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Another month, another heavily delayed issue of Et Cetera. Another testament to idle minds being Devil’s workshops We were overwhelmed by how the NITR junta warmed up to our maiden issue, embracing our basic philosophy and our core ideals. We don’t know what they are, but we are glad you embraced them. Coming to the last 40 days, its been a turbulent period for reasons we all know. But keeping that ugliness aside, there has been a Convocation, an NU, the 2nd NITR PD, and nothing else. So no, we will not have a month review in this issue, because seriously, we are a boring bunch of people. What we will have is some level of speculation about the future. Very soon, Rotaracters will be banging your doors down, intent on driving you to financial ruin. So here goes, the Feb ‘13 issue of Et Cetera, with our margins made up of little hearts, because hey, V-DAY!

Jog-O No!

By El



could be a little farther. More exercise! Oh wait, whats


Dear God of Jogging, Sri Sri Lord Jog-o-pati, Protector of Health and Guardian of Fitness in all the Seven

that? A new building coming up there already? That’s totally fine. We totally “need” them. We just luvvvv jogging at 5 in the morning. If only that were less, we have a back log in that too. Icing on the

Jog-O No!


Spheres, (and Westeros)

Life and


My 1st question after I learnt that I had to be awake, let cake, isn’t it? Sometimes, I can’t thank you enough for apart jog, at 5 AM: What am I in, a military camp? Or having the jogging thingy in my routine. I can’t thank

Times of Frustrated Electri-cools Obligatory


Innovision Piece Confessions


of a Bollywood Lover Nolan 101

Agony of a Zoetic Tree



institute’s own way of ragging me in the 1st year? What was so new and important u wanted us to learn from jogging that it was made a compulsory subject? Oh I’m sorry, I hope the letter finds you in good health! Now,

you enough for making us jog on those chilly mornings. But then, why only in the 1st year? 8 months of jogging keeps people fit for the rest of their lives? It didn’t help me at all. You know why? Coz it drained all my energy

why don’t you take some time off and listen to my

away for the rest of the day. Waking up early and jog-

issues as a normal student?

ging would keep you fresh throughout the day, they

After I’m done with classes, I got to do a lot of work and I can’t sleep before 2! If I’m a girl, I’ve to complete my assignment, use fb, watch the ongoing series, gos-

said. Fresh morning air would keep me cool, they said. *yawn* Sure, fresh as hell! And while I write this, big-bellied figures with a thick

sip, talk to my boy friend, wash my clothes, the list is

moustaches revolve in front of my eyes. Yeah, people

long. If I’m a guy, I got to drink, poison my lungs and watch some movies, you know. All in all, unlike you, O Almighty, I can’t ‘go early to bed and be early to rise’!

who can’t stop staring at the natural bea(oo)ties around them every morning. But I could never understand why girls had to perform bending exercises. Yeah

Thats the whole point being ordinary mortals! Y u no

and this absolute instruction for students to come in

understand? We already live on some utterly butter-ly delicious

track suits. Only! You do have your idiosyncrasies don’t you, O Holy One? But let me put the cherry on the

mess food! The hostel’s mess serves the best dinner. My dear Tommy would totally eat it, won’t u Tommy?

cake. I went for jogging once. Yeah once. And you know what, B it was! I rest my case.

*bark* No. And O Holy One! Why do we have the living area built so close? My room is way too near to my classes! It

So the only thing to the 1st years - Guys please jog! And girls, well use your talent ;) #iykwim



Life and Times of Frustrated Electricools By Pinebeard Every time I look at Mr. Rowan Atkinson, I dive into a sonal, but when I learnt that he was a final year elecpool of deep nostalgia, gulping up the memories of trical student, well that was first blood. At first all this one of my favorite sitcoms, ‘Mr. Bean’. Undoubtedly sounded damn hilarious, but two years down the line he is one of the best comedians of our time, whose I really understood what he was saying. genius exploitation of a person’s innate childishness By the time you reach pre-final year, you and awkward physicality has provided nothing but will be filled with self-remorse and loathe. For you pure humor for three generations and that too with- have been to class rooms more number of times than out a single word said. But when you see it, at an any other student of any other branch. While your analytical level, to produce humor manipulating such fellow circuital branch students enjoy their breaks, minute details, his work must be a direct conse- you would be still sitting in the class and listening to quence of some suffering observations or morbid stuff which you will be least interested in. People will aversion he endured during his early life. be teasing you for the number of extra classes you

