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The Happiness at Work Survey Masterclass with Nic Marks Nov. 8 & 9 in San Francisco, CA The New Economics Foundation (nef) has spent the last decade studying, researching and articulating the centrality of well-being for sustainable progress in work and life. Now, with the Happiness at Work Survey, nef Consulting and Delivering Happiness at Work bring this science to the workplace. The social and economic case to governments for investing in it has already been made and, we believe the same applies to organizations. This Masterclass is for experienced HR practitioners, coaches, consultants and evaluation specialists. It is a unique opportunity to work with Nic Marks, world-renowned expert on wellbeing, directly on key aspects of workplace well-being and the survey. Attendees will gain an understanding of the theory and modern application of the science of happiness to organizations as well as acquiring an operational knowledge of the survey tool.

Our vision We want to share the science and best practices of happiness in the workplace to consistently build meaningful, profitable and flourishing work cultures. This means transferring knowledge and building sustainability within organizations to measure, understand and act on wellbeing.

Our Approach Well-being is becoming serious business. This is because research shows happy and fulfilled employees create a consistently high-performing workplace. The answer to a thriving work culture is not in spending excessive amounts of money. It’s firmly rooted in both the science and best practices of thriving companies, like Our approach is two-fold. We have designed inexpensive and facilitative tools from the latest research on well-being in the workplace and it’s multi-dimensional nature. And we have developed a program (The Make Happy Work Roadmap), with coach-able modules, to empower organizations. To BOOK your spot: 45398

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For professional consultants, the full two day Masterclass is the first and main step to becoming a certified reseller of the survey. Please contact us for more information on becoming a reseller. Masterclass Overview

Masterclass Overview Delivered by Nic Marks & DH@Work, the Masterclass provides you with the latest thinking, research and tools on happiness and well-being. The classes are designed to equip you with the skills and confidence to use the Happiness at Work Survey with your team or organization. Classes are participative and fun, using practical exercises that draw on your own experiences. Day One – Understanding happiness and well-being at work •

The science behind well-being at work

The business case for investing in happiness

nef’s model of well-being at work

Five Ways to well-being at work

Introduction to the happiness at work survey

Day Two – Using The Happiness at Work Survey •

Setting up a survey suited to the needs of your organization or client

Training on how to make sense and interpret results

Tips for using the tool to facilitate conversations with teams and organisations

Ideas for designing interventions to address challenges and take the results forward

Overcoming barriers to organizational resistence or ambivalence

Experience the simpe Happiness at Work survey, and compare your real-time results to the national benchmark: About DH@ Work Delivering Happiness at Work is the new workplace culture consultancy from Tony Hsieh, CEO of and author of NYTimes bestseller Delivering Happiness: a Path to Profits Passion and Purpose. At our core are the same principles of happiness, purpose and a values based culture that took Zappos from $0 to $2 billion in profits. Our purpose is to be the world’s hub to make happy work for companies around the world. We do this by growing and sustaining happy, healthy, thriving and profitable work. cultures. More how to make happy work here.

About Nic Marks Nic is a recognized expert in the field of well-being, a qualified psychotherapist and an accomplished public speaker. With an academic background in statistics, applied systems thinking and organizational change he brings deep insight, science and a little humor to everything he does. He founded nef’s award winning Centre for Wellbeing and has led the well-being program since 2001. Together with his colleagues he created three innovative and impactful pieces of work: the Happy Planet Index, National Accounts of Well-being and Five Ways to Well-being. In 2010 Nic gave a talk at the prestigious TED global conference on his work.

Book, explore, more: | +1 415 895 0006 |

The Happiness at Work Masterclass with Nic Marks  

We're holding a Masterclass with Nic Marks, November 8th & 9th in San Francisco. This Masterclass is for experienced HR practitioners, coac...