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hivya Ramasamy

EDUCATION 2012 to Present Master of Science in Human Resources and Development University of Houston 2005 to 2008 Master of Computer Applications St. Joseph’s college of Engineering, India 2002 to 2005 Bachelor of Science in Information Technology PSG college of Technology, India

EXPERIENCE Database Administrator (Mainframes DB2) December 2008 to January 2011 Tata consultancy services Ltd, India Web Developer (ASP.NET SQL server 2005) December 2007 to May 2008 Tata consultancy services Ltd, India

SKILLS MS Office, Articulate Storyline, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, DB2, SQL Server

CONTACT E-mail -


Birthday Invitation

I designed a birthday invitation card for my nephew’s 2nd birthday using Photoshop. I chose Orange as the background color as it represents enthusiasm and energy. Since ‘Ball’ theme was chosen for his birthday party I photoshopped his image as kicking a ball.

Using ‘Quick selection’ tool to select pixels based on tone and color.Then using ‘Layer mask’ remove any unwanted edges

Adding the images of ball and grass Flipping the image horizontally: Edit -> Transform -> Flip Horizontally

Adding white border to the picture using stroke: Doble click the layer -> Layer Style Dialog window -> Double-click stroke -> Edit the size of the stroke.

Family Cartoon Picture

Cropped and head replaced using Quick selection tool



Learning shortcut saves a lot of time.


Using different layers for different items make editing easier


Layer mask is easier to use than eraser tool to remove unwanted parts as it is easy to get back the accidentally erased parts.


After getting a hang of it, it is fun to work in photoshop.



What do you know about recycling?Does meager contribution really make a difference? It does, says the statistics. Facts • One ton of paper can save 17 trees. • One plastic bottle can ligt a 60-watt bulb for six hours. • One glass bottle can power a computer for 30 minutes. • One soda can can save enough energy to run a tv for two hours. Source: http://www2. cling-basics

Items Our day to day items that common people can contribute to recycling are Paper, Plastic, Glass, and Aluminum. Recycling those items save a lot of energy and minimizes air pollution. Source:

Waste Products Among the stuffs we throw away, approximately 12% are combusted for energy, 34% are recycled, and 54% are landfilled. Source: http://www2.

Locations A number of different systems have been implemented to collect recycles from the general waste stream. There are drop-off centres and curb side collection where you can drop off your items to be recycled. Source: http:// wiki/Recycling


Gathering and sorting information plays a major part in designing a good infographic. So, before performing that task, it is always better to come up with list of questions to be answered. This will clarify the design issues and will result in free flow of ideas.

Direct Selection tool is used to select an object segment and make modifications. Pie chart: Moved the green segment out of the graph.

Graph: Selected individual bars and replaced bars with images.

Used Arc and Type on a pathtools to write a curved text.


hivya Ramasamy

I wanted my logo to give a positive energy. So I used smiley face to denote ‘D’ - first letter of my name. As color orange represents enthusiasm and energy, and as black represents stong and sophisticated, I have used the combination of both. As well as black and orange have good contrast. It was designed in illustrator using elliptical tool: Merged two ellipse to get a crescent shape and deleted the top ellipse. Font used - Matura MT Script.


Job search via social networking sites

Social media is a key player in the job search process today. As a group of four, we developed a poster on how social networking sites help in job searching. It provides comparison between Facebook and LinkedIn. Layout of the poster was developed in Illustrator and exported to Photoshop. All the pictures used are edited in Photoshop.

Group Work Experience Team work is always good when team works well together as a unit. While developing this poster, I learnt how data can be represented in different ways and how people perceive things differently. It helped me to expand my thoughts and to think out of the box. Even though we had limited time, as we split the task at hand among ourselves, we were able to deliver the final product without experiencing any stress. Every team member communicated well by sharing their ideas and also by contributing to the technical work.

Lessons Learned

My overall learning experience has been good in a way that I am familarized with basics of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I would like to do some more personal projects using these software tools to improve my design skills. Through the presentations, I learnt different ways of representing data and conveying information. The major lesson that I learned through these projects is that new technologies will become really interesting once we get a hang of it. By learning the basics thoroughly before starting off the project will reduce our frustrations. Spending some time on understanding the various tools will save us time in designing and also will help in getting new project ideas.

Portfolio Dhivya Ramasamy  
Portfolio Dhivya Ramasamy