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Bobcat Move-In Guide

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Fall 2012 • Department of Housing and Residential Life

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Welcome Your first semester as a Bobcat is just around the corner! We look forward to your arrival and are busy preparing our residential facilities for a successful 2012–13 academic year. The Department of Housing and Residential Life (DHRL) understands this is an exciting yet anxious time for you. We have designed this guide to help you prepare for your move to campus and navigate the check-in process to get settled in your new home. 2 | Bobcat Move-In Guide

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Prepare Save time and hassle by planning for your move and your new life on campus. Familiarize yourself with our facilities, policies and the move-in process. Spend some time thinking about what you want your new home to look like. What do you need to be successful? How can you make it feel like home? Your Assignment Your residence and roommate assignments can be found on My Housing, which is accessible through our website. Once you learn your assigned community, visit our website to look through hall photos and floor plans. This information will assist you in your preparation. You were able to select a space through our online selection process. If you chose not to participate, you were automatically assigned to a space. If you were unable to choose your preferred hall online, it is because there was no availability in that residence. Please remember that each residence offers its own unique community. We encourage you to strive to become part of that community before requesting a transfer. If you decide to request a move, please see our website for more information. Your Packing Checklist Your assigned on-campus space is your home away from home. We encourage you to fill it not only with the items you need to succeed, but also with personal items that will help make your space cozy and comfortable. Appropriate decorations are encouraged. However, please remember that whatever you do to your room to make it more enjoyable must not be noticeable in any way when you move out.

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What to Bring

What to Leave at Home

**Area rug

Alcohol/alcohol containers

Coffee pot


Computer, printer, coaxial cable, Ethernet cable


Decorations (pictures, posters, art, double-sided foam tape)

Electric grill

Desk lamp and alarm clock

George Foreman grill

Electronics (television, DVD player, stereo)

Hot plate

Laundry items (basket, detergent, hangers)

Propane stove

How Big Is Your Bed? Most halls feature standard twin-size beds. Beretta, Bexar, Chautauqua, Gaillardia, Laurel and Retama offer extra-long twin beds. Bobcat Village and some San Marcos suites (double suites with single bedrooms only) offer full-size beds.

Linens (towels, sheets, blanket, pillow)




Shower caddy and shower shoes

Pets (only fish allowed)


Prescription drugs not prescribed for you

Toiletries and hair dryer


Your Responsibilities On-campus living provides a unique opportunity to be an active and responsible member of a community. As a resident, you are afforded certain rights, such as the right to express your uniqueness and individuality. At the same time, you are expected to abide by community standards. We promote open expression of individuality and diversity within the bounds of courtesy, sensitivity and respect. The DHRL has established policies and regulations that govern group living. By signing the 2012–13 Housing Contract, you agreed to abide by these community standards. For more information on residential policies and housing standards, visit our website.


Weapons or facsimiles of weapons

We also encourage you to contact your roommate. Contact information can be found online through My Housing in advance of check-in. This will help you and your roommate avoid bringing duplicate items. Be sure to check out the list at right for suggestions and avoid packing prohibited items that are not allowed in the residence halls. (Bobcat Village suggestions can be found on our website.)


One refrigerator (no larger than 4.2 cubic feet) is allowed in each room. Students in a San Jacinto suite or a Blanco triple are allowed to have one additional mini-refrigerator. San Marcos Hall comes with one refrigerator per suite and those residents are allowed to bring one additional mini-refrigerator. Bobcat Village offers a full-size refrigerator in the unit. ** Bobcat Village, Blanco, San Jacinto and San Marcos feature carpet in the rooms. If you are assigned to a different hall, consider bringing a rug or carpet remnant to cover the tile floor.

Considering Lofting? Beretta, Bexar, Chautauqua, College Inn, Gaillardia, Laurel, Retama, San Jacinto, San Marcos, Smith and Tower come equipped with beds that can be lofted to provide more floor space. No additional equipment is required. Students in other facilities must rent a lofting kit in order to loft beds. The kits can be rented through the Residence Hall Association by visiting our website.

