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St. Augustine

The nation’s oldest city

FThis month, Valentine’s Day is

ebruary is for Lovers Dog Show Next Month

in full swing, with some the most romantic getaways available right here in the heartland of America, St. Augustine, Florida. With monthly deals on attractions, accomodations, and meals, make reservations now for an unforgettable trip!

Mid-March begins “Dog Month”, where the ASPCA-sponsored dog show will kick off on March 1720. Last year’s event was a huge success, raising awareness for responsible dog ownership and adoptions. Many breeders will be on hand to answer questions and show their best!

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Boat Show is a Hit December’s boat show, featuring over 147 vendors of sail boats, yacthts (and almost everything in-between!) delighted visitors from 12 different countries and nearly every state. With Florida boaters enjoying year-round ideal weather, it’s easy to see why St. Augustine is such a popular port.


Dan Hetzel

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St. Simons Island

A Beautiful Place to Relax

Another breathtaking sunset on the beaches of St. Simons Island. Below: The sun sets following an evening walk on the beach.

Georgia’s hottest coastal vacation spot warms up Story and Photos by Dan Hetzel

Beautiful sunsets abound at St. Simons’ shoreline rental suites and condos near the tranquil, sandy shores. 2

Travel Experience



he island of St. Simons, popular year-round vacation stop for thousands of east coast residents and national tourists, is coming into full swing as the winter months draw to a close. The tranquil shores and generous accomodations only hint at the constant influx of both new and returning visitors to this restful locale. St. Simons is a hideaway on the far southeastern shore of Georgia. Located between Savannah and Jacksonville, Florida, it is accessible though major airports within two hours’ drive, and not far from interstate highway 95. As triple and double-lane highways narrow to single lanes, and a few tall bridges are crossed, you get a feeling you are nearing the area you’re looking for. The Eastern coastline retreat houses one of the area’s best kept secrets for golf, jogging, horseback riding, kayaking, swimming or just strolling along St. Simons’ 63 miles of public beaches. Yearly,

MARCH 2013

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as many as 1.3 million vacationers call this place paradise, if only for an extended weekend, or a few weeks’ getaway. For the shopper, there are several areas filled with delightful shops, ranging from trinkets to t-shirts to antique treasures. Many of the stores on Shoreline Drive are open seven days a week, year-round, and are well worth your late morning or afternoon shopping time. Restaurant and pub lovers will have their fantasies fulfilled here, also. Over 73 food choices with excellent seafood, steak houses, and ethnic varieties round out an extensive culinary list. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a more magnificently flavored fish taco than the one at Jenn’s Castaways, just inside town. I found Bill’s Crab Shack to be a delight, with mouth-watering appetizers such as the crap wraps and calimari salad. All entrees were reasonably priced, with only a few exceptions, with many seafood menu items to choose from, plus a few daily surprises.

activity. Light off-season traffic might lessen the number of bar-hoppers, but Spring through early Winter show that the generally moderately traveled streets can still get congested on the main streets well into the evenings. Bartenders and wait staff generally are very friendly and understand that the tourist economy keeps the area alive. There are a few places that feature live music and entertainment, if that’s on your to-do list. John’s Tavern and Castaways have live music year-round from Thursday evenings through Sunday afternoons, with occasional “open mic nights” and karaoke. Music varies from acoustic duos and trios to full bands, and solo acts earlier in the afternoons and evenings. Some original music can be found if you look for it, but cover songs are more common with the artists. For the fisherman, several areas are teaming with charter boats and rentals, just waiting for the novice or experienced angler to join them for an early morning or afternoon jaunt out into the Atlantic. Several varieties of Bluefish, Snapper, Cod, and even Marlin are common off the shores. Summer rentals are ideal time for catching that wall-mounted prize, but expect your expedition to cost more accordingly. Sailors and boaters will find a fair share of slips for lease, if maintaining your own craft, and daily or weekend rental vessels are available for your dollar, but reservations at least several weeks in advance are strongly encouraged, as these are quick to sell out. The seas can get challenging to navigate when off-shore more than 25 miles or so, so caution to the inexperienced captains, who might take caution in navigating the unforgiving currents of the the Atlantic Ocean. Overall, this is one of the nicer beachfront getaways I’ve found in recent years, and plan on returning without hesitation. Those looking for a week or weekend of relaxation, some light activities or casual walk, a beach-heavy coastal atmosphere, or great fishing and boating, check out St. Simons. With still a small-town feel and look, you might consider Georgia’s little gem on their Atlantic side. You’ll be glad you did.

