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We came up with cost effective ways to serve main course

June 2015

26 th

Jan ua 201 ry 2

We then started to serve CHAI th


We started serving instant noodles

ber Decem 2009

FFPL - FYI Foods Pvt. Ltd. is a parent company based in Indore having 3 different food ventures namely -

FYI (fun, food, friends), A quick service restaurant which started in the year 2009 comprising 30+ creative dishes made with in-house instant noodles and sauces. It has spread its wings in 20+ cities all over india.

THE CHAI BAR popularly known as TCB is the second venture that started in the year 2012 by Yash Bargale (MD OF FFPL) and Shashank Sonawane. Concept here was to innovate with tea and serve varieties of teas with accompaniments.

KILOBITE (Pay Utna Hunger Jitna) is the newest baby in the lap of FFPL which started this year. As the name and the tagline goes the USP of this food joint is to sell vegetarian main course food by weigh, allowing customers to order food as per their hunger from 100 gms to any amount of Kgs.

The objective is to serve the remedy for the stress of

“GROWING UP” ( Ok fine, may be not completely. Temporarily )

once upon a time in Indore, two jigri friends, Ramesh & Suresh (name changed) were sipping tea on a warm summer evening. Sitting uncomfortably while drinking theek-thaak chai, Ramesh said, ‘yaar,us Indoris work so hard, we deserve ek cup badiya chai’. AND better seating, suresh added .After Putting in a lot of hard work & emptying their bank accounts, they began ‘The chai Bar’...A jhakaas place for mast chai & ek number gossip.



The most popular dessert tea

A health jolt tea



A summery fresh tea

A savoury tea

& 30 more variTeas to enjoy at TCB

We Invented Chai Duh... Just kidding, we atleast invented something.






Why Let Us In ? We’re well groomed chai wallas. There are only two things that fascinate us new ways to style our beards & new recipes for our chai.

Nothing like working with young entrepreneurs. We’re flexible and fuss free. YOU ASK WE DELIVER.

We foster entrepreneurship because we believe business can be fun. We believe in taking something ordinary and make it extra ordinary. We’re the best at what we do. #notsohumble.

Fans, Fans, Everywhere... A cup full of gratitude to some of our crazy talented fans for dedicating and showing love in the form of their award winning masterpieces. ok, we exaggerated the award winnning part.

Sweetness added by our fans to our chai : A love documentary at TCB A soulful song dedicated to the memories spent at TCB A sweet poem about friendships developed over cups of tea at TCB A quirky wall art at our TCB cafĂŠ.

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Rahul Bharadwaj - 5 Awesome place My best chai experience Like Comment

Faiz Ahmed Ghori - 5

Nyc place fr chillout ^^


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Dhavall K Gohil - 5 Nice concept excellent service and what a great chai variety..!!! :) :)


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Gourav Vinod Dixit - 5 Really @@@ its wonder full place for young type music time pass and #SHUTKING@ chai #cap @cap and #gilas. with #friend@@@ ....


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Minal Tiwari - 5 loved it...


For me its a place of love..

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Zomato Yashraj Singh Dhillon - 5 cafes in Indore..

The Chai Bar is one of the best


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Himanshu Bondia and really like it..... Like Comment


I very much appreciate this concept


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LG- 1&2, Commerce House, Race Course Road Indore, India 452001

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Chai bar brochure