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How Will Be A Website Development Agency in 2014? Like other profession designers also have been chasing the perfect design since the technology has born. The mystery of creating a perfect mishmash of graceful design and successful copy is a million dollar question now. What will 2014 hold under its hood for designers and developers? So, let’s review the website trends in the coming year. Flat Designs It is a design especially means to the mobile platform. If you are using iPhone 5, then you have already experienced the latest version of it i.e. iOS 7 and its flat design. It is a designing approach that highlights the usability, clean, open space, crisp edges, bright colors and twodimensional or flat illustrations.

Responsive Web Design Well, now nobody has the time to switch on the laptop to surf internet or for any activity. This is the world of smart phones and if your website is not Smartphone friendly, then you will hit some bad circumstances in your business. Now, the importance of responsive web design will be quite manifest to you. The coming year 2014 will see a development and growing fashion of responsive web designs across all platforms. Most of the web design services & developing a website attuned for different resolution is already a trend. Responsive designs mean that the web site will be able to open to different screen sizes, resolution like desktops, laptops, tablets or phones. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) will also play an important role in the development of responsive web design. SVG will help us to accomplish web-fonts, designs with typography and icon fonts embryonic and becoming more extensive. Scrolling and Parallax Scrolling Design

In previous some years including 2013, we have seen a few websites have been designed with the idea of long web pages like scrolling down and down. You know I guess this idea may be developed from social media sites like Facebook where people are quite used longer pages to stay connected. In 2014, we will find more single-page websites. Now people want to surf more information without clicking and navigating into one page to another. Parallax scrolling design is a web design technique used by web design agency to give websites 2D graphics an illusion of depth. The days will be soon when websites especially those that involve with information like newspapers and blogs to adopt this web design service for better UX and user engagement. Technologies The ever rising curiosity in JavaScript for web design services and development will be on the mount (for effects, animation, filters etc.), CSS3 will regulate due to its features. In server side languages Ruby and Nodes.js will participate as an important player. The expansion of WebGL technology will be an attractive feature as the technology will make its way into the development society.

Informative Content Yes content is the king. But only fresh and unique content will not that much effective till it contains some useful information for users. So, authentic content will play a vital role for your website and its user engagement. Quick Look Nothing is permanent and we will see many revolutions and evolving trends in website design and development in the year 2014. So let’s move ahead in terms of website development as developer increase their existing knowledge-base about Web design and development. Klixmedia is an Ecommerce development and Melbourne web design Company located on Melbourne. It is digging more and more trends for the coming years.

Web design company services and their predictions in 2014  

Klixmedia is an Ecommerce development and Melbourne web design Company located on Melbourne. It is digging more and more trends for the comi...

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