Protect Yourself Find out if your belongings are protected by your parents’ homeowner’s insurance policy. If not, consider buying renter’s insurance.

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Arrive New student move-in can be a busy and hectic day for residents and their families. We have developed a centralized check-in process to help alleviate some of this stress. All new students (with the exception of those assigned to Bobcat Village) will report to Strahan Coliseum before heading to their assigned residential facilities. New student move-in will occur on August 18–19, 2012. Students should arrive according to their scheduled arrival time listed below. The list is organized by the last two digits of your Social Security number.

Your Check-In • Report to Strahan Coliseum (not your assigned facility) at your assigned arrival time. • Receive your key and complete check-in paperwork. • Report to your assigned facility, and unload. • Move your car to lot AZ10 near the stadium or the Speck Parking Garage near the water tower.

Additional Information If you plan to arrive on August 20 or later, please report directly to your residence. Centralized check-in at Strahan is only for those arriving on August 18–19 from 10 a.m.–5:30 p.m. Remember, you must claim your space by 5 p.m. on Sunday, August 26.

Keep in mind that all new students with 0–29 hours must participate in PAWS Preview. Students will receive notification of their assigned PAWS Preview session after New Student Orientation.

• Catch the provided shuttle back to the residence.

Saturday, August 18

Sunday, August 19

10 a.m.



10:30 a.m.



11 a.m.



11:30 a.m.






12:30 p.m.



1 p.m.



1:30 p.m.



2 p.m.



2:30 p.m.



3 p.m.



3:30 p.m.



4 p.m.



4:30 p.m.



5 p.m.

Open for those who missed their assigned times.

Open for those who missed their assigned times.

5:30 – 6:30 p.m.

Check-in closed.

Check-in closed.

6:30 p.m.

Students can report to their hall check-in.

Students can report to their hall check-in.

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Bobcat Village Check-In If you are assigned to Bobcat Village, please report directly to that facility on August 18 or 19 during your assigned arrival time.

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Get Settled You’re checked in. Your family has left. Now what? It’s time to get settled and learn more about your new home. The following information concerning residential amenities will help you get connected and comfortable in your space. In Your Room Cable service: Bring a coaxial cable to take advantage of the extended basic cable provided in each residential room at no extra charge. If you would like to request additional services or report a problem, you may do so by contacting Grande Communications at 512.878.4880. Electronic network: All hall lobbies and some study lounges offer wireless Internet access; individual student rooms require Ethernet cables. You are expected to abide by university, state and federal regulations related to accessing electronic networks and may be subject to disciplinary action for violations, such as bombing (sending a large number of messages to another mailbox), spamming and hacking. If you have questions regarding connectivity or would like to request complimentary virus protection software, contact the Information Technologies Assistance Center at 512.245.ITAC. Telephone service: A telephone line is provided to each resident with the exception of students assigned to triple rooms, who share one line with three voice mailboxes. You are responsible for providing your own telephone and for maintaining this line. You can access optional long-distance service by using a PIN issued to you by TelCom. You will be charged for these long-distance calls. For more information, visit www.telcom.

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Emergency assistance: Dial 911. All campus telephone lines will connect you with the University Police. Dialing 911 from an apartment phone will connect you to the San Marcos Police Department. It is a violation of university policy to dial 911 when there is no emergency. In Your Residence Reception desk services: Each facility offers services through a reception desk. Staff members welcome guests, answer questions, distribute mail and help ensure the safety of all residents. At the reception desk, students can offer suggestions, register complaints, locate a staff member, ask questions about policies, submit maintenance requests and inquire about student life on campus. Laundry facilities: Laundry rooms can be found in every residential facility. Washers and dryers are available for resident use at no extra charge. The cost to operate these is included in the semester housing rate billed to the student. Notify the reception desk of problems with the laundry machines.

help discourage theft by locking the door to your room or apartment every time you leave, even if you are simply visiting a neighbor or doing laundry downstairs. It takes only a few seconds to steal a laptop or an iPod. Parking: Avoid hefty fines by properly displaying your university permit at all times. On-campus hall residents receive a residential permit and can park in any residential lot of that same color or an all-zone perimeter lot. Apartment residents receive an apartment-specific permit. Avoid long lines by purchasing a parking permit online through Parking Services (www. before your arrival in the fall. Permits should be ordered well in advance of arriving on campus to allow time for them to be mailed.

