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How a Dubai Dhow Dinner Cruise makes for a perfect relaxing Evening

There is simply no better feeling that can bring peace to one’s mind like the sounds of the sea created by the waves and the cool breeze that runs over them. Peaceful and relaxing; is how most people in Dubai prefer to have their evenings, especially on the weekends. You could sit in a crowded cafe or restaurant at the Marina or at some place near the beach; but everything fades away in comparison to a boat ride and dinner aboard an Arabian dhow.

One may think that an Arabian Dhow being mainly a vessel to transport supplies would be lessequipped for such an experience. But believe us, you would be surprised at the amenities most of these cruising dhows have in-store. A typical Dhow dinner cruise in Dubai is like a restaurant but the feel of it is rather less commercialised when compared to a restaurant experience on land. Everything simply seemsmore personalised and tailor-made compared to a normal restaurant. Moreover nothing beats the experience of being on the sea next to a sunset in the midst of the right company of friends, family or loved ones with the sounds of the waves hitting the dhow. The panoramic view of the city would surely be appreciated and gives people a completely different view of the Dubai City skyline that most may want to experience at least one more time.

You begin with your Dubai dhow cruise with a welcome drink after getting on board; Arabic Coffee along with fresh dates will be served later to build up that appetite whilst building conversations that set heighten the mood. As the evening turns to night, an international buffet dinner will be then be opened that will surely tingle your taste buds making for that perfect evening setting. Why wait? Contact your local dinner cruise company Dubai dhow dinner cruise and a relaxing evening with friends and family awaits you.

How a Dubai dhow dinner cruise makes for a perfect Relaxing Evening