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watershed observatory bryson city, north carolina persevere [“Persevering, lasting indeed. The solid above and also the supple below thunder and wind reciprocally associating root and also stirring up solid and supple all together corresponding. Persevering.�] preserve [self renewing | lasting | harmony] water [purity | circulation | reflection] erosion [a subtractive and additive process] analysis [drawn from the land and the independent journey]

watershed observatory bryson city, north carolina Derived from natural contours, what was once considered in plan, is now given new life through section. Emulating tectonics, form emerges from the earth creating a main structure. Anchored into the site by two fundamental elements, the defined heaviness is juxtaposed by a light interior frame. This creates an opportunity for the structure to transform over time, the internal program appears as if suspended in the natural movement of the design.

watershed observatory bryson city, north carolina

back elevation

front elevation BACK ELEVATION 1” = 20’


side elevation

1” = 20’

Watershed Observatory  
Watershed Observatory