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Do you have a story in your heart that you’ve been trying to get onto paper for years? Have you gotten started writing that next best-seller, but lost the momentum needed to finish it? Or, perhaps you’ve written it all down, but don’t have a clue about what to do next? Well... WELCOME TO: THE VIRTUAL WRITER’S ROOM!


DHBonner Virtual Solutions has assembled a team of professionals who will act as a force to give you the MOMENTUM! you need to get your project started AND into the hands of readers.








DHBONNER Benefits of a Ghostwriter


lder DesireĂŠ Harris-Bonner is the Executive Director of DHBonner Ministries and a Managing Partner of her global firm, DHBonner Virtual Solutions, LLC, where she provides Advanced Writing, Document Creation and Graphic Design support to International Businesses, World-wide Ministries and Independent Solo-Preneurs.


CONTACT: www.dhbonner.net dhbonner@dhbonner.net 404-500-8225

esireĂŠ is a skilled writer with more than 30 years of professional experience and is a highly sought after ghostwriter. She has not only assisted numerous first time writers by providing them with quality expert services, but has also penned two Books under her own name that quickly became Amazon Kindle Bestsellers. She has participated in various collaborations and anthologies and is currently writing her third book. It is her passion to support others in getting their stories from heart to paper to published! Nam inum alia adicia Am ipsapid mi, eici Tem faccum vendaeped.


woman after God’s heart, Angel M. Barrino believes in serving God by serving others. In addition to being a bestselling author, she is a multifaceted entrepreneur and has helped numerous authors become bestsellers using her winning platform.


ngel is not only the President/CEO of her Tip! own companies, but she is also the Editor in Chief for Simply Elevate Magazine. Her life’s purpose is to help others tap into their gifts to honor themselves and to praise the Lord. You can find her other at Amazon or find out Nambooks inum alia online adicia Am ipsapid mi, eici Tem more about her via her media broadcasting outlet faccum vendaeped. www.bit.ly/ThePraiseNetwork or her website www. angelbarrino.com.


CONTACT: www.angelbarrino.com 704-978-8679

ANGEL MILLER BARRINO Collaborations and Connections


s a 2013 Author of the Year (Newsome Awards), Sharlyne is an inspirational speaker and editor who was raised in the Christian faith and has served as an intercessor since 2003. Sharlyne also utilizes her gifts and talents via Spirit of Excellence Writing & Editing Services, LLC, contributing articles to magazines such as Built to Prosper and Esdras’ Scroll, as well as editing and proofreading various copy for a broad range of writers and organizations nationwide.



harlyne was given the vision for Sword of the Spirit Ministries Florida, Inc. in 2005 and has since then walked in her divine purpose to edify the Body of Christ through prayer and exhortation. Born and raised in Southern California, she currently lives in Orlando, Florida.

CONTACT: www.takeupthysword.com editor@takeupthysword.com P.O. Box 608297, Orlando, FL 32860 Tip! 321-209-2309

SHARLYNE C. THOMAS Nam inum alia adicia Am ipsapid mi, eici Tem faccum vendaeped.

Nam inum alia adicia Am ipsapid mi, eici Tem faccum vendaeped.

An Editor is Your Friend


Get Help!


o, you’ve got a grea graphic design or o lack expertise on a nec enlist the help of an ex about it? Here is a tried you can employ to assi engagement and succe

at idea for a book, website, other creative project, but you cessary element and need to xpert and aren’t sure how to go d and true contracting process sist in ensuring the best possible essful result.


Be detailed in your requirements. A welldefined vision can better assist the contractor in seeing what you see in order to bring it to life. Provide pictures and images that resemble what you like, as well as relevant specifications (desired colors, word/page range, size, etc.).


Consider obtaining a sample for a small fee, prior to contracting for a larger project to help you see if you’re in sync with one another.


Request samples in your area or industry. For example, if you’re outsourcing your writing project, require samples that support your genre or specialty: • Creative/ Fiction • Non-Fiction • Technical • Biographical • Academic • Industry specific


Make sure that all agreements are in writing and any needed NonDisclosure Agreements have been signed.


Consult with the contractor in advance to determine how you can work together. Pay attention to how well they grasp your vision.This conversation should be complimentary or at least, payment can be used toward future services.


Don’t be afraid to collaborate closely with the contractor to ensure that the end result is what you discussed… if not better!


NOW... Relax and Enjoy Your Final Product.


est known as “Lady Grace”, Sarah is a woman with a multifaceted mission. Once, this high school and cosmetology school dropout used to struggle terribly to find her place in the world. Today, she is the owner of Exousia Life Enterprises, which provides “professional service with a POWERFUL touch”; including Exousia Graphics & Virtual Services and Exousia Life Apparel. She is slowly venturing into publishing after having self-published her first Tip! two testimonial books.


arah believes that all people are created

with God given purpose and a passion. Nam inumaalia adicia Am ipsapid mi,once eici Temit is realized and embraced with And, that faccum vendaeped. passion, it will allow them to live with great power and success in every area of their lives.

CONTACT: www.ladygrace.us

SARAH GRACE An Eye-Catching Cover Design

NELLIE A. WOSU My Book is Written... Now What?


inister Nellie A. Wosu, a New Jersey native, is the founder and CEO of Encouraging Word Ministries International, an organization that provides support to individuals who have been diagnosed with catastrophic illnesses, particularly women with heart disease. She has helped to shape and redirect policy for the 5 million women living with and/or those who are at risk for the disease.


ellie penned her journey with heart disease in her book entitled “The Keeper of Me�; an Amazon Best Seller, published by Gatmoon Publishing, L.L.C. d/b/a NW Media Enterprises of which she is the Founder, Publisher & CEO. Minister Wosu is also the owner of NWN Radio & Internet Television Broadcasting on Streaming Inspiration Network (SIBN).

CONTACT: www.gatmoonpublishing.com info@gatmoonpublishing.com P.O. Box 1244, Concord, NC 28026 704-785-4798

LàTanyha Boyd A Successful Book Release


lso known as Faith Abeliever, LàTanyha Boyd is a high energy Empowerment Coach, Transformation Strategist, Bestselling Author, and Branding/Promotions/Marketing expert. She is living her dream and walking in her calling to empower and inspire others in “Living in the Now,” the abundant life.


àTanyha, has over 20 years of outstanding expertise in Strategic Marketing, Leadership, Social Media Marketing/Branding and SelfPublishing Coaching. As the President of FAB Virtual Tours Branding/Promotions/Marketing Co. she has initiated creative marketing, branding and communication solutions for non-profit organizations, small business, indie/self-publish authors and corporations.

CONTACT: www.LaTBoyd.com

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.�

~ Maya Angelou

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Momentum Virtual Writers Room  

Momentum Virtual Writers Room  

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