwdrivers alongside spent packets of batteries and a torch. I dove into the handyman’s Aladdin’s cave hoping to find a single AAA battery and came up empty-handed, so made the 20km round trip to the shop. I got back, plugged the thing into the remote, and - nothing, dead. I then made sure I had the positive side around the correct way, checked the dongle thingy on the back of the TV and even pointed the remote into my phone and took a photo to establish if there was a laser beam as per instructions, but nothing. I then spent an hour reaching behind the TV, taking a photo of the model so I could establish what remote I needed to buy and waited five days for it to arrive. The day finally came, a bright morning, the birds were chirping and my remote had arrived. I loaded it with a battery - not included in the $30 item and - nothing. You can imagine by now I had steam coming out of my ears, but I then took the time to closely read the instructions and found there were two battery holders, one at each end of the remote. I swear this product must have been invented by some really angry wife trying to extract her lump of a husband off the couch. Anyway, if someone needs a spare Kogan TV remote, drop us a line. Rant by remote over…

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The Local Issue 149 May 6, 2019  

The Local Issue 149 May 6, 2019  

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