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Software as a service Share Square helps project teams create and maintain shared understanding at any time, from any place. It offers a digital (online) pinboard which can be used by teams to communicate, share, and structure all their information in one place.

for You Professionals such as designers, engineers, consultants and managers benefit from using Share Square: it makes meetings more effective, communication more powerful and work in virtual teams more social. Look inside to find out how Share Square works!

Share Square canvas Shown is a screenshot of an example Share Square canvas in use. The canvas is unlimited in size.

share information Using drag and drop you can add pretty much any file from your computer. The file is uploaded to our servers and made visual on the canvas.

Structure Information The Share Square canvas can contain ideas, tasks, important texts, uploaded documents, a planning and more. This is all structured in folders, each can be shared.

Communicate Through Share Square all information is available in realtime for each team member. Knowledge is shared and communicated directly. It provides awareness of who works on what.

Use Share Square to structure your teleconference

Use Share Square as a scrumboard for your IT project

Use Share Square to plan your tasks and make to do lists

Use Share Square to present your project to clients

how to get Share Square? Contact us! MAIL: TEL: 0031641305889 WEB:

Use Share Square to get new team members up to speed

Share Square brochure  

This is the Share Square brochure

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