If you’re sad about being alone on Valentine’s Day, Just remember … Nobody loves you on any other day of the year either…. St. Troll

When I checked into his life, for learning the details, the truth struck me like a thunder bolt. Mr. Atkinson and me made the same wrong choice and are now slaves of our own fate. For the readers

attend and you will have no chance of getting back at them for when they are attending their extra classes you would be doing some extra lab just to get a hang of the subject forcibly.

who haven’t quite figured out the pun in the opening Things don’t seem much great on the roline, well, we both have opted for ‘ELECTRICAL SCI- mantic front either. The following conversation ENCES’. I still remember the fateful day when my would make it clear: branch was upgraded from Computer science to ElecMeka : Dude your girlfriend is cheating on trical Engineering and I was ignorantly and obliviously you. happy about it. The process of discovery of the bitter Eeka :Atleast I got one, I’m the only one in truth started when one of my seniors enlightened me the entire branch to have one. about the ordeal that lay ahead. The words swell out with pride. He looked me straight in the eye with deep Irrespective of all this hardships, the truth is no matconviction (no, this is not one of the moments where ter how many classes we attend or how tired we are, you would call for a kiss) and asked, “What sins have we still have that ‘smile’ on our faces at the end of you committed in your past? For you have chosen a the day. A smile which shows some sense of accomcruel way to suffer and atone for them.” Then I saw a plishment or satisfaction. A smile which makes us bald guy (when I say bald, I mean completely bald believe that all this hardwork would one day payoff with hardly any trace of hair) pass by. I thought that or so we believe :P. Nevertheless we all stay cool and he was a genuine prof or some management per- assuage ourselves with the title “ Electricools” B-)









Obligatory Innovision Piece A First Year’s Story

By Kesha

A Final Year’s Story

By Kick

“Innovision-2KXII”, the technical fest of NIT-RKL for the year 2012. This What’s in a techfest? I don’t know. Four years, four editions. I saw just was also the first tech fest I ever attended. Being a part of the tech one: the first, of course. That was the techfest when I was a freshman. team, I could get a glimpse of how well the fest was being organized. The convener was a generous senior. I had worked hard then and was Two weeks before the tech fest, the sponsorship team was in a fix. treated to booze by the night. I knocked on every room in hall 3 & 4, Despite making calls every day, sending hundreds of e-mails, visiting talked my friends into buying T-shirts. When, after all the persuasion, every other restaurant, educational institute, small companies, radio they wouldn’t, the seniors would step in. And I had the look which said, station, and no organization was willing to come forward to sponsor the ’You asked for it!’ But that’s all I know about the techfest. fest. The publicity team was still clueless about the number of volun- Fastforward to the second edition, I am not the convenor. Not even a teers it would require to design posters, the number of flyers required, Secretary. So why would I care? Wasn’t the laptop with the software and other such works. But, this problem was sorted out quite quickly by DC++ and the day-long internet connection during the weekend enough “recruiting” a bunch of first years. Soon, every conspicuous wall was resource to ‘Innovate and Ideate’ that I would take the pain of walking covered with bright and creatively designed posters. Every technical all the way to the AV Hall? And nobody gave me one good reason why I club was busy with a hectic schedule, holding meetings every day, de- should participate in Xtense when every other minute somebody would ciding upon their events and workshops. During those days, SAC was ping on ipmsngr, making an offer to join a clan. the most populated place in the institute. If you ask me about the third edition, I would tell you this joke: A The INNOVISION-2KXII kicked off vibrantly with a grand opening cere- teacher once asked a class to write an essay on a cricket match. One mony. Every street o the institute was speaking of the eventful days ahead. There were cut-outs of the mascot of the fest-Technick were put up everywhere (But most of the students couldn’t get what it signified!!). Students flocked to Rourkela from different colleges to partici-

student wrote: Match abandoned due to rain. Yes, I took a three day weekend off to go home. I don’t want to sound too cheeky, but it was in the final edition that I realized they had moved the ‘innovation’ from the tagline to the name, twisting it a bit on its way.

pate in various event and workshops. SAC hosted a lot of events includ- That’s what a techfest means to me. And I am all of us. Or, at least, ing Death-race, Line follower, Land minder, live wizard chess, live jigsaw most! puzzle, SAE events, etc. Live Angry Birds could not keep up to the ex- Did you just call me useless and say you went all the way to KGP to parpectations but was great fun. Live counter strike was also a hit. ticipate in Kshitij? Hats off! Take a bow! And then, there was a flash mob, followed by a cultural night at the SAC. SAC was completely crowded even before the performances started. Every eye stared in awe at the impossible movements of the