“St. Simons maintains its quaint, “old world” feel, with many historical sites and notable landmarks.”

The lighthouse is a popular year-round stop for visitors.

Dan Hetzel can frequently be found on the Georgia shores, where he is most likely fishing, bird watching, kayaking, visiting historical landmarks, and chronicling his travels.

MARCH 2013


Travel Experience

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Typical daytime excursions can range from the common to the more historic. A trip to the St. Simons lighthouse and pier is worth a short drive, and the adjacent streets with extensive shopping and casual dining are sure to make the area irresistable for a few hours of strolling about. The Anderson Preserve and Fort Warthill make for a few hours’ visit, but are in the full sun so wear a hat and bring sunglasses and a hat if you’re there in the summer months, which can bring a late morning until evening heat that might make you wish the pool was a bit closer. If you enjoy walking, the island has nearly 68 miles of public walking and hiking trails. These vary between beachside sand, dirt, and gravel-based variety, providing many choices. Many find the part woodsy, part beachside trails at Shark’s Point to be some of the most photo-friendly, and the heavy foot traffic there shows it. Joggers and fast-walkers may opt for a less-trafficked trail such as found on the west area of St. Simons, near Fort Presence and it’s nearby parks, or the southern hard-packed track near Trail’s End Drive. Walking paths are often shared with equestrian trails, presenting a necessary sharing of these areas that rarely leads to incident. All are maintained well, and clearing of fallen branches and other obstacles are handled on over half of the trails is done daily by park staff. Horse lovers will enjoy the frequency of feeding areas and tie-off provisions common in these areas, and hourly rental ponies are provided by one or two companies who trailer them into the parks. Most of the beaches are public, with few exceptions, so losing yourself (not literally!) in a few hours of beachcombing is requisite, and quite pleasant. Traffic from swimmers, joggers, boaters, and sunbathers is generally medium to light, depending on the season. Shell lovers won’t find nearly the extensive variety that some other locations offer, but there’s enough to keep most at least taking a glance, and picking up a few with interest. Nightlife is far from Cancun-esque, but then again, what isn’t? Most of the restaurants are open until 10 or 11 at night, with bars staying alive until 1 or 2 a.m., depending on the amount of

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anibel sland

Shell-Lover’s Paradise An oasis on the Southeastern U.S. Gulf coast, Sanibel Island has long been a hot spot for vacationers and local residents to shell, fish, walk, relax, kayak, and enjoy its brilliant white sandy shores and crystal clear water. Whether underrated or overrated by various estimations, it still is one of Florida’s most popular and treasured destinations. 4

Travel Experience


MARCH 2013

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Preceding page: Shells along the seashore of Sanibel, waiting for a home.

Story and Photos by Dan Hetzel Located just a few short miles from the Fort Myers International Airport, Sanibel is just a short drive from shopping, restaurants, fishing, sailing, swimming, snorkeling, tennis, biking, kayaking, scuba diving, golfing, and many other activities. Whether looking for kid-friendly recreation, sports outings, or plain old-fashioned relaxation, it’s all here. For over 12 years, Sanibel has topped many magazine and online travel sites’ charts of beach-lovers and shell collectors. The island’s unique east-west orientation makes it a sieve for seashells swept ashore, which beach combers sweep up by the pailful. The Those searching for a location for hon-

eymoon, wedding, holiday, weekend getaway, reunion, anniversary, or almost any other event, you’ll be thrilled with what Sanibel Island has to offer. For a romantic hideaway, family trip, or nature getaway, few areas have the year-round draw that

“It’s easy to fall in love with Sanibel’s beautiful green-blue water, relaxing atmosphere, plus plenty of bird and wildlife viewing.”

this part of Florida has, while maintaining more of an “uncrowded” feel. The months from January through April are busiest, bustling with car traffic from nearby states. Car traffic can get heavy during this time, and with few paved roads they may crawl, especially at the beginning and end of the weekend. Off-season months still can be busy, as the year-round climate is very mild, and mostly rain-free. Located just northwest of Fort Myers, the island is around three hours directly south of Tampa, and around the same distance from Miami. Many Floridians, especially the “snow birds”, living in-state for the winter months but in a northern state for the remainder of the year, frequent the area. Many remember the ferry that was Sanibel’s only way to transport cars onto

MARCH 2013


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Clockwise, from top left: A popular birdwatching sight, native flowers displayed in a decorative bicycle, shoreline grasses and shrubs, and a group of sandpipers on the beach.

