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Touring vast land of Rajasthan needs great planning. There are many aspects of tourism that one needs to carefully consider before venturing out on the adventurous holiday. Money is required from beginning to end of this exciting tour. Tickets for mode of travel, accommodation, suitable attire inclusive of clothes and footwear, eateries and other expenses incurred during the tour like riding the elephant or a camel, visiting a place where there is paid entry; all this requires money. Travel companies and travel guides need to be paid too for providing good services.

Rajasthan tour tariff for luxury trains is pre-decided by Railway Tourism especially concerned with Rajasthan Tourism. Tariff is taken out afresh for every touring season. For 2013-14, Palace on Wheels comes with tariff for Single Occupancy, Double Occupancy and Triple Occupancy of the luxury coaches. Waver offs are also there. For children tickets are less costly. Taxes and other applications also need to be looked into. Cancellation Policy, Part Journey costing and Charter Bookings etc. come with their special costing.

Tariff of one train is different from the other. Royal Rajasthan on Wheels has its own itinerary to follow and this itself causes a lot of change in the tariff plan of both the trains.

Cost of Rajasthan tour for RTDC hotels is much cheaper than what is in demand by private luxury hotels. One can search online for availability of rooms according to number of people travelling. One can see as to whether the rooms are available for the chosen time period or not. Accommodation for six days will cost more than the room that is booked for just two nights. Tariff also depends upon the number of people who are travelling. AC rooms cost more than non AC rooms. Deluxe accommodation will no doubt cost more.

Rajasthan tour price is different for business men. Companies get their own tariff plans. Businessmen wishing to expand their businesses, get a personalized tariff plan. Regular customers of a travel company also get the benefit of being old customers. One can also decide upon the places that one would like to travel to, and this alone has a lot of influence on the tariff plan.

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Touring vast land of rajasthan needs great planning  
Touring vast land of rajasthan needs great planning