Horoscope: Pisces

dancers. Every soul swayed to the reverberating music of tohe bands. The month of February is the month of Pisces. February Every heartbeat was in resonance with the “HEARTBEATS”. INNOVISION romantic month and Pisces are supposed to be the -2KXII was the right blend of technical events and entertaining fun romance. But 2013 doesn’t seem favorable for you on front. Chances are you might break up with your partner events.

is generally a emperors of the romantic or your crush

Well, this is just one side of the coin. This is how it seems to an optimist might get into a relationship with the person you hate the most. Either who watches everything from a distance. The other side is revealed only ways karma is gonna screw you peacefully this month. to the ones who work for it. Yes, this tech fest was not what I call amaz- Dark clouds encircle your fate this month, which only indicates that you ing or stupendously mind-blowing hit. It was not up to the mark. The will be shorn of water the entire month, which is obvious for most of participation was low. There were very few sponsors. The prize money the people live in hall 8 or hall 7 where its impossible to get even a few was very less compared to the standard of the institute. There was a drops of water for sanitary purposes. The only silver lining to the dark lack of seriousness among the members of the tech-team. The decora- cloud is that this month you would be served with food that would be tion team faced a crisis of manpower. The money being allotted to devoid of cockroaches or the little bugs that you would usually find in every event and the overall management was being diverted elsewhere. your otherwise hygienic mess food. But matters like these are not for the average 1st year to ponder about, All in all, its going to be a great month, where majority of the Pisces will and certainly not to discuss. At the end of the day, even though this be tormented by unknown fears and most of them would end up as schizophrenics at a special ward in CWS. wasn’t the best techfest one could have, it was my first.



Confessions of a Bollywood Lover By Talia Watching 6 YouTube videos of the making of bolly- to tears and Gulzar’s magical lyrics bewildered many wood movies back to back, took me back to an age souls. And love is not the only emotion that echoes where I thought I lived in a Hindi cinema. And that is form our cinema, may it be age-old patriotism as porthe beauty of the subcontinent-brand of movie- trayed in “Border” or its modern day variant as shown making, the grandeur, the drama, the happiness, the in “Rang de Basanti”, Hindi cinema gives us reason to larger-than-life characters, all make you a part of the love, to cry and to be satisfied. story, a story you wish was yours. As a fanatic bollywood lover, I have had one too many Indians take their cinema, and their cricket, very seriously; rich, poor, old or young, all enjoy bollywood with equal zest. Our cinemas always have a character you can identify with, may it be the loving grandpar-

fights (some drunken, many sober), defending and justifying my love toward Hindi cinema, but today I m going to look at the flip side of the coin as well. The stories have many loop holes; the Switzerland dream

ents, the strict parents, the interfering neighbours, or sequences make no sense at all. The direction or the the passionate young lovers. Hindi cinema is influ- narratives, the actors, the action sequences at times enced from the Indian culture and on some level re- are not at par with the international standards and turns the favor. one can go on. I have often been let down and disThe young Shahrukh Khan in “DDLJ” inspired many heartened by the quality of cinema, the meaningless lovers to face their families instead of running away. dialogues or the over-the-top action pieces, the loud The shirtless Salman made us dream of a perfect lover and cheap jokes all have made me reconsider my love “Sapnon Mein Roz Aaye Aa Zindagi Mein Aana for our cinema, but no, not even 100 Oscar winning Sanam”. How many times have we not sung the Hollywood films can take my love away from Bolly“Mere Samne Wale Khidki Mein” for the girl next wood . Moreover Hindi cinema also has come a long door? The falling in love at first sight, or the making way in my 2 decades and has freed itself from the up after a big fight all look inspired from some bolly clutches of similar sounding love stories. Hindi cinema film. Who hasn’t narrated dialogues like “Mere pass today has seen new highs (“barfi”) as well as new Ma Hai Ma” at some point in his life and who hasn’t lows (“jab tak hai jaan”), but in a country where nothmissed his mom after “Tujhe Sab Hai Pata Hai Na ing is perfect how can one expect one’s cinema to be Maa”. The ever so melodious A R Rehman has perfect. And at last, I would like to summarize my touched our lives in more ways than we are aware of. feelings for bollywood in the following oft repeated The heart-rending voices of Lata and Asha brought us line “Kabhi khusi kabhie gham na juda honge ham”J









