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Join hands with your Personal

Virtual Assistant

for Designing

a Perfect Landing Page

What is a Landing Page? A landing page is usually the first web page you land, when you visit a website.

Statistics show that firms which have used 30 or more landing pages generate up to 7X time s more leads than the ones which have used 10 or less landing pages.

Benefits of Using Landing Pages: •

Using good landing page will enable you to focus your

efforts towards conversions. •

Landing pages also makes it easier to target audiences.


Analytics of a Landing pages will throw a lot of insights about your audience

and their behaviour. It is a great tool to organize your prospects into leads.

Landing pages are useful records for analysis and improvement of your marketing efforts.

Why should you outsource to a virtual assistant? Hiring a full time resource for the purpose of smaller design and landing page desig ning works would be a costly affair. Here are some reasons to look for a Virtual assis tant. 1. Very affordable and skilled 2. They are creative at their best. 3. They are available any time and anywhere.

Making a landing page would involve tasks like content writing, graphic designing and coding. Hiring a virtual assistant firm would give access to multi-skilled labour at considerably lower cost. Virtual assistants from India are relatively cheaper compared to other countries. The appropriate design for a landing page depends on the goals of your marketing campaign.

What should you outsource to a virtual assistant? 1.

Wire-framing - making layout and flow of the page


Customisation - Customizing to adapt to a target segment


Graphic Design - Making some stunning graphics for your banners, offers etc..


Content writing – creating unique contents that can attract your audience for your landing page


Keyword optimization – Optimising your landing page with target keywords.

Hiring online personal assistant services for creating landing page is beneficial when it is an occasional requirement for marketing.

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Designing a perfect landing page  

Join hands with your Personal Virtual Assistant for Designing a Perfect Landing Page

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