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Clockwise, from top left: The Lighthouse at Sanibel, an uprooted tree stump washed onto the shore, and a family enjoying the warm winter weather. Opposite page, clockwise from right: The setting sun at one of Sanibel’s many hotels, white flowers hiding in the tall grasses on the shoreline, a yellow sunflower glowing in the midday sun, and white Orchids resting in the shade.

the island, replaced in the early 1960’s with the iconic Sanibel causeway and bridge. This now carries tens of thousands of cars each year on to the island of Sanibel and nearby Captiva Island. J.N. “Ding Darling” National Wildlife Refuge & Bird Sanctuary, which brings wildlife viewing to visitors via car, bicycles, boats, and kayaks, is a natural preserve that is worth the short ride to the far end of the island. Year-round, the birdlife viewing is worth the drive. Short walking trails are


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provided near parking areas, and frequent overlook and dense wildlife parking recommendantions are made. Speaking of parking, be aware of the aggressive parking fines and towing near all beaches. No beach parking is free, and heed the warning of towing signs and warnings. Hourly paid parking fees are common, and credit and debit cards are accepted. There are several classes of parking permits, several available only to residents, so read the signs carefully before leaving your vehicle.

MARCH 2013

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While most rentals provide at least one parking stall per rental, ask before planning that weekend party, so you know where the best places to stow some additional cars might be. Maintaining 22 miles of bike paths, 15 miles of shoreline, 45 miles of bike and walking trails, several hundred types of shells, several hundred bird species, dozens of types of fish, and not a single stoplight on its roads, this destination has a lot going for it, and it’s easy to fall in love with it.

RW Barron’s selected Sanibel and Captiva Islands as one of the 10 Best Places for Second Homes in 2010. One year later, home sales reached an all-time high, with more than 536 homes sold during that one year alone. Of course, rental and time-share condos, homes, and villa availability and pricing fluctuate with seasons, and are at or above market price for what you might ex-

pect near this part of Florida and the southeastern part of the country. Consistently topping the lists of best shelling and lounging beaches in the U.S., and often worldwide, Sanibel Island has stood the test of time, and delights tens of thousands each year with its brilliant white sand, long stretches of gorgeous beaches, and more than a bucketful of shells.

MARCH 2013


Travel Experience

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With a year-round air temperature of between 60 and 90 degrees, the climate at Sanibel is pleasant and mild. During peak season from January until April, the average temperature is 65-75 degrees. Humidity can become heavy for some during June until August, but we found the gentle ocean breeze more than compensated for the additional moisture in the air.

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istock photo

Master’s degrees and women top pay scales in mass comm jobs By Dan Hetzel


ournalism and mass communication graduates seek and take a wide variety of jobs. Those who reported being employed are asked each year if the job involves communication activities and skills related to their area of study in college. Of the 2011 graduates, 54.8% reported that the job they classified as their primary one was in communication, up from 52.0% a year earlier.The slight improvement shown in the chart is consistent with that shown in the earlier charts. Graduates in 2011 were more likely to find a job in their field than a year earlier, but the level of career-related

employment remains below the level reported by 2007 graduates. The improvements in the job market reported by 2011 graduates varied by field of study. Those graduates who specialized in news-editorial journalism–the traditional print base of journalism and mass communication education–reported a hefty increase in level of full-time employment in 2011 compared with a year earlier (Chart 1). But the previous year was a disastrous one, and the level of employment remains low in historic terms. The job market for bachelor’s degree recipients with telecommunications as a speciality improved in 2011 compared with the year earlier (Chart2).

Traditionally, graduates with an advertising concentration have done well in the job market compared with those with other specialities. That continued to be true in 2011, even though the level of full-time employment was statistically comparable in 2011 to a year earlier (Chart 12). Graduates who had concentrated in public relations reported a comparable level of full-time employment to those in advertising, but for the public relations students, the market in 2011 was better than a year earlier (Chart 13). As in the past, it was better to be an advertising or public relations graduate in 2011 than a graduate in print journalism or telecommunications.