Nolan 101 By Sgt. Pepper “Every great magic trick consists of three parts or acts. The first part is called "The Pledge". The magician shows you something ordinary: a

The many

deck of cards, a bird or a man. He shows you this object. Perhaps he

light bulbs

asks you to inspect it to see if it is indeed real, unaltered, normal. But of

lighting up probably isn't. The second act is called "The Turn". The magician takes the ordinary something and makes it do something extraordinary. Now you're looking for the secret... but you won't find it, because of course you're not really looking. You don't really want to know. You want to be fooled. But you wouldn't clap yet. Because making something disappear isn't enough; you have to bring it back. That's why

in Nolan’s head right about now.

every magic trick has a third act, the hardest part, the part we call "The Prestige".“ These are the opening lines of Christopher Nolan’s 2005 release, The Prestige, spoken by Micheal Caine right before he wantonly squishes Tweety to death. If you already knew that, go ahead and pat yourself in the back and feel all important. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

in the series: The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, a total of three. The lines quoted before listed three parts of a magic act; the Pledge, where “the magician shows you something ordinary”. Cut to Batman Begins, a young Bruce Wayne, millionaire heir, sees his parents

“But Sgt. Pepper” you ask, trying your best not to roll your eyes, “Why are you

gunned down in front of him. He returns from college, a tormented young man, to exact revenge on the killer. Anguished by what he realizes is his own weakness and humiliated and helpless at the hands of the mob bosses, he leaves everything behind and travels the world seeking answers, trying to understand the criminal psyche. Recruited by

quoting random the League of Shadows and eventually disillusioned by it, he comes sentences

from back to Gotham, intent on making things right. It is, arguably, the best

that movie of Batman origin story ever told. He dons the cape and cowl, faces off with which all we the Scarecrow saves Gotham from Ra’s Al Ghul. Disregarding all the really remember flourishes, you have Nolan presenting to us what is a standard Superare two Batmans, hero movie. Superhero beats Master Villain; seen objectively it is nothmultiple dead Wolverines, bird-murdering Alfred and Tesla? Don’t you ing different from the tonnes of such flicks we have already seen, it is think there are better ways to show us how smart Nolan is, what with “ordinary”. Inception and Dark Knight and what not?”

Jump to The Dark Knight. Batman is locked in a clash of wits with his

Well, dear and rare reader, the first thing that you need to understand greatest nemesis, the Joker. This battle is for something much deeper, it before I get down to explaining the nuances of Advanced Nolanology is is a battle for Gotham’s soul, a war between justice and anarchy. In true this: Christopher Nolan is a friggin’ genius. Also The Prestige was his superhero fashion, Batman triumphs over him, both physically, in the most important movie ever. Because in the 1st few minutes of The Pres- numerous fight scenes, and mentally, when the people on the boats tige Nolan had not only told us what the movie would be about, he had decide not to blow each other up. But the Joker had one last trump forecasted his entire cinematic plans for the next decade. How? Here card. He takes Harvey Dent and corrupts him, turning him into Twogoes. Face. As Gordon says, “He took the best of us, and turned him into a The trilogy that we will forever remember Christopher Nolan for is, of monster”. With Dent killing people and trying to murder Gordon’s famcourse, the Dark Knight. Rivaling Star Wars and LOTR in its magnitude ily, his reputation would have been lost, and with it, the credibility of all and impact, it drew upon the most famous storylines of the Batman the legislations and anti-crime measures he had taken. It was then that Universe: Batman: Year One, Knightfall, The Dark Knight Returns etc to the Batman steps up and does something no ordinary superhero would create what many people hold as THE definitive Batman story. But the have done. He takes the blame for all the murders and the death of discerning viewer will remember that The Prestige was released very Harvey Dent upon himself. He makes himself an outlaw, sacrifices his close to the first Dark Knight movie: Batman Begins. There were 2 more own repute so that Dent’s could remain untarnished. “The magician

takes the ordinary something and makes it do something extraordi- needed Batman to survive, gone on to lead a full life with Selina Kyle; nary.” The Dark Knight was ‘The Turn’.

