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Ever thought of Dubai as a Romantic Destination? Dinner cruise companies in Dubai offers customizable dhow dinner cruises, the experiences of which will change the way you look at Dubai and ensure a memorable experience both for you and your partner. Dubai has been the holiday destination of choice for many; especially for those who love to shop, and for those who are looking to be pampered in luxury no matter where they travel. People come to Dubai for the fun and the adventure as well. There is plenty to do; sightseeing, shopping, adventure sports, and sampling local as well as international cuisines. People come for here for fun and adventure that Dubai offers to them both on land and sea. But few know about Dubai’s newest romantic destination. For those of us expats who live in Dubai; most of us always need some time-off from our children or from the busy work lifestyle itself. It’s not that there is no privacy when you have a family, there is always the need to re-kindle the love and desire that once existed before you stepped in the shoes of a parent and rather busy work life. Oddly, Dubai does offer plenty of opportunities to get some time off from being parents; even if it is for an evening.

But Dubai does not seem like a romantic destination does it? Well you are wrong because there are plenty of opportunities to take some time off from being parents and connect with your spouse/partner once again. No I am not talking about visiting a silly restaurant that in the middle of the city or on the banks of the creek; where one is surrounded by people and confined to a table. I am talking about the place that’s not too far away. A special spot, that is in Dubai, except that it is technically not in Dubai as it lies on the ocean. There is always a feel-good factor on a slow cruise along Dubai creek. A romantic dinner perhaps is the best way for you and your loved one to experience Dubai from a different perspective. One can really admire the charm of Dubai from a dhow boat cruise in Dubai along the Creek especially on a cool pleasant evening. From the glimmering lights of the creek to the spectacular views of the Dubai city skyline while having a dinner prepared just for you and loved one. Away from all the hustle and bustle, traffic and noise of the city to some place quiet with some light soothing music in the background. The fading sunset falls into place while the city lights up on the other side making the dinner cruise unforgettable. You can even customise the entire cruise experience and pamper your partner with luxury transfers, roses on arrival, butler service, your own choice of menu and unlimited alcoholic beverages on the dhow dinner cruise in Dubai. So what are you waiting for? Call up your nanny and get set for a romantic evening away from the city.

Ever thought of Dubai as a Romantic Destination?