2011 Mass Communication Graduates’ Employment Status

Employment Rate by Sex

Annual Salaries by College Degree Employees with a Bachelor’s Degree

SS SSSS 2007














Employees with a Master’s Degree




18% Continuing School

Full-time work



Part-time work


16% Female

65.0 56.9 Male





69.7 60.3 Male






Source: Annual Survey of Journalism & Mass Communication Graduates Created by Dan Hetzel

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“Homer” climbs ladder of market success, amidst slow economic recovery

By Dan Hetzel


ith a barely recovering economy, the sluggish housing market is beginning to show signs of life. Following months of bailouts, lowered interest home interest rates, and government-backed reform plans desperately intended to slow the number of foreclosures and short sales, slight improvement has emerged. As residential and commercial markets show signs of recovery, so does the building market. As hesitant home buyers re-emerge, home builders, general contractors, electricians, plumbers, roofers, and other home improvement specialists see the upturn. While homes are slowly being sold or auctioned and bought at below-market value, their lowered price often come with the burden of disrepair. Many homes have been abandoned, abused, burglarized, and left to the elements. Depending on location, this can have severe impact on the home’s stability and durability, and could have health concerns for the inhabitants, if not maintained. In step the former developers and builders have become home fixers and renovators. Where these professionals found their payday in the mid-2000’s upgrading and enlarging homes, they now have nearly 1.2 million homes to strip, gut, repaint, and refinish. Home Depot, the largest chain of home improvement stores, has over 2250 warehousestyle mega-stores worldwide, and over 2000 inside the United States. Stocking anything from

drywall to lumber to nails to roofing materials, they’ve certainly found their long-term niche in the marketplace. As home buyers, contractors, and you-fix-it types flock to the cavernous orange retailer, it’s obvious why they’re on top: good prices, tremendous inventory, excellent customer service, good variety, and well-stocked stores, led by their 2010 POS Motorola handheld computerized inventory. As stock prices continue to rise, it’s easy to see what an accomplishment this is: Home De-

pot stocks, despite the downturn in home sales across the board, keeps profits high, and quality as a top priority. Running like a well-oiled machine (they sell oil in 12 different varieties), Depot seems to show no sign of slowing its pace. Both Walmart and Lowe’s haven’t had nearly the recent success in the home improvement departments. With the economy on a slow rise, and home sales crawling, innovation and sheer numbers have kept Homer at the top of the ladder. The stock ladder, that is.

Home Depot Five Year Stock Prices Dollar values climb as per-share nears $70 in 2013


Stock prices fall after closing the chain of Expo Design Center stores



Retail stores begin incorporating POS stock devices in all stores

New Executive VP and other board members are named

ma 20 y 10

Stock prices continue to rise into Q1 of 2013

ma r 20 ch 13

ap r 20 il 12


no 20 v. 11

fe b 20 . 09


43 more stores are added to the existing 2207 retail locations

March 2013


April 2012 40



Jan. 2008 20


May 2010


Feb. 2009


Nov. 2011

All prices reflect closing stock prices, shown in dollars per share. Source: Yahoo! Finance Design: Dan Hetzel

9-2007 1-2008 5-2008 9-2008 1-2009 5-2009 9-2009 1-2010 5-2010 9-2010 1-2011 5-2011 9-2011 1-2012 5-2012 9-2012 1-2013 3-2013

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Home Depot Stock Prices Ascend to an All-Time High

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threshold - custom designs

BRANDING - LOGO DESIGN 1 (1 of 2) This project utilized a design element from a music-based conceptual company, displayed on various items. Program used: Adobe Illustrator


BRANDING - LOGO DESIGN 1 (2 of 2) This project utilized a design element from a music-based conceptual company, displayed on various items.


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al k


Sid ewa l ages – Pr lk A r t iz es work – Fun for al

FREE ADMISSION Hyde Park Village - 742 South Village Circle, Tampa

‘1 3

March 15 - 17

d – Music






AD DESIGN - EVENT POSTER This poster design went through several significant revisions, all done to present an ad for an upcoming event. Designed to be large, in this format almost appears to be a business card (which it isn’t!). Program used: Adobe Photoshop

One of my very early designs, which I like to look at to remind myself how far I’ve come!



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