but not before bequeathing his biggest legacy, his suit and the cave to

Batman vanishes for many years after that. Bruce Wayne leads an iso- Blake. Bruce Wayne had retired, but a new Batman would soon rise in lated and secluded lifestyle. And then Bane appears. The Turn is usually Gotham. accompanied by the object vanishing, but as The Cutter reminds us, the “Because making something disappear isn't enough; you have to bring audience doesn’t clap. Not yet. In The Dark Knight Rises, the Batman it back. That's why every magic trick has a third act, the hardest part, disappears thrice, first after the events of The Dark Knight after which the part we call "The Prestige".” he appears to chase Bane through the streets of Gotham. Secondly, after Bane breaks him and drops him in the prison, out of which he climbs out, the second person to ever do so. This is itself is pretty out- P.S.- The Prestige had a certain interesting element to it, the whole standing for Bruce, but not for the Batman. In the mind-boggling climax, concept of a journal within a journal, of a story occurring within another Batman fulfills his pledge to the city of Gotham by flying out of the city story. In Inception, Nolan raised that very concept to a grander level, of with the nuclear device and exploding it over the bay. As the big twist dreams within dreams. The question now is, if The Prestige was The comes, it is revealed that the auto-pilot on the Bat was functional and Pledge and Inception was The Turn, how psyched are you about his rd the Batman lived, Bruce Wayne had finally moved past the day he next movie, the 3 act in his “hidden” trilogy, The Prestige?

Agony of a Zoetic Tree

By Swapper

The day was nipping and hazy. Faces were hard to distinguish and one see a silent protest march demanding justice for a rape victim and could only notify his advent by his attire. Amongst solitude, I sat under stricter rape laws. And guess what, the cluster that I had seen in the the banyan tree sipping a cup of tea accompanied by biscuits, waiting morning (taking part in their stupendous deliberation) form the initial for my open elective class after the timely finish of my practical. My watch acquainted me with the fact that I had 45 minutes left. As any fickle head would, I started pondering numerous businesses that I can transact within this stipulated spell. But there was this bland utter

files of the protest march. What is this? Am I really seeing some antipodes? Is it that these people have taken dual nature of matter too seriously and applied these theories to their lives? You know Son, I do not have a brain to ponder upon these. I leave it up to you all to do the

which caught the attention of my volatile grey cells. I did not bother thinking. Oh yes! I will now be flooded with questions. Who are you? about the source of this voice because it was the phrases that touched What do you know about rape? Can’t we look at girls? Sure! You can me. look at girls, as a friend and not an object meant for sheer pleasure. I do “Son. I have something to say to you all. I have been here since ages. I not know anything about rape except for the fact that it is like treating have seen lads like you come, study and leave with loads of knowledge, a woman as a toy. And yes I am nothing. I protect you all from the puisexperience and innumerable memories. Scholars, professors, adminis- sant sun. I comfort a poor man to run his tea business. I am strong, trators came, worked and left. I have stored all these invaluable remi- mighty, gallant and yet touch myself with the earth, my mother and I niscences in my heart. But boy there is a thing that I could not keep to am nothing. Son this is what I had to tell u. It is up to you reckon on myself. Daily there are lot of people who sit in my veranda. They sip these observations. “ coffee, repose, chat and then leave for their pursuits. There was this All of a sudden, out of complete transcendence, my pal called me and certain cluster that I took heed of. I had simply no issue with their cof- asked me if I would go with him to class. I gave an indolent nod and fee, but I had with their chatters. Their words contained ugly remarks walked with him to my class. For the next one hour or so I kept on askfor the young ladies who pass by me. These gentlewomen feel great ing myself, “What was I doing?” After the class a whole bunch of new discomfort due to the leering eyes and those ever-murmuring lips. If ideas came to my capricious mind, ideas were buried somewhere deep there were no ladies passing by, their discussions would mostly rest on in the subconscious, ideas whose time has now come. “maals” whom they have encountered recently. In the same evening I Quiz Question of the Month: If 2010 featured a pain-killer from a Kolkata company and consisting of 16% Menthol and 10% Oil of Gaultheria, 2012 features a resin-based adhesive that is almost synonymous with its product category. What are we talking of? Last issue’s Quiz Answer is the different Halls of Residences in NITR. We have the following 5 overly-eager and moderately-knowledgeable individuals who submitted correct answers first: Sumeet Sekhar Patel, Prasang Singh Parihar, Swayamtrupta Panda, Anuj Dash, Ashok Kumar.

This has been a Clarion-exclusive publication, again. Every and any article written in this issue has been by members of Clarion. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be so. Contributions are invited from all NITRians. We would love to have fresh ideas and stances on the various issues. Also, we are running out of ideas ourselves, and our commitment to keeping this uninspired is kind of getting in the way. (We really had not thought this through). Mail us at or visit our fb page. CLARION OUT!