Parking spaces are limited. If you are unable to receive a residential permit at the beginning of the semester, you will be assigned a commuter permit, which will allow you to park on the perimeter of campus until a residential permit becomes available. If you have to park in a perimeter lot during evening hours, contact Parking Services at 512.245.SAFE (7233) for a safety escort to your residential facility. With Your Roommate Texas State students will tell you that the biggest unfounded fear about college was living with a roommate. One of the most rewarding experiences you’ll have at Texas State is getting to know people from different backgrounds and ethnicities. Becoming someone’s roommate could be the beginning of a very influential and personal relationship in your life.

Mail service and delivery: Mail is delivered and picked up at each residence hall or apartment reception desk Monday through Saturday. Deliveries, such as UPS or Federal Express, are accepted. Non-mail deliveries (with the exception of flowers) are not accepted. Check our website for the mailing address for your assigned hall. Safety and security: Your student identification card will provide access to your assigned residence (with the exception of Bobcat Village and San Saba, which feature exterior entrances). Please keep your new home secure by not allowing others to “piggyback” on your entry and by meeting your guests at the front door. You also can Bobcat Move-In Guide Fall 2012 | 9

We encourage you to take part as well. Join us by using: • Sustainable products for your room • Desk lamps with LED lights • Eco-friendly alarm clocks

You also can do your part to conserve energy in your room: • Close shades to block out heat from the sun and reduce the need for air conditioning.

• Energy Star-rated mini-refrigerators

• Turn air conditioners off when not in your room.

• Energy Star-rated personal fans

• Keep lights off when possible.

• Biodegradable laundry powder • “Oxy” bleach alternatives

• Take shorter showers and turn off running water when not in use.

• Non-synthetic, petroleum-free laundry baskets and bags

• Turn off all appliances when not in use (i.e. computers, TVs, radios).

• Eco-friendly clothes hangers

• Place beverage containers, paper, cardboard and other recyclables in designated recycling bins.

• Rechargeable batteries • A water filter pitcher • Reusable non-plastic water bottles

• Use the recycling bins provided in your room.

See you soon! Whether your roommate is a lifelong family friend, high school acquaintance or someone you just met, there will undoubtedly be times when you will not see eye-to-eye. It is not necessary to share every aspect of college living. In fact, learning to tolerate each other’s differences without infringing on each other’s freedoms can be a valuable part of your education. No matter how hard you try, communication sometimes breaks down. Take the first step in addressing the situation with your roommate in an effort to understand what is wrong. It may be something very simple that can easily be resolved, or it may be an issue on which you have to work together.

When you need help, get assistance before the problem becomes overwhelming. Your resident assistant and residence director are available to help you. With the Earth in Mind We are committed to conserving water and other resources, as well as promoting recycling and green living in our residential communities. We ask you to join us in this effort to keep the world in good shape for generations to come. We have taken the following steps in the right direction: • Creating recycling programs • Providing water-saving laundry equipment • Using recycled materials in hall offices

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Please enjoy your remaining few weeks of summer, but take some time to review this guide and prepare for what will be one of the most important and exciting times in your life. Please remember that all this information and more is available on our website. Here’s to a wonderful and rewarding year ahead! Department of Housing and Residential Life | 512.245.2382 |

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Bobcat Move-in Guide  

Save time and hassle by planning foryour move and